Unexpected Secret

My neighbour and I get together almost every day after my husband goes to work. We have become very good friends. We go shopping, watch soaps, play cards, cook together, all kinds of stuff. Her name is Linda. She recently revealed to me that she has a secret and isn’t all that she appears to

Cheaters Night

It was about 3am and I was scrolling to see who might be up, I wanted to fuck all night and morning but I needed to find someone. I saw this one guy but I knew he had a girlfriend, that has been my crush for a long time and I seen he was online

Husband’s Favourite Slut

I knew I’d fucked up. That was really the core of everything that happened after. Knowing, right down to the bone, that everything was totally my fault. Me and Todd had had a good thing going; good marriage, nice house, decent money… everything we could really look for. There were people our age who’d have

A husband is abused by his wife’s girlfriends

“At last!” I shouted, after I sneaked a peek through the blinds. I wanted to make sure the Gang of Four couldn’t hear me for two reasons. One, if they did, maybe they’d turn around and come back. Two, they might high five each other if they heard my exasperation. But Laurel, Felicity, Mimi and