Hotwife in hot tub

We both were in a mood to party having spent too
many weekends working on the home projects – which
never seem to end. So when Paul, who Marie had been
talking to each other on AOL and the phone for over
a year, told her he would be heading up to Connecticut
and passing through Washington, it was decided she
would meet him for dinner. Although she had never met
Paul, Marie felt very comfortable meeting him alone
because of their prior conversations.

The day of the dinner Paul called from his car
phone and confirmed that he was on the road and would
meet her at Harry’s around 6:00. That was one of
Marie’s favorite restaurants. He said he would like
an early dinner because he was hungry and also needed
relaxing time for a drink.

By the time I got home from work, she had already
left for dinner and I could tell from the perfume
aromas in the house that she had just left and I
wondered what she was wearing or didn’t wearing, as
the case may be.

About 8:30 I got a call from her and said she was
bringing Paul over. They had just finished dinner and
she thought Paul would enjoy the hot tub from being
road weary. I said fine and about 20 minutes later both
cars pulled up. She got out and I saw from the light in
the car that her skirt was really short – never saw
that one before and it was probably a new one she
bought. Paul was right behind her with a big smile on
his face. We quickly got introduced and then sat down
for some small talk. Marie asked if anyone wanted
after dinner drinks and we both said yes – and out came
the scotch. Marie sat down and it seemed that the skirt
almost disappeared it was so short. When she crossed
her legs I could see the ends of her thigh highs but
didn’t see any pants and thought perhaps they were
black and didn’t show up.

We had about 3 drinks and much conversation when
finally the hot tub drew attention. We all decided it
may be nice to get in. I told Paul he could shower in
the main bath and Marie and I would shower in the other
bathroom. We met downstairs with just our robes. The
lights were low, incense and music in the air. We each
disrobed and got in. I could see when Paul got in he
was slightly hard and I remembered the picture he had
sent on aol. The warm water plus the alcohol really got
me relaxed and Marie and Paul as well. The conversation
started to get sexual with naughty laughs in between.
Paul mentioned that when he first saw Marie in that
skirt, he was immediately excited and couldn’t wait to
see more of her. We changed positions so everyone could
try different jets on them. Marie’s hands freely were
touching me and then I noticed also touching Paul. He
put his head back and enjoyed as if not wanting to act
too forward and I did the same. Our hands also found
Marie and felt her all over noting that her tits were
very hard.

After some time we decided to get out and the
suggestion was to get a massage. We all agreed and went
upstairs. I got out the oil and asked who is first.
Marie immediately said she would be and laid on the bed
on her stomach. Paul and I got on the bed and after
sharing a palm of oil, started rubbing, Paul on her
legs and me her back. He moved from her feet up her
calves and to her ass and each time he reached her ass,
his hands began to remain for longer moments. After a
while I noticed Marie slightly letting her legs part so
his hands could reach more of what was probably getting
to be a very wet area. She then turned over and we
started again in the same area. She asked me to get her
some water, as she was thirsty from being in the tub.

Paul also asked for the same. I went down; while I
was there I turned up the music and got some incense to
burn in the room. I got the water and coming up the
stairs I heard murmuring sounds. I slowly looked around
the corner in the bedroom and saw Marie’s legs wrapped
around Paul’s head and he was licking like there was no
tomorrow. I didn’t know whether to disturb them or not.
Marie saw me and smiled and I slowly walked in – Paul
didn’t look up. I then slowly climbed into bed and
started sucking Marie’s nipples. She pulled me up and
started licking my balls and we all were engaged in
some type of sexual activity.

All that was happening together with the
atmosphere created by the incense, music and candles
was getting all of us hotter and hotter and we probably
all were wondering where this would end up.

Marie and I always prepared ourselves mentally for
any sexual exploration and agreed to limits. We felt
the limits would be a guide and they were general
enough that they gave enough latitude to be enjoyable
until we could feel comfortable with going further.

At this point we were comfortable and I sensed
that we each maybe wanted to cross the line. While I
was thinking about this I noticed in the low light that
Paul had proceeded further also and was kissing,
sucking, licking and just taking in all of Marie. His
cock was very hard at this point, sticking at an upward
angle and I knew he wouldn’t be satisfied with just
touching and oral – he wanted to enter her hot hole.
Marie looking at me slowly opened her legs to Paul who
glanced over to me.

She remembered that I wanted to see her in a
certain position with another man and I was thinking
along the same lines. I started kissing her and
whispered if she was going to show me that view and she
said if I wanted it. I reached up and motioned for Paul
to lay down on his back.

He did and his cock was so hard it looked like a
stone. Marie slowly changed position and now was
sitting on Paul and facing him while he was laying flat
on his back. She was kissing him while he was playing
with her tits.

I could see from the shadows on the wall created
by the candlelight that she was starting to rock front
and back rubbing her clit over Paul’s hard cock. He had
a wicked smile on his face as if he knew what was

She then reached down between her legs, which I
thought was to feel him. She then continued her riding
– only this time she wasn’t rubbing against his cock
because from the back I saw Paul’s cock was slowing
entering her wet hole and just as smoothly coming out –
the action continued like a smooth operating engine –
in and out in and out, not hurried but something to be

I was imagining how Paul was feeling in that hot
tight cunt – the sensation was probably beyond expres-
sion. Paul must have reached close to orgasm because
I heard Paul say something and she got off. She then
went down to his cock and played with his balls.

While she was doing this I got up and kneeled down
on the side of the bed and began to eat her. By this
time her clit was so swollen that it almost stuck out
like a small cock. In the meantime she must have teased
his cock or balls to the point of orgasm because Paul
began groaning and he started pumping.

I looked up and saw him shooting hot cum all over
most of it hitting Marie’s chest since she didn’t move
but seemed to be enjoying the feeling of it hitting
her. I continued to lick her clit and just then Marie
arched her back and started moaning and had what seemed
the most enjoyable orgasm after which she collapsed on
Paul’s stomach.

We all took a nap and when we woke up hours later
we got dressed. Nothing was said about what had happened
and Paul said he should be leaving.

We said our goodbye’s but with the knowledge that
this would not be the last time with Paul, he only
primed our interests but now we could fantasize about
real events and we will be ready to tell you about the
next time.