Everybody Loves Raymond : Amy’s Initiation

Marie sat at the table across from Deborah drinking
coffee and eyeing her beautiful daughter-in-law who she
fucked once in an unforgettable union between her
oldest son and Deborah. Now she had another union in

“Deborah, I have another great idea for us if your
interested?” replied Marie smiling over her cup of

Deborah knew something was up when Marie came through
the door. Her imagination worked well in the sexual
department these days. She seemed to have a sixth sense
when it came to close encounters.

“Really Marie. What did you have in mind?” Deborah
played along.

Marie licked her lips and put her coffee down leaning
forward as if sharing some deep dark secret.

“I invited Amy over tomorrow night since the boys will
be away for the weekend. I think its time to initiate
her into our little clan. Don’t you?”

Deborah thought this one over since Amy was brought up
a very religious person. Even Robert had a hell of a
time getting her to do something different than the
missionary position. Getting her to fuck another girl
might be a real challenge. But one worth taking.

“Alright Marie I say we try at least. But if we get any
resistance we forget about it, ok?”

Both Marie and Deborah laughed and shook hands


The next night came quickly as Marie set up the living
room with blankets and several bottles of liquor.
Pillows were strewn about in prime areas. Deborah got a
very sexy film that was only a strong “R” rating so as
not to scare Amy away. Everything was ready for Amy.

Amy showed up on time wearing a tight pair of jeans and
a tight sweater top. She looked good and so did Marie
and Deborah who both made a point of wearing very tight
clothing. Deborah didn’t wear a bra and her nipples
poked against the thin fabric alluringly. The night
began great as they ate and drank. Marie made sure to
add extra liquor to Amy’s drinks.

Deborah put in the film and they sat together on the
couch as it began. The movie was a period piece about a
young girl in a rich household. Soon the girl was being
fucked by everyone in the house including the maid.
Amy’s eyes were wide with excitement as she watched the
movie. In one scene the young girl was on her knees her
ass high in the air as the black butler took her from

“Oh my,” exclaimed Amy who drank deeply eyes glued to
the screen.

“Wow I bet she loves that,” whispered Deborah to Amy
who was now quite drunk. Amy only nodded agreeing
wholeheartedly. Marie snuggled closer to Amy making
sure to be in contact.

“I bet you wish Robert could do that to you,” replied
Marie close to Amy’s ear. Amy licked her lips and
nodded again knowing full well that Robert’s huge cock
could do some real deep massaging that way. Deborah
moved closer to as the movie progressed. Soon the young
girl in the movie was being eaten by the maid who made
her open her legs very wide.

“Oh my goodness,” whispered Amy who bit her bottom lip
her breath coming in shallow gasps of excitement.

“You like that Amy?” Asked Deborah who was loving the
moment very much. She reached over and with her fingers
moved a bit of Amy’s hair away from her face.

Amy a little embarrassed looked at Deborah and fumbled
out the words.

“Its interesting. Robert talks about it a lot. But I
don’t really know….you know?” Her words were a bit
slurred from all the liquor being given her by Marie.

“I think its very hot don’t you Deborah?” Came Marie
her hand now resting on Amy’s leg.

“Yes I do. Raymond always wants me to be with another
girl. Its a very hot fantasy don’t you think Amy?”
Deborah’s fingers now ran around her ear teasing it
lightly. Amy closed her eyes feeling the tickling
sensation Deborah’s fingers were doing to her ear. All
the while Marie was rubbing her knee in small circular

On the screen the young girl now participated in her
sexual union with the girl also licking her cunt in a
69 position. They both moaned loudly.

“Yes I guess it would be,” replied Amy her voice soft
and excited. Marie’s fingers moved slowly upwards
nearing Amy’s thighs. Deborah whimpered again to Amy.

“The girls in the movie are really sexy. I love the way
they fuck. Don’t you Amy?” She leaned in and kissed her
ear lightly.

Amy moaned softly feeling like her world was being
turned upside down with pleasure.

“I think Amy loves it don’t you honey?” Whispered Marie
her hand now close to Amy’s crotch. Amy closed her eyes
as each bit of pleasure overtook her. She could feel
Deborah’s body pressed against her and her lips
tenderly kissing her ear her face and suddenly her

“Ohhhh god, ohh…” moaned Amy as Deborah leaned into
the kiss their lips tight together in a hot embrace.
Marie wasted no time and slid her hand between Amy’s
thighs feeling the wetness seeping through her jeans.

“That’s it honey kiss Deborah nice like that,” came
Marie’s voice as she rubbed Amy’s cunt through her
pants. Deborah wasted no time also by reaching up and
fondling Amy’s breast squeezing it firmly and feeling
her nipple harden.

“What are you doing to me?” came Amy’s lusty voice
feeling her body betray her to her closest friends.

Deborah slid her hand under Amy’s sweater and pushed
her bra away from the breast making bare contact and
pulling her nipple. Amy cried out in pleasure as
Deborah began to french kiss her hotly their tongues
twirling like wet snakes inside each others mouths.
Marie began to un-zip Amy’s jeans and pushing them down
her legs till they puddled on the floor at her feet.
Soon came the panties. Marie slid her hand back to the
girl’s wet cunt and began to push a finger deep inside.

“Ohhh yess!” cried Amy as she felt Marie’s finger slide
deeply inside her pussy. Marie began to fuck her fast
and deep. Deborah started to move her hand down to meet
Marie’s and both began to slide fingers inside the
girl. Deborah’s mouth began to suck on Amy’s bare
nipple sending the poor girl into her first orgasm of
the evening. Both Marie and Deborah felt her cunt
contracting around their fingers and soon a hot blast
of cum was shooting out of Amy.

“That’s it honey open up more for us we want to fuck
you so badly. That’s it wider baby.” Commanded Marie
who took control.

Amy complied and spread her legs wider showing how
beautiful her body was. Her flat tummy led to her very
wet cunt that was open and had several fingers from
Marie and Deborah inside her. They were fucking her
faster and harder making her groan in pleasure as she
orgasmed over and over again.

The cushion beneath her was soaked with her juices and
Deborah took advantage of her wetness and began to push
a finger inside her asshole. It was so wet that it slid
easily inside her. Amy moaned again from this invasion
of pleasure. Soon Marie had three fingers inside her
cunt and Deborah had three inside her ass both pumping
with vigor as Amy came again and again.

“Oh Amy do you love what were doing to you?” Asked
Marie as she kissed the girl tenderly. Maries hand was
soaked to her elbow from the many orgasms shooting out
of Amy.

“God yes… ohhhh arhhhh,” she tried to speak but Amy
could do nothing but feel as the girls continued to
fuck her. Deborah loved the feel of Amy’s asshole and
how silky it felt as she pushed deeply inside her. The
sticky wet sounds of sex were everywhere as they
plundered Amy’s holes.

Marie added another finger to the three and Amy grunted
with pain/pleasure. She was being stretched to her
limits both front and back as Deborah also added
another digit. Four fingers in her ass and cunts. The
hot squishy sounds of cum dripping from her just added
to her ultimate pleasures. Both Marie and Deborah could
feel each others fingers sliding back and forth only
separated by a thin membrane of skin.

“That’s it baby open and relax. Put your leg over my
shoulder. That’s it baby. Now we can really get inside
you. God your ass is so hot,” proclaimed Deborah as she
maneuvered position for better fucking.

Then Amy felt the two girls go for their ultimate goal.
Marie slid her last finger inside pushing her whole
hand inside Amy’s dripping pussy and making Amy shiver
in another hot cum. Marie pushed and pulled making
sucking noises come from Amy’s cunt. Then Deborah added
her last finger and pushed slowly past the girl’s
sphincter and slid deeply inside. Deborah continued to
push till she was up to her wrist. Then together both
began to fuck her fast and hard. Amy began to kiss
Marie hotly as they fucked and she came again her cunt
squirting hot juice.

“Oh Amy your so fucking hot,” replied Deborah as she
jammed her hand deeply inside Amy’s ass. Marie sucked
on Amy’s breast and sent more shivers of pleasure
through her.


Their session lasted through the night as each fucked
hotly and deeply. Amy learned to lick pussy and loved
it. She also learned that Deborah belonged to a special
club for girls. But to join she would have to fuck
animals. She would need to think about that one. But
not to long!

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