An anal retentive couple tries anal

A humorous story about the world’s most anal retentive couple, trying anal sex. Yes, that’s it. Fuck my asshole with your big dick. Give me that dick, deep in my ass!” Rebecca said, “Darling, I had the most unusual of thoughts last night, while I was redoing my sock drawer. Just as I had re-rolled

Slippery Maneuvers

“Do you trust me?” I ask as I tie a blindfold around your eyes. “Yes, of course I do,” you respond with a smile, not knowing what I want to do, but sure that it will be enjoyable. “Come with me.” I take you by the hand and guide you to something soft. As you

Unexpected Secret

My neighbour and I get together almost every day after my husband goes to work. We have become very good friends. We go shopping, watch soaps, play cards, cook together, all kinds of stuff. Her name is Linda. She recently revealed to me that she has a secret and isn’t all that she appears to

Alice’s Learning Curve

Alice was seated at the breakfast table reading the newspaper. She worried – the final demand on her car payment had come through, and she was overdue on her mortgage payments with no job and no prospects of a job in the near future. She scoured the jobs pages – all the ads were seeking