Wife gets drunk, and the fun starts

These events took place at a party, a situation where it is easy to get drunk. My wife Doris is half Chinese, very cute and sensual, and very easy to get drunk. And when she gets drunk she gets horny, and it is easy to have good sex fun with her. That night she was

Pheromone therapy renews a retirees passion and more

The clinic was an unobtrusive white stucco structure surrounded by gnarled oak trees on an obscure back road. There were several cars parked in front but it gave the overall appearance of being unoccupied. The smell of late summer was in the air, with just a hint of fall breezes – my favorite time of

A short tale of frotteurism

Fanny’s bottom was soft and pliant under the graceless pressure of Don’s hand, and she fell quite silent when Don began to touch her there, her silence amounting, in his simple mind, to permission. In any case her pantied ass-flesh was so supple and alluring that the childlike Don could not resist his drive to

My Sweet Melissa

I’ve been sitting here crying for the last few hours. I know a man isn’t supposed to cry but I just can’t help myself. You see I love my wife very much. I love her with every fiber of my being and that is why I can’t understand why I make her do what I

Swinger hostess

Guests were starting to arrive, and she was nervous. They had gone to several other parties before, but this would be the first one that they had held for the group. He stood behind her and rubbed her shoulders and whispered “Relax” into her ear. Then he bit it gently. The “zing” made her giggle