I couldn’t do anal with my husband because his “equipment” was too big, so he helped me out another way

After some of the things I’ve done and enjoyed doing,
it sure seems really strange that my husband’s friend
Jimmy manages to make me feel sleezier coming to my
house all by himself than I felt going to a
construction site and fucking and sucking every guy
there while everyone watched. I’d almost say he gives
me the creeps except that I love his cock so much. It’s
just so perfect for pounding up my ass, big enough to
enjoy in my pussy and small enough to easily take down
my throat in practically any position.

He came over at lunch time. I knew he was coming and
was going to be by himself. I had the kids with a
friend for a couple hours. I answered the door in just
a robe, barely joined at the waist.

Before he even stepped in, he slipped his hand inside
and fondled my breast, opening the robe for anyone that
might be looking. I thought to myself “two can play
this” and reached down, unzipped his pants and reached
in for his cock. He actually moved his hands across my
body so the robe fell off my shoulders then reached a
hand down and slid a finger down my crack and pressed
for my hole.

I wasn’t exactly sure what he was trying to prove, but
I just imagine I’ve done this a lot more than him, so I
unbuckled his pants, pushed them down then pushed down
his jockeys. He wasn’t even quite hard, but we stood
there fondling each other and about the time he was
good and hard, he said “let’s close the door and go to
the bedroom.”

I don’t know why, but I felt like I needed to exert
control, so I said something like, “if you are going to
fuck me, I want it right here right now” and turned
around, bent over and spread my cheeks. Well, he
stepped out of his pants and right up to my offered

The reason he was even there was that my husband knew I
was horny for anal (and my husband is too big for
fucking me in the ass), and sent him over. I knew he
was coming and knew I was going to get it in the ass so
I was lubed up really good. As soon as I felt the head
of his dick at my asshole I told him to hold it and I
pushed back. As quick as the head popped into my
rectum, Jimmy grabbed my hips and pulled me back while
he stuck his hips forward.

I love the feel of a dick plunging up my ass. Jimmy
almost came on the first in stroke but held me really
tight and stayed still for almost 30 seconds deep
inside me. Then he pulled his cock almost out and
pushed it all the way again slowly. I was just bent
over, holding on to my knees while he held my hips and
his cock went in and out of my ass. He only pumped it 6
or 7 times before he started coming.

I was just lay still, enjoying my ass fucking — the in
and out sensation and the feel of cock deep in my ass.
I felt him tense up and I could even feel the cum
pulsing through his cock as he unloaded it deep inside
me. Feeling those jerks of his cock and spurts of cum
is so cool. I didn’t even have an orgasm, but it really
felt so good having a cock in me like that. I usually
come super quick with a cock in my ass but for some
reason I was into the slow thing and didn’t right then.
Anyway, I sort of wanted to reach down and do my clit
and come while his cock was still in me, but he pulled

Even though I did my two enemas before he got there,
his cock was sort of messy, so I closed the front door
and led him to the bathroom to clean up. He was saying
something about get it good and clean because if I
wanted any more I was going to have to suck on it. That
was fine with me, but he was plenty hard again by the
time I had him clean.

I took him to the bedroom and pushed him down on his
back and just mounted him. I held his cock to my
asshole and just sat down. He pushed up some and the
same time and it was way up my ass in one stroke. My
eyes were closed and I almost came. He held his hips up
and I kind of whispered “touch my clit.” I came when I
barely felt his finger on it.

He lasted a lot longer this time. And I came a bunch.
Probably the best time was when he had two fingers up
my pussy and rubbing my clit with his thumb. When he
came I just sat on him milking with cock with my anal
muscles and lifting a little up on my knees and then
down. For being underneath me, he actually pumped his
cock in and out pretty good because I could feel a
little bit of burning when I squeezed it out of me.
With his cum up inside me from the first time, I didn’t
figure I’d need more lubrication, but I guess I should

I figured for sure he was done, but I went and got a
couple rags to clean him up anyway. He just layed there
on his back with a self satisfied grin (I’d love to
know what he was thinking) while I washed him.

Me and my slutty behavior, I was actually in sort of a
69 position on top of him and kind of talking to his
dick as I washed telling it how much I enjoy it when I
couldn’t resist and just sucked it into my mouth. It
was soft and I swished it around and sucked on it
really hard. And, I started getting hot again. He got
about half hard and I was sucking like mad and he put
out his tongue and stuck his whole face into my pussy
with his tongue up my hole. Big orgasm for me!

Bless his heart, he wasn’t done. He rolled me over and
started sucking my clit and playing a couple fingers in
my pussy hole. Then a couple more and twisting his
knuckles against my vagina walls. He pumped his hand
and twisted it so lubrication was all over it then
shoved hard. When his fist popped through I came again.
Then he was pumping his arm up my pussy. More than half
way to his elbow I think.

I wasn’t sucking his cock anymore but was jacking him
and he was definitely hard and watching his arm
disappear up my pussy was definitely turning him on. I
couldn’t see it that good, but feeling it was plenty
good. He kept playing with my clit with his tongue and
I actually stopped him because I knew I was going to
pass out if I kept having orgasms.

My pussy was burning by the time he finally came off in
my hand. I like being fisted every once in a while and
I sure enjoyed this time, but it’s definitely something
that needs more lube than I had yesterday and probably
shouldn’t be done except AFTER your pussy has been
fucked pretty good.

The weird part is that later, my husband wanted to hear
all about it. He normally doesn’t get all that turned
on with me talking about doing other guys but last
night he wanted to hear every detail. He got so hard. I
was playing with his cock while I was telling him about
it and he came before I was even half way through. I
licked it all up and kept on telling him and still
wasn’t done before he reached over and spread my legs
apart and rolled over on top of me.

I was plenty wet in the pussy from telling him about
Jimmy and I reached down and spread my pussy lips
apart, so his cock easily slid all the way up my cunt
in one motion. To tell the truth, my poor body didn’t
know whether to holler because it hurt or grin because
it felt so good. And I did something I almost never do.
I faked an orgasm. It was hurting too bad for me to
really come and I know that when I come, it usually
puts him over the edge so I just faked one.

He HAD to fuck again this morning. He told me he
dreamed about watching me with another man (that he
didn’t recognize). I asked him to fuck me slowly and he
did. So we did the really romantic screw and actually
came together with his cock in my pussy. It was still
hurting, but with him going nice and slow, the pain
actually made the orgasm better for me.

Can’t believe how sore I am now. My pussy is so raw it
looks like hamburger. When I started writing this, his
cum was dripping/oozing out of me. Normally, that gives
me a little thrill but it actually stung my pussy lips.
Been a long time since I got like this.

I hope hubby is okay with a lot of oral sex for the
next couple days.

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