Elevatror adventures

I sat at the bar drinking my Crown and Coke. It was a
pretty cool club, reminded me of a place back home,
dark, smaller, long rather than wide. I could have done
without the occasional queen that came in trying to
pick up a straight guy and then making a scene when he
was rejected, but nevertheless, it was small enough
that the bodies had to press closer in order to fit,
which of course made everyone hotter, sweatier, looking
for something to drink from the bar.

I waited at the bar, sitting on a stool with my back to
the door but my side to the floor so I could watch the
dancers. I like to laugh at white guys, shit… They
really cant dance. I wasnt exactly alone tonight – he
was late, but… (smirk) I knew that he would be.

Hes a nice guy, but can be a bit poofy, and he
spends too much time preparing in front of the mirror.
In some things, he was so predictable. I laughed to
myself as I wondered what he would actually surprise me
with. Hopefully he isnt putting his hair into that
stupid pompadour again. Oh well, thats alright… I
can handle whatever surprises he decides to drop on me.

A sultry tune came on and I decided then that I would
say “yes” to the next guy who asked to dance with me,
instead of the, “Sorry, Im waiting for someone,” I had
been repeating for the last twenty minutes simply for
the sake of such a great song.

A good looking guy, inky black hair, dark blue eyes,
tanned skin, gold chains, guido-thick chest hairs, came
walking towards me. This one was actually looking at my
face as he walked towards me instead of traveling his
eyes up my legs (as if he could see straight through my
skirt) or staring blatantly at my chest, so I figured
he could be the lucky guy.

I just prayed that he didnt have a stereotypically
thick Italian accent. And then, when he stopped in
front of me… I felt the air change, almost a spark of
electricity in it. I knew he was asking me to dance or
if he could buy me my next drink. I just didnt hear

Thankfully, I can read lips. I looked up slowly from my
drink, to the guy with the offering smile, the
gesticulating hands, the wildly flapping gums,
desperation in his eyes, and I stood up. I said nothing
as I put down my nearly empty glass and took his hand.
I took my time walking to the dance floor, dragging him
behind, knowing he was watching my ass, and really
getting off on it.

We hit the dance floor and he immediately broke out in
these funky, epileptic-on-a-sugar-high dance moves
and I had to stifle my giggles. Thank God he was cute
and I was horny. I put my back to ‘Mr. GQ,’ my face to
where I knew he stood, watching, waiting. With my feet
slightly apart, I closed my eyes and slowly began
making slow circles with my hips with the music.

Mr. GQ walked up behind me and began mimicking me,
molding his body to mine. When the singers voice
picked up speed my hips did as well and as she slowed
so did my ass. My body was interpreting the song
perfectly into sex and he knew it. When I made slower
grinds, my eyes squeezed shut just as they should. Mr.
GQ put his hands on the front of my thighs. I put my
hands on top of his and glided them down my thighs
slowly, sensuously, until they fell away.

When they dropped away from me, I slid my hands up my
thighs, imagining it was him, one hand whispering over
my pelvis teasing me, my hands trailing up my sides.
He was willing my hands to my breasts and let out a
breath he didnt know he was holding, disappointed. As
he watched my fingers draw up my sternum and one hand
go to the back of my head pulling my hair up slightly
as the other hand went back down my sternum to my
thighs grasping at the edge of my skirt as if I
couldnt decide whether or not to push it down or pull
it up.

I suddenly opened my eyes and noticed everyone was
looking at us. I felt kind if slutty. Mr. GQ had a
toothpick in his mouth and was going, “Yeah baby,
alllllright!” I would have smiled, challengingly, but
the dance had gotten me hotter than I had expected. It
was meant to taunt him, pay him back for being late.
Instead the plan backfired.

He never showed up and now I felt like a fool. My skin
now felt too tight, my clothes too restricting. My
mouth felt dry while other parts felt wet. I had to get
off the dance floor and out of this place. I felt
absolutely ridiculous. The elevator and restrooms were
over to the right. I just had to get some space, air. I
had to get it together quickly. If I still wanted to
show him the fire he had played with, the in-control
woman I am… was… normally, I better get it

I stopped at the foot of the stairs at the fast
approaching giggling of the women then exiting the
womens restroom. I smiled and stood to the side
letting them by and up the stairs. I stood by the
elevator catching my breath for a moment. I would get
it together and then splash some cold water on my face.
It was just the liquor and the heat, nothing more
surely. And as for these people staring at me, I didnt
know them, so no big deal.

The wall felt so cool beneath my palms and against my
back. It was so quiet down there; I turned towards the
wall and put my forehead to it praying it would cool me
down. Two, maybe three, seconds passed and then the
hair stood up on the back of my neck. Just as I lifted
my head sharply, his body pressed up against mine, so
hot, so… hairy and wet with sweat, pinning me against
the wall.

It was Mr. GQ again. “Too late,” he growled in my ear
as he put his hands on my hip bones and pulled my ass
back onto his hard cock. Someone whimpered a begging
sound. I realized it had to be me. Nope, there was a
lost puppy in the bathroom with us. I bent down to pet
it. He slid his hand around my stomach and up towards
my breast… I felt vulnerable but craved, almost ready
to beg, for his touch.

He dragged me to the elevators. “The puppy…” I cried
out, but he just kept pulling on me. He pushed the
elevator button and the door opened almost immediately.

“Damn tease,” I muttered.

“Is that so?” he said challengingly.

Oh God. He heard me. I added fuel to his fire. Part of
me wanted to laugh because this was so much fun,
another part was thrilled by the unknown, and the rest
was on a sexual high because I knew he was no tease.

He firmly, but gently, shoved me into the elevator. I
turned to face him and with an interesting smirk and no
hands he pressed me up against the back of the elevator
with his body, pressing the highest floors button. He
did nothing but press his body against mine, his
shoulders pinning mine against the elevator wall, his
chest pressed against my tight nipples, his still
hardening bulge against my throbbing mound.

I tried to break free but he just smiled and chuckled.
Somewhere in the middle of the fourth and fifth floors
he pulled back to kiss me… but he didnt… he pulled
the stop button and the elevator came to a hard,
jolting, stop. I almost fell but he grabbed me. Once I
had my bearings again he smirked at me and pressed me
up against the wall of the elevator, “Lets see now who
the real tease is, shall we?”

In the main lobby Security office, a silent alarm began
beeping. Bill Walters looked at the alarm code and
flicked on monitor #6. In the main elevator, he saw a
young couple in various states of undress. The girl was
pretty sexy, but the guy looked a little like a poor
mans John Travolta circa 1977. Knowing they were going
to do it, he quickly paged the other two on duty
guards. It was showtime!

I knew this was payback for my little show I put on for
him. He brushed his lips against mine, not kissing me
but teasing, and growled quietly, “Tell me youre a
tease, Erica,” he said.

“No,” I replied defiantly.

“Then allow me to argue my defense against your
accusation, counsel,” he said losing his smirk and with
a determined look in his eyes. Suddenly I felt like Red
Riding Hood cowering under the wolf. But, oh, what a
big… He opened my shirt with his teeth and one hand,
scattering buttons across the elevator. Next he pulled
down my bra, wedging it under my breasts and taking the
nipples into his mouth.

I moaned and tried to free my hands but he wouldnt let
me go just captured both of my wrists in his right
hand and pulled up my skirt with his left. Then his
fingers crept under my panties, skimming the smooth
skin there, caressing, teasing, “Waxed for me did you?
What a good girl.” He taunted me. He cupped me with a
warm palm and slid one finger not in but along my seam,
back and forth, back and forth.

Still he didnt kiss me, just watched my eyes. I turned
my head, couldnt look in his eyes another moment. I
felt weak, naked, not embarrassed, but bare. His mouth
now hovered at my ear and I could feel his hot breath.
He leaned his forehead against my head and ground out,
“God… so smooth… hot… so wet… all for me.”

He truly was a cocky bastard. My hips involuntarily
pressed forward urging for more, that finger to slip
in, him to slip in. He chuckled against my ear and
chills ran down my spine, “Not until youre dripping.”

He continued his slow back and forth motion, driving me
insane. In that instant, suddenly I found my sanity. I
turned my head to face him and didnt wait, whimper, or
ask for a kiss, nor did I supply him with one. “Two can
play at that game baby,” I said confidently and ran my
tongue against the length of his lips once. In his
surprise and at his smile and intake of breath I pulled
my hands free and pressed him up against a wall. I
didnt need strength on my side. He wanted this as bad
as I did.

“Now, you stay there like a good little boy and I might
give you a treat,” I condescended, paying him back.

“Evil bitch,” he laughed.

“Now, now. Is that any way to talk to the woman holding
your lollipop,” I smiled innocently as I grabbed his

He narrowed his eyes at me but stood quietly. I went
down on my knees and looked up at him as I unbuttoned
him and drew down his zipper. His cock pressed out
towards me, peeking its way out of his boxers. “My, my.
What do we have here?”

He was getting frustrated with my teasing so I laughed.
I guess I did have an evil bitch streak. I pulled his
cock out of the slit in his boxers, letting out his
full length, and lightly touched just the head of his
cock, looking into his eyes.

In the Security office, the guys all gathered around
and laughed at the length of Mr. GQs penis. It
couldnt have been more than 4 inches, but the girl was
a real trooper, going at it like it was three times
that size. Secretly, one of the guards, Tommy, began
sporting wood at the sight of the erect cock. Small
perhaps, but certainly appealing to his well-guarded
bisexual tendencies. The men looked on intently.

He took in a jagged breath and then closed his eyes and
let his head fall back against the wall as my finger
tip ran around the edge of the head of his penis. “So
soft and warm, so smooth,” I said.

“Tastes even better,” he said without lifting his head
or opening his eyes.

“Lets find out,” I said and I flicked the head of his
penis with my tongue to lick up the pre-cum that was
already there. It tasted weird, like asparagus.

His hips involuntarily pressed towards me and I
chuckled as he had earlier. His hips began to rock in
unison with my hand movements. I opened my expecting
mouth and began to suck him as he began to moan. His
hips begin to rock up and down faster and my mouth
began to go up and down faster. One hand made a ring at
the base of his cock applying some pressure. The other
hand stroked him as my mouth slid up and down sucking
gently, suckling him.

“God Erica… your stroking makes it feel like your
mouth isnt leaving the base of my cock. Dont stop!”
He stared down at me then, I looked up at him and we
locked eyes. He placed his hands on the back of my head
and began to press lightly forward towards him, and
pull back away from him.

I felt his hips begin to lift off of the wall and
towards me and then back. I knew he was getting close,
so I slipped one of my hands off of him. He made an
unhappy sound but watched as I slipped the middle
finger of that same hand into my pussy getting it
soaked and then slid it up the leg of his boxers. His
legs were already spread a little so my finger went
straight to his perineum. I sucked harder, taking him
deeper, as deep as I could, and rubbed slippery circles
on that spot near his asshole. Then I stuck it deep in
his ass. He squealed like a little girl who finds a
spider in her sock drawer.

In the Security office, two guards anuses clenched in
horror. The third just kept his thoughts to himself.

He closed his eyes and practically slammed his head
into the wall behind him. His knees shook a little.
This was it. Suddenly he growled loudly and quickly and
violently and exploded. Ropes of jism splashed into my
mouth and down my throat.

He may have been small, but his output was amazing. I
cupped his balls like I was milking him and continued
to drink his protein filled milkshake. Finally, he
stopped. He hit the Stop button and the elevator
started moving. He pressed button 6 and it stopped. I
stood there with my panties at my ankles and my tits
out as he ran out into the hallway of the 6th floor.

“You son of a bitch!!!” I screamed.

He just took off running, nervously laughing as he
faded into the distance. I hit the L button and pulled
myself together. When the elevator reached bottom,
three men in blue uniforms stood there smiling,
greeting me. I could see the bulges in their pants…

I licked my lips and smiled. “Why hello boys…”

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