Girlfriend turns her jock boyfriend into a sissy

“Why aren’t you dressed?” I asked. “The party starts in an hour.” I was startled to see Janet in a light blue bathrobe and slippers. “Oh, I’ve been trying to sew this darn thing, but I can’t do it without a form,” she responded, discouraged. “Well, we don’t have a lot of time left and

A desperate girl finds what she needs right at home

I opened my eyes and sighed. The dream was going so well: I had money, power, and most of all, a loving boyfriend. At 19 years of age without having had any sort of lover, I have come to feel a little… undesired. All of my friends have had some sort of relationship with guys.

Trisha Makes Me Her Bitch

“Just try it, I think you’ll really like it!” Trish was telling me. We were in somewhat of a sexual rut, and this was the result of it. We hadn’t had sex for three weeks at this point. It’s not that I didn’t want her. Trish was far more beautiful than I had deserved. We