Humiliation At The Window

As he walked into the living room of their second floor
apartment fresh from his morning shower, he saw her bent
at the waist and leaning out the open window, apparently
talking to Mrs. Smith, the landlady who usually sat
downstairs on a lawn chair in the front yard watching the
world go by. The curtains were closed and only her bottom
half emerged from between them. She was wearing one of
her ratty old sweatpants and stood leaning on one leg,
with her hips off to the side, one cheek a little higher
than the other.

At that exact moment, the way the thick cloth draped and
accented the shape of her ass looked very good to him. He
thought about how she had looked earlier, walking around
the apartment in his old, oversize sweatshirt. Obviously
braless underneath, he had enjoyed the gentle swaying of
her breasts pushing against the fabric as she moved

Without really thinking about it, he walked over to where
she was, stood behind her, pulled the window down as far
as he could without hurting her, and locked it in
position with the anti-burglar lock. She was a little
startled, but Mrs. Smith was still talking, so she acted
as if nothing was happening. She felt him grab her hips
and grind his crotch into her ass. Out of the corner of
her mouth, through clenched teeth, so Mrs. Smith would
think she was still paying attention, she whispered,
“What the hell are you doing?”

“Whatever I want,” he said, and she felt him pull away
and begin ripping the sweatpants down the seam at the

Again through clenched teeth, as Mrs. Smith droned on,
she hissed “Are you out of your mind? Stop it!” Through
the slight parting of the curtain, he could see her

“I’ll stop when I’m done,” he said, and he continued to
rip until the seam was opened all the way through to the
front. She felt him peel each pant leg down to her knees
and slide his hands up and down her legs, caressing her.
The idea of what he was doing gave him a throbbing hard-
on. She felt him rub her crotch through her underwear,
and although she was turned on by the same idea, she
squeezed her thighs together to stop him.

With his hand immobile, he began to flex his fingertips.
They were directly on top of her clit and she felt this
all the way up her spine and down her legs. She clenched
her toes in excitement, and then opened her legs to
release his hand. He slipped his fingers under the
elastic of her underwear and dragged it down to her
knees, where it joined the torn legs of the sweatpants.
He opened the towel around his waist and let it fall to
the floor, where he kicked it backwards and out of the
way, and began to caress her ass with his hands in smooth
rotating circles.

“Please don’t,” he heard her say, but he knew she didn’t
mean it. He slid one hand down the crack of her ass and
over her pussy, where he slid his fingers back and forth,
slowly spreading her lips.

“Oh man. I’m gonna k**l you when I get out of here,” she
whispered. “You’re dead. You’re dead meat. Do you hear

“Yes, I hear you loud and clear,” he said, just as he
slipped the tip of his middle finger inside her, paused,
and then slid the rest of his finger in. The warmth and
wetness felt inviting. His erection pulsed. She rocked
her ass gently from side to side. She felt her panties
constricting her knees. There was something so wrong
about what he was doing, so bad that it made her feel
sexy and slutty. She liked feeling like a bad girl.

Mrs. Smith had stopped talking, folded up her lawn chair
and was heading back inside. Once the landlady was gone,
she no longer had to fake a conversation. She stared up
at the clouds as they drifted along. People were walking
and cars driving by, so she still acted like nothing was
happening, like he wasn’t sliding his finger in and out
of her, like he hadn’t reached around with his other
hand, wasn’t diddling the tip of her clit.

She felt very naked, even though she was leaning out the
window with her big, baggy sweatshirt on. Her nipples
became hard. They ached. Watching the clouds drift along,
she concentrated on the sensations he was generating in

He removed his finger sliding in and out of her, squeezed
up closer to her, and she felt the inside of his thighs
pressing against the outside of her thighs, and the tip
of his hard-on start to poke around her opening. Using
his free hand to help, she felt him find his target and
push himself in a couple of inches. He sensed the warmth
and wetness around the tip of his cock and paused.

He always paused at this point, like someone slowly
sinking into a nice hot tub for a long soak. He pulled
back and pushed forward a little further, pulled back and
pushed forward even further, and pulled back once more
before he sunk his cock all the way into her. She felt
his groin press into her soft ass. He stopped moving,
savoring the sensations again.

She responded by grinding and rocking her hips in
circles, pushing back as best she could from her awkward
position. The fingertips of one of his hands were still
flicking back and forth on her clit. He began to slowly
slide his cock in and out of her. Still absently looking
at the clouds in the sky, she lowered her eyelids halfway
and concentrated on her awareness of his motions inside
her. She stayed frozen like this for a couple of minutes,
just enjoying.

She heard her name being called. Suddenly jolted alert,
she snapped her eyes open and looked down at the source
of the sound.

“Excuse me?” she said. Mrs. Smith had returned, and was
looking up at her. He continued to slide himself in and
out of her from behind. They were both aware of how much
wetter she was getting. And Mrs. Smith was talking again.

“I said it looks like you’re falling asleep up there.”

“Ah… Um… No. Just… day… dreaming.” Forming
sentences was taking a little effort. She was still
focused on his cock sliding in and out of her.

“Well it’s a nice day for it,” Mrs. Smith continued. At
this point, he removed his hand from her clit and slid
both of them under her oversize sweatshirt, being careful
to stay close to her skin. He cupped his hands around her
breasts, and firmly rolled her nipples between his
fingertips. Her eyes opened a little wider and she took a
deep breath. Mrs. Smith misunderstood the response.

“Yeah,” she said. “The air smells good today. Nothing
like a fresh spring morning.”

“No… Yeah… Nothing like it… Is there…?” She was
speaking a little hesitantly. Once again, Mrs. Smith

“I think you got a little Spring Fever this morning.”

“I… I guess…so,” she answered, as best as she could.
He had begun to pick up the pace of his thrusting. She
felt her ass shake every time he slapped into it. She
braced herself on the windowsill to try and hide any
motion from Mrs. Smith. She wanted to fuck back. She
wanted to slam herself into him, but the windowsill and
Mrs. Smith’s attention prevented any of that. She could
feel the sloppy wetness of their fucking. Go away, she
thought to herself, go away go away go away.

“Honey, I’m going down to the store. Y’want anything?”

“Um… Uh… N… N… No. No. Can’t think of anything.
Thanks. Thanks anyway.” Please, please, please go away.

“Okay, see ya later, dear.”

As Mrs. Smith wandered away, through clenched teeth,
between his thrusts, she said to her husband “Please…
Open the… window… Let me in… Joke’s over… I
just… wanna… fuck… Let me in… Please.”

He slid all the way into her and stopped, leaned forward,
undid the anti-burglar lock and pushed the window up.
Abruptly, she slammed backwards with her ass, pushing him
over and pulling him out of her. He landed on his back,
surprised and stunned, his wet cock slapping against his

She spun around, stared right into his eyes like a laser
and said, “You bastard.” She pulled her underwear down
the rest of the way. He began to sit up, and she leaned
over, put her hands on his shoulders and pushed him back
down, sinking with him and never breaking eye contact. He
was momentarily frightened and thrilled by the look in
her eyes.

Still holding him down with one hand, she used the other
one to grab his wet, slippery cock and hold him steady
while she positioned herself over him. Once she felt his
tip at her opening, she sat down hard.

“Woooof,” he grunted, as her full weight came down on
him. “Hey, take it easy.”

With a grin on her face, she said “Go to hell,” grabbed
his wrists and held him to the floor. She proceeded to
slam herself up and down on his cock, as fast and as hard
as she could, while keeping him pinned.

Surprised by her roughness, and by his loss of control,
he said, between her slams, “Hey… take it…
easy…what are… you… doing?” He struggled against
being pinned. He was surprised by her strength.

“Shut up,” she hissed through clenched teeth. She brought
his hands together above his head, pinned his wrists with
just one hand, clamped the other one over his mouth and
said, “Shut up and get fucked.” She saw his eyes widen
above her hand on his face. The teasing had been too
much. She wanted to come. Now. She kept bouncing on him,
grinding her pussy against him as she rose up and down.
She closed her eyes, tilted her head down and continued
to pound away at him, lost to the sensations welling up
inside her.

He looked up at her. She seemed very far away, smiling to
herself. Like he wasn’t there. She was using him like a
piece of meat, like nothing more than a hard cock. He
could tell she was approaching orgasm, but not like he’d
ever seen before. She was muttering, “Yes, yes, yes,”
under her breath. She slammed down one last time and
ground away at his cock in a rotating motion.

He saw her eyes squeeze shut and her smile flatten into a
grimace. She moaned, “Yes, yessss,” one last time, took a
short, sharp breath and held it. She squeezed his face
hard with the hand clamped over his mouth. He felt the
walls of her pussy pulsing and throbbing. He felt his
cock throb and pulse too, but he wasn’t close enough. Not
quite. He watched her instead. She twitched as she
rotated, grinding down as hard as she could.

The grinding began to slow, becoming lazy circles. Her
breathing resumed, deep and rich. Her eyes opened and she
looked at him. Her eyes sparkled; her face widened into a
smile and took her hands off his face and wrist. She
leaned back into a sitting position astride his
midsection. She seemed very calm and quiet. His hard-on
throbbed inside her. She felt it and raised one eyebrow.
“Aw, poor baby didn’t get to come this time?” she said,
and she smirked. “Serves you right for the stunt you

She began to rock on her hips, gently back and forth. She
was still horny. Not a lot was going to get done around
the apartment this morning.

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