A young woman is introduced to beastiality

Alan and Allison were newcomers to the small northern sea side town; they had decided to move north after selling their small business in the south. Tired of the long cold winters they had moved up the coast in search of a warm tropical climate. Travelling in a caravan, stopping at different resorts until quite

A story about my dog named Rambo and the fun we had with him

My wife and I enjoy a very active sex life. We enjoy sex in every way imaginable. We are independently wealthy and live on a large isolated tract of land away from prying eyes so we can explore indoors or out when and where we want without worrying about anyone seeing. We’ve tried a wide

A story about my wife’s drinking problem and the fun I had with her and a dog

My girlfriend Karen had a drinking problem but I didn’t mind. She liked to drink to the point of passing out almost every night of the week. None of her coworkers or family knew this of her because she only did it when we were home alone. I didn’t mind because she kept our home

Nicolette had a dream where she was fucked senseless by the stallion

Thunder whinnied and stamped as he was led to the mare in heat. Still, he had done this many times before, and so allowed himself to be led up to the breeding stand by Nicolette Bower, whose father helped him settle into place. The mare snorted as the large dick penetrated her vagina, and the

Niki’s dog club 2.

My names Niki. It was the summer of 73 I was twenty two, size ten and a good figure, in my second year teaching. My husband still a student was working all hours that god sent in the summer holidays. We ran a beat up convertible, which he was slowly restoring, to pristine glory. I

A woman joins a club and makes her desire to strengthen the relationship with her dog known

“The latest statistics show that 49% of men interviewed are married or living in long term (over 5 years) relationships. That is up from 42% at the same time last year. Women, on the other hand, are increasingly choosing to remain single. 51% of women interviewed said they prefer their single lifestyle, to being tied