Chubby Cindy the kinky schoolgirl

Cindy wasn’t considered beautiful by the girls in her senior class in high school. She was 18 years old and had full curves, full thighs, full voluptuous breasts. Svelte she wasn’t, and svelte was in – for the girls. Boys, however, saw in her the raw material for their endless fantasies. I couldn’t get her

Reform school creampie

Inmate 320 entered Headmistress Katherine’s office at 8 PM. The escort had been sent to get him and bring him there. He was naked, except for the appliance which all male inmates wore – a cock cage. With hands bound behind him, he had an anxious expression on his face. He had never been summoned

Schoolgirl at the Bus Stop

Spring finally arrived, and I was psyched to be heading out to a new job site to build a shopping center from the ground up. After being laid off all winter, I felt great to be up and moving again, eager to earn my paycheck with hard work. As I made my way to my

The coaches bitch

Conny- Beautiful 18 year old with sandy blond hair and blue eyes.The most popular girl in school. Ms Allen-Forty year old girls basketball coach at Conny’s highschool. Tall brunnette with a strong facial charector(picture the average womens basketball coach) Joan-Captain of the girls basketball team.She is a seventeen year old statuesque blond. Kim-Same age as

Bold hot schoolgirl 2.

Camilla had gotten pretty good at touching herself and pretending nothing special was happening. Like in the bathtub when her fingers were slick with soap or when she had an itch close enough to her cunt so that she could let her fingers stray without feeling guilty. But all that sneaky touching was nothing like

Bold hot schoolgirl

“God, Cammy, please let me touch you! My balls are hurting so much I can’t believe it.” Cammy moved her hips back from Ralph’s eager hands. She’d dated him half the summer, but he’d never came on like this before. Maybe the pressure of school starting up was getting to him. Maybe she was getting

A schoolgirl’s first time

Cissy pulled off her shoes and dropped her naked feet in the fountain. “Feels good,” she said, pointing her toes and splashing water by slapping her bare soles down on the water’s surface. Pam sighed with exasperation. “I told you not to take your shoes off. Now everybody’s looking at us.” “But my feet were

Teacher and schoolgirl

I am a high school science teacher that teaches everything from biology, to geology, to physical science. It was the end of the school year, and I had turned in my grades and was cleaning up the class and lab room. “So here you are,” I heard a voice say. I turned around and, after

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