Just Another Day At The Office

“Come in,” Danny called without even bothering to look up from the papers on his desk. Although he heard the door swing open, he didn’t acknowledge that someone had entered his office. He was a managing partner…whoever it was could wait until he finished what he was doing. After almost five minutes of playing the

Old Aunty Jean

John is off to a gardening day out with other inmates from our home and I have a day to myself to relax and pamper myself. After doing my normal cleaning I am just about to sit down for a coffee when there is a knock at the door. I am pleased to see it

I wanted black sex

Just before I got married some of my friends kept telling me I should “go black”. Then, on my hen night, just before the wedding, they spiked my drink, got me really drunk, and arranged for me to be gangbanged by some black guys. I should have been angry, but I soon realised that it

Black Army Wife

Being from a poor black family, after I finished college, I had to do four years in the Army to pay back what my ROTC scholarship didn’t cover. . I was commissioned a second lieutenant and assigned as a platoon leader in an infantry company. I had married LaShonda while in college and I lucked

Dad’s Night Out

First off I’d like to say my wife Ellen is basically my sex slave. She is 5″7″ 36-26-24 and She does whatever I ask, no questions asked. I like to play a game I call Mystery night. On this night I tie my wife blindfolded to the bed and then I have someone come in

Orgy fantasies

Shelly Cooper’s eyes were beginning to fail her after twelve hours on the road. She had hoped to make it straight through to Atlantic City tonight, but realiz- ing that she still had four hours of hard driving ahead of her, she resolved to stop at the next town for some- thing to eat, and