My Milf Fascination Beginning

It all started when I was a early 20s a Navy officer. I had been in south east Asia for a few months and was home on Christmas leave for 2 weeks. My family was all going to a party on my 3rd night home so I went along it was better than cruising bars

Sex and Yoga is life

The thought struck at a strange time. We were making love; she was on top, moving strongly, slowly, deliberately, and I was moving in time beneath her. My hands were on her waist, holding her as we moved and breathed as one. I inhaled as I arched my back, then crunched my stomach muscles and

Chance Meeting

The night had started out pretty good. A friend with the local Medical Examiner’s office was celebrating his birthday and the drinks were flowing. Before going to the party we stopped by a convenience store to hit the money machine. As I walked back to my car I saw a Jag parked next to me.

My Professional Spanker

I awoke when I heard Deanna come in the house from her evening shift at the facility, as she calls it. She’s a discipline administrator at a little-known institution for probation violators. Anyway, I’d been asleep for a couple of hours and was extremely groggy, so I just closed my eyes and waited for her

Park Bench

I hate to reveal how naive I was at 18. Here I am now, 48 years old, two grown kids, a loving husband I cheat on, and financially well off so I never have to worry about when the bills are going to be paid. I am 5’6″, around 125-130 pounds, a 36C bust and

Learning to Love Again

Harry smiled as he watched Susan come up the drive- way, bags of groceries perilously balanced in her hands. Always so independent, Susan rarely asked for help in anything. She prided herself in “getting the job done”. As she walked through the door, she called, “Hi sweetie! I’m home!” Harry moved towards her to take