Home For The Holidays With Demi Lovato

You know what they say, everything happens for a reason, and that night was no exception. It was the evening of Katy Perry’s wedding in Los Angeles, which I had attended with my famous step-sister Demi Lovato.

By the time we arrived home we were both pretty buzzed, both of us laughing hysterically as our folks lay sleeping peacefully upstairs. In truth it was the first time I had seen Demi drunk, and she was absolutely adorable.

In fact in her drunken haze, she dropped the keys while trying to unlock the front door at least three times, making us both chuckle uncontrollably. When we finally stumbled into the living room we were both still “buzzed” from the reception and clearly not ready to call it a night.

“Are you calling it a night?” I asked.

“No way. Are you?” she replied in her husky tone, before we both laughed again.

“You’re such a party-whore Demi.” I snickered before she playfully swatted my arm.

“Err. Shut up. You are.”

We were having a blast, especially since we hadn’t seen each other in quite some time and were determined to make this weekend memorable, catch up on news and gossip, and discussing her fledgling singing and acting career.

While I wandered into the kitchen to see what we had to drink, Demi went out onto the patio to smoke a joint while I changed out of my formal attire and slipped into some swimming trunks for a quick dip in the pool.

On my way back I made sure to grab a six pack of beer and headed out to the patio before I dived right into the pool, did a couple of laps, and drying off. Glancing over to the gazebo I could see Demi getting quietly stoned. She smiled broadly as I eventually wandered over and took a seat beside her and offered her a beer.

She was still wearing the short little black dress from the wedding which featured matching black nylon stockings, and high heeled pumps which she had taken off and placed right beside her on the table.

“You look like you could do with a drink.” I grinned, making her giggle.

Despite our folks being recently married, we still found it hard to believe that we were step-sibling. In fact I found myself doing a double take when she first emerged from her bedroom upstairs to accompany me to the wedding.

She was just about the prettiest girl I had ever laid eyes on, and by the night’s end she had been approached by at least a half dozen men (of every age) all of them asking for her phone number.

Unfortunately for them her break up with Joe Jonas had been bad, bad enough that she still wasn’t over him and hadn’t dated anyone since. However, with the help of a little beer and weed the conversation soon returned to the topic of relationships.

“So you still want me to go over that guys house and kick his ass?” I offered.

“Stop it.” she giggles sweetly, knowing full well that I was more than capable. “You probably would.”

“Absolutely.” I told her. “You know I’d do anything for you Demi.”

Thankfully she felt a bit better, and seeing as I too had recently broken up with my girlfriend we compared war stories while we shared the blunt, and recalled the time she had walked in on me and Selena while we were engaged in sex – an impromptu sixty-nine position no less.

“I still can’t believe you guys dated.” she remarked between tokes.

“Well-” I chuckled. “I wouldn’t exactly call those encounters dating would you?”

“Hey. Don’t say that. She’s still one of me best friends!”

“-I didn’t say anything bad.”

Demi laughed.

“You know she still talks about you. She could have gotten you into so much trouble back then cause of her age.”

“Well you know what they say. Jail bait pussy is best!”

We both laughed for a bit while trying to remain quiet.

“Yeah. Joe used to love that too.” she suddenly remarked while staring off into space.

“Love what?”

“Oral sex.” she admitted.

It seemed the pot we were smoking was particularly strong, and taking an effect on her. I doubt she would have divulged such intimate information under any other circumstance. A moment of silence passed before Demi noticed the grin on my face.

“What?” she beamed. “What’s that look about?”

“Well since we’re being honest, so did Selena.” I said before pulling on the blunt. “That was her favorite too.”

We laughed some more before she added. “-giving or receiving?”

“Both.” I chuckled. “But mostly receiving. Definitely receiving.”

Through my haze I was enjoying the conversation and reaching a new level of intimacy with my famous step-sibling. In fact I couldn’t remember the last time we had been so close. It was all so cool and interesting at the same time, and yet strangely arousing as well.

“You guys ever do it out here by the pool?” she quizzed.

“Nope.” I answered. “But we did manage to do it everywhere else in the house.”

“No way!”


“But how-” she gasped. “I mean. I don’t think I could do it in the house.”

Demi paused and looked like she was contemplating something, and as she did, she bent a leg to scratch an ankle while I noticed the way her short skirt rode up high, exposing her panties.

“Now that’s what you call a mini-dress.” I thought.

When she put her leg back down the dress stayed up, high up on her luscious thighs. From my vantage point in front of her I could see directly up her skirt and see her panties as she sat on the deck railing, but I didn’t say a word, trying my best not to stare.

“What about other stuff.” she asked.

“-like that?”

“You know.” she blushed. “You guys ever experiment? She ever let you do other stuff, like anal?”

“Jesus!” I replied, almost spitting out my beer.

Taken aback by her bold comments I tried to deflect the focus back to her.

“Wait. Have YOU tried anal before?” I raised. “Actually don’t answer that. In fact I wouldn’t believe you if you told me you did.”

Demi looked guilty for a moment before she finally confessed that she hadn’t.

“Nah. Not really.” she said disappointedly. “Joe wasn’t interested in that too much and I guess neither was I …at the time. But it’s been so long since I got laid I find myself thinking about it more and more.”

“Anal sex?”

“Yeah. Well, sex in general I guess. I regret the things I never tried now that I’m single again.”

“Come on Demi. You know you won’t be single for long. You’re fucking gorgeous, and you’re famous for god sake. You’ve probably got guys lining up around the block to be with you. Before you know it you’ll be having all the anal sex you want!”

She looked so cute when she wanted to, I thought. Like right now …as one of the spaghetti straps on that little black dress had fallen off of her shoulders during that last laugh attack, exposing a fair amount of cleavage.

“Yeah. Joke all you want.” she sniped back. “-but I know you feel the same way now that you and Selena aren’t fucking anymore.”

“Fucking?” I repeated.

“-but don’t you ever feel like that last blow job might be your last?”

Hearing my step-sister say “fucking” and “blowjob” in the same sentence was having a surprising effect on me. That and her hiked skirt, and the alcohol was getting me more than aroused.

My cock started to expand in my wet shorts, and I prayed that she wouldn’t notice as I hunched over a little.

“Wait a minute. You never answered my question.” she interrupted. “Have you ever tried anal sex before?”

“With Selena?”

“Yes. Or in general. With anybody.”

Listening to her speak so openly about sex, I began to wonder. Did this conversation turn her on as much as it did me? Or was she just goofing around? Something was definitely going on between us, but I wasn’t sure what.

I suspected it had a lot to do with the fact that we had been mixing our drinks and drugs for most of the evening. Looking into her bloodshot eyes, she was definitely as stoned, if not more affected by the weed than I was.

“Nah. Unfortunately not. I’ve never tried it.” I admitted as I looked up at Demi and found her glaring directly at my swimming trunks.

Considering how drunk and “open” we both were I didn’t know how to react, so I didn’t. I just stood there and happily watched her openly leer at my boner.

“I mean, I’ve always wanted to.” I added. “But Selena wasn’t ready for that yet. I think the closet we ever got to that was with me sticking my tongue in her ass. But as for anal, sadly not.”

“-but you’ve thought about it right?” she said, breaking her stare and meeting my eyes again.

I saw no signs of shame over the fact that she had leering directly at my cock. Noting this brazen confidence in her, she suddenly looked different to me somehow. I dare say sexy.

“Yep. I’ve definitely thought about it.” I trailed off between puffs. “-thought about it a lot.”

“Yeah. I’d love to try it one day.” she added softly. “I’ve seen it in so many porn movies, and it looks like they really enjoy it.”

As Demi spoke I suddenly felt emboldened, and while she continued to express her fascination with anal sex I boldly stared directly at her red panties, now slightly exposed from her shifting position on the railing.

Fair was fair, I figured. If she was going to check out my erection, then I was going to stare at her underwear.

“To tell you the truth, it kind of turns me on to think about it.” I told her.

“You trying anal?”

“No. The thought of YOU trying it with somebody.”

There was a moment of silence before she spoke again.

“Would that really turn you on?” she smiled. “Watching me get fucked by someone?”

You could almost hear a pin drop as the sentence left her lips. I dare not answer her in fear of incriminating myself. Instead I just nodded my head.

“Can I ask you a question?” she asked tentatively. “Are you thinking about it now?”

As she spoke she returned her gaze to my cock, which was now harder than ever. Demi was growing more and more defiant with each passing moment. My heart began to race as I watched her shift her legs and rub her thighs together.

“Well talking about all this stuff has got me a little worked up.” I confessed. “Can’t you tell?”

She simply smiled and licked her lips while leering at my cock.

I knew that whatever was happening here was cool with her. We laughed at the awkward conversation, and my tenting pants, and I was happy that there was no shame in it – this was after all just a bit of harmless fun.

I opened another beer, hoping to prolong our time together and the lewd conversation. Despite being late I could have talked sex with her all night long.

“-actually who am I kidding.” I added. “I think about it a lot.”

“Are we still talking about anal, or me having sex?”

“Both.” I answered honestly, as I took the blunt from her hand and helped myself to a deep toke.

“So do you think about me a lot?” she quipped smugly. “-you know, when you jerk off?”

I noted a slightly sinful look on her face when she said that. She was getting off on the conversation alright. She was loving it. I decided to play along and talk as candidly as possible.

“Yeah. Sometimes.” I answered. “Other times I like to think back to Selena and all the things we used to do.”

Demi shifted a little on the rail as I went on.

“But as many times as I’ve beat myself off to that fantasy, I still have no idea what it’d be like. I mean Selena and I came close a few times, but in the end she’d always chicken out and just offer me a blow job instead.”

Demi was breathing heavily. Our eyes were locked together as she took another deep mouthful of tainted air. Moments passed before she finally spoke.

“I’m the same way.” she admitted softly. “I’ve always wanted to know what it’s like but …nevermind.”

“No. Don’t stop now.” I insisted. “Tell me Demi. It’s only us here. Come on.”

“Well. Sometimes when Joe and I would have sex, he could slide his hand down between my legs and play with my butt.”

“In what way?”

“Like, he would slip his finger inside.”

“Inside your butt?”

“Yeah. And it would feel really good.”


“No.” she affirmed. “I mean really, really good. It would totally get me off!”


“It got to the point where whenever we had sex, and if he wanted to get me off as quickly as possible, he’d just slide a finger into my ass and it would bring me off every time.”

“That sounds hot.”

“You have no idea.” she giggled. “It drives me crazy.”

“So when was the last time you had some, anal play so to speak?”

Demi fell quiet for a moment as a wicked grin crossed her face.

“Let me guess.” I added. “You do it when you masturbate too.”

My drunk step-sister simply nodded her head.

“Am I that obvious?”

“Damn sis. Don’t you have any toys in the house?”

“Actually. I just got one from a friend recently.” she alleged.

“Not from Miley I hope.” I snickered. “Don’t tell me she bought you a sex toy!”

“Nah.” she laughed. “From one of my other friends, but I don’t think I know how to use it right.”

“How hard could it possible be?”

“I dunno.” she shrugged. “-because for some reason it just does nothing for me. I much prefer my index finger.”

Intrigued by her confession, I decided to go the whole hog and just ask her every sordid detail, seeing as she was feeling so damn open and honest about everything.

“So what do you usually do?” I asked bluntly. “Since you only use your fingers. How do you do it?”

To my surprise Demi seemed more than willing to share with me her most intimate details.

“Well usually I do it in bed before I pass out. It’s the only thing that puts me to sleep every night.”


“-and what I do is I use my left hand to play with my clit, while my right hand goes underneath.”

“Underneath?” I repeated.

“Yeah you know, under my body so I can play with my ass.”

“Damn. Now there’s an image.”

Demi blushed and giggled at the same time.

“Wow. So you really do that huh. How do you play with your ass at the same time?” I wondered out loud. “Do you just rub it, or do you slip a single finger inside? How deep do you usually go?”

“Not very.” she claimed. “I can usually get off with just the tip of my finger buried inside my butt. It really turns me on. Makes me feel real dirty and stuff.”

We both fell quiet as I tried to imagine the scene of her lying there buck-ass naked, friggering herself relentlessly with one hand while another finger was plunged into her backdoor.

“God damn that’s hot.” I remarked. “So I guess you’re just as curious about anal sex as I am.”

“Fuck-Yeah.” she quipped. “I’d LOVE to try it. But it would have to be with someone I really love, and trust. Trust would be the main issue for me.”

“Yeah I get that. Too bad we’re-” I started to say before I shut my mouth as I let one of my thoughts escape my mouth.

Too bad what?”

“Well I was going to say – too bad we’re related. Since were both single, and all keen and stuff.”

To my surprise Demi flashed me the most intense look yet.

“Well. I mean. We’re not really related are we?” she stated carefully.

My heart began to race. Was she saying what I thought she was saying?

“I guess you’re right.” I agreed. “We’re only step-siblings because of our parents.”

“Exactly.” she pointed out. “It’s not our fault.”

“Right.” I added. “We don’t even look related.”

We both paused for a moment as we actually contemplated the same thing.

“I mean-” Demi continued. “When you think about it, it’s not even considered real sex.”

I had to disagree with her there, but damned if I was going to argue with her. I simply nodded and allowed her to reach the same conclusion.

“-and who knows.” she finally said. “Maybe one day it could happen?”

She was having a hard time expression herself, but I knew what she was trying to say. All the while her eyes were focused on my cock, which at this point was positively pulsing in my trunks.

“I mean we both love each other right?” I added my two cents. “-and we feel safe with each other.”

“Yeah. But no one could EVER find out.” she insisted. “That would have to be one of the main conditions. I think I would die if anyone ever found out, especially Selena! …that I let my big brother fuck me in the ass?”

Just hearing her speak this way caused a surge of adrenaline to shoot up my spine, and my cock to twitch with excitement. I’m almost sure she noticed it too, as her eyes seemed to go wide.

“of course.” I assured her. “It would have to be our little secret.”

“I mean-” she interrupted. “We could just try it one day. Just that one time. It wouldn’t be like we were having sex with each other or anything crazy like that. Just an experiment.”

I fully and wholeheartedly agreed, now completely thinking with my dick.

“You know maybe we should.” she beamed a minute later. “It’s just the butt right? Not real sex.”


“Would it be so wrong?” she asked softly. “I mean would you feel strange about it?”

We both knew the answer to that question.

At that exact moment I couldn’t find a single reason against it, apart from the obvious. In fact it suddenly couldn’t have made more sense …or so I convinced myself.

With that said I told Demi that I was more than happy to experiment with her any time she was ready. My talented sister responded by grabbed a beer and chugged the rest of it down in one go.

“okay.” she stated. “-but first. I think I may need a few more of these.”

“Whoa. Go easy there tiger.” I told her. “We already had our fair share tonight.”

She sneered at the comment before announcing that she was going to go inside to freshen up, and would meet me in the guest room in approximately ten minutes. I could barely breathe much less respond appropriately.

I finished my beer and headed into the house a few minutes later, my heart racing in my chest. I was so riled up that I was actually trembling with anticipation. By the time I washed up and went down to the guest room, I found the door already open and a small reading lamp was the only source of illumination.

Inside I found Demi seated on the edge of my bed where I noticed she was still wearing the same dress, but the stockings were gone, and the radio was on. She apparently had it all figured out.

“Well this is nice and cozy.” I quipped before shutting the door behind me.

It was kind of funny because we were both really stoned, but things quickly got real.

As I approached her on the bed, Demi moved to the center of my mattress and bent over on her hands and knees with her thick round butt facing me. I then watched in amazement as she casually reached around to pull up the dress and expose her glorious booty.

My heart pounded as I noted that she still had her underwear on, those red thong panties.

“I’m just gunna pull this over to the side so you don’t see the other stuff okay?” she remarked over her shoulder.

Demi Lovato had never looked so alluring as she did at that precise moment in time, kneeling on her hands and knees with her ass up in the air. She slid a finger under the thong and pulled it over to the side, exposing her tiny little bunghole and a neat strip of pubic hair. I slipped off my shorts as she looked back at my penis.

“Ready?” I said as I mounted the bed and moved to kneel directly behind her.

But to my dismay, I quickly discovered that my cock was suddenly unresponsive. Maybe it was the beers, or the weed, or the combination of the two. Maybe the pressure at having to perform sexually for my beautiful step-sister was getting the better of me. In any event, it just wasn’t happening and I was mortified.

I tried to concentrate, and laid out my limp shaft over the cheek of her luscious booty. I then slid it up and down in between her buttocks and heard her sigh.

“oh-god.” Demi moaned from the other end. “Just stick it inside me already.”

Still, while the mind was willing my body wasn’t playing ball. I was absolutely disgusted with myself. But that’s when Demi jumped into action and flipped over to face me and huffed.

“Let me try something. This always works for Joe-”

And with that said she put one hand under my nut sack and the other around the base of cock and pulled the whole package towards her lips – taking me into her hot mouth!

I moaned to the action, and reached down to fondle one of her plump breasts. To her credit she was all business, and directed all her attention to the head of my cock. As expected it didn’t take long to get me rock-hard, but before I could enjoy her masterful blowjob talents, she suddenly spun around and pulled her thong to the side.

“okay, let’s try that again.” she hissed hotly. “-stick it in my ass!”

I didn’t waste any time and pressed the head of my cock against her tiny bunghole. But as it turned out, I think Demi was far too wound-up to relax enough to let me in.

“Fuck!” she grunted, causing me to back off.

“This isn’t going to work Dem. You’re way too tense. You have to relax.” I told her. “Those porn stars have tons of experience. You gotta smoke another joint or something.”

“I don’t need any more pot. I need you to stick it in my ass!” she insisted. “C’mon! Stick it in my ass, please!”

“God damn, Demi. Believe me I want to.” I replied. “Maybe this position isn’t right for us.”

“What other one is there?” she asked.

I immediately recalled a position I had seen in recent porn film. It was just like the missionary position but the woman shifts her pelvis up a little higher and lifts her legs up to her chest, leaving her vulnerably spread and open.

I described this pose to Demi and she immediately assumed the position, but unfortunately for her, the thong immediately became a problem. She couldn’t keep it pulled over to the side while using both hands to keep her knees up at her chest.

“Gotta take this off Dem. Don’t worry I won’t look. I promise.” I assured her. “I’ll turn the lamp off if you want. But we gotta take it off if this is going to work.”

Resigned to her fate, Demi scrambled off the bed and for a moment I panicked thinking I had pissed her off and blown the whole deal. Instead, she got up from the bed and seemed determined more than ever.

“Fuck! It’s off.” she hissed. “Okay?”

She quickly stripped off her thong panties and kicked it away.

“How’s this?” she asked with her hands on her hips.

The singer-songwriter was so in need of dick in her ass I think she lost her mind, and a moment later I watched in wonder as she pulled the entire dress over her head and tossed it aside as well. My famous step-sister now stood totally nude before me, her tits were perfect, her nipples puffed out and swollen with excitement.

Her chest heaved with her heavy breathing and I could actually smell her wetness in the air. I looked at her pussy and realized how wet she was, her pubes were damp and matted. The insides of her upper thighs glistened with arousal as she spoke sternly.

“Okay. Now can we do it? I can’t stand it anymore! I need that cock in my ass!!”

For a moment I was taken aback by her comment, as she resumed the position on the bed and motioned me between my spread legs. Thinking quickly, I reached over to open my dresser drawer and removed a small plastic bottle of baby oil that I often used to masturbate with.

“Actually, this might help a lot too.” I suggested.

I couldn’t believe I hadn’t thought of it earlier, but then again I was drunk and half stoned out of my mind. I started to open the cap and was just about to squeeze some into my hand when Demi suddenly reached for it.

“No. Let me. I want to do it. Come here.”

Demi immediately covered my cock in warm, slick lube, before grasping my cock in her small hand and stroking me up and down. Her actions were so skillful, I actually moaned and my eyes rolled into the back of my head.

“Mm. Shit yeah.” I let out. “You do that well. You’ve obviously done this before.”

“Wow. That’s pretty big.” she replied. “I hope this works.”

She looked at my cock with hungry, anxious eyes. Then she spread some lube around her thighs and hips, causing her entire crotch to glisten. As she lay back she popped the cap back on the top of the bottle and spoke.

“Alright. I’m ready. Now stick that big cock in my ass already!”

She was on her back with her knees pinned back against her chest as I kneeled by her tiny bunghole with my lubricated dick in hand. There I looked down and got a greedy look at her sopping wet cunt, but that was strictly off-limits. We were here to do a job.

I soon found the correct angle of attack and carefully pushed the tip inside. Demi gritted her teeth, until my cock-flesh finally entered her sphincter and her eyes opened wide.

“Oh. Wow.” she grimaced. “That’s really tight right now. It hurts.”

“Do you want me to stop?”

“I’m okay though.” she claimed.

“Are you sure? Do you want me to pull out? Just tell me and I will.”

“No! Don’t you dare.” she insisted. “Do it. Fuck my ass!”

“What?” I replied in my hazy state, still coming to terms with the fact that I was a few inches deep inside my step-sisters tight ass.

“Do it. Fuck my ass.” she teased. “Fuck your dirty step-sister in the butt!”

Hearing these words, I instinctively moaned and pushed further in, then pulled out a bit, before plunging in even further. Several strokes later and I was nestled in as far as I could go, and I could feel her rectal muscle twitch around me.

I held fast in that position for a minute or two, and looked down at Demi who was now pinching and pulling both nipples rapidly with eyes closed, and like her, suddenly felt a profound sense of lust…was this actually happening? Was I actually fucking Demi Lovato’s ass right now?

“How is it?” I asked her. “You like that?”

“Ugh.” Was her only reply, her eyes still shut tight. “Don’t stop.”

“Demi? Look at me. Look at me.” I insisted.

My squirming sister finally looked up at me, her eyes filled with lust.

“Do you like my cock in your ass?” I asked her bluntly.

Demi responded by flashing me a smoldering look.

“God you look so fucking sexy right now.” I told her as I moved my hips slowly.

She grinned sweetly for a moment before she furrowed a brow, concentrating on the sharp sensations between her buttocks.

“Where’s my cock right now sis?”

“Oh. God.” she grunted to the insinuation (calling her my sister)

“You’re such a dirty little fucking slut.” I grinned down at her. “You know that?”

“Oh. Yeah.” she agreed with a moan.

“Look at you. Lying here with a thick cock in your ass.” I groaned. “What would your Lovatics think right now?”

“Oh God.” she moaned again. “Fuck me! Fuck my ass. Deeper. Harder. I like it!”

As we proceeded to screw and talk dirty to one another I began to swing my hips and gently pumped my pecker in and out of her slick, super-tight shit-pipe. I looked down and I could see her cunt gaping wide, lips opening and closing with each long stroke of my cock. Her exposed clit was swollen and wet, and incredibly inviting.

“Oh. Yes.” she sighed contently. “You’re so deep right now. Do you like it? Do you like my tight ass?”

“God damn.” I groaned back. “You’re so fucking tight Dem.”

“Oh. I love your big fat cock inside my ass.” she teased. “It’s so hard right now.”

“Fuckkk.” I moaned to her words, as I continued to grind my hips against her buttocks.

As she continued to say lewd things to me, my strokes increased in speed and strength and I reached up and placed a hand around her neck, squeezing her throat and briefly cutting off fresh oxygen to her lungs.

Her eyes immediately shot wide to this action, but she soon relaxed and moaned appreciatively and seemed to enjoy the added thrill. I now chocked her carefully while at the same time rocking her body back and forth by the neck, causing her anus and body to move against my probing pecker.

“Fuck-Yeah.” I grunted. “I love fucking your tight little butt Dem. I’m so deep in that ass right now.”

Just then, my cock momentarily popped out of her butthole, causing her to yelp as if injured before I impatiently stuffed it back inside. Once nestled back in, I really started ramming her derriere, pummeling her into the mattress hard and fast.

“Ugh. Ugh. Yeah-Yeah-Yeah.” I chanted. “That Sweet. Young. Tight. Ass.”

A renewed wave of lust swept over me as I watched my seemingly sweet and innocent step-sister reach down with one hand and start massaging her clit. The moaning emanating from her lips now was intoxicating, and the tit that she wasn’t molesting was bouncing to and fro with our swift pace.

It was then without thinking that I suddenly arched down and took the erect nipple between my teeth and hungrily suckled it into my mouth, as I continued to fuck her sweet, sweet ass.

“Ugh. No-Oh.” she half-heartedly resisted.

Once again my dick slipped out of her tight backdoor (with a pop) and she whined derisively.

“No! Please. Back inside.” she panted breathlessly. “Stick it back inside my ass! …UNGH YES!”

Back inside again, she moaned aloud and flicked her head from side to side as I now fucked her like a machine, however, without missing a stroke, when I plunged it back in it suddenly felt different. It only took a second before I realized that I had inadvertently thrust my cock into my step-sister’s sopping, wet cunt.

“Oh shit.” I moaned involuntarily, as the sound of my balls slapping against her butt echoed in the room.

In a micro-second, my mind reeled. I had crossed the line we had set. It was an accident to be sure, and I should have stopped, but at that precise moment in time I was so wound up, so incensed with lust I just couldn’t stop my hips from moving, as my cock plunged deep inside her hot, tight, teenage cunt.

Time just seemed to stop as we both suddenly sobered up. Now there could be no question. I was fucking my famous step-sister, and how! But before I could chastise myself, I noticed that her hand had not stopped working her clit.

Demi was still working away at a frenetic pace, her legs spread wide, her knees resting on the mattress as I fucked her for all I was worth.

“UGH! PPP-Please. DDD-Don’t. SSS-STOP.” she gasped breathlessly. “KKK-Keep. FFF-Fucking. MMM-Meeee.”

“Yeah? Is that what you want?” I hissed back between thrust. “To get FUCKED!! You little slut.”

“YESSS! Don’t you dare stop!!” she cried aloud. “Fuck my wet cunt!! I need to get fucked!!”

I didn’t need to be asked twice, and placed her ankles up over my shoulders and began pummeling her lovely hole with all my might, almost lifting her butt up off the bed as I gripped her hips tightly with both hands and fulfilled her wish to get “dicked” hard.

To my delight her cunt was hotter and wetter than her ass, and her ass was incredible! Demi finally wrapped her delicious legs around my back and we worked together, moving our hips in unison.

Leaning forward I then pinned her legs up against her body again and held her close, and felt her trembling lips linger around my neck and ear, whispering breathlessly as I drilled her mercilessly.

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” she whimpered erotically. “Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me.”

I happily reciprocated and hungrily licked her ear before I latched my lips onto her glistening neck, causing her to moan aloud and flick her hips harder against me, urging me deeper and faster as I licked and sucked her throat.

These actions were quickly followed by a series of frantic kisses which I placed all over her beautiful face, and inadvertently caused our mouths to suddenly meet and share a brief and impromptu kiss on the lips.

In an instant this kiss immediately turned into a deep and long passionate tonguing, all the while as I fucked her hard and fast, listening to her sopping, wet, cunt get churned by me. After a while I suddenly pulled out, to her dismay, and directed her to flip on over on all fours and get fucked doggy-style on the bed.

“Come on. Flip-on over Dem.” I insisted. “I wanna fuck you from behind.”

Demi happily obliged, and a moment later I shoved my throbbing meat-stick back into that juicy cunt-hole and grabbed and squeezed her luscious butt cheeks in each hand as I fucked her from behind.

This position elicited an entirely different set of moans from her. She must have repeated my name about a hundred times, before she finally had her first violent orgasm.

“Oh god. Oh god. Oh fuck!!” she panted.

I could feel her juices spreading all over my balls and inner thighs. At this point the girl was absolutely, sopping, wet! Demi squealed and squirmed on the bed in blissful agony and lowered her tummy until she was lying flat in the mattress. Her beautiful booty was upturned to meet my cock’s thrusts, as I pounded her into submission.

She tried in vain not to scream, sweat pouring off both of our bodies. She pushed her face into one of my pillows and shrieked languishingly as she came for a second time. At this point we were so loud I was convinced we’d wake up our folks upstairs, but we didn’t care.

Suddenly, I pulled out just as she spun around and offered me her mouth. Just watching her willing present her mouth to me cause my balls to tingle and I suddenly came in a series of hot, wet bursts. Demi opening her mouth wide and moaning expectantly, struggling to swallow every rope of flying cum.

She almost got it all, as some leaked out of the corner of her mouth and onto her chin and chest.

“OMG.” she sighed as she wiped the excess load from her lips. “I’ve never seen anyone come like that before.”

“What did you expect?” I gasped, while still trying to catch my breath. “You’re on fire Dem.”

My sister collapsed back onto the bed and shut her eyes and smiled contently, her face plastered in cum.

“You know. Maybe you should move back home.” she remarked.

“As long as you promise to give me that ass whenever I want it. Sure. Why not.”

“I can do that.” she grinned mischievously.

“Yeah I bet.” I laughed. “Or maybe you should come visit your big brother more often. I only live 20mins away.”

“Hmm. Definitely!” she beamed. “After tonight, count on it.”

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