Four way lovin

During my time in the forces, i was deployed to the gulf for a period of about 6 months which is long enough for some. We used to pull into one of the ports about every 3-4 weeks. During this deployment he had an american traslator, ashlee, on board for various reasons.
I never really spoke with her as she wasn’t my cup of tea but god did she have a pair of tits!! We pulled into Dubai this time, got off the ship and got on the booze as you do.
Now there were about 4 of us guys and 2 girls (one of them being the ashlee). There were a couple of bars and a small night club in the hotel we were staying at, so we didn’t have to go far. My mates were really talking to these girls and after a fair few drinks and even a bit of a boogy, we invited the girls up for a drink and stuff..
We ended up talking for a while and had a few more stiff drinks that Brian was pouring for us, though i think he added a bit more vodka to the girls drinks. After an hour or so, My mate Jason and his now sort of new friend Jasmine went for a walk. We didn’t really care where they were going as we knew they were gonna be back sooner or later.

My other mate Steve and Brian were putting some serious moves on Ash, but considering i hadn’t slept more than 6 hours in a hit in 3 weeks and combined the fact that i was half cut didn’t help me just wanting to put my head down and catch 20 Z’s.
Myself, Brian, steve and Ashlee were on the bed, so it was kinda squishy, but i put my head down. Not long after i noticed a bit of playing going on between the 3. I knew what was going on, but didn’t care too much. Then my mate Brian taps me on the leg, “Oi Rod, get up, and get into it”.
Well I didn’t need much more enthusiasm so i jumped up and got naked.

I saw steve was on his back with Ash on top sucking on Brian. I thought, there was no where else to go besides that tight little puckered bum. I got my average size dick ready to go and about to pop in, but i had no lube. Remebering that the hotel usually supplies moisturiser along with shampoo and conditioner, i ran and got the cream. I plopped a large dollop on her bum and a generous amount on my cock and popped it in. It almost went straight in. It may’ve been because of the fact that she was 3/4 cut or i was so eager, but i didn’t really care. After i was in we all did high fives and pounded away. We were going at it for about 5 mins before we changed possies after steve dropped a load up her cunt then brian had a go in her sloppy hole whilst Ash sucked me off. I didn’t come then but Brian dropped another load in her. Things were getting a little messy, but that didn’t care, as neither of us had sex in many months and horny sailors are, well, just fuckin horny!!!

Finally it was my turn in her cavernous hole. This time she was on her back and i was pounding her like crazy!! She was really enjoying the banging we were giving her so she grabbed Steve’s cock and sucked him back up again.
I ended up dropping another load in this cum queen and afterwards rolled off whilst steve had another go.

After all this, Ash got up and sloshed her way to the shower to clean up. I guess you can imagine the sights, sounds and smells through all this.
Brian, myself and Steve sat out the balcony, poured a drink, lit a smoke and reflected on the evening, though we all agreed that what happens on tour stays on tour.

Eventually Jason and Jas came back. Not sure what they did as they were very reluctant to tell us, but we all know. hehe

The next day Ash and Jasmine left and we never really caught up again for the rest of the trip.