Hypnotized Into Adultery

Colleen lit the birthday candles on her husband’s cake
and turned out the dinning room light. She loved
surprising her husband and this being his thirty-fifth
birthday wasn’t any different. She baked his favorite,
chocolate frosting over chocolate.

“Paul. Are you coming?”

“Honey. I’ll be there in just a moment.”

Paul walked into the dinning room and saw the candles


Colleen jumped out from behind the doorway. She gave
Paul a huge hug and kissed his cheek and gave him his

“Honey. Go ahead and open it and see what I bought

Paul began ripping the paper off the box and looked

“Oh. Honey! You got us tickets for this Sunday’s NASCAR

Paul was happy. He was married to the most beautiful
and kind women in the world. Paul and Colleen were
celebrating their fifth wedding anniversary that year.
They had met working at the same bank together. Colleen
had been a teller at the time. Paul worked as a loan

Colleen was thirty-one and fourteen years younger than
Paul but they fell in love and decided to get married
after dating for almost two years.

Colleen was petite with long dark hair. She has a perky
little butt, and a tiny narrow waist and fairly large
breasts for a tiny woman of her size. At 5’3″ tall and
only 100 pounds, her legs were long and slim giving the
illusion that she was much taller.

Paul was compact himself and not much taller than
Colleen. He’d actually worked as a jockey when her
graduated high school for about a year while attending
community college.

Colleen had another surprise waiting for Paul that
night when he got into bed. She walked out wearing a
green nightie with a matching thong. She playfully
jumped on the bed and pulled the blanket off Paul.

They kissed as Colleen slid his pajama bottoms down his
legs allowing his dick to spring free. The tiny thong
didn’t stay on Colleen very long as Paul pulled on the
elastic until it slipped down her adorable little butt.

“Honey. Sit on my face.”

Colleen giggled as she scooted herself along Paul’s
chest and positioned her legs on each side of his head.
This was her favorite position before he mounted her.
Paul had a very talented tongue and could make her have
multiple orgasms.

Colleen actually bought Paul a gold pendent with the
rolling stone’s cymbal of the tongue on it for his
birthday last year. It turned out to be a private joke
between the couple because he wore it everywhere and
people would ask him if it meant anything.

“Uh. Darling. That’s so good.”

Colleen was wiggling her ass around above her husband’s
face as she held onto the headboard for support. Paul
would call her a wiggle worm the way she moved around
above him.

Colleen’s body began trembling as her hands clutched
the headboard as Paul skillfully worked the tip of his
tongue against her clitoris.

“Uh. Yeah. Baby. Do it to me. Uh. Um. God. I’m going
too… Cum. Shit.”

Paul held the palm of his hands on her ass while she
pushed down into his face. She often lost control and
pushed herself down as hard as she could when she came
so Paul had to keep her from squishing his head.

Colleen began settling down again as Paul worked his
tongue delicately against her clit. Paul wasn’t well
endowed and he knew it so he would try to perform in a
way that would be both stimulating to Colleen and
himself. He loved having her sit on his face.

“Honey. Please. Pinch my ass.”

Colleen loved having her ass pinched as he liked her
pussy. Paul learned by teasing her when they were
dating that Colleen had a fetish about having her ass
pinched. This helped her intensify her orgasms and
brought her to another plateau.

She would tilt her head back and close her eyes as Paul
gently pinched her skin and he would hit a certain spot
with his tongue at the same time that would instantly
make her cum.

“Oh. Fuck… Uh… God… Yeah… Oh… Yeah… So.
Good… ”

Paul could look straight up and see the expression on
Colleen’s face when she came. He saw the gleam in her
eyes which told him how well he was performing. Colleen
often joked about having his tongue insured.

Colleen’s body temporary relaxed as she looked down
into her husband’s eyes and ran her fingers in his
hair. She was still gently rocking her body as he
worked his tongue on her pussy.
This was her way of giving them a little break in
between her orgasms.

“Oh. Honey. I love you so much.”

Paul couldn’t verbally respond with his mouth covered
with pussy but Colleen knew how much he loved her by
looking into his eyes.

Colleen straightened herself back into position and
clutched the headboard again as Paul worked his magic
with his tongue in her pussy. All Colleen had to do was
keep focused on how much they were in love to make her
cum. It happened almost instantly when she moved into

“Ah… God… Yes… Paul… Baby… Yeah… ”

Colleen was having her third orgasm, and knew Paul
wanted to cum so she slid back down his chest and
impaled herself on Paul’s stiff dick with one gentle
shove. She felt tight as a glove although Paul wasn’t
any larger than four inches. Colleen never had any
c******n and she was built very small and was a perfect
fit for Paul.

Paul held her ass while she leaned forward and kissed
his lips and started rocking up and down his cock.

“God… You always feel so tight.”

Colleen kissed her husband again as she moved above him
and swayed her hips making him moan again.

“Honey. You’re going to make me cum too quick.”

Colleen giggled.

“If it feels good, let it happen.”

It wasn’t a minute later that Paul started grunting and

“Oh. Yeah… Here it is… God… Yeah… ”

Colleen had her own talent as she flexed her talented
pussy muscles to milk Paul’s cum. She got the idea
about learning how to control her muscles down there
when she learned how to belly dance.

Paul’s eyes were closed as he spurted one more shot
inside his wife as he felt her pussy milking every last
drop out of his balls. He finally opened his eyes and
saw Colleen smiling down at him.

“Are you ready?”

Paul smiled and shook his head as Colleen reached for a
towel on the night stand and laid it out along Paul’s
body. She slowly raised herself off his cock holding
his sperm inside her pussy. She positioned herself over
the towel than pushed his cum out of her pussy letting
it drip onto the towel.

Colleen had so much control with her pussy muscles that
she was able to hold it inside as long as she needed.
Paul loved to see it drip out so that’s why she came up
with the idea of using the towel. He thought it was too
slimy to drip out on his legs.

She would much prefer holding it inside her until she
reached the toilet but she loved pleasing her husband
and would do anything to please him. Paul wiped the
outside area around Colleen’s pussy with the towel as
she raised herself and walked to the bathroom.

Paul laid back on the pillow with his hands under his
head watching Colleen’s little ass shacking on its way
to the toilet. Paul folded the towel, not wanting to
look at his cum any longer. It always reminded him of
the fact that his sperm count was too low to produce
any c******n.

Colleen wanted c******n just as bad as he did and they
always thought about adopting but put it off every year
because of financial reasons.

Paul fell asleep with his arm around Colleen thinking
how lucky he was to be married to suck a loving and
caring wife.

*** Chapter 2

Sunday was a beautiful day for the race, the sun was
shining and it wasn’t extremely hot. Colleen and Paul
were walking around visiting the different concession
stands that were parked around the entrance to the
track. Paul bought Colleen a cap and as he placed it on
her head, he noticed a black man starring at them from
across the isle.

Paul thought he recognized the man but couldn’t place
him. Later when they were seated, Paul just happen to
turn around and saw the man sitting about four rolls
behind Colleen. He was starring back at Paul so Paul
quickly turned around and ignored it.

The race was well under way and Colleen had drunk so
much soda that she had to run to the lady’s room. Paul
watched her walk up the isle and saw the black man get
up and follow Colleen up the steps.

Paul tried to keep his eye on Colleen but there were so
many people in the isle that it was almost impossible
to see her. He was getting a little worried and kept
watching for Colleen to return. He was worried and
looked at his watch and saw she was gone for almost
twenty minutes when he decided to go and find her.

Paul stood and just as he was ready to move saw Colleen
making her way back to their seat. He felt so relieved
that she had returned.

“I was getting worried about you.”

“Oh. There was a long line in the bathroom.”


“Paul. I was on my way back and a man stopped me and
introduced himself as our new neighbor. He moved in
last weekend and said he recognized us and wanted to
say hello. He told me that his name was Marvin.”

“Honey. By any chance was this guy a black man?”

“Yeah. Have you seen him already?”

Paul turned around and saw the black guy smiling back
at him and nodded his head.

“No. I think he’s sitting behind us.”

Colleen turned to look and waived and smiled at the

Driving back home, Paul mentioned the way Marvin had
starred at them.

“Honey. That guy gave me the creeps the way he was
looking at us. I happen to notice starring at us a
couple times while we were at the track.”

“Oh. Paul. I don’t think he meant any harm. I just
think he recognized us and wanted to introduce himself
like he mentioned.”

“I don’t think we should get too friendly with him.”

“He actually invited us over for a drink later tonight.
I didn’t think you would mind. I didn’t know you had
eerie feelings about him.”

That evening, Paul was waiting in the front yard for
Colleen to finish getting ready. He was looking in the
direction of their new neighbor’s house. They lived in
the country and Marvin’s house sat back in the woods
across the street from their house.

The nearest home from them was about a mile away which
made it very secluded. The elderly couple that lived in
Marvin’s house had to sell because they could no longer
do the work that it desperately needed.

Paul knocked on the front door and Marvin greeted them.
He appeared to be friendlier than Paul had seen at the
track. Marvin was black and he was muscular and tall.
He was very well dressed and his house seemed very neat
and clean.

“You must excuse the house. I’m still getting
everything the way I want it.”

Paul shook his hand as they sat down. Colleen sat next
to Paul and straightened her dress. She had showered
and changed her clothes and was wearing a casual dress
with flip flops.

“So. Marvin. What do you do for a living?”

“I’m a writer. I write books about humane psychology.”

Colleen took an interest as she asked, “Oh. That is
very interesting. I bet you have a degree in
psychology. Have you ever worked in a clinic or
practiced on your own?”

“Yes. I actually do and work with the hospital with
their mental ward.”

Paul couldn’t help notice that Marvin kept watching
Colleen as if he was studying her. Paul listened, the
way Marvin questioned Colleen about her family,
education, hobbies, and their marriage. Paul felt
Marvin was getting too personal for their first meeting
as neighbors.

Marvin had prepared them drinks and Paul was sure
feeling tired. He had almost fallen asleep next to
Colleen who was blabbing away with their new neighbor.

Paul must have missed a portion of the conversation as
Colleen nudged him to wake up.

“Honey. I better get you home before you fall asleep
here on Marvin’s sofa. It was so nice meeting you and
learning so much tonight. Oh. I’ll be here around noon
tomorrow for tea.”

Colleen helped Paul get on his feet and to the door as
she shook hands with Marvin.

“I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Paul held onto Colleen as they walked across the street
in the dark. The only sound that could be heard was the
loud chirping of the crickets.

Paul seemed dazed as she held onto his arm to keep him
from falling down.

“Honey. I don’t know what it was but I seemed to get
really tired talking to Marvin.”

“That’s all right Honey. You had a long day. You’re
probably tired from being at the race all day.”

*** Chapter 3

Paul was ready for work that Monday morning and kissed
Colleen on his way out. He almost forgot that she was
having tea with Marvin at lunch and wouldn’t call her
as he normally did every day.

Colleen was actually excited to be joining Marvin that
day. He appeared to be a very interesting man. She
dressed as usual in her shorts and a knit top and
slipped on her flip flops and walked over to Marvin’s
house with a dish of home made cookies.

Colleen knocked on the screen door.

“Come in. It’s open.”

Colleen stepped through the door and saw Marvin at the
sink getting cups for the tea. She politely put the
dish of cookies she had baked on the kitchen table.

“Go ahead and sit down and make yourself comfortable.”

Colleen smiled as she sat down and waited for her host
to join her. Marvin walked over with her tea and sat
across the table from her.

“Thank you for bringing the cookies. That was really
sweat of you.”

“Oh. It’s nothing. I like to bake and do it all the
time for my husband.”

“How long have you two been married?”

“We just celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary.”

“Mmm. Sounds like the two of you have a good thing
going there. Do you have any plans for c******n in the

“Well. I would like to say we do but you see, Paul’s
sperm count is too low and we are unable to have
c******n. We have considered adopting but maybe in the

“I’m sorry to hear about his problem. Does your husband
get depressed or maybe feel inadequate?”

“Marvin. It really bothers Paul a lot but I try and
tell him its not his fault.”

“You’re a young woman. Does it bother you that your
husband is unable to father a c***d?”

Colleen hesitated. “Yes. I would love to become a

“Colleen. I don’t mean to sound too personal, but I’ve
had many years of training in my field and have spent
much time in counseling married couples. Um. Colleen.
Please. I’m sorry if you are offended but may I ask you
if you have a good sexual relationship with your

Colleen blushed. “Oh. I guess we have a good one. I
meant . . .Well… My husband feels he is inadequate in
that department as well.”

“Colleen. I might be able to help you both. Please
don’t be afraid to tell me the truth. Does your husband
satisfy you sexually?”

Colleen sipped her tea and starred at the cookies. She
had a smile on her face but was hesitant to share her
thoughts with Marvin. Hesitantly, she finally opened

“Paul does another thing that makes up for what he
can’t do. You see. He is smaller than most normal men
but he has another way to please me that I enjoy very

“Colleen. You must love your husband very much to
accept such a compensation in your sexual

“Uh. Yeah. I guess. I feel so uncomfortable talking
about this.”

“Colleen. It’s all right I understand. Most wives
refuse to even speak about their sexual relationship
with their husband’s. You see. There are many wives who
have un fulfilling sexual relationships with their
husband’s but they seem mentally stuck. They feel as if
they have no other alternative but to accept the life
that they have been dealt.”

Colleen sipped on her tea as she listened to Marvin.
Marvin took something small and shiny out of his pocket
and held it up in front of his face. It was attached to
a small thin chain. He started to move it back and

“Colleen. Have you ever seen one of these before?”

“No. I don’t think so. It looks so pretty.”

“I want you to keep your eye on it, Colleen. Watch the
crystal. Keep your eyes focused on that crystal. This
will help you feel better about yourself. It will take
away all of the guilt you are feeling. That’s it. Keep
watching it.”

Colleen’s eyes were focused.

“Colleen. You’re beginning to feel sleepy. When you
feel sleepy, I want you to close your eyes and sleep.
That’s it. Sleep for me.”

Colleen’s eyes were closed and she sat motionlessly in
her chair.

“That’s good. I want you to stay asleep for me,
Colleen. Do you understand?”


“Good. I want you to explain to me what the special
little thing your husband can do for you that you feel
compensated when you are being intimate with him.”

Colleen still had her eyes closed as she smiled
thinking about what Paul can do with his tongue.

“Paul uses his tongue on my clitoris. He is so skilled
at his movements that he can actually make me have
multiple orgasms.”

“I’m surprised to learn this. Most women wouldn’t be
satisfied only having a tongue bring them to orgasm.
Paul must be much less inadequate than I originally
figured. Would you say that his penis would match the
size of a boy?”

“Yes. Paul isn’t any larger than a cousin I saw when I
was a teenager. My cousin was fourteen and we had gone
skinny dipping together in a pond once.”

“Colleen. You must still be very tight. Have you
learned any skills that would help enhance having sex
with Paul?”

Colleen was smiling again.

“I took belly dancing lessons and I learned how to
control the muscles in my pussy with movements that I
learned by experimenting.”

“Good for you! You’re a very smart woman and you have a
very lovely figure. Have you learned any other tricks
with your pussy that may help your sad situation?”

Colleen lost her smile for a few seconds thinking about
the word, sad that Marvin had said. She retained that
smile again as she thought about an answer she could
give him.

“When Paul shots his cum into me, I can squeeze my
pussy shut tight and hold his sperm inside me as long
as I want. Paul loves to see it drip into a towel so I
usually do that for him.”

“Colleen. I’m so amazed to learn about your special
talents. It’s such a shame that such beauty and talent
are going to waste on an inadequate lover.”

“Marvin. Paul is my husband and I try to please him.”

“You are very right to do that, my dear. My
professional opinion would be that you should be
awarded for such thoughtful consideration. You need to
start thinking about your own desires.”

Colleen sat with her eyes still closed but her facial
movements indicated that she was wondering and wanted
to know about these desires.

“Colleen. When you wake up, you will remember the
things that I’m about to explain to you. You will feel
the need to explore these ideas and which will become
your own desires. You will feel the extreme desire to
learn more and to fulfill the desires I will tell you
about. Do you understand what I’m saying to you?”

“Yes. I understand.”

“Colleen. I will give you a few web site addresses that
I want you to visit. I want you to read the stories and
you will develop the sexual desire and need to actually
explore these situations yourself. You will learn by
reading about other wives who are stuck in a situation
much like yourself. Do you understand everything so

“Should I tell Paul about the sites?”

“No. We will keep this to ourselves for now. I want you
to remain calm and in my control and I want you to open
your eyes now.”

Colleen slowly opened her eyes and starred at Marvin.

“Good. I’m going to give you this list of web sites for
you to visit and you will study these subjects.
Cuckolding, cheating, black men, interracial sex. Do
you understand everything I’ve told you?”

“Yes. I will start researching as soon as I return

“Good. Now before you go, I want you to return back
here every day at eleven and report to me about what
you have learned. Remember. You will strongly have the
desire to obey my commands and continuously have the
desire to learn about these subjects. You will be
totally aroused when you read about these subjects. You
must not allow Paul to find out about any of this. Do
you understand?”


“Colleen. I will slap my hands twice. You will wake up.
When I slap my hands once, you will return to your
present condition. Do you understand?”


Marvin slapped his hands, twice.

Colleen looked around the room sort of dazed and

“I really had a nice chat with you Colleen and I’m
looking forward to seeing you again tomorrow about the
same time.”

“Yes. I hope you liked the cookies.”

“Oh. Yes. I just love peanut butter cookies. Oh. Here
are the things for you to research. I’ll walk you to
the door.”

Marvin stood in the doorway watching his neighbor as
she walked across the street. He couldn’t wait until
tomorrow to see how much she learned.