Santa’s Helper

My husband Mark and I had finally reached the
point of financial security we had been working so hard
to achieve. We had been married a little over five
years and we were elated because our offer had been
approved on the house of our dreams. We were scheduled
to move in a few weeks after the New Year.

When Mark and I got married we sat down and
talked long and hard about what goals we wanted for our
future together. We had both come from middle-class
families and decided that we wanted a more comfortable
lifestyle for us – and for our future c******n. I was
working at a large insurance corporation and was pull-
ing in a near six figure income. Mark had just made
partner at a very prestigious law firm.

Even though we were making great money we
were eating at home, going out only once or twice a
month and were living very frugally. We had rented a
very little apartment and were commuting to work by
train to save gas money and wear on the car. It was
quite a sacrifice but we were convinced it would be
worth it in the end.

After working, saving and not spending any-
thing on ourselves for five years we weren’t accustomed
to spending much money on ourselves or on each other.
Christmases and birthdays mainly consisted of home-made
cakes, home-made gifts and quiet evenings snuggled
close together. After much discussion that year we
decided to stick with our little ritual that Christmas
as well and not get anything extravagant for each

Our other plans included my quitting work to
stay home and focus on starting a family. Both our
mothers had worked through most of our childhood and
we didn’t want any kind of day care/latch key situation
for our c******n. I had already given notice to my job
effective December 31st and we were going to take a 2
week vacation and then get started in on making a baby.

Our wild, carefree, childless days would soon
be behind us and days, months and years of parenthood
and moments of stolen embraces would be ahead. I want-
ed these last few months we had left alone to be
special. Something that Mark and I could look back on
and remember when the stress and business of c***d-
rearing began to overwhelm us.

I found out from Mark’s best friend that he
was planning an intimate yet elegant dinner for my
Christmas present that year. For a guy Mark was quite
the whiz in the kitchen. He could whip up a gourmet
meal in minutes. I realized that this would be the
perfect opportunity for me to spring my “present” on
Mark. The mood would be set, the dinner prepared and
I would be bringing desert. Nothing expensive or
extravagant yet something I knew Mark would enjoy.

I began making plans for our special gift
exchange. I decided to give Mark what most men secret-
ly want for Christmas. A chance to see his wife having
sex with another beautiful woman AND a chance to be
with two women at once.

My friend Brenda and I were talking about
what we would be doing for the holidays and gifts we
were getting. She and her boyfriend Rick had just
broken up and she said she would be alone for the

“Not like I have such a sexy husband to come
home to like you do.” She had said.

That got me thinking. I gathered up my cour-
age and asked her to help me plan his holiday present.
She was a little surprised at first but after I told
her why I thought it would be so perfect for Mark – and
especially at this point in our lives – she quickly

“After all,” she said. “Mark is a very sexy
guy, if you don’t mind me saying so.” I didn’t mind.
In fact that’s what made me realize that Brenda would
be the perfect one to help me with my plans.

A few weeks later Brenda and I went out shop-
ping. Not Christmas shopping – well, not exactly. We
went to a little cubby hole of an adult store on the
other side of town. We kind of snuck in and were gig-
gling like teenagers that were somewhere that they knew
they shouldn’t be. We finally calmed down and started
looking around. The shop owner cast us an odd look,
shook his head and went back to counting his inventory.

I picked out a vibrator, a dildo and some
lingerie for myself. Brenda found an adult video she
said she’d been searching for a few months and grabbed
a strap-on dildo, edible gels and some lingerie items
too. We giggled again when we saw each others’ choices
and sort of wondered whether we were crazy or not.
During our giggle fit Brenda had found a Santa hat and
some aphrodisiac scented mistletoe and added it to her
purchases. We laughed even harder. Again the shop
owner looked at us like we were insane and rang up our
purchases, dropping them into inconspicuous little
brown bags.

On the drive home we stopped at a neighbor-
hood bar and had a few drinks while we discussed our
plans for Mark’s surprise evening. By this point we
had stopped giggling and were getting a little more
serious. Brenda asked if I was sure this was what I
wanted to do and I nodded that I was.

Then she said something that totally floored
me. She said that she’d thought about the possibility
of such an evening before, and blushed wildly. I
blushed deeply, touched her hand gently and thanked her
again for what she was doing for us. I told her that I
didn’t know how I would repay her. She told me not to
worry, that she was as excited about this as I was.
We laughed a little, but those childish giggles were
gone for good.

We were both beginning to look forward to
Christmas like a couple of c******n. The excitement
was beginning to build.

Finally the day arrived. Mark went to the
grocery store to pick up ingredients for my surprise
dinner – he still didn’t know that I knew! I called
Brenda and she came over as fast as she could. We went
into the bedroom and began to get ready. When we heard
Mark’s key in the door Brenda hid in the closet to wait
for my signal.

I couldn’t stop smiling all through dinner.
Mark kept looking at me curiously. He said I looked
like the cat who swallowed the canary. I admitted that
I felt like a c***d who was trying desperately to keep
a Christmas secret but was about to blurt it all out
just hours before the gifts would be given. He laughed
a little and told me that he loved me at that moment
more than he ever had in his life. I told him that I
loved him too.

We exchanged kisses over the remains of our
meal and things began to heat up.

Fortunately I remembered Brenda – still hid-
ing in our closet – and told Mark to take a seat on the
couch so I could bring him his present. He looked a
little surprised because, as I said before, our gifts
to each other weren’t usually something you have to go
get. I told him to relax and trotted off to our bed-
room to finish getting ready.

I pulled Brenda out of the closet. We smiled
nervously at each other. Neither one of us had ever
done anything like this before. We were excited,
anxious and a little overwhelmed at what was about to
happen. We exchanged hugs for confidence and good

Brenda reminded me to just relax and let
things happen naturally. I wasn’t entirely convinced
that there was anything “natural” about what was about
to happen but kept that thought to myself. I adjusted
the little Santa had she had perched upon her head
while I thought about what we were about to do.

I wanted to create a memory for my husband
that he would never forget. I wanted him to be able
to look back on this evening one day when I was all
bloated and nine months pregnant. I wanted him to
remember the gift I gave to him.

I hollered out to Mark and asked if he was
ready. His voice cracked a little – perhaps in appre-
hension – and he said that he was. Brenda and I took
deep breaths, threw our little Santa bags full of sex
toys over our shoulders and opened the bedroom door.

The look on Mark’s face was priceless. I
wished I had remembered to have a camera handy to
capture that look. His jaw dropped, his eyes nearly
popped open and I swear I could see his cock harden
through his jeans. I smiled and knew I had chosen the
right “gift” this year.

“What’s this all about?” he asked, sub-
consciously licking his lips. I could tell he was
really turned on but seemed a little wary about what
I meant for this to be. Perhaps he thought he was
misunderstanding what Brenda and I meant to do for
him. I decided to reassure him.

“My gift to you, sweetheart, is an evening
to remember. Brenda and I are prepared to perform for
you – whatever your heart desires.” I paused because
he still looked confused. “What I mean is…we will
do whatever you want tonight. No reservations. Under-

He looked at me and was speechless. I saw
it register in his head what he was about to be given.
He giggled a little nervously – much as Brenda and I
had giggled while planning the events – but soon
recovered and said he understood. He said that he was
just surprised and uncertain.

Brenda stepped forward and began to empty her
sack of goodies. She set them all out on the coffee
table in front of Mark and told him what they all were
for – in case he wasn’t sure. I saw his eyes light up
when she brought out the gels and the strap on and knew
what we’d be using first. I began to unload my sack
too and Mark looked utterly shocked.

We had never used such appliances and toys
before. I think he was amazed that I had bought them.

“You choose what to use Mark,” Brenda told
him. “Michelle and I are willing to do whatever you
wish. If you want to just watch – that’s fine. If
you want to get in on the action or orchestrate the
whole thing – that’s fine too. Where should we start?”

That shocked look was back on his face but he
sat forward and looked over the toys before him. He
couldn’t seem to choose. Finally he chose a little
tube of strawberry flavored gel. Then he smiled the
most wicked little grin – like nothing I’d ever seen
on his face before.

“I want you two to squirt a little gel on
each others’ pussies and then…then lick it all off.
I want to watch you eat each other out.” He said
boldly. Then he looked a little unsure and asked,
“That’s okay isn’t it?”

Brenda and I laughed, a little nervously
still, and said that it was. Mark opened up the sofa
bed and I spread out a satin blanket over top of it.
He took a seat on the Lazy-Boy across the room to get
a better view. We pulled off the g-stings we had on
but left on the stockings, garters and lingerie.
Brenda opened up the gel and squirt a little onto her
hand. She tossed me the tube and I took some as well.

We exchanged nervous glances but laid down
on the mattress and smeared the gel onto each other.

The gel was icy cold yet felt good on my
pussy. I have to admit I was already getting hot and
a little wet just at the thought of trying something
like this. I looked over at Mark and he was just
grinning from ear to ear. That gave me a little more
confidence to just let go and calm down. We positioned
ourselves into a 69 position with Brenda on top and
began licking the gel off.

It certainly was strawberry and it tasted
really good. The first thing I noticed was that Brenda
was actually a “real blonde”. Then I was surprised at
the soft textures of Brenda’s pussy under my tongue.
It felt like licking the petals of a silken rose. I
was surprised when I felt her clit harden under my
tongue. I had heard that it happened when women were
aroused but since this was the first pussy I had seen
up close and personal, I really didn’t know for sure
until that moment. It felt sort of like a tiny erect
cock. I nearly giggled at this thought but knew that
it would spoil the moment.

Meanwhile I was shocked at how turned on I
was by what Brenda was doing to me! It was as if she’d
done it dozens of times before – but I knew she hadn’t.
Neither one of us had ever done anything this uncon-
ventional before. But it seemed as if she knew every
little fold and crevice and instinctively knew where I
liked to be licked the best. Feeling her broad, swift
tongue working it’s way up and down me was driving me
wild. And when she finally found my clit and sucked
on it gently, I thought I would lose my mind.

I saw Mark get up from his chair out of the
corner of my eye. He was grabbing something off of the
coffee table. He came over and handed me one of the
dildos we had purchased. He handed Brenda the strap on
one. Then he went back to his seat.

I wasn’t quite sure how to start using this
little gadget – I’d never even seen one before that day
in the book store. I guess I was quite the sheltered
little housewife. Before I could try though Brenda
strapped hers on and began fucking me with hers. She
slid that rubber cock in and out of me so expertly.
It almost felt as if Mark were gently fucking me. Then
she stroked fast and slow, then hard and soft. I
started to instinctively put my legs together to come
but stopped myself just short.

I reached down and inserted my dildo into
Brenda’s pussy and heard her moan. She paused in what
she was doing for a moment to savor the feeling. She
sat up a little and arched her back, putting a little
more pressure on the dildo to let me know that she
liked it harder and deeper. I began fucking her harder
and then surprised myself by reaching up to suckle her
nipples at the same time.

This was really wild!

I looked over at Mark and saw that he had
slipped off his jeans and underwear – I was amazed that
I hadn’t noticed before that moment – and was stroking
himself while he watched us. That excited me even more
and I could feel my pussy get wetter and hotter. He saw
me look at him and looked back at me lustily. His eyes
seemed to glaze over just a little and his face was
flushed with excitement.

“I love watching you suck her tits.” He said
to me. “Does she taste good? Do you like it?”

All I could do was moan in agreement and fuck
Brenda harder to show that I was enjoying it. For some
reason I seemed to have lost all power to speak. Brenda
apparently hadn’t lost that ability because she was now
nearly screaming for me to fuck her harder. I obliged.

Soon I could feel her muscles tightening and
heard her moan in orgasm.

Brenda pushed my hand and the dildo away but
continued to fuck me once again. She started rubbing
my clit while she did and I began moaning and thrashing
about on the bed. It felt amazing. Mark got up from
his chair and came over to suck on my nipples. I knew
I would come at any moment – what with Brenda fucking
and licking me and my own husband licking and kissing
my breasts.

It was almost too much stimulation! In seconds
my orgasm was pounding away inside me and I called our
Mark’s in my pleasure. I opened my eyes and looked up.
He was just smiling at me.

I sat up and Brenda and I looked at each
other in amazement. Did that really just happen? It
would totally change our friendship forever. Somehow
we both just knew that. We looked over at Mark – who
was still hard as a rock – and decided to give him some

We pulled him down onto the mattress and
Brenda began sucking his cock and licking his balls.
I kissed him deeply on the lips and our mouths opened
and he seemed to enjoy tasting Brenda’s pussy on my
tongue. He sucked greedily on it before breaking off
the kiss.

“Sit on my face honey,” he said. “I want to
eat you while Brenda sucks me.” He was getting bolder
now. I was glad that he was relaxing and letting go a
little more.

Of course I obliged. Soon I was perched atop
his face and was quivering with delight as I was eaten
out for the second time that evening. I noticed the
difference in the way my husband was licking me as
opposed to Brenda’s softer style. He penetrated me
with his tongue and sucked roughly at my clit. Both
were amazing sensations – just very different.

Mark was just about ready to come when he
told Brenda to stop going down on him. He got up and
began to orchestrate our places and roles. He had
Brenda lie down on the bed and had me climb on top her
in a 69 fashion. We started licking each other eagerly
without even being told.

“Damn,” said Mark. “I could come just watch-
ing the two of you eat each other’s pussies. My dick
is so hard I think it’s going to explode.” Brenda and
I finally did giggle a little at that comment – it
sounded so much like a line from one of those oversexed
teens movies – but continued on with our “work”.

Suddenly I felt Mark mount me from behind.
He began fucking me while Brenda continued to go down
on me. Oh my Lord it was heavenly! I could have died
right then and been a happy woman for eternity. The
feeling of a soft, swift tongue on the folds of my most
sensitive places combined with the pumping and thrust-
ing of my husband’s engorged cock was something I
wanted to last forever.

Mark reached over and grabbed the tube of
gel. He began rubbing it all over my ass and my ass-
hole. For some reason just the sensation of that cool,
gel on my ass turned me on and I began to buck wildly,
fucking his cock harder and harder.

I sucked on Brenda’s clit and began to finger
fuck her at the same time. I wanted to come again and
again and again…and never ever stop fucking and get-
ting fucked.

Mark inched a finger inside my asshole –
something we’d never done before either – and gently
pushed it in and out. I was surprised at how erotic
that sensation felt! Perhaps it was just another one
of those taboo things, I don’t know. All I know is
that it turned me on and I began pushing myself against
that finger harder and harder.

That was all the encouragement he needed.
Mark pulled his cock from my pussy and I moaned in
protest. He rubbed my back and told me to calm down.
Then I could feel him teasing my asshole with the tip
of his dick. That little teasing heightened my sen-
sitivity tenfold. Brenda began imitating the finger
fucking I was doing to her, entering me with at least
three fingers – maybe four. I moaned in ecstasy and
began pumping against the thrusting of her hand.

Finally Mark entered me. First he only put
his cock in just a little bit, trying to get my virgin
asshole used to the new feeling. I was amazed at his
control and compassion even at such a height of
arousal. I was quite a lucky woman to have such a
considerate husband.

He inched his way in little by little until
he was all the way inside me. I reached over a little
and grabbed a vibrating dildo that we hadn’t used yet
and began rubbing Brenda’s clit with it yet still
finger fucking her in perfect harmony to the thrusts
Mark was making into my asshole. I switched on the
vibrator and Brenda started moaning loudly. For a
brief moment I wondered if the neighbors could hear
anything, but then quickly lost any care over that

Mark came in a loud, nearly screaming orgasm.
I could feel the heat of him spurting inside me. Brenda
began licking it off both my pussy and Mark’s balls.
It was a totally new turn on. I knew I was close to
coming and pulled away from Mark as soon as I knew he
was done.

Brenda was ready to come again too. She turned
around and got on top of me. She still had the strap
on attached and mock “tit fucked” me with it. Mark sat
up on the bed next to us to watch. Somehow his cock
was still rock hard. Mark reached over and began to
pinch and lick my nipples alternately. Brenda reached
around with one hand and stuck the vibrating dildo into
my pussy. The combination of sensations once again
brought me to orgasms. I felt more totally satisfied
that I had in a long time.

Mark decided he owed Brenda an orgasm too. He
took the vibrator away from me and began to fuck her
with it hard yet gentle. The slow ministrations quick-
ly brought her to her own coming which was explosive
and sensuous to watch. I never realized how beautiful
women look when they come. I hoped Mark thought I
looked that good when I came.

We fell on the bed together in a tangle of
appendages. Mark smoothed my hair back against my
scalp and kissed me sweetly on the ear lobe. Then he
leaned over and kissed Brenda sweetly on the cheek –
as if we were all still just good friends and we hadn’t
just been fucking each other all night. As if nothing
had changed.

“I want to thank you two for a most memorable
Christmas gift.” Mark said. “I just don’t know how I
could ever repay you for what you did. This was truly
an extravagant gift.”

Brenda and I looked at each other and kind of

“Oh, you could always make it up to us on
New Year’s Eve.” I said. We all laughed and then all
agreed that we would get together one last time to
bring in the New Year. We all knew that our lives
would all be changing soon after that and realized
that it would probably be our last opportunity to be

We all got up, dressed and finished off the
meal that Mark had prepared in what seemed like a life-
time before. We watched the Christmas parade on
television together and then walked Brenda out to her
car. We all exchanged kisses goodnight and wished each
other a happy holiday.

We never did get back together again after
that New Year’s Eve. Brenda married a nice guy who
works with Mark about a year after that and I gave
birth to a healthy baby boy just a few weeks after
their wedding. We never told Brenda’s husband – or
anyone else – about the evenings we had shared.

We shared a wonderfully erotic secret between the
three of us. A memory that would remain with us for a
lifetime. Christmas was never quite the same after