Dreams I Shared With The Wife

I can’t explain why I have been having these thoughts.
What I do know is that I continue to think like this
and it makes me extremely excited and horny all the
time. In my heart, I do believe that you are very
beautiful woman. Despite the fact that you think I am
biased, you truly are a beautiful woman. You look
great, smell wonderful, and taste just as good.

There is something about the thought of sharing you and
being able to watch you in total pleasure that creates
a high for me. It’s almost like a d**g. As you can
attest, when I bring it up, I become noticeably hard.
You have to remember that men are visual. Things we
see, hear, and smell are a complete turn on. Imagining
you in pleasure and being able to watch, hear you
breathe heavily and begin to moan as you climax is a
rush for me. I guess that’s why I offer to perform oral
sex on you so much.

Even writing and sharing these thoughts with you are
making me hard. I do know that women are not visual but
emotional. I think that my ability to want to share you
and be with you during that time, is some thing that
will bring a very strong sexual excitement into our
lives. I know I am having difficulty explaining it but
this is what is going through my head. I question even
sharing this with you but think it is only fair so you
know what I am thinking.

I told you that last night, I kept thinking about sex.
It’s true. Up until 3:30, that’s all that was running
through my head. I kept creating story lines in my head
that just wouldn’t stop. The first was this.

We were at the neighbor’s for a party. You were looking
great with a tight fitted blouse that slightly exposed
your breasts, the red skirt you just bought, a lace
thong on, and high heel shoes. At one point in the
night, Billy came up to you while you were alone
getting a drink and told you that you looked great. You
were flattered but didn’t think much more of it.

Later, when he found you slightly off by yourself, he
came up behind you and put his hand on your lower hip.
You thinking it was me but not turning around, reached
behind you and put your hand on his thigh. He said he
couldn’t help but wonder how you looked underneath, and
walked away. Your heart was racing when you discovered
it wasn’t me.

Finally, the third time is what did it for you. You
went on to the deck to get a drink and he knew you were
alone. Again, he came up behind you, reached around in
front of you and gently put his hand on your breast and
said he would love to see what’s underneath. Your heart
was pounding with excitement and you couldn’t take it
any more. Knowing that I wanted you to experience the
pleasure of another, you reached back behind you again
and squeezed his cock through his pants and told him to
meet you in the bathroom upstairs.

You separated and quickly rejoined him in the upstairs
bathroom. There, you sat him on the toilet, unbuttoned
your blouse, pulled up your skirt, raised one foot on
to the edge of the counter, and told him you wanted to
feel his tongue. He quickly obliged you and the feeling
of his warm mouth made you tremble. Your heart was
racing, your nipples were hard, and you were becoming
ever increasingly wet.

You were beginning to remember what it is like to be
turned on sexually and spontaneously. He continued for
a short while but you couldn’t take it any more. You
wanted to feel him inside you. You were craving
another’s cock. You beautiful breasts were exposed and
he took one in each hand and massaged them so softly.
Taking each one into his mouth and gently sucking. You
then unbuttoned his pants and pulled out his hard cock.

He was slightly thicker than me and you enjoyed the
sight of it. The feeling of it in your hands was heavy.
You were so horny, that you took him in your mouth but
only to lubricate him.

Again, you pulled up your skirt, straddled him sitting
on the toilet, and lowered your self on to him. You
braced yourself with a hand on the counter and the
other holding his cock to position it just right. You
began to take him in slowly and you loved the feeling
of fullness he was giving you. Both of his hands were
pleasing your breasts. With your eyes closed, you
enjoyed all the pleasures through your body.

You were taking all of him inside you right to the base
of his cock. You raised and lowered yourself on him for
a short while and then began to grind his cock back and
forth. The feeling of him was completing satisfying
you. You could feel your clit begin to swell as you
became more and more excited. As it became even more
intense, the both of you knew you could last no longer.

Your pussy began to pulsate and hold him tight and you
could feel his cock begin to throb. The both of you
were exploding in an intense orgasm and you could feel
his warm cum enter your body. You were struggling to
keep yourself quiet. You told him wonderful it felt. It
was the type of orgasm that you had not experienced in
a very long time. He told you that it was every thing
he thought it would be. You both got yourself together
and rejoined the party.

Knowing how hot this would make me and happy that you
were able to have some great sex for just what it was
supposed to be; you came up to me and kissed my ear. I
whispered in your ear asked where you had been. You
whispered back, “Remember how you wanted me to have
great sex with someone? Well I just did, and now I want
to have you.”

You took me by the hand and led me to the outside.
There, you pulled up your skirt and laid on your back
on the hood of a car. I could see that someone had you
and asked you how it felt. You told me it felt
wonderful and then you said thank you for loving me so
much. Then you told me to put my cock inside you
because you wanted to do for me what I just did for

This story kept playing in my head. Each time, more was
added. Then, with out notice, another story began to

We were on the back deck in the screen room. It was a
very warm and calm night. You and I were enjoying some
drinks and having a nice time. Then, with out notice,
Mark showed up. He was in town and decided to stop by.
He sat with us at the table and chatted.

Not knowing he was planning on showing up, you were
wearing the orange Victoria Secret shirt with no
panties. You could see the perfect shape of your
breasts while your nipples popped the shirt. Some thing
that I love to see on you. Your legs were newly shaved
and silky smooth, your pussy was very neatly trimmed.
You and I were feeling pretty buzzed.

Mark noticed that you kept rubbing your shoulder
because your neck was sore. He said you needed a neck
massage and quickly got up to provide you one. I was
happy to let him and watched as he rubbed your
shoulders and neck and you visually began to loosen up.
As he rubbed your shoulders, your nipples became
visibly hard as the shirt continued to brush against
them softly.

After a while, Mark suggested that we should take a
nude swim in the pool because it was such a nice night.
You feeling warm and relaxed, agreed and said we
definitely should. I think Mark took this as a sign
that you were willing to show yourself to him. I got up
to go in the house to mix another drink. I also hoped
that when I came out, your shirt would be off.

Mark then took the opportunity and slowly slid one of
his hands down the front of your shirt. You wanted him
to stop but it just felt so good, you had to let him
continue. Your heart was pounding with anticipation,
wondering if he would take your breast in his hand. He

He was gentle, slow moving, and soft. It felt so nice.
He was now moving his hands between your neck,
shoulders, and breasts and you were totally caught up
in the moment. You were relaxed, excited, and beginning
to feel moistness between your legs. Little did you
know that I had made my way back on the deck and was

When you opened your eyes, you saw me smiling at you.
You immediately retreated behind your closed eyelids. I
got closer to you and began kissing you softly and
passionately. Mark continued to rub you and I began to
run my hand over your legs, inner thighs, and gently
brushed my fingers across your now wet lips. It was
clear to me that what was taking place was making you
very excited.

You were beginning to feel the intensity with in you
that had never happened before. You then pulled your
shirt up to fully expose your pussy. You laid one leg
up on the table and put the other on a chair. You
looked at me and mouthed the words with your lips
“Tease me”. A clear sign you wanted to feel my warm
tongue on you. By this time you were breathing quite
heavily. I savored every moist drop of you and you
loved all the sensations.

Mark couldn’t bear to watch any more and just had to
know what you tasted like. He requested if he could
have a turn and I was happy to let him. You were so
worked up at this point that the thought of a new
tongue on you enticed you to take your shirt totally
off. I then moved and sat on one of the cushion chairs
with both stools in front of me.

Mark lowered his mouth to you while you continued to
sit at the table and began to run his tongue over your
wet pussy. You put both of your hands on his head and
pulled his head closer into you. A sure sign that a
climax was about to occur. You moaned that it felt so
good. He could tell that you were nearing orgasm and
stopped you.

He suggested that you get in front of me, place one leg
on each stool, put your hands next to me on the arms of
the chair, and kiss me. You did what he asked and he
positioned himself behind you. Our lips just barely
touched and our tongues danced together. You were
breathing very heavy from the activity. He gently
parted your legs and let his pants down. You and I
couldn’t believe that this was actually happening. It
was by far turning out to be the most intense sexual
experience we had ever had.

Mark ran his fingers between your wet parted lips and
gently inserted a finger. He knew that you were ready
to accept him. Your clit was exposed and you were well
lubricated. You reached between your legs and took his
cock in your hand and guided the tip of his cock to the
opening of your pussy. You eagerly awaited his entrance
as you knew that his thick cock was going to fill you
from behind. He needed no other instruction. Slowly, he
pushed it in. You moaned with pleasure.

You were being shared, done doggy style by one of our
close friends while I was kissing you. As your hands
stayed on the chair arms, I caressed your breasts. They
felt so good. They began to rock back and forth as
Mark’s passion moved his hard cock with in you. You
said how good he felt inside you and how wet it was
making you. His thrusts began to move with intensity
and you began to enjoy the speed more.

You kept backing into him so you could feel all of him.
You wanted him deeper. You raised your pussy higher and
lowered your head exposing your self more. The pleasure
was to much to take. You put your face on my chest and
began to moan out in climactic pleasure.

Mark was thrusting well now and began to cum. You could
feel his warmth enter your body as your pussy held him
tight and body began to shutter in ecstasy. Your body
writhed in pleasure. You were trying to breathe but you
couldn’t. Powerful hormones raced through your body.
Your legs and arms began to twitch because the pleasure
was so intense. All the while, enjoying the pleasure of
our lips locked as one. You had been happily shared.
The moment was beautiful and intense.

Mark pulled out and went into the house. You and I
began to kiss so passionately it was like the night we
first kissed. We began to make love ourselves right
there and when Mark returned, he decided to leave us to
each other.

We made wonderful love on the deck, swam nude in the
pool, and carried our love making back into our