Encounter in the Deep Woods

A rustle of wind blows in from the surrounding trees, making me look up expectantly to the deep blackness of the night. I yearn that HE might appear. I dream of his gorgeous, tanned body. I imagine him walk out of the darkness and into the clearing of my campsite, the campsite of this frail

Hot description of erotic three way sex between two women and a man

I step out of the shower; my body is still glistening from the water, it’s dripping off my breasts. I walk into the bedroom and there she is! She’s waiting for me, I can already feel my pussy pulsing, getting hot and wet. She comes to me, reaching for my tits, cupping them in her

The Tree Trimmers

I could hear the buzzing from the saw. It woke me up that Saturday morning. Someone in my neighborhood was doing some kind of work with a saw, obviously. I sat up in bed and threw the covers off. In the kitchen, I turned on the coffee maker and sat at the table, having a

A guy living next to two good looking women gets drawn into a threesome that he’ll never forget

I had been living in the apartment building for three years. The two women had been next door for the past two. Over the course of time, we exchanged the typical pleasantries and small talk. Eventually we developed a comfortable but relatively casual relationship. I would help them out if they needed some heavy work