Fun Games for Sex Parties

I am blessed to have experienced private and swingers parties as a participant as well as a host. Both are great ways to have fun and sex. But fun and sex do not always go together. Below is a list of fun games to not only break the ice but also to resurrect the mood and create lasting memories. Needless to say all guests should be wearing their birthday suit. Other than this, participation cannot be f****d. However, the last thing you want is have guests just looking only. So, careful consideration of who to invite is a must.

1. Guess The Cock: half of the guests volunteer to kneel and wear a blindfold. The other half stand in front of them and place their genitals right in the kneeling players face. Both kneelers and standers must not touch each other other than with their lips and tongue and not a single word should be uttered. Sighs and moans are welcome. The kneeler who guesses the owner of the cock in his/her mouth is the winner. This is a hard game for new members of the group; however, it gets easier as one gets acquainted with the shape/size, taste and smell of other players.

2. Musical Chairs: half of the players but one sit in chairs forming a circle holding either their hard cocks or a dildo. The music starts and the other half walk around them. As soon as the music stops, the walkers have to sit on a cock or a dildo, no matter if this goes in their pussy or their ass. The one who did not have the time to sit on a prick loses the game. In the next round, a chair is removed and another loser will be out. The winner is the player who made it every time and sat on the most cocks or dildos. A hint of advice: Good lubrication is important before the start of this game, quick penetration is key. A variation of this game allows for mouth in addition to the traditional pussy and ass penetration.

3. Charade: an all time favorite in clothed parties is also a favorite in sex parties. Each guest presents a phrase in pantomime, talking is not allowed. The winner is the player with the most correct guesses. The group can choose a theme to make guessing a little easier. For example, “sex positions names” or “movies from the golden age of porn” are some favorites. However, challenging choices make the game more interesting. In the example of porn movies, it is very easy to guess “Deep Throat” after either word is identified. Trying to guess”The Devil in Miss Jones” is more interesting.

4. Twister: a popular game that provides pleasant surprises to the players. It is played like the regular twister but players wear no clothes. One never knows what body part is going to be next to their face in the next move. An interesting variation is instead of the mat to use guests, usually a guy and a girl on their backs with their heads either in the same or opposite directions. Instead of colors, a pair of dice will do. Each of the “human mats” has six areas of interest (two hands, two feet, one mouth and one genital area) that correspond to a number on the dice. The dice can be colored to reflect the guy and the girl. Conventions need to be set before the beginning of the game. For example, a blue (guy) 3 and a pink (girl) 6 can correspond to the lying down guy’s right hand and lying down girl’s pussy.

5. Pass The Parcel: while music plays, a dildo wrapped in many layers of wrapping paper is passed along from guest to guest. When the music stops, the player holding the “parcel” removes the outer wrap and passes the rest to the next guest while the music starts again. The winner is the guest who removes the last wrapping and gets to keep the dildo for him/herself.

6. Ring Toss: a number of volunteer males lie on the floor holding their hard cocks at full-mast. The participating players toss rings trying to make them land on a cock. The size and material of the ring is key here. A great idea is to use these fluorescent necklaces or bracelets for kids; they provide a spectacle when lights are dim. The winner is the player who successfully landed their ring on a cock (if more than one cock, even better).

7. Half Sentences: the host gives the topic for the first round, like “include the word blowjob” and each guest is given two pieces of paper. On one, the guest writes the first part of a sexy sentence and on the other piece the second part. Example: (first part) “I give my manager a blowjob everyday” and (second part) “before I leave the office”. All first parts are put in a bowl and all second parts are put in another. The host picks one from each bowl and reads the whole thing as if it were one sentence. The results are very entertaining. A variation allows for Love / Hate topics. Example: “I love to see my wife” and “giving a blowjob to a stranger” vs “I hate blowjobs in my car” and “while hitting a pothole at high speed”

8. 20 questions: a guest is asked to think of something and the others have to guess what this is by asking no more than 20 questions. Questions must be formulated in a way to accept only a “yes” or a “no” as an answer. The winner is the player with the correct guess before 20 questions are asked. Seemingly an easy game, it is amazingly hard to guess something like “astroglide” in less than 10-15 questions.

9. Truth or Dare: another all-time favorite! The way we played this is a combo with Spin The Bottle. The players sit on the floor or around a table with an empty bottle at the center. A bowl with Dares and a bowl with Truths is there too. The guests take turns and spin the bottle. When the bottle stops, the player that the bottle point at is called to choose either a Truth or a Dare and provide an answer. Example: (Truth) “Did you ever have sex with 3 partners in less than 3 hours?” and (Dare) “Lick the balls of the guy that is closest to you. If two guys are the same distance, lick all 4 balls”

10. Dildo Pick Up: half of the players on their knees line up on one side of the room, the other half bend down on the other side. Dildos are placed in front of the kneeling players while their hands are tight behind their back. They are not allowed to touch anything but only use their mouth to take the dildo and crawl to the bent down players and fuck any of their holes at least 3 times. The players to accept the dildo must be well lubricated to help their partner fuck them. Some hosts allow them to spread their cheeks, some do not as there is always the option of a mouth or a pussy.

I love the games just for the fun they provide. Because some players can be really competitive, some hosts just tally the wins and come up with the King and/or Queen for the Night. Either way, they are a wonderful source of entertainment. Just have an open mind and enjoy!