Bea’s beast stories 4.

I slept through breakfast the next morning. Jack had already left for the office when Helen appeared in the bedroom quite excited. “Someone’s found Clyde,” she announced. I opened one eye and looked at my sister. She was holding a slip of paper in one hand and begging for my attention. “Where?” I managed to

A girl wonders about her mother’s sex life and makes a startling discovery

For the past 2 weeks Marie had noticed when she got home that her mother was already there and locked in her bedroom. She could hear sounds on the other side of the door but was unable to clearly hear what was going on and it bothered her that Mona was keeping something from her.

This is a true account of some of my later experiences with my dog

I’ve been into the lifestyle for twelve years now. I was recently diagnosed with both HPV and cervical cancer. Although the cancer is under control now and I’m doing fine, I had to find a new outlet for my frustrations. This story is true, and one of my last experiences. I don’t know what bestiality

The Landlady’s Dog 2.

Suddenly, Carol felt her passionate neighbor slipping downward in the bed. She popped her eyes open, raising her head to watch in excited anticipation as the older girl’s voluptuous white curves slithered warmly downward on top of her, easing Carol’s own legs and thighs insistently apart with the wedging pressure of her supple, shapely body.