Cheaters Night

It was about 3am and I was scrolling to see who might be up, I wanted to fuck all night and morning but I needed to find someone. I saw this one guy but I knew he had a girlfriend, that has been my crush for a long time and I seen he was online so I texted him and he sent a message back saying he liked me. I wanted to fuck and suck him that’s all. I told him to come see me he had to sneak out but I told him it was gonna be worth it. Around 3:40 he came and knocked on my door I was already in my underwear ready for him. I invited him in and locked the door. I sat him on the couch and started to grind on him. I can tell he was hard as a rock I was so ready to fuck my pussy was throbbing for him. I told him take his pants down he unzipped them in and I pulled them down and started to suck every inch of his dick. He was horny to fuck but I wanted to take my time. He told me to stop cause he gonna buss. I stood up and he started to eat my pussy standing I couldn’t take it anymore he made me so wet, the kisses on my clit and how he rubbed my thighs as he was in love with how I was wet. I was moaning so loud as if we already was fucking, I kissed his soft lips as he had my juice on his lips , I licked all off and at slowly on his tip, he wanted to stick it in but I started teasing him by rubbing his dick up & down leathering it up with my clit. He pushed it in cause he was so horny I fucked him like he was my man. Sweating but I can’t stop riding him. He kept saying how he was gonna buss so I let him cum all on my face. He thought he was done I kept sucking his nut out begging him to fuck me again, he been horny his dick was solid as a rock I made him fuck from the back so I can throw my ass back and forth on his dick. Making all the sounds with my pussy he couldn’t stop hisself from c*****g me like his little bitch. He slutted me out that night and I loved it. After he bussed on my ass again I sucked his nut out. His girl kept calling his phone so I knew had to leave soon. I told him we can do it all again tomorrow if he wanted. He never had someone like me to fuck him like that. He is gonna be back.