Doggy and boy’s homosexual story

We used to play a lot of Frisbee in our front
yard; back and forth across our slate sidewalk. Our
mother complained about us killing the grass with our
running around but we pleaded with her that there was
too much poison ivy in our designated playfield. One
day, I was around eleven at the time and my two younger
brothers 9 and 7 respectively, were happily tossing the
Frisbee back and forth across the front lawn. We had to
be sure not to let it land on the ground, for our dog
Mackie would tear up and snatch it from us then drag it
to the furthest corners of our property and chew it full
of holes.

On this occasion we had stopped playing Frisbee
for a time and Mackie lay contented some distance away.
The sun danced on his deep golden red coat as his tongue
slipped in and out of his mouth with each breath, trying
to cool himself on such a warm day. He seemed to be
watching us to make sure we didn’t get into any trouble.

Done with Frisbee we started playing leap frog.
That didn’t last long before the game became lets act
like dogs and chase Mackie around the yard barking and
yapping as we went. We chased him around for some time
until we grew tired of that. Still on all fours Mackie
curiously sniffed my brother’s rear end. We all thought
this was funny. Then he leapt up on my brother’s back.
My brother quickly slipped out from under him, starring
up at the dog quizzically. This soon became a game and
we would get on all fours, wait for Mackie to sniff us,
then stand on our back, then we would turn around and
dance with the dog, the Mackie then standing on only two
feet. We did this on several occasions.

It was not until later that I began to puzzle
why Mackie did what he did. Surely he did not want to
dance, dogs aren’t cut out for that sort of thing. So,
the next time it happened I watched more closely. It
wasn’t long before we tired of Frisbee and returned to
dance-with-the-dog. As this began I noticed, perhaps
the first time, Mackie’s sheath positioned in close
proximity to my brother’s rear end. I soon lured Mackie
on to my back and noticed something poking around at my
hind quarters. I reached back with my hand to feel a
warm wet protrusion poking at my fingers. The sensation
startled me and I quickly stood up. It didn’t take me
long before my childish curiosity took over and con-
cocted the idea to lead Mackie into the woods where I
could find out what he was after.

It was later that afternoon that I decided to
‘seduce’ Mackie (Although that’s not what I called back
then. In the intervening years looking back through
adult eyes that is what I did).

My brothers were contentedly playing indoors and
my mother was inside taking care of the house in some
fashion. I decided it was the perfect time. I ran up
to Mackie outside and got him running around,” Come on
Mackie, you want to go for a walk, huh?, come on, let’s
go.” We ran straight for the woods along a trail that
my father cut to retrieve lumber for our wood stove. I
stopped to consider an isolated area. Mackie tore right
past me and began exploring up by the steep hill face
behind our property.

I walked down between the tall Red pines just
below a short drop-off in the hill. I looked towards
the house, and was content that I could not see it from
where I was, and more to the point, they couldn’t see

I called to Mackie.

He quickly came down from where he was and ran
up to me, tail wagging happily and panting. I soon got
on all fours with some trepidation, but with a great
deal of excitement. I unbuttoned and unzipped my tight
blue-jeans and began walking away from him on my hands
and knees keeping my hind-end high in the air. He began
to sniff at my rear-end curiously and perhaps anxiously.
I soon resolved to go all the way and pull my pants down
to the ground. I waited for what seemed like minutes as
I anxiously awaited whatever he had in mind for my small
white frame.

I wonder what was going through his head as he
considered me kneeling there. Almost as if he resolved
to do it, suddenly the beast within him rose to the
occasion and he was upon me. I felt his hairy sheath
slip teasingly along the base of my ball sack. His
claws dug pleasantly into my boney back. I could feel
his dogness grow and begin to wet the area between my
anus and my testicles. It became a poking. As he slowly
guided his thrusting up towards my anus, exploring for
a way in. I can not relate the feeling of his penis as
it found my hole and began fervently reaming it. His
thrusting became more pronounced and rigorous as it
slipped deeper and deeper into my bowels.

I was entranced by his dancing until I heard my
youngest brother call out to me. In a panic I quickly
stood up and ruined what might have been. I do not
recall Mackie’s response but it must have been one of
severe disappointment. I quickly replaced my pants and
began nervously buttoning them afraid of what my brother
might have seen. I cleverly exclaimed, “wait a minute,
I’m taking a pee”. I saw him pause as I finished fasten-
ing my pants. If I could re-live that experience at
least I would have jerked him off. A simple pleasure it
seems only humans, monkeys and dolphins can enjoy.

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