The Secret Life of Michelle

If anyone had ever looked at Michelle, while passing her on the street, you’d never guess how interesting this girl was. She was a long haired brunette, with a fairly athletic build, and a great smile. Michelle was well liked among her friends at the Hamilton Heights Academy, and one of the better students who’d

Teen Breeder

“Truth or dare?” “Okay, truth.” She said. “Have you ever let one of the guys touch your breasts?” “Mary-Jane! C’mon! You know I let Todd touch me all the time. He even got his hand into my panties once.” “NO!” “Yes! He just touched my hair though. Did David touch your titties when you two

The Cheerleader Audition 1.

Meagan, Alicia, and Vanessa sat at the judges table watching girl after girl audition for the cheer squad. The 3 had been best friends and cheer leaders for years and as senior captains it was their job to pick the J.V. And varsity squad for the upcoming year. “Most of these chicks couldn’t dance their

Make That Bitch Come

I remember back in high school when I was the loner, one of the few people that stayed true to his own personality, the non-prep. It always pissed people off that I didn’t give a damn what they thought about me. Now, although I wasn’t the Al Snow of the group I wasn’t the most

From Tease to Taken

Megan was your typical high school senior who lived a sheltered life in a beautiful suburban home with a loving mother and father; your classic all american midwestern girl. From a young age Megan had always been into ballet and swimming leaving her slim and athletic but also a bit of an outsider at her

School slut

I’m an average looking guy from Orange County, CA who has been reading all these stories on the net for years and felt it’s time to finally tell my story. I should probably mention that I had always had a major thing for Asian women. Growing up in California, it’s not hard to find hot