Lana’s Lust

“Ah-Augh!” A feminine voice cries out, moaning loudly over a rhythmic clapping. Her eyebrows knit together as waves of pleasure flows from her sore muscles and throbbing pussy, overlapping the pain of sore muscles all over her body. Surrounding her are four older gentlemen resurrecting her sex life, something that died years ago. She thanks her sultry saviors with submission, offering them her body and its holes, allowing them to do as they wish. Of course, they do so, selfishly yanking and pulling her body in various directions. “Ungh!” She cries as the man ravishing her pussy pulls her head back, making a fist out of her long jet black mane. Meanwhile, his other hand smacks her ass, leaving a large red imprint on her small hip. “Faughck! You’re so rough- Gugh!” The tiny fair-skinned minx complains, a girthy cock interrupting her comment by introducing itself to her mouth.

“Ah, much better. You young sluts always talk too much, don’t they boys?” The owner of the cock shoving itself down the woman’s throat states, slowly thrusting his hips forward in an attempt to fit another inch. His hands cup the minx’s face, thumbs spreading her soft fluffy cheeks as fingers dig into her scalp. They hold her head in place, keeping it still as his cock becomes accommodated with her mouth.

“Yea, they usually are. But no worries, with you shutting her up, maybe she’ll put more energy into her handjobs.” The gentleman on her left says, using her hand as his cocksleeve for the time being. He thrusts his hips back and forth, holding her wrist still while finding the most pleasurable rhythm.

“Aww, come on, guys, cut her some slack! After all, it’s her first time.” The gentleman on the right comments, pleading on her behalf for his compadres to show some compassion and lighten up. Unlike his buddy on the opposite side, he stands still, allowing the gangbang amateur to stroke his cock however she feels. Of course, this leads to sporadic strokes following a jagged tempo. Regardless, it produces an erection, which is enough for him.

“Tch. Always the soft one, huh?” The gentleman comments, struggling to fit his cock inside the woman’s mouth. His shaft’s barely halfway in, and he can already feel the poor slut whining, humming reluctantly. Of course, that doesn’t stop him. Instead, he presses onwards, using her salivating mouth as lubrication to plunge his cock deeper and force her to gag, shattering her resistance. “Trust me. If these sluts didn’t want it rough, they wouldn’t come to us. Like everything new, you gotta break it in.” He explains, crudely justifying his selfish perspective.

“Grung, Shit.” The man grunts, moaning like a beast as he continues demolishing the minx’s pussy in doggy-style. His hand maintains a tight grip on her hair, competing with the tightness of her pussy around his dick. Despite his bulkiness, his strength can’t compare to how her vagina cuffs his cock, squelching as it sucks him back in after every stroke. “This pussy might not be new, but definitely wasn’t used right. I could care less whether she’s obnoxious or quiet. All I need is someone who ain’t afraid to take dick. And this lil cunt ain’t scared at all.” He praises, devilishly smiling ear to ear as he slaps her hip again, digging his fingers into her cheek and raking his nails as the imprint reddens.

“Ahh- Glugh.” She cries out, reflexively opening her mouth wider and unintentionally inviting the thick shaft deeper into her mouth. “Mmmf!” The minx hums, squinting and coughing as the deepthroating begins. Tears swell around her eyes as her jaw struggles to accommodate the gentleman’s cock. He’s so rough, and she loves every bit of it. Thus, she forces her jaw to open wider, allowing his shaft to assault her mouth however she pleases. Now that she no longer needs to speak, she redistributes the regained energy, focusing on her hand and delivering better handjobs to the patient and impatient gentlemen at her sides. Fingers twirl around their shafts, polishing them with their pre-cum as her thumbs massages their frenulums. Now, her pussy isn’t the only throbbing genital present in this session. Of course, she doesn’t forget about the dominant man behind her.

Submissively, she curves her spine, emphasizing her hip-dips and thrusting her hips against him. Resounding smacks echo throughout the room as her bubble-butt smashes against his lap. “Nngh. Nngh. Nngh!” The minx groans, enjoying how the dominant’s testicles slap against her vagina. Pre-cum oozes from her snatch, coating her pussy lips and causing her vulva to glisten. Strings of cum thicken between the pair’s genitals with every collision. Meanwhile, his strokes quicken, quivering his pussy and curling her toes in pleasure. However, the two weren’t the only ones nearing orgasm.

“Ha-Haugh…” Lana moans, enjoying the gangbang porno. Her legs twitch rapidly as her hands ravish her body, trying to emulate the older gentlemen surrounding the young beauty on her phone screen.

After scouring the internet for hours, she found this video with a pornstar that nearly identically looked like her. Not only is the actor a submissive slut just like her, reluctant at first but eventually giving up, but the male performers are also the perfect blend of rough and gentle. Thus, the porno’s nothing short of an overwhelming masterpiece. However, Lana wishes that it was her getting fucked to pieces instead. Similarly, hoping that the older gentlemen were her dad’s friends, who uncannily resemble the versatile male cast. She could see Grant pleading on her behalf while Brian brushes it off, having his way with her mouth. Likewise, imagining Mark, her best friend’s dad, getting a handjob as Steve, the quietest and most mysterious of the bunch, destroys her cunt as much as he wants.

“I think it’s about time we give this bratty cunt what she really wants.” One of the men comments, racing against the lad pounding the pornstar from behind.

“Fuck!” The guy on her left exclaims, barely able to hold it in any longer. “I’ve been ready. I was waiting on you old geezers, haha.” He jokes, veins bulging as his cock pulsates in preparation for unloading his balls.

“Don’t have to ask me twice!” The guy on her right comments, using the minx’s breasts as stress balls. “But make sure not to get it in her eyes, guys. Don’t wanna blind the poor girl before the next round.” He states, once again caring more than he should.

“Grgh. Grgh. Grnghh!” The gentleman at her rear grunts, thrusting his hips forward and plunging every inch inside the female actor. Without remorse, he cums, breeding his new submissive and immediately filling her cunt up to the brim. Without hesitation, the other men follow his lead, ejaculating.

“Mmmmmmhhhnngh.~” The minx moans, muffled by the cock stuffed down her throat. Initially, she chokes on its load, struggling to handle the raging beast throbbing inside her esophagus. However, upon feeling her pussy overflowing with semen, her body melts, relaxing her throat and allowing it to guzzle down the immense load. Her grip on the two cocks weakens, prompting the two men at her sides to finish themselves off on her body. Thick strings of cum shoot through the air, forming creamy puddles on her back. Of course, some of it had to get in her hair too. However, after the pleasure these lovely experienced men delivered her, she could care less about where their cum lands.

”Oh my fucking god. She’s so damn lucky.” Lana thinks to herself, evious. ”That’s s-so…so fu-fucking…” However, it’s hard to focus with three fingers stuffing her cunt and two fingers stroking her clit. “Hah. Hauugh.” She moans wantingly, begging that reality would be so kind as to present an opportunity for her to experience a gangbang as lovely as this one. Like the actor, she’s burning up with pleasure, unable to hold it in any longer. Her pelvis gyrates as hips clench, rocking back and forth in sync with her hands. Trembling legs dance across the bed, messing up the sheets, something her pinching toes did great on their own. Rock hard nipples stand at attention, signaling an explosion’s about to occur. Lana dips her head back in ecstasy, sinking into the pillow as she proudly announces what’s happening.

“I-Augh…I-I’m- Hnnngh Naugh…I’m cumming–”

“Lana, are you home?” A mature masculine voice announces from the bottom floor, ringing the doorbell impatiently. Soon, footsteps echo through the house, sounding closer as the individual makes their way to the girl’s room.

“Eep!” Lana quietly squeals, biting her lips to shut herself up. “Shit! Who’s that?” Lana questions, worried. she sacrifices her orgasm, ruining the climax as she bounces out of bed and looks out the window. Cum leaks from her snatch as she moves, her thighs rubbing together and causing her pussy to quiver, begging for attention. Unfortunately, she ignores her sexual cravings, scanning her front yard briefly before spotting Mark’s car. ”Mark?! Why is he here- Oh fuck!” She snaps her head at the clock, realizing the time. “Where’d the time go?” Lana asks herself a stupid question.

Considering the hour-long video on her phone and the many tabs opened in the browser, it’s a no-brainer where the time went. However, she can’t afford to scold herself with barely any time left. Her best friend, Maddison, was supposed to come over to retrieve something for class tomorrow. While sending her dad wasn’t a part of the plan, Lana adapts to the situation, welcoming the opportunity she wished for minutes earlier.

So, she digs through her drawers, throwing on her tightest boyshorts, knowing it’ll soak up the leaking cum and emphasize her lower assets. Dressed in that and a braless crop top, Lana takes a deep breath to shake off the nerves before opening the door as her older crush arrives.

“Lana– “ Mark states, pleasurably interrupted by the beautiful young lady before him. Despite the diamond ring on his finger, his eyes wander from the girl’s face, lingering on places they shouldn’t. Eventually, he catches himself, snapping his eyes back to hers. “U-Uhm…Hey there.” The silver fox states, flashing a pearly white smile to replace his gawking expression. “I didn’t think you were home, so I decided to come up. Since I didn’t see it by the door, I figured the package would be in your room.” He explains, nervously adjusting his cufflinks. As usual, he’s sporting a business suit, one that compliments his sculpted muscles covered in a nice tan.

“Oh, yea. The package is in my room.” Lana states, feigning nervousness as she returns a warm, welcoming smile to the taller gentleman. Like him, she lets her eyes wander, happily admiring her dad’s business partner. Usually, she only sees Mark with him, rarely spotting him at Maddison’s house whenever she slept over. But now, with her dad on vacation, nothing can stop Lana from giving in to her thrilling temptations. However, she doesn’t pounce, yet.

“Ah, alright then. So, can you get it, please?” Mark asks, spotting her checking him out. However, he doesn’t address it. Instead, the man looks at his watch, knowing that his wife’s expecting him home early for their date tonight. And he is pretty hungry after a long day, especially with an irresistible treat in front of him. “I don’t want to intrude on your privacy.” Mark explains, aware that entering the lioness’s den isn’t wise. Alas, being an experienced businessman, dealing with risks isn’t new to him. After all, Lana’s undoubtedly a delicious reward.

“Sure, Mr.Hemsworth. Just give me a few seconds to find it, please.” Lana states, softly giggling as she turns around and seductively walks over to her drawers as if he doesn’t know the package is on her desk. “I’m sure he’s admiring the view, but how do I get him inside?” Lana thinks, bending over as she opens the wrong drawer. Of course, her shorts ride up, exposing upper thighs and flashing just a bit of her appetizing hips before she gets up. “Huh. Sorry, Mr.Hemsworth, I thought it was inside here. At least, it should be.” She apologizes, glancing over her shoulder and catching his eyes wandering again. With a sinister smirk, the rosy-cheeks minx grabs his attention with an invitation. “Would you mind helping me look?” Lana asks, testing the brewing waters.

“Well…” Mark states, uncertain how to respond. As a man with no moral compass, he could care less that his best friend’s daughter invited him into her room and her pants. Shit, it wouldn’t be surprising if Lana’s father gave in if Maddison behaved like such. Fortunately, he didn’t raise a promiscuous slut as he did, or so he believes. “Are you sure? I don’t want to cross any boundaries.” Nonetheless, he lies, testing if his suspicions about the girl’s intentions are correct.

“I’m comfortable with it if you are, sir.” Lana replies, turning towards him with her hands behind her back. She stands at attention like a submissive brat, poking out her chest and emphasizing her bra-less breasts. Two pearly nipples press through the thin cloth, confirming Mark’s suspicions.

“Since you’re okay with it, I’ll come in. And finding the package would be quicker with both of us looking for it. I’ve got to get home in the next fifteen minutes or so.” Mark states, cryptically outlining the rules of the two’s entanglement if it happens. After taking off his jacket, he throws it on the bed, walking past Lana and searching for the package, impatient.

“Well, I’m sure we can find your package in time.” Lana states, allowing Mark entry before gently closing the door behind her. She slowly locks it, establishing some protection in case another interruption arises. “I’m usually pretty quick when it comes to hide and seek.” She teases, playing with her food a bit more.

“Yea. I remember when you and Maddison played that silly game all day. You’d find her every time no matter how long she had to prepare.” Mark jokes, nostalgically chuckling as he reminisces on when the two girls were younger. They’ve grown up to be beautiful women, vixens in their rights. He never thought he would find himself lusting after someone like Lana. Alas, he has no quarrels with opportunities like this in his life, especially when they’re fun-sized.

“Yup, I remember those days too, Mr.Hemsworth.” Lana replies, approaching the older gentleman from behind. Adrenaline flows through her veins as the tension rises. Eventually, she arrives at his flank, pausing momentarily as her eyes pan on his silver curly hair. ”…He smells so good.” She thinks, legs weakening as his aroma infiltrates her nose. The smell of his expensive cologne intoxicates her, destroying any remaining doubt lingering in her body. There’s no time for reconsideration. After all, she only had thirteen minutes.

“Though, I bet you’re playing different games these days.” Mark states, breaking the silence and subtly reminding her why they’re here. He knows her position and doesn’t move away, seeing whether the young slut will succumb to her lust.

“…You’re right, sir.” Lana replies softly, her tone becoming docile and needy. Slowly, she wraps her hands around Mark’s body, pressing her breasts against his back and reaching for his pants. Fingers grasp onto his crotch, unzipping his pants so that one can slide inside. As promised, it doesn’t take long to find Mr.Hemsworth’s package.

“…Heh, seems you found it.” Mark states, glancing over his shoulder and staring down at the promiscuous spinner.

“Seems so…But I’ll have to open it up to make sure.” Lana replies, glancing up at Mark and returning the smile as her hands wrap around his shaft. ”Sorry Maddison.” They’ve both crossed lines that they shouldn’t have. And now, it’s too late to turn back.