Cutie Meets Her Match

An 18-year-old upper class spoilt brat goes out for a
drive with her equally objectionable friend Belinda.
Belinda’s flashy BMW cruises through suburbia. They mock
those they see. But then they get lost in a rather run
down part of town….

We have all met and heard about girls like Little Cutie.
Her real name is probably something a little precocious
like Tabatha or Justine. Her naming was something of
great significance to our upwardly mobile parents. No
naming of a child after a TV celebrity or famous sports
personality. The names of these children are picked from
the great classic works or they are named after great
heroines. You hear the pompous call their child for all
to hear. Their hectoring voices fill every shopping mall
and public place.

We know what these sort of people believe. Their comments
fill the letters page of every local and national
newspaper. If you do not earn at least $200,000 you are
no one. If you are unemployed then you are a scrounger.
The poor are victims of their own laziness. Such are the
attitudes, which have been installed, in this young
debutant. Her pseudonym says it all ‘Cutie’ probably a
pet name given to her by her dotting parents or her first
spotty fumbling boyfriend. But we all know that despite
her private schooling and indoctrination from her family,
school, society and peers she wants to be something else.

How she hates being Cutie. How she would like to be a
Plaything. It is her email address that says it all,
Plaything18. She could have a chosen a dozen or so
different possible tags but she wanted to make a
statement. Of course she could never admit her secret
desires to any of her family or indeed her friends. They
would be horrified! Even though many of them harbour such
base desires as our little Cutie. So we have a
description, which would not fit many of the young ladies
living in leafy suburbs of Surrey. Blond, 130lbs and good
figure. Someone who would turn heads. Most defiantly the
belle of the ball. How sad she is so unfulfilled.

She has money and possibly position. Chances are she is
at University studying for a good degree. But she so
desperately needs to by happy and different. She wants to
be able to skip out of her boring real life and into a
fantasy one. She would in real life be unable to consent
to anything improper. Such activities such as; group sex,
S&M bondage, anal sex, oral stimulation and lesbian acts
would make her a social leper. It is her duty to remain a
virgin until Mr. Right is found. However, if she were
‘forced’ to carry out any of the afore mentioned
activities some how that would excuse her! If she were
discovered she could claim innocence. Everyone would be
full of sympathy and the whole ghastly matter put behind

Our tale begins as YC, as we shall call her, goes on a
leisurely evening drive with one of her older female
friends. Belinda is 21 and our YC a tender 18 years. YC
has had a dozen or so driving lessons and Belinda has
kindly to let her practice in her new BMW. Daddy gave it
to her for her 21st and she is very proud of it. Whilst
YC is blond her friend is dark. She too has a gorgeous
figure but slightly smaller breasts. If the truth were
known they are both jealous of each other’s looks.
Belinda would love blond hair and larger breasts.
Ironically YC would like smaller breasts and auburn hair.
These rich girls are never happy!

All was going well as they drove along the various back
streets of the nearest town. They had shopped for
essentials there frequently but generally had no good
reason to venture out of the shopping precincts. So it
was entertaining for them to drive around seeing how
other people live. They laughed at the mock Tudor semi’s,
and the pebble-dashed Victorian terraces. How they
giggled at the decor of the council houses. They drove
around that warm August evening and they cared not a hoot
if anyone heard their offensive comments. Their fathers
hired and fired these sorts of people all the time. In
fact, if it wasn’t for people like their parents these
common folk would be homeless.

Now it was YC’s turn. She had driven other friends cars
but this was the first time she had been let loose in
such a new and impressive machine. She sat behind the
wheel feeling exited and little scared. She checked it
was in neutral, depressed the clutch and turned the
ignition. She felt the adrenaline rush. She then checked
her mirrors, signed and maneuvered. Her friend
complimented her and they started to drive slowly around
suburbia. A group of young people were hanging around by
a Bus Stop. YC slowed the car down and they both made a
point of looking at the motley crew and then turned their
noses up! It was a deliberate ploy to both impress and
offend. It worked too! The group responded with various
insults and two-finger salutes! The young women just
laughed and continued driving.

They were a little lost but they were too arrogant to
admit it. They convinced each other that they new where
they were going. The light was beginning to fade and they
agreed it was now time to start looking for a route out
of this rat-run of roads and housing and make their way
back to their respective homes in the countryside. YC
signed left and turned off the main road. Her friend
questioned why she had done such a thing? She informed
her that it looked like a short cut. Belinda, being more
experienced driver had noticed a road sign, which clearly
showed it, was a no-through road. ‘You will fail your
driving theory test!’ she joked as they drove quickly
along the street. The road came to an end in a small cul-
de-sac. There were cars parked haphazardly all over the
place. Belinda fearing her car might be damaged suggested
that YC turned the car by the garages, which she had just

YC obeyed her suggestion and turned the car off the road
and into the small square. It was larger than they could
have imagined. Plenty of room for practicing three-point-
turns and other maneuvers. The far end was well out of
view of preying eyes so she could practice without any
embarrassment. Belinda was keen to get home but agreed
that YC could practice for five minutes and then she
would take over and drive them both home. She began her
maneuvering and all was going well. But then her foot
slipped and the car stalled. She felt so stupid! All had
gone so well until then. She confidently followed the
correct procedure but the car wouldn’t start. She waited
a few moments and then tried again. ‘Come on!’ said
Belinda loudly. ‘We don’t want to stay in this dump any
longer than we have too!’ YC laughed. She tried again to
start the car but again she failed.

Belinda felt that it was time for her to take over. YC
agreed and undid her seat belt and opened the door.
Belinda adjusted her hair in the mirror and then
unclasped her belt. She then heard a man’s voice.

‘Can I help you ladies? He enquired.

Belinda looked over and saw YC standing by the bonnet.
Blocking the path in front of her was a fit looking man
in his thirties. His long unkempt hair was held back in a

No thank you.’ replied YC in a rather hoity way. Belinda
continued to look on wondering just what might occur
next. A few other young men had joined him now. They
looked to be in there twenties. She looked at their
clothing. What a contrast to the designer clothing to
that worn by the young gentlemen who they mixed with.
Torn jeans and faded t-shirts seemed to be the norm.

YC tried to move around the man. He moved and
deliberately stood in front of her.

‘Not very friendly are we?’ he jested.

‘I don’t think she likes us common people!’ said another.

‘We live in a dump!’ commented another member of the gang
who had obviously heard Belinda’s comment a few minutes

The gang, which had now grown to about ten, shouted
various other statements. Belinda thought it would be
better to say nothing. They were in good humor and she
could cope with their biennial mocking. In few minutes
she reasoned, they would get bored and go off to the
local pub. YC not being so worldly wise was getting a
little concerned. She had often heard her mother talk to
people like this when out shopping. A rude shop assistant
of tradesman was soon put down with a few harsh words.

YC thought for a few seconds and plucked up all her
courage. She then took a deep breath and spoke. ‘You are
to let me by immediately!’ she snapped. ‘How dare you get
in my way!’ came her quick and second outburst and
finally …’Do you know who I am?’

The response was not as she expected. A sharp blow hit
her around the cheek, which knocked on to the bonnet of
the car. Belinda was horrified! The car could be
scratched and was only weeks old. She realised it was a
selfish thought and her concern quickly turned to her

As she bent forward over the bonnet holding her stinging
cheek she caught the eye of Belinda. The two young women
stared at each other for a brief moment in the silence,
which followed the slap.

‘Let’s teach the little stuck up bitch a lesson!’ shouted
one of the crowd, breaking the silence.

With this YC was aware of hands grabbing at her. Within
moments she was pushed face down on the front of the car.
Her head turned to one side. Her body slipped across the
shinning metal and came to rest near the edge of the
fender. A hand firmly pushed down on the small of her
back, another gripped her right arm and another her left.
She was aware that her short designer dress gave them all
a good view of her long bare legs. The dress was her
favourite. It had cost over $200 and was only its second
outing. She hoped it would not be damaged.

Another hand now gripped the designer dress at the top,
another then joined this. The hands then moved outward.
She could feel the rough skin against her own silk-like
moisturised flesh. They came to rest on the thin straps.
Then there was a vigorous yank! The tiny straps ripped as
a young fit mechanic tore at the garment.

Y C felt the fabric give and tear.

He pulled with such strength that the carefully made
seemed ripped. The garment was now around her waist. She
could only imagine the damage done to her gorgeous royal
blue dress. Her friend just sat looking petrified at the
terrible vision unfolding in front of her eyes.

In just two minutes her friend’s dress had been torn from
her. However, the young man had not finished his task. He
again took hold of the dainty fabric with both hands and
gave one big pull! The dress was ripped in two. She now
lay face down on the bonnet. Her near naked rounded
bottom skyward divided seductively by a lacy thong. The
thin strap of her new blue bra, especially chosen to
match her dress, crossed her back.

Belinda continued to look on and to be grateful that it
was not her.

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