From Tease to Taken

Megan was your typical high school senior who lived a sheltered life in a beautiful suburban home with a loving mother and father; your classic all american midwestern girl. From a young age Megan had always been into ballet and swimming leaving her slim and athletic but also a bit of an outsider at her large school due her travel and sports, especially with the boys. It also didn’t help that despite having an athletic physique, she didn’t have many of the attributes that typical high school boys flocked to; standing at 5’7 with auburn brown hair, small B cup breasts, and very toned from many long nights of training. Also unlike other girls her age Megan never dressed to flaunt her body.

Despite this Megan did have a few boyfriends over the years the most notable being a boy, Eric, who was a year older and dated Megan off and on over a year and a half. That isn’t to say she was experienced though, quite the opposite. Eric and Megan fooled around plenty of the times over the years but that fooling around was limited to making out and light petting but nothing coming close to sex. In fact while Megan had often touch and played (though never finished) with penises before she had never actually seen one up close let alone let one come near her mouth or sex.

Her typical dates with Eric consisted of dinner followed by a movie at her house in the basement with her parents on the floor above. However, once the movie began Eric and Megan would quickly began to make out. The kissing always led to Eric fumbling to pull down her tank top to expose Megan (almost always) bra-less perky b-cups, tautly sticking straight out in perfect mounds with adorable small nipples that looked they belonged on a 12-year pre-puberty girl and not an 18 blossoming high school senior.

Once freed from her tank top within seconds Eric hands would begin mauling Megan’s boobs, basking in how his large hands could consume her entire breast. As the kissing progressed into the movie Megan always found hand being lifted onto his still concealed penis. While generally shy and inexperienced, after years of quick changes back stage at ballet recitals, Megan was no prude and had no problem with letting her body be viewed and explored or even doing a little exploring herself.

Once Eric placed Megan’s hand on throbbing penis, Megan would begin to play with it. Lightly stroking it while Eric mouth always found its way to her chest, desperately kissing and fondling her breasts as his hand would wonder down her toned chest and between her athletic legs to her panties. Where he would lightly rub and explore her virgin slit.

Despite all of this foreplay, every date would end the same with Eric heading home to finish himself off and Megan just happy that her body was wanted by a boy, though deep down she was always insecure about why she could never make Eric come. Believing that her inexperience was the problem. This led her over time to let boys easily sneak a kiss and a quick feel, to the point where her small (dorky) group of guy friends had all made out with and seen and fondled Megan’s boobs many times over the last year.

Fast forward and despite making herself, and her body, available to her male friends no one had asked her to prom yet. Her male friends may have been dorky and generally awkward around girls but they still all shared the typical high school boy dream, to get laid after prom. This was Megan’s problem. While she was shy about granting access to her body, she had developed a reputation for being an easy double – kissing and fondling – but nothing more; in fact many boys and former boyfriends began to think of Megan as nothing more than a tease. Making matters worse for Megan was that Eric was away at college.

Finally after being rejected by several other girls, all of them more shapely than Megan, Tom asked Megan to prom and she quickly said yes. While Tom would have to give up on his dream of losing his virginity on prom night or even the ability to caress a large set boobs; at least Megan was a guaranteed make out and her small-B’s were better than no boobs at all.

Prom night finally arrived and Megan looked stunning. While she may not have had the curves that boys drooled over, her beautiful silk pink dress showed off her incredibly toned physique. Spaghetti straps delicately held the top of her dress in place while the form fitting top tugged tightly against her chest, instantly drawing your eyes to her perfectly shaped perky b-cups. The bottom of the dress hung loosely stopping halfway down her toned legs. Megan may have not had the most shapely body but every boy and girl at the dance would certainly know she has the most petite and toned body of any girl in the school in that dress.

When Tom arrived he should have been floored but instead he couldn’t stop his self-pity about missing out on one of the more shapely girls at school, especially Kathy and her large d breasts and her reputation of being promiscuous. The dance itself was proving to be a bust for Megan. Sure she danced with some of her friends but Tom couldn’t be less interested. Unknown to Megan though, Kyle, a cute but arrogant wanna be cool k*d, had been taking in the beautiful scene that was Megan as she danced and swayed throughout the night.

As luck would have it for Tom, Kathy and her date had a big fight at the dance and Tom couldn’t run fast enough to Kathy to be her knight in shinning armor nor could she be any happier. This left Megan dateless for the last hour of the dance and again feeling self-conscience about why no boy would want to be with her. So over the next hour Megan tried to make the most of it and instead danced with her group of friends showing off her moves and letting her dress fly high as she twirled about, allowing to a peak of her incredible tight ass.

As the dance came to an end the DJ announced last song and turned on a slow jam. Megan looked around as Tom, her date, and Kathy swayed and made-out in the corner and her friends she had just been dancing with moments before paired off with their dates leaving Megan all alone. Megan held back a small tear from her eye as she was about to the back of room with chairs filled with social outcasts and undesirables; when suddenly she felt an arm grab her waist and pull her around. It was Kyle. Megan always though Kyle was cute but was always out of her league and little too self-assured for her liking. But here he was rescuing her from loneliness and social outcasts. Kyle and Megan began to dance as he held her close. As the song progressed, Kyle’s hand smoothly slid from around her waist to now resting at the top of her ass. Kyle couldn’t help but notice just how tight and toned it was and as the song came to an end he let his hand slide further grabbing her ass and pushing her upper back forward and into a gentle sweet kiss before Kyle whispered in her ear, maybe I’ll see you tonight and just like that he winked and walked away.

Megan was confused. She had gone to the dance with Tom but he leapt at the opportunity to ditch her from the class slut (well maybe she wasn’t a real slut but any girl willing to put out or even give a blowjob was a slut to Megan); and then there was Kyle. A guy she always had a small crush on but also a guy she would never normally be interested in. Yet she couldn’t stop thinking about the dance they shared… and the kiss… and how Kyle of all people must have found her attractive since he couldn’t help himself as he grabbed her ass. More than anything though Megan was flattered and made up her mind that if Kyle did show up to the after party she would let him know how thankful she was by letting him to get to second base (but of course no farther!).

Megan made her way to the party with her group of friends. The party was at her best friends Erika’s house, which was a beautiful mansion with plenty of rooms (and bedrooms) for her guests to spend the night. Since Megan, Erika, and their friends were all “good kids” and too nervous to ever try sneaking in alcohol or doing anything crazy at all, Erika’s parents had stocked the house full of food and snacks and left the house free for the party.

When they arrived at the house Megan couldn’t help but feel disappointed again as she saw Tom and his date quickly dart into the house and one of the many bedrooms. Megan looked around and quickly realized that someone like Kyle wouldn’t be at a party like this; surely he would be at one of the cool k*d parties along Lake Michigan. She allowed herself a moment in Erika’s room before deciding to put Tom and Kyle out of her mind and getting changed into comfortable clothes and rejoining the party. After all there was clearly no one to impress so she might as well be comfortable. So she changed from dashing dress into a white Hard Rock Cafe shirt her dad on gotten her on one of his business trips and a pair of loose fitting lounge paints. Despite being comfortable lounge clothes, the white shirt clung to the top of her body (and chest) before hanging loosely around her toned abs. Since her chest was so small there was no need to wear a bra (besides they were all just friends downstairs and by now most of the guys had seen bare chest anyway) which made her small b’s look more pronounced and appealing with just a hint of her breasts visible through the white shirt. The lounge pants where far from sexy but they too clung to her tight taunt ass before hanging loosely over her legs.

Megan rejoined the party and having a blast doing all of the typical high school games before settling into a game of truth or dare around 1am. Being all “relatively” good kids the game was fairly tamed full of silly questions like “who was your first crush”, “would you let Mr. Harris kiss you if he tried” and dares like “chug a half gallon of milk” or “prank call your neighbor”. Megan was dared to do things like doing the splits and holding her leg straight up above her head while standing. All things that came easy to her with her years of dance and ballet. The boys in the group all enjoyed the scene with her ass looking incredible as she did the splits and her pussy lips stretching into the fabric and her boobs and nipples sticking straight out as she raised her leg above her head. Even Tom began to question if he made the right decision in ditching Megan for Kathy; and ever boy at the party couldn’t help but wonder for a moment what they could do in bed with a flexible girl like that- not that any of them would know what to do though. When no one was looking Tom snapped a few photos of each pose and texted them to a friend.

They were all having a good time but things were about to change. Eventually it was Tom’s turn to give a truth or dare when to Megan’s surprise she heard Mark say “Kyle truth or dare”. Megan was shocked. Where did he come from? Why was here and not at one of the drinking parties on the lake? Oh my god is he going to pick truth or a dare; even worse is he going to turn around and pick me?

Kyle responded dare and Tom said, “I dare you to kiss the most beautiful girl in the room.” Megan thought to herself “typical Boy, first he loses his virginity to Kathy upstairs and now he wants to sexualize everything including this game”. While Megan was playing out this conversation in her head she was quickly pulled back to reality as she found herself being turned around and kiss placed on her lips. Not just any kiss though, this was a warm passionate kiss with their tongues dancing and as Kyle finally pulled away he let his hand slide from her cheek down her face and grazed ever so lightly and softly across her chest and nipple hiding just beneath her shirt. Megan played this off as just an innocent slip but Kyle grinned inside determined to see just how far he could take things.

As Megan was collecting herself Kyle was determined to keep the game moving. Without hesitation he called “Megan, truth or dare”. Megan, unsure of where Kyle might take things decided to choose truth as it appeared to be the safer of the two options. “Megan, what is the furthest you have ever gone with a guy?”

Megan instantly blushed. She didn’t think of herself as prude but she also was a respectable girl with limits and while she wasn’t embarrassed by those limits she also didn’t like telling the cute guy in front of a group of people about her (limited) sexual experience.

After taking a moment, Megan said heavy petting but never any further. Kyle quickly responded “what do you mean by heavy petting? Above the clothes or naked? Does that include hand jobs? Have you ever given a blowjob?”

“Hey! That is more than one question” Megan shouted back. “The game is called truth or dare and I’m just trying to get at the truth of your sexual experience”. The group agreed with Kyle and Megan begrudgingly answered the questions in a shy, all top innocent voice. “Below the clothes; topless and in panties but never fully naked; I’ve touched boyfriends’ penises before but I’ve never given a full handjob before not because I wouldn’t but because we were interrupted or they stopped things (Megan instantly thought, why did I just admit that!!); and no, I have never given a blowjob and wouldn’t since that’s not what a respectable lady does.” Kyle was surprised by Megan’s honesty and was eager to see how far he might be able to push things with her.

Before Megan could choose the next person, Erika pronounced to that group that it was late and they should all be heading to bed.

Megan brushed her teeth before heading off to Erika’s little sister’s room to get some sleep. Shortly after she had settled into the bed there was a gentle knock on the door and Kyle stepped into the room. “Do you mind if I crash in here tonight? Everyone else has already paired off and all the rooms are taken and I don’t want to listen to sloppy make out sessions all night.” Megan smiled and said of course. She had no problem sharing a bed with someone and besides Kyle was cute; plus he already knew her limits so he wouldn’t try anything, or at least that was what she believed.

Since the bed was made for a 10 year old and not an 18 year old, it was only a twin. Megan rolled onto her side to make room for Kyle and crawled into bed beside her.

Kyle slowly moved closer to Megan until his body was lying against hers and what a body it was. Kyle loved the feeling of her tight warm ass against bus crotch and slid his arm under her head so he could feel more of body against his. Once he was in position he went to work. Kyle took his free arm and laid it across Megan who pulled up into body his hand in hers. Unlike Megan, Kyle had been with plenty of girls but none of them could compare to body he was now tightly pressed against; and the fact that Megan was so innocent and naive made it all the better.

Kyle basked in the feeling of their bodies together for a few minutes, letting Megan get comfortable and familiar with the feeling before going any further. After a few minutes had passed though, Kyle gently turned Megan’s head with his arm resting under it and leaned forward and took Megan’s lips in his. They kissed deep wet passionate kisses as Kyle moved his hand free of Megan’s and began to caress her left boob and ground his waist closer into her ass.

Kyle continued this for what seemed like both hours and just moments at once. Their lips continued to collide as Kyle slowly worked his free hand down Megan’s body until he found the hem of her shirt. He gently slide his hand inside pausing to ever so briefly play with her panty line before letting his hand softly slide up her toned abs and reach the bottom of her breast. He let his hand rest there with his fingers at the base of her breast curled along the full cup of her boobs but not going any further. Just then he pulled Megan into their deepest kiss yet and at that same moment he moved his hand firmly over her boob and began to massage and knead it.

They were both lost in a wave of passion and now for the first time Megan was glad she answered Kyle’s truth questions; allowing her get caught up in the passion while being confident that Kyle both knew and respected her boundaries.

Kyle’s assault on Megan’s mouth and breast continued and he loved every second of it. Only now he freely moved between her breasts and basked in the soft moans that would escape Megan’s mouth whenever he would “accidentally” pinch her nipple when caressing her boobs. As this continued Kyle repositioned his arm; instead of pressing Megan’s head and lips into his, he let it slide down Megan’s body, through the hole in her shirt and firmly onto her left breast as moved his free hand onto her right. Here he now began to work both boobs at once mauling them and enjoying Megan’s now squirming body against his.

Kyle could no longer hide the excitement growing between his legs; so he decided to keep things progressing before Megan could let the situation fully sink in. So as much as it pained him he released his free hand from her right boob and it’s now very taunt nipple, he let his hand gently slide down her stomach and again briefly played with her panty line, sure to move on before Megan could feel uncomfortable, and inside her pants.

Kyle resisted the urge to go straight for her crotch and instead slide his hand and arm down her bare leg inside her pants. Kyle caressed every inch of her down to her knee and couldn’t believe how the skin felt equal parts soft and precious while also muscular and firm. There wasn’t an ounce of fat on her legs and now he freely slide his hand up and down her leg massaging it as he went.

Megan was glad she remembered to shave her legs this morning and was loving the feeling of being wanted especially after no boy would ask her to prom; and she had to settle for being Tom’s 3rd or 4th choice only to be ditched for the first girl other than her that showed any interest.

Kyle continued to bask in the feeling of Megan’s bare skin. Now that he was sure Megan was enjoying this as much as he was, he slowly slide his hand up the inside of her leg stopping at the bottom of her panties where he began gently lift her panties ever so slightly from her leg and let his finger tips feel the skin beneath. After a few moments of this he then began to reach further into her panties, always sure to feel her leg inside her panties, avoiding her crotch, so as not to push Megan too far too soon. After awhile he began to make circular motions on her inner thigh beneath her panties. Systematically moving closer to her crotch and letting just the tips of his fingers graze the outer lips of her pussy.

All of this teasing was having a major effect on Megan and she now found herself reaching back and grabbing Kyle’s ass pulling him closer into her.

At this point Kyle knew he had her. So he suddenly removed his hands from Megan panties with a slight whimper or disappointment from her lips before he moved his hand, still inside her pants, over her crotch and reached down grabbing her pussy firmly and pushing her panties deep into her vagina. Causing Megan’s ass to push back into his crotch. God did love this feeling; the feeling of her left boob in between his fingers, her pussy (though covered) in his right hand, and her ass crushing and squirming into his crotch.

Kyle continued his assault on her body slowing pulling her shirt up and off her body. Repositioning letting her body fall onto her back. The instant her shirt cleared her head his mouth was on her boobs sucking and pulling her nipples into his mouth. Megan reached back and instinctively started to grab and rub his crotch with her hand as a wave of passion overtook her.

From now things were progressing quickly. Somewhere in there passion Kyle was able to slide her pants down and off her body while his shirt and shorts soon followed. With the the two high school seniors lying in just their underwear with bodies intertwined. Kyle’s hand was once again inside her panties, fingering her, while Megan had pulled his rock hard penis from his boxers and was stroking it as fast as she could.

Kyle attempted to slide her panties off her as well only, to his shock, be stopped by Megan saying “no these stay on. You can do anything you want but my underwear stays on and no sex or blowjob”. Kyle couldn’t believe that despite her state that Megan was still resisting. He had conquered many girls before with the same morals and intentions only to see them ultimately get lost in the moment and give in.

While briefly disappointed Kyle accepted his fate letting Megan win this battle; and was set to make the most of this beautiful girl next to him. So Kyle played the part of a gentleman perfectly and told Megan “of course I respect you and would never dare to push things past your comfort; but I just love your body and want to enjoy it as much as possible within your limits”.

Megan smiled and her heart leapt and she knew Kyle really did like her and was surely not the guy that just hours before she had taken him to be.

At this point Kyle made his satisfaction his priority. Kissing every inch of her perfectly toned body while never letting her boobs without a hand of mouth fondling them and this point ignoring Megan’s crotch knowing it would have to wait for another time.

Megan pumped his penis as her body was being explored and was happy to do so given Kyle’s respect for her wishes. As Kyle was near his explosion point, he took her nipple in his mouth and began little bit and nimble on it as his other hand rough mauled and twisted her other boob. Finally, he erupted and gave Megan a deep passion kiss. Telling her how incredible she was, how beautiful her body is, and how lucky he was.

Megan smiled and couldn’t believe that she was so lucky to have found such a wonderful guy who made her feel so special and vowed to herself to always make him feel that special too, within her boundaries of course.

The two quickly fell asleep and in the next morning Megan arose before Kyle and he stirred just long enough to give Megan a quick peck before pulling her back down to the bed and taking her boob one last time in his mouth. He then rolled over and went back to sleep. Megan giggled at him and felt satisfaction that a guy could want one last taste of her body even half asleep.

The rest of the day after prom passed and Megan and Kyle stayed their separate ways and so to did the next; though Megan now was beginning to be self conscious and nervous as to why Kyle never called. So on the third day when he finally did call Megan was quick to say yes to his date. Only given the time that passed she no longer had her confidence from the time before but still carried the memory of him respecting her boundaries and was determined to satisfy Kyle even more so that she didn’t have to wait so longer for his call next time.

The next day Megan met Kyle at his house as he requested. Megan dressed in a red tank top with a short tennis length white skirt. Again bypassing a bra, the perks of having small perky boobs. When Megan arrived she was met by Kyle’s mom and Kyle quickly came and took Megan’s hand and asked his mom not to disrupt them as they would be working on college plans and prep.

Kyle led Megan to his room upstairs and discretely closed and locked the door and within moments he began to make out with Megan much to her surprise. This time Kyle didn’t waste much time and Megan, eager not to disappoint him and risk not hearing from him again, went along.

One of Kyle’s hands instantly started to caress her boob through her tank top while the other grabbed her ass and pulled her close. He paused his assault on her boob just long enough to up and slide the spaghetti strap of her tank top down one side and off her arm pushing her top down and taking her bare breast in his hand. As soon as he was down he freed his hand from her ass to pull down the other side while his right hand massages and groped her free boob.

Soon Megan was standing topless in Kyle’s room as he had pushed her tank top all the way down her body now resting around her ankles. As soon as her shirt was removed Kyle made quick work of her white skirt- god did he love that she wore white – and slide it down her body and to her ankles as well.

This was all much faster than Megan was used to. She had no problem with a boy seeing her this way but it typically took much longer for one to build up the courage to get her this naked. Yet Megan justified it to herself as they had already spent the night like this and besides Kyle respected her boundaries. So what was the harm in cutting straight to the fun stuff. Plus, she loved that a guy could want to see her body so desperately when she had always been self conscious about it.

Megan now stood just in her panties in the middle of Kyle’s room. He stepped back to admire her body. Coyly he asked Megan, “you are a dancer right?” Megan smiled and shook her head yes; and Kyle asked if she could do the splits and prove it. Without hesitation Megan slid down into a splits position on the ground with a leg stretched outward in each direction; and then for effect, raised her arms above her head in a traditional ballerina pose. Kyle grinned a wicked smile before pulling out his phone and discreetly snapping a photo of a topless Megan, with her legs spread wide, her tight perfect panty clad ass sticking out, and her small perky breasts on full display.

Kyle thought to himself, “I knew after the photos that Tom sent me that she would look incredible under all of those clothes and damn was I right.”

After the brief (secret) photo-op, Kyle approached her still on the ground now standing over her; and said “well aren’t you in a perfect position with his crotch hovering just inches from her mouth. Megan gave a nervous and embarrassed laugh and reminded him that she did not do that. Kyle said of course and lifted her back to her feet and began kissing her passionately again.

As he was kissing her he was slowly inching her back to his bed before pushing her down onto it and stripping off all of his clothes. He reassured Megan one last time about respecting her boundaries before settling in next to her on the bed. Unlike prom night, Kyle only made out with Megan for a few minutes before losing interest and starting a full on tongue assault on her chest, nibbling and tugging her nipples with his teeth as his hands explored her body.

Within no time he was straddling her in bed with Megan’s body underneath him and Kyle hovering above her body using it as he saw fit.

His hands worked down her stomach and into her panties rubbing and fingering her. Megan responded by taking his cock in her hand and stroking him just as she had done on prom night. As Kyle fingered deeper into her he was overjoyed when he felt a soft resistance inside her pussy, confirming that she was in fact a virgin.

He continued his assault on her pussy while repositioning his legs inside of hers and letting his body fall against hers. In this position Megan could no longer jerk him off but was reassured by Kyle who said he wanted to satisfy her first. Pulling panties completely off to one side and continuing to finger her. Only as he did this, he unknowing to Megan, began to rub the tip of his penis up and down her slit. Megan became suspicious asking “what are you doing” only for Kyle to respond “don’t worry it’s just my fingers” then taking her nipple into his mouth and bitting down trying to distract her from noticing he was lying.

This seemed to have worked and Kyle was reinvigorated to push this further. Before Megan could question anything further, with her panties pulled to the side of her pussy, Kyle lined up his cock to the center of her now soaking wet crotch and in one motion buried his cock balls deep inside of Megan. As he did so he buried his tongue inside her mouth smothering her scream as her hymen was violently torn open and the walls of her vagina felt a penis for the first time.

Tears flowed from Megan’s eyes as she tried to break free but Kyle was too big and strong and she was helpless to get away. Kyle only freed her lips to tell her to shut up and take it like the slut she is. Megan shouted “stop, it hurts, I don’t want this” but Kyle quickly clamped his hand over mouth telling her “shut your mouth and keep quiet unless you want my mom and brother to hear and tell the whole neighborhood and school that you had sex”.

Megan feared her friends and family finding out more than anything. So she grew quiet quickly. Kyle took this as a cue to go to work and pulled his cock to just the tip before driving back into her making Megan yelp softly and repeat in just a whimper “please stop, please stop”. But Kyle ignored her as her virgin pussy was gripping every inch of his cock as he slid in and out of her; by far the tightest pussy he had ever felt. Each thrust Megan’s walls were milking his cock encouraging him to go faster and cum harder. He thrust over and over again as Megan now just laid there with a dead expression on her face with a stream of tears running from her eyes; just praying the assault would end soon.

Each thrust felt like a knife tearing her apart from the inside. Kyle hadn’t given her vagina time to adjust to him, so instead of pleasure, it was just wave after wave of pain for her.

Kyle didn’t care and tried to get every inch of cock as possible as deep as possible inside her vagina. He knew this would be a lay he would never forget. He soon took notice of Megan’s dead expression and leaned down and took a nipple in his mouth bitting and sucking violently on it wanting her to feel every inch and every second as he was. He also reached down and pulled her ass up as he pounded down into her missionary style; listening to Megan yelp and cry as he was reaching new heavenly depths of her vaginal canal.

The assault on her body was proving too much for Kyle to last much longer. So he now rotated back and forth between her breasts sucking on her boobs and nipples, leaving hickeys and evidence of her violation behind, while driving into her at yet a faster and harder pace.

Megan was now softly, in a whisper, saying “please stop, please stop over and over again”. Which drove Kyle harder. He pounded her one last time grabbing her ass again as he did so and grunted load as an explosion of cum shot up her birth canal. He then gave one last gentle hump before forcing Megan’s mouth open and giving her an unreciprocated kiss and twisting her now purple bruised nipple as he did so.

He finally pulled out as a flood of b***d and semen came rushing out from between her legs. Before getting off of the bed he whispered into Megan’s ear, “I always knew you were a closet slut and that you’d be a great fuck.” He stood up and snapped yet another photo, this one of Megan laying spread eagle on her back with a trail of b***d running down her thigh and a pool of b***d and semen under her vagina.

Kyle tossed Megan her white skirt and said, “well that was fun but I need you to leave now; I have a date tonight and need to get cleaned up.”

Megan made her way to her feet gathering the rest of her clothes and slipping into the bathroom unnoticed. There she attempted to clean her self and padded her panties with a wad of Kleenex before heading home. The entire drive home Megan wept softly as her vagina felt ripped in two and her breasts screamed in pain from their earlier assault.

As Megan pulled into her driveway her heart sank again as she saw her visiting Aunt’s car out front. She attempted to sneak in undetected but to no avail. Megan’s aunt stopped at the bottom of the stairs and demanded to know how prom had gone just nights before. So Megan stood there talking to her aunt for 20 minutes while b***d slowly seeped from her crotch and ran down her leg.

Finally she found a chance to break away and quickly went up stairs to shower. As she undressed waiting for the water to warm Megan looked in the mirror. He breasts were covered in purple welts and her nipples inflamed and raw to the touch while her pussy was swollen beyond belief and deep red and bruised from Kyle’s dick and pelvis bone driving into her with no regard.

Just before she stepped into the shower, fully aware of her new reality as a former virgin, Megan couldn’t help but wonder if she would still be a virgin if she had just agreed to give Kyle head as he requested when she was sitting on the floor naked.

One thing is for certain, Megan’s relationship with her sexuality will never be the same…