Marie Clair Goes To the Wrong School

“Why sure, you may sit here, Sir.” Marie Clair said to the kind-looking, middle aged gentleman. She was glad to have a “gentleman” sit next to her on the train, considering there was some “riff-raff” getting on behind him. She sure wouldn’t want to sit next to one of them. Her aunt had warned her

Teacher and schoolgirl

I am a high school science teacher that teaches everything from biology, to geology, to physical science. It was the end of the school year, and I had turned in my grades and was cleaning up the class and lab room. “So here you are,” I heard a voice say. I turned around and, after

Anal deflowering starts

Young, slender Becky Larson had been, as ordered, secured over the top of the large oak table in my private dinning chamber. She was dressed in a crisp catholic schoolgirl uniform consisting of a starched white blouse which buttoned up the front, a short plaid skirt, white knee highs, white cotton panties/bra and her hair

The Secret Life of Michelle

If anyone had ever looked at Michelle, while passing her on the street, you’d never guess how interesting this girl was. She was a long haired brunette, with a fairly athletic build, and a great smile. Michelle was well liked among her friends at the Hamilton Heights Academy, and one of the better students who’d

Teen Breeder

“Truth or dare?” “Okay, truth.” She said. “Have you ever let one of the guys touch your breasts?” “Mary-Jane! C’mon! You know I let Todd touch me all the time. He even got his hand into my panties once.” “NO!” “Yes! He just touched my hair though. Did David touch your titties when you two