Pamela’s Beautiful Stallion

Pamela and her horse were galloping up to a large, modern ranch house. She rode through the wide gate and directly into the large barn, jumping off the horse and walking him into his stall. There were several other horses in the barn but this was her favorite. She stroked his wide flank, rubbing the

A couple in love, both like sex and indulge in it frequently

“You’re drunk!” I laughed as I closed the door behind my slightly merry wife. “And you’re staring at my tits?” “They are very large darling… and only just in that… BRA!” my gasp made her laugh again as she hooked her thumbs under her strappy top and pulled it up to reveal twin; slightly sheened

Naughty Amanda

It was a hot night in August. The sun was setting, and Amanda was up in the hay loft of the barn watching the sunset. She didn’t mind the heat too much. The wind was lightly blowing and the cooler night air was starting to set in. She had flopped her cute, petite, 19 year