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Hi, my name is Jeff, and I’ve been married to my sexy little wife, Tanya, for 5 years. We’ve been using nasty talk and shared fantasies to spice up our love life almost from the beginning of our relationship. One thing that got us both particularly hot was for me to ask her, during sex,

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I can’t believe you’re still asleep. You usually get up way before I do. I guess last night wore you out. You look so sweet laying there on your side. I run my hand across the side of your face and over your ear. You don’t move, you must really be out of it. I

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I step out of the shower; my body is still glistening from the water, it’s dripping off my breasts. I walk into the bedroom and there she is! She’s waiting for me, I can already feel my pussy pulsing, getting hot and wet. She comes to me, reaching for my tits, cupping them in her