Interracial fantasies 2.

“Is something the matter with your relationship?”

“I’m sorry Jerome. It’s something I can’t talk about
right now.”

“Well, if it’s a guy sort of thing than maybe I could
help but I’ll let that be up to you.”

Jerome didn’t question Danielle about their problem as
they finished lifting weights and walked the tread mill
together. Jerome was surprised when out of the blue,
Danielle asked Jerome a serous question about men.

“Jerome. Do men sometimes fantasize about other women
when they’re having sex?”

“To tell you the truth, if I’m with a beautiful woman
than that would be the last thing on my mind. Do you
think your husband has fantasies about other women?”

“I’m not really sure. Things have been different lately
with us.”

“Do you mean with sex?”

“Well, Hank sometimes seems like he’s in another word
and not paying any attention to me. One night we were
watching an adult video together and Hank was very
excited but as soon as the video ended, Hank seemed
like he lost interest.”

“You don’t think he loves you?”

“No, it’s not that at all. I know Hank loves me. Gosh.
Jerome. I shouldn’t have told you this.”

“It’s all right. You need someone to talk to and I

They moved to the bicycles next and a few minutes
later. Jerome brought up the subject again.

“Danielle. Did you mean that your husband lost his
erection once the video ended?”

She felt embarrassed talking about it but shook her
head up and down that he was right.

“What was the video about? Were they young girls or

Danielle shyly laughed as she replied. “You’re not
going to believe this but the last few videos Hank
brought home to watch involved white women and black
men. They really seem to stimulate him.”

Jerome saw an opening. Hank must have a fetish to see
white women screwing black guys and he was going to
find out. Jerome wondered if Hank fantasized about
Danielle having sex with a black man.

Jerome wanted this woman from the moment he laid eyes
on her. There was something special that attracted him
to her. Danielle was exquisite! She was an absolute
knock out with a wonderful personality. Jerome could
fall in love with this woman easily.

They moved from the bikes to the floor mats where
Jerome taught Danielle a few movements to help tone
down her thighs. She was perfect in every way but
Jerome just wanted to take in every square inch of her
body. Her nipples were clearly visible as she laid flat
on the mat.

Danielle’s halter top was tight and was cut short,
revealing her trim belly. Jerome was excited and
couldn’t help the huge boner he had. Jerome was wearing
a tight pair of red satin shorts. His cock could
clearly be seen bulging out from the thin material.

Jerome was built hugely and he knew it and liked to
flaunt his size whenever he had the chance. Danielle
watched as Jerome shifted on the mat. Jerome caught her
starring at his erection and when she noticed him
watching her, she felt embarrassed.

Jerome had a wild idea. “Danielle, I have an idea that
perhaps might help. I know this is going to sound
pretty wild but please listen before you knock my idea

Danielle sat on the mat waiting to hear Jerome’s idea.

“What if perhaps you sort of told Hank the truth about
meeting me. Perhaps you could explain to him that I’m a
fitness trainer that you met while at a club dancing
last night. You could explain to him that I’m black and
use your imagination to describe me to him.”

“Jerome, where is this going?”

“Danielle. Hear me out! OK. Maybe you could explain
that I brought you here with your neighbor, Macy and
worked out together.”

“Jerome. What’s the motive behind this? What’s next?”

“Let me finish. Let’s say you’re telling Hank in the
bedroom before going to bed one night. Maybe you could
put an interracial video’s on the television. Get him
really excited with it and than you could tell him
about your experience with me. See how he reacts and
than you’ll know.”

“Know what? Know if Hank is turned on watching white
woman getting it on with black men?”

Danielle glanced down at the mat trying to take in this
wild idea of Jerome’s. She wondered what the motive
would be at the end! What then!

“OK, let’s just say I do all this and I find out that
Hank gets extremely excited. What should I do then?
Take him to counseling?”

Jerome quickly cut in. “Danielle. Maybe you could
fantasize along with your husband. Maybe you could
mention something about me. Maybe relate the black guy
in the video with me and tell Hank how it gets you

“Jerome, this has gone far enough. I hope you don’t
think I’m going to ask him if I can have an affair with
another man.”

“Danielle. I’m very sorry. I didn’t mean to have it
appear that way. I meant that you will know for sure if
that’s what Hank gets excited about. Maybe you could
keep these fantasies going while you’re making love to
him. You know. Help stimulate him sexually to desire
you more.”

“I understand what your telling me but isn’t that kind
of sick if that’s what Hank wants to see? Do you think
he fantasizes about me with a black man?”

“There’s only one way to find out!”

They showered and Macy and Lamont were busy talking
again. Danielle was applying lipstick when Jerome
walked up to her.

“Danielle, I hope I’m not out of line here but I find
you very attractive and if you were my husband I
wouldn’t want to share you with anyone.”

Danielle closed the lid on her lipstick and turned and
smiled at Jerome.

“You’re a gorgeous woman and you deserve a man that
appreciates you for your beauty and personality, not
something to fantasize about with another man.”

Jerome could see it in her eyes. He was getting inside
her head now. All he had to do now was keep working on
her slowly until he had her hooked in. He wanted this
woman bad! It was just going to have to wait a while

Jerome whispered to Danielle not wanting Macy or Lamont
to hear what he said.

“Follow me out to my car. I have something to give

Jerome opened the trunk and took out a package.

“Put this in your purse. It’s a video I think will help
you and Hank.”

Jerome kept his adult videos in the trunk of his car
and that one was very special to him. The black guy
resembled Jerome right down to the size of his cock.
Ironically. The woman in the video resembled Danielle.
It was Jerome’s favorite video.

Jerome hoped it would work to stimulate Hank’s crazy
desire. He felt that if Hank wanted a black man to
screw his wife that he would find a way to make it

“Danielle, wait a couple days before you give this
video a try. I’ll give you a call this week when I feel
it’s a good time.”

Danielle wondered why Jerome felt he needed to call her
and say when she should show Hank the video but figured
maybe he was going to give her other advice as well
when he called.

Jerome walked Danielle back to Macy’s car as they
waited for Lamont and Macy to say their goodbyes.

“I can’t help but notice how your friend has taken to
Lamont. Is she married too?”

“Yes I think Macy and her husband have a special
relationship. I think if she played around with another
man, her husband wouldn’t care.”

“Oh. You think they have an open relationship?”


A few minutes later, Macy was walking toward the car.
Jerome took Danielle’s hand as they said goodbye. He
wanted to kiss her so bad he could taste her. He
finally decided to kiss her on the cheek which
surprised her but caused her to smile as she got into
the car.

Jerome watched the car turn the corner and drive out of
sight. He had to find someway to get Hank stimulated
without giving away his secret. Maybe he should be
honest with Hank. Tell him it was his wife that he met
at the club. Maybe he could explain that he was really
looking out for him once he realized it was his wife.

Jerome would have the remainder of the weekend to
figure out a way to tell Hank that it was Danielle whom
he met at the club.

Jerome was seated at his desk Monday morning when Hank
walked into his office.

“Hey, Jerome. How did you make out with that blonde at
the club Friday night?”

“Uh, yeah man. Everything worked out well. Um…
Listen. Hank, you got a few minutes this morning to
talk about something?”

“Yeah, sure. What’s on your mind?”

Jerome got out of his chair and walked over and shut
the door to his office and locked it. He scooted his
chair around the desk and sat next to Hank.

“Listen man. I got to tell you something. I don’t want
you to be angry at me or anyone else. Just listen to
what I have to say.”

Hank could see that Jerome had something important to
tell him.

“OK. I’m listening.”

“Hank, I want to tell you about that blonde I met at
the club on Friday.”

“Yeah, that’s what I came up here to find out!”

“Listen. I found out that she is married.”

“So she must have been out on the prowl that night,
otherwise she wouldn’t have been at that club.”

“No, it’s nothing like that at all. You see. She was
out at the club because her friend had taken her there.
She didn’t know what kind of club it was until she got
there. You see. I found out she’s really nice and I got
to know her really well. In fact I took her to this gym
that I belong to on Saturday.”

Jerome had Hank’s full attention now because he
remembered Danielle mentioning something about going to
a gym on Saturday.

“Listen. I don’t know if this blonde had any desire to
pick up a guy but I feel that if she did than I did her
husband a great favor by meeting her that night.”

“What are you telling me, Jerome? How did you do her
husband a favor?”

“Well, it’s like this. Man. I kept those other guys
from hitting on her that night and took her to my gym
and actually helped her learn about something
important. You see. I use to work as a trainer and I
taught her a few exercise routines.”

“You didn’t try to hit on her?”

“No man. Listen to me. I don’t want you to get upset
with me. That blonde was your wife, Danielle at the

Hank starred at Jerome angrily at first.

“Hank, please understand. I didn’t do anything wrong.
If anything, I kept your wife from getting in trouble
with another man at the club.”

“Jerome, why didn’t you tell me about this sooner?”

“I didn’t put it all together until Saturday when we
were at the gym and she mentioned her husband’s name. I
swear, Hank. I didn’t mean any harm.”

Hank’s face had turned red at first but he seemed to be
calming down.

“What did you mean when you said you may have kept my
wife from getting into trouble?”

“Listen. I’m not really sure of anything. Your wife’s
friend seemed a little on the wild side and I was
getting a bad feeling that maybe she could have
influenced her.”

“You think my wife might be interested in meeting a
black man for sex?”

“Hank, I don’t really know that for sure. All I know
for sure is, your wife is safe with me. You can trust
me on that or I wouldn’t have come in here this morning
and said anything.”

“So you think I should thank you or something for not
banging my wife?”

“Listen to me Hank. If your wife did have an interest
in interracial sex than maybe you should be lucky that
your old friend Jerome was there and not one of those
jerks at the club that would have gotten her drunk and
taken her to a hotel around the corner and banged the
shit out of her.”

Hank was silent at first and starred down at the floor
a few seconds before replying.

“I’m worried, what if you’re right about my wife? What
if she was there to pick up a guy?”

“Well, we don’t know that for sure but I think I have a
way to see if she has any interest in black men?”

“What do you mean? How did my wife act when she was
around you Friday night. Did she try to hit on you?”

“I’m not really sure Hank. Danielle was really nice
with me but I’m not sure. Do you want to hear my idea?”

“Yeah, I just hope it doesn’t evolve something crazy.”

Jerome almost lost but kept cool. He remembered
Danielle telling him that his idea was crazy.

“Well. What do you two do when you’re having sex? I
mean, do you do things to stimulate each another like
maybe watching video’s or something?”

“Yeah. We’ve done that before.”

“What’s on the videos? Are they straight sex or do they
have a fetish in them?”

“Well, their straight sex and I guess you could say
they’re interracial.”

“Oh, now we’re getting somewhere.”

“What do you mean?”

“Hank, you may have turned your own wife on to black
men by showing her those videos. Maybe she has a secret
fantasy about having sex with a black man.”

“Jerome. I don’t think so. Danielle never mentioned
anything about sex with a black man or any other man
for that matter.”

“Your wife’s not going to tell you herself. You’re
going to have to work that out of her. Hank, you got me
curious now. You mentioned that all the videos are
interracial that you’ve watched. Do you have a secret
fantasy to see white women getting banged by a well-
endowed black man?”

Hank was too embarrassed to say it but Jerome could see
it in his face.

“It’s nothing you should be ashamed about. At least
that explains why you were standing at the bar watching
that redhead with that tall black dude at the club
Friday night.”

Hank hadn’t realized that Jerome had noticed him
watching that couple that night at the club.

“I saw that redhead in the club before and her husband
is always there to watching her from a distance. He
waits until a guy hits on her than follows them back
home so he can watch.”

Jerome kept watching Hank’s facial expression and saw
he was pushing the right buttons

“This is a great opportunity to spice up your sex life
with your wife!”

Hank was listening.

“You could implement an interracial movie to help
stimulate both of your sex lives. If you’re excited by
seeing white women with black men, than a video will
definitely turn you on and you can use the same source
to see if Danielle is aroused when she watches the

Jerome had Hank’s full attention.

“You should make comments about the move. You know,
point out the size of the black man to her and maybe
comment about the woman. Maybe you could find a way to
relate your wife to the woman in the video. Be blunt!
Ask her how she’d like having something that large
inside her. See if it arouses her.”

Hank seemed to be satisfied with Jerome’s idea.

Hank left the office in total agreement with Jerome
that morning. Jerome waited until after lunch and gave
Danielle a call and said that she should implement his
idea about the video that night.

Jerome went a step further and asked Danielle to meet
him for lunch on Tuesday so she could brief him on what
happened Monday night. Dam, if she didn’t accept his

Danielle had everything in place that evening. She was
standing in the bathroom squirting her perfume between
her breasts and adjusted the black teddy along her
shoulders. She switched off the bathroom light and
walked into the bedroom where Hank was waiting in bed
for her.

“Honey, you look wonderful in that little outfit!”

Danielle walked along the bed and leaned over and
kissed Hank as her tits spilled out of the tiny little
black teddy.

“Wait for me while I put a video into the player.”

Danielle put on the player and television and got back
into bed with her husband and kissed him. She snuggled
up next to him as the picture came into view.

Hank’s arm was wrapped around Danielle’s shoulder and
she had her hand resting on his thigh near his cock. A
blonde was on the screen who resembled Danielle.
Amazingly. Even her long blonde hair came down to her
waist like Danielle’s. Her eyes were the exact same
color as well and her measurements were about equal
with Danielle’s.

The blonde was talking to her husband in a bedroom
about meeting a black guy. The door opened and a tall
handsome black man walked into their room. The black
guy was wearing pants and a tee shirt and raised his
arms to take off the tee shirt revealing his muscular

Danielle noticed that he resembled Jerome even his face
was similar. The guy took off his pants to reveal a
huge thick black cock to the blonde wife on the bed.
Danielle’s attention was driven to the size of his

“Danielle, look at the size of that dick! He’ll rip
that poor little blonde wife in half with that thing.”

Danielle felt Hank’s dick getting stiff as she watched
the video. They watched as the husband got out of bed
and sat in a chair to watch the couple have sex.

“Honey, I think her husband likes to watch.”

Hank didn’t respond but his breathing got heavier as he
watched the couple on the screen. Hank’s dick was
throbbing as he watched the blonde take the huge black
cock into her mouth. It was thick and Hank wondered if
Jerome was that huge.

Danielle began stroking Hank’s cock. She hadn’t felt
him get this stiff in months. They watched as the huge
black man mounted the blonde and slowly drove his huge
thick black cock inside her tiny white pussy.

Hank’s dick was rock solid hard and wet at the head. He
was extremely excited as he watched that little blonde
getting herself banged on the video. The camera panned
toward the husband who was jerking off as he watched
his wife get screwed.

Danielle kissed Hank on the lips. “Honey. I want you to
fuck me now. I want to feel you inside me.”

Hank quickly got on his knees and positioned himself
between Danielle’s legs and drove himself inside her
wet pussy in one long push. Danielle quickly wrapped
her legs around her husband’s ass feeling his stiff
cock inside her for the first time in months.

“That’s it. Hank. Fuck me hard. I want to feel you deep
inside me.”

“God. You’re so wet. Watching that big black cock must
have excited you?”

“Yes. It turned me on! Please fuck me hard.”

Danielle was wondering if Jerome was as large as the
man in the video. Her pussy was so wet. She could feel
herself ready to cum.

“Oh god Hank! Fuck me! Uh god… I’m there! Shit!”

Hank could feel Danielle’s pussy grasping his cock. She
was tight the way he liked it and very skilled with
using her pussy muscles.

“That’s it. Pretend I’m that black man inside you right
now. Do you want me to cum inside you?”

“Oh god yes! You’re so hard. I want you to shoot it! I
want you to cum inside me.”

Hank hadn’t been this stiff in a long time and wanted
to shoot his cum into Danielle.

“That was a big cock, wasn’t it, baby?”

“Oh god yes! It was so huge.”

“Imagine it inside you at this moment. A big black
potent cock.”

Hank could feel Danielle’s pussy tightening up again
and knew he had to cum now. He could feel it inside his

Hank kept pounding into Danielle’s pussy as hard as he
could, causing her moan with each thrust until he
finally hollered out.

“I’m going to cum!”

Danielle tightened her legs around her husband as she
felt the first blast of cum entering her pussy. It
caused her to have an orgasm at the same time. Hank’s
body flexed a few more times than he turned over and
lay down next to Danielle as he caught his breath.

Danielle and Hank’s questions had been answered thanks
to Jerome neither of them new that Jerome was setting
them up with their help. In Danielle’s mind, she knew
that Jerome had been right about Hank.

Hank was laying their totally exhausted thinking about
how much Danielle got aroused by watching the black guy
on the screen. Hank was wondering if Jerome was built
as largely as that man.

Jerome was anxiously waiting in his office the next
morning hoping to get all the details from Hank. Hank
walked in right on time.

“How is it going, Hank? How did everything work out
last night?”

Hank sat down with a depressed expression on his face.

“Well, I think you were right about Danielle.”

“Hey, did you two have wild hot sex last night?”

“Yeah, it was really hot!”

“Hey. That’s good! Why are you looking so depressed
this morning? I think I got you both very stimulated.”

Jerome could still see Hank wasn’t feeling any better.

“I think this is a good thing for both of you. You got
really aroused watching the video and your wife was hot
in bed with you last night. Danielle must have got
herself aroused watching the video and you have a
fetish to watch white women with black men. I think you
both should be happy.”

“I’m just worried about my wife.”

“You have nothing to worry about. You at least know now
that your wife has a fantasy about black men. If
Danielle likes what you like than that can’t be all

“What if Danielle decides to go down to that club again
and pick up a black guy?”

Jerome’s mind was thinking far ahead of Hank’s mind.

“I have an idea. Promise me you won’t punch me in the
face when I mention this to you.”

“What is it?”

“Promise me right now that you won’t get mad at me for
suggesting this.”

“Yeah, OK. I won’t get mad, now tell me what’s on your

“OK. Here’s the deal. Let’s just say that we have to
presume that Danielle is interested in a black guy.
What if she were to have an affair with somebody you
knew rather than a complete stranger. Somebody that
would treat her well and tell you everything that was
going on and maybe even watch.”

“Jerome, are you thinking of what I think your
thinking, than you’re absolutely insane?”

“Hank, you got to listen to me. Think about it. What if
she decides to roam than its going to be a jerk we
don’t even know. Maybe a guy that is carrying a disease
or something or what if he tries to hurt your wife?”

“Jerome, this is insane to even speak about it.”

“Tell me the truth Hank, you really do have a fantasy
to see your wife bang a black guy but you would never
ask her to do such a thing so you relieve yourself by
standing in that club and watch other wives and
husband’s have all the fun.”

“Tell me what you have on your mind to make this all

Jerome couldn’t believe what he had just heard. He had
Hank snagged so deep he swallowed the hook.

“OK, let me talk to Danielle and see if I can make a
date with her. I can’t promise you anything without
your help and encouragement.”

“What encouragement? What exactly are you talking

“Hank, you’re going to have to give me a little help.
You know. Tell her to go out dancing and have fun!
Things like that.”

Hank sat in deep thought about this whole crazy idea of
Jerome’s. Maybe he shouldn’t have been as open about
his feelings to Jerome but maybe he could help and
wanted to at least see what Jerome could do.

“Hank, I’ll call you this evening as soon as I get
something together.”

Jerome took a long lunch to meet with Danielle that
afternoon. They met at a little seafood restaurant a
couple blocks from Jerome’s office.

Danielle was waiting for Jerome when he arrived. She
was dressed in a casual cotton summer dress but it
looked as sexy as can be with red high heels. They sat
down and ordered shrimp salads.

“Jerome. I think you were right about my husband.”

“Did he become extremely aroused watching that video?”

“Yes, he actually was able to get an erection for the
first time in months and I should, thank you for it but
what I’m I going to do?”

“Danielle, let me think of something that may help.”

The waitress brought their lunch as Jerome put his plan
into motion.

“Danielle, there is no doubt that you have a problem.
It’s sort of sick having a husband who desires that his
wife have an affair with another man.”

“I don’t know what I’m I going to do, Jerome. I don’t
want to go out and find anyone. I love my husband very

“I have an idea.”

Danielle was listening.

“I think your husband maybe one of those men that might
have to be shocked.”

“I don’t understand.”

“What if he were to follow you to a club this weekend
and watch you in action with another man. In his case,
Hank’s interest seems to be in seeing you with a black

“Jerome, tell me how I’m I going to accomplish this. I
don’t want to see another man.”

“Listen, you and your friend Macy could meet me and my
roommate at the Sam club this Friday and maybe you
could tell your husband where you’re going that night
and let him come out and watch us together.”

“Jerome, I can’t let Hank see you with me, what will he

“That’s my point!”

“What do you mean?”

“I would seem to think that if your husband cares and
loves you than he will put an end to it immediately and
maybe you two can go back to having normal sex again.
What do you think?”

“What if my husband doesn’t follow me to the club?”

“I think he will. You’re just going to have to spell it
out for him so he does.”

Danielle finished eating and finally agreed with
Jerome’s idea. She mentioned that she would check to
see if Macy could get away that evening. Jerome would
make sure he called Lamont to make sure he got Macy to
go back to their apartment that night. Jerome felt so
proud of himself that he was able to pull this off this
far and couldn’t wait until Friday night.

“Hey Hank. This is Jerome.”

“Jerome, tell me what you have planned.”

“I have everything planned for Friday night at the
club. Danielle will be giving you hints about where she
is going and all you have to do is play along.”

“You don’t want me to tell her I’m coming there?”

“All you have to do is play dumb but act like you’re
interested in knowing where she’ll be in case you need
to get a hold of her. Don’t forget to give her
encouragement like I mentioned. I’ll see you at work in
the morning.”

Hank couldn’t believe how fast Friday came. His stomach
ached from being nervous all week and today was even
worse. He looked at his watch and saw the time.
Danielle would be leaving for the club with Macy in
less than an hour.

Hank had confronted Jerome during the week and promised
Hank that he wouldn’t try to bed Danielle. He said he
would only test her to see how far she was willing to
go with him. Hank was still upset. He knew that Jerome
would probably touch Danielle or even worse, they would

A few minutes later, Danielle walked out into the front
room, she was wearing her new black dress which fit her
as tight as a rubber glove. Hank could see every
outline of her body. It was cut short, revealing her
long shapely legs and cut low enough in the front to
reveal a lot of cleavage.

Hank smelled the scent of Danielle’s perfume which got
him hard instantly. She walked toward Hank and spun
around so he could get a good look and his approval.

“Honey, what do you think of my new dress?”

“God, you’re beautiful. I feel so lucky.”

“Honey, Macy asked me to walk over a few minutes early.
Do you have the address of the club I’ll be at if you
need to get a hold of me?”

“Yeah, sure Baby. I’ll call your cell phone if I have
an emergency or something.”

Danielle gave Hank a little peck on the lips not
wanting to smug her lipstick. Hank decided to give
Jerome a call.

“Hey. This is Hank.”

“Did Danielle leave the house yet?”

“Yeah, Danielle left a couple of minutes ago. She
should be at the club on time. Where should I hang out
once I get there?”

“Maybe you should just hang out in the same area as you
did before. Just look around for me when you get there
but keep your distance.”

Hank waited until he saw Macy’s car back out of the
driveway. Macy’s husband wasn’t even home yet. The
house was dark. Hank looked at his watch and decided
he’d leave right now. He arrived at the club and pulled
into the parking lot and saw Macy’s car parked back in
a corner. They had gone into the club already.

Hank walked past a group of black men standing around
near the door and as he got inside his eyes had to
adjust to the darkness before he could walk around. The
place was already crowded and the music was playing and
people were already dancing out on the floor.

Hank figured there must have been more than four
hundred people in the club. It was a huge place and
full of black men prowling around looking for a pickup.
Hank saw the same redhead standing at the bar with her
husband. Hank wondered why she wasn’t alone.

Hank ordered a drink and casually walked back and forth
along the dance floor looking for Danielle and Macy and
the guys.

“There he is. I see Hank on the other side of the dance

“See. I told you your husband would come here to watch

“What do we do now?”

“Relax. Pretend he’s not here.”

Macy was involved in a conversation with Lamont and
didn’t know anything about what Jerome and Danielle
were doing.

“Danielle. Let’s go out and dance and maybe he’ll
notice us.”

Hank kept pacing the floor several more times until he
saw Jerome and Danielle on the dance floor. The song
had a fast beat along with the next two and finally the
DJ put something much slower on.

“He’s watching us now. I can see him starring this

“Danielle, try not to look his way and hold me tight.”

Danielle followed Jerome’s feet and kept dancing as she
felt Jerome’s hands move down lower until his fingers
were touching her ass.

Jerome gently began to move them further down
Danielle’s ass until the palms of his hands were fully
on her cheeks.

“Danielle, enjoy yourself and relax. I want your
husband to get a good look at what I’m doing.”

Jerome began squeezing Danielle’s ass while they swayed
to the music. Jerome began getting an erection and
could feel his cock bulging out from his pants. He
skillfully pulled Danielle’s ass toward his crotch
until he knew her hips would touch the bulge. Danielle
didn’t resist his moves and continued rotating her hips
against Jerome.

Hank kept watching Danielle and Jerome dance. He
couldn’t keep his eyes off Jerome’s hands that were
busy on his wife’s ass at the moment. Finally. They
were walking back to the table. Hank felt relieved.

Hank kept watching the table. A few minutes later
Jerome was putting his hand on Danielle’s thigh.
Danielle politely moved his hand away. That’s my girl!
I knew she wouldn’t let Jerome go too far.

Hank had to pee really badly. He glanced out at the
booth one more time and saw that everything looked
normal and walked to the men’s room.

“Jerome, I don’t see my husband anywhere.”

“He’s out there somewhere. Maybe he moved around behind
us or something.”

Jerome leaned over and kissed Danielle on the lips but
she backed away.

“Danielle relax, your husband’s probably watching us at
this very minute so relax and enjoy the moment.”

Jerome repeated with another kiss only this time
Danielle didn’t back away. She began returning his kiss
and slowly parted her lips to allow his tongue to enter
her mouth. Danielle finally broke the kiss.

“Jerome, I can’t do this to my husband.”

“Relax. This is what he wants to see, you have to trust
me if you want it to do any good and follow along with

Jerome ordered more drinks for everyone. He gently
placed his hand back on Danielle’s thigh again only
this time he didn’t meet any resistance. His fingers
brushed her soft skin above her knee and he was dying
to go further up her thigh and feel the soft flesh.

“Honey, it looks as if your friend is enjoying herself

Macy and Lamont were locked in a heated embrace, their
lips locked together and tongues mingling.

“They might as well go to Lamont’s apartment if they
keep going this way.”

Jerome had slowly moved his fingers along Danielle’s
inner thigh now and up a few inches. Jerome was shocked
when Danielle spread her thighs slightly giving him
access to touch her pussy next.

Danielle turned her head slowly toward Jerome and
allowed him to kiss her again only this time it was
much more passionate as Jerome worked his fingers
closer toward her pussy mound. Danielle had spread her
legs slightly more, allowing Jerome to touch her there.

She knew she shouldn’t be doing this but Jerome had her
aroused. Danielle’s mind drifted back to the video she
watched with Hank that night and wondered if he were as
large as that man in the video.

Jerome kept kissing her as she felt his fingers working
there way past the thin material of her thong. Danielle
broke the kiss again as she glanced out around the club
trying to find her husband as Jerome reached her pussy
lips and gently poked his finger into her slit causing
her to squirm in her seat.

Danielle Finally saw her husband again. “Look. Jerome.
There’s my husband. He’s watching us.”

Jerome wouldn’t budge as his finger probed around her
pussy causing her body to squirm to his touch.

“Please Jerome. Let’s go out and dance again.”

Danielle pulled his hand away from her crotch as she
scooted out of the booth and took his hand and lead
Jerome out onto the floor. She just couldn’t help
herself any other way. If Jerome continued probing her
pussy with his finger than she was afraid things would
get out of hand.

The song playing was slow and Jerome looked around for
Hank and saw that he was starring at them.

“Your husband is watching us right now. Put your arms
around me and dance really close to me.”

Jerome immediately pulled Danielle into his arms and
placed his hands on her ass and pushed her tightly into
his crotch. Danielle was aroused and drunk enough that
her body was beginning to respond to Jerome’s hands on
her ass.

“That’s it baby. Keep moving your hips and feel it push
against your pussy.”

Danielle’s eyes were closed as she felt Jerome’s
fingers gently squeezing her cheeks. Jerome moved his
head and gave her a long passionate kiss and knew Hank
was watching them. He was getting off on having Hank
watch him with his wife. It wouldn’t be long now that
Danielle’s pussy was going to get a taste of his big

Jerome was sure that she would want more once she got
it the first time and he would be more than willing to
keep her well satisfied with her needs.

Danielle’s head was spinning from the drinks she had
and the combination of having her husband nearby
watching was causing her to feel uncomfortable. When
the music changed to something faster, Danielle asked
Jerome to take her back to the table.

Macy and Lamont were standing next to the table waiting
for them. Lamont gave Jerome a wink that he was taking
Macy back to their apartment which was his cue to leave
shortly afterward. Danielle sat looking around for her
husband as Macy and Lamont walked away.

“It looks as if our friends wanted to get somewhere a
little more private together. What do you say we get
going too in a few minutes?”

“Jerome, Will you drive me home?”

“Yes. Wait here for a second while I go and talk to

Danielle was drunk and Jerome knew she was still
aroused and wanted to get her to his place fast. He
found Hank standing near the bar.

“Hank, I’m going to be taking your wife home soon, so
wait here and have another drink until I get her home.”

“Oh. Maybe I should hurry and get home before you do.”

“No Hank. Look over there. It’s the redhead again
talking to another black guy. Why don’t you keep an eye
on them until they leave and than you can go home?
Danielle should be home by that time waiting for you.”

Jerome patted Hank on the shoulder and bought him
another drink as he walked back to Danielle and said
that he was ready to leave.

Jerome helped Danielle to her feet and walked her
quickly out of the club. Jerome drove quickly to his
apartment and pulled into the parking lot.

“Jerome, this isn’t anywhere near my house.”

“Come on in for a minute. I want to check on Lamont
before we leave.”

Danielle followed Jerome into the building and up the
stairs and waited for Jerome to unlock the door. Once
they entered, they found the place dark. Jerome took
hold of Danielle’s hand and walked her back toward the
bedroom where they saw a light coming from one of the

They could hear sounds coming from the bedroom and
Jerome put his fingers to his lips indicating that
Danielle should remain quiet. Jerome moved Danielle
directly in front of him in the doorway so she could
see what was going on.

Macy was straddling Lamont’s legs and Danielle started
to back up but Jerome held her tight and whispered in
her ear.

“That’s it, Lamont. I love your cock in me. It’s so

Danielle knew they didn’t know they were being watched
as she stood motionless in the doorway watching Macy
and Lamont screwing in the bed. Danielle could see
Lamont’s large black cock gliding in and out of Macy’s
wet pussy. The thick black cock was wet from Macy’s

Jerome was still holding Danielle and felt her body as
it began to relax as she watched the couple in the
bedroom. Jerome slowly moved his hands up from her
waist and held her large braless tits in his hands and
pushed her body back against his hard cock.

Jerome whispered into Danielle’s ear. “Isn’t this
really nice to watch?”

Daniel nodded her head affirmatively as Jerome squeezed
her tits and held her back against his cock. Danielle
had never felt so aroused as she pushed her ass back
against Jerome’s body. She could feel Jerome’s massive
cock at the crack of her ass now.

Jerome flicked his fingers against Danielle’s nipples
causing them to protrude out from the thin material of
her dress. Jerome pulled Danielle away from the doorway
and into his bedroom across the hall.

Jerome slipped of his shirt and unbuckled his pants
letting them drop to the floor.

“Jerome, what are you doing? What if Hank followed us

Jerome stepped out of the pants leaving only his thin
boxer’s on and pulled Danielle to him and gave her a
passionate kiss.

“Don’t worry. I was checking in the mirror all the way
here and nobody followed us.”

Danielle didn’t resist as Jerome pulled Danielle’s
black dress over her head and tossed it on the floor.
Danielle knew she should stop but with all the liquor
she drank, and the sex show she just witnessed, she
simply wanted Jerome at that moment.

Jerome quickly pushed the boxer’s down his legs and let
them drop to the floor. Danielle quickly grasped
Jerome’s big cock. Jerome stood there looking
Danielle’s body over and saw how perfect she was from
her narrow waist to her full hips and her large firm
tits. She was perfect in every way.

“Danielle, I have to get you in that bed.”

“Jerome, do you have a condom?”

Jerome was pulling the covers back on the bed and
motioned for Danielle to come and lay down without
answering her question. He finally got around to
answering her question as she got into the bed.

“No. I don’t think so. I never use them.”

Danielle was incredibly horny as she lay down next to
Jerome and embraced him for a kiss as Jerome parted her
thighs Jerome was surprised when Danielle took hold of
his cock and began stroking it.

Danielle’s fingers held the huge cock and it was so
surreal holding such a large shaft in her hand. Jerome
was long and very thick and Danielle estimated that it
was more than twice the size of Hank’s cock.

Danielle was horny. It had been a long time since Hank
satisfied her. Danielle looked down at the huge black
cock head and couldn’t imagine how it would fit inside
a woman.

Jerome had found Danielle’s clitoris and was bringing
her to the brink of an orgasm.

“Please Jerome. Do you think you could go and ask
Lamont if he has a condom?”

“Danielle, I can’t interrupt them now! Besides. Did you
see Lamont wearing one?”

“I understand but I’m not on birth control or

Jerome moved his finger against her clit and Danielle
surprised him again when she began to tremble on his
finger and slightly pulled it out when she grabbed his

“Don’t stop now. I’m going too cum.”

Jerome watched Danielle’s facial expression and saw her
body trembling as he gently moved his finger over her

“Uh… I’m going to cum. Uh… Yeah! That’s it!”

Danielle’s pussy were so wet Jerome’s fingers got
soaked from her orgasm. Jerome couldn’t wait any longer
as he got on his knees. Jerome scooted on the bed until
he positioned himself between her legs. Jerome lowered
his body until the large head of his cock made contact
with Danielle’s pussy lips.

Danielle was biting her lip as Jerome slid his cock
head along the wetness of her pussy lips. Jerome pushed
forward allowing the huge head pop inside causing
Danielle to stiffen. Jerome closed his eyes and held
himself very still as Danielle’s pussy tightened its
grip when he entered her.

“Are you ok?”


Jerome inched himself forward allowing another couple
inches to slip inside as her body tightened again as
Danielle kept biting her lip.

“Should I pull out?”


Jerome had thoughts about what he was doing to Danielle
and Hank and held himself in that position a couple
more seconds than pushed forward sending another five
inches into Danielle’s pussy causing her to
instinctively open and pull her legs back.

“God, you’re so big.”

Danielle had felt guilt when she first came to Jerome’s
place but the combination of the liquor and watching
Macy screwing Lamont drove her to this point. Danielle
thought of Hank and felt this was his fault. Hank must
have known that this could happen. After a few moments
Danielle had rationalized the situation

Danielle’s body began to respond when her mind was
satisfied and lost its guilt. Jerome could feel the
changes that were happening to Danielle. Danielle was
changing from being a passive lover as her legs moved
around his body and tightened around his legs.

Jerome pulled out than pushed all the way inside until
his cock head hit her cervix. Jerome felt Danielle’s
pussy muscles tighten around his huge cock. It was a
perfect fit for him. Danielle’s pussy accommodated the
length of his cock so perfect that each time he drove
himself deep inside her pussy, he hit her cervix with
the head of his cock.

“I never felt anything this wonderful.”

That was all Jerome needed for his ego as he began
shoving himself inside Danielle’s pussy until his balls
were slapping against her ass with each stroke.
Danielle put her hands on Jerome’s ass cheeks and
pulled him inside her pussy as deep as she could.
Jerome was beginning to sweat as did Danielle and the
contact of their hot skin together was very

Danielle was grinding her hips and the incredible girth
of Jerome’s cock Jerome’s cock had such incredible
girth that her pussy was stretched out to its limit.
Danielle could feel ever vein and every ridge in
Jerome’s thick cock.

Jerome shoved his cock inside to the hilt and began
rotating his hips. Jerome kept himself fully impaled as
he moved his hips in a circular motion. He could feel
his cum building up a powerful orgasm in his balls.

Jerome looked down into Danielle’s eyes. She was gazing
up at him as if he were her black stallion. Danielle
had another orgasm as Jerome continued to rotate his
hips. Danielle could feel Jerome’s cock began to expand
and for a split second her mind thought about getting
pregnant but that was something she would have to deal
with later.

Danielle was moving her hips and giving this man as
much pleasure as he was giving to her. Danielle reached
another orgasm and than another as her mind went insane
with lust.

“Oh god! I want you to cum inside me. I want you to cum
for me.”

Those words set Jerome off into a powerful orgasm as he
gritted his teeth and grunted as the first wave of
fertile sperm shot from his cock. Danielle winced as
she felt the first wave hit her cervix. Danielle’s body
began to convulse and tremble as a huge orgasm overtook
her body as the last few spurts of seed were deposited
deep inside Danielle’s womb.

Danielle’s last words were garbled as she lovingly
spoke to Jerome. “Oh. Yes. Shoot it deep inside me. I
can feel it going in me.”

Jerome finished pumping his seed inside her womb and
collapsed on top of Danielle completely spent. Neither
of the wanted to move as they glowed in the aftermath
of love making. The realization of which took place
came into her mind as she felt Jerome’s fertile seed
began to flow out of her pussy.

Jerome was breathing hard above her and she almost
forgot where she was until they heard a knock on the

“Danielle. Are you in there? You left your cell phone
in your purse in the front room and it keeps ringing.”

“OK Macy, I’ll be right there.”

Danielle sat up and stood as she reached for Jerome’s
shirt and walked out of the room to retrieve her cell
phone. Lamont smiled at her as she entered the front
room. Macy was in the shower. Danielle returned to the
room and shut the door where Jerome was still laying in
bed waiting for her to return.

Danielle began to gather up her clothes off the floor.
Jerome gazed up at her.

“Where do you think your going?”


Danielle looked over at Jerome on the bed who was
stroking his semi-hard cock. She thought he was very
handsome laying there with a confidant smile on his
face as he patted the bed. She dropped the clothes and
got into the bed next to Jerome. Danielle sat down on
the edge of the bed.

Danielle took a deep breath as she dialed the number to
her husband’s phone. Jerome lifted himself up and
reached over and wrapped his arm around Danielle and
pulled her next to him in the bed. The phone began to
ring as Jerome kept his arm wrapped around Danielle.

“Hi Honey.”

“Danielle, where are you at? I thought you left the
club? Are you on your way home?”

“Honey, we stopped at another place and we’ll be home

Jerome began rubbing his finger along the wet slit of
Danielle’s pussy and pushed his thumb around her clit
causing her body to tense.

“Is Macy with you or are you alone?”

Jerome pushed two fingers into Danielle’s pussy now as
he continued to rotate his thumb on her clit.

“Macy’s in the bathroom but I think she’ll be back

“I’ll wait up for you.”

“Honey, I’ll see you in a little while.”

Jerome was getting his thrills touching Danielle’s
pussy while she spoke to her husband. Jerome could feel
Danielle’s body moving to the rhythm of his fingers.

“OK, don’t be too late. I’ll see you soon.”

Danielle hung-up the phone and closed her eyes as her
body arched against his fingers. “Jerome. I have to go

“You just told Hank you’d be home in a while so we
still have time.”

“Hank is going to find out and he is going to be so mad
that I don’t know what he would do to me or you.”

“Relax. Hank would be getting off watching us fuck if
he were here. You’re going to have to face it, Hank is
one of those sick fellows that gets off on all this.”

Danielle’s body was deceiving her as Jerome kept moving
his fingers inside her wet pussy.

“Danielle. If Hank was going to make a scene about this
than he would have walked over to our table when he saw
me kissing you and punched me in the face. Hank wanted
this to happen tonight.”

Danielle was on the brink of orgasm as Jerome played
with her pussy.

“Does Hank like to see other men flirt with you? Does
he like you to wear sexy cloths?”

Danielle was trying to concentrate. “Yes. I think so.”

“You see. Hank has a thing to see you with other men.
You’re married to a really sick puppy. Its time you
take him up on his fetish and find a real man.”

Jerome kissed her neck and took his fingers out of her
wet pussy and brought them up to Danielle’s mouth.

“Suck on them.”

Danielle opened her mouth and sucked the juice from his

“Taste it. Taste my cum?”

“Mmm. Yes.”

Jerome quickly grabbed Danielle around her waist and
hoisted her above his legs and poised her above his
huge cock. Danielle’s long blonde hair flopped around
and finally rested around her beautiful body. It made
her look like a goddess above him.

“Reach down and guide it in. You already have my seed
inside you.”

Danielle’s mind was playing with her but Jerome’s
version clouded her thoughts and with clouded judgment,
Danielle clasped her hand around the thick shaft and
rubbed it against her wet slit.

Danielle relaxed her leg and thigh muscles as she
slowly lowered herself onto the thick shaft. Once the
large head popped inside, her wet pussy gave little or
no resistance as she began to impale herself on the
huge black shaft.

Jerome took the wonder of her beautiful body in as she
sat above his legs and began moving rhythmically at a
fast pace.

“Baby, slow down, don’t worry about your husband. We
have time.”

Jerome was buried to the hilt inside Danielle’s pussy.
Danielle had arched up so she was able to watch the
huge shaft disappearing into her wet pussy below.
Danielle’s long blonde hair was spilled out all around
Jerome as she slowly moved herself on his shaft.

Jerome watched how her eyes remained fixed on the shaft
as it slowly entered and withdrew from her pussy with
each stroke. Danielle had an expression of amazement on
her face as if she were wondering how her pussy could
accommodate such a large shaft.

Danielle’s body was trembling from passion as she tiled
her head to look into his eyes. Jerome intensely
starred back as he said. “You know I’m going to spoil
you, don’t you?”


Danielle thought about Hank for a moment and how he
would go soft inside her pussy if he wasn’t getting his
fix on his fetish. She knew that Jerome would stay hard
and wouldn’t disappoint her. She glazed down at her
hands that were pushed against Jerome’s chest and saw
the contrast of their skin together. It only heightened
her passion as she continued to bounce up and down his
large shaft.

Danielle closed her eyes and felt the wonderful
sensation inside her pussy and she thought how
wonderfully Jerome’s cock fit inside her pussy.

“What are you thinking about?”

Danielle slightly opened her eyes and leaned down and
kissed Jerome, taking his tongue deep inside her mouth.
Jerome held onto Danielle’s ass cheeks as she began
moving herself faster above him. Her body began to
tremble and shake as she had one of the most wonderful
orgasms of her life.

“Oh god! I could feel you cum.”

Danielle was kissing Jerome’s face and wanted to give
him as much pleasure as possible but she could feel his
cock beginning to expand and knew he was going to cum
soon. Danielle raised herself back into position on top
of Jerome and began humping him with all her energy
which caused her to sweat.

Jerome starred up at her beautiful blonde glazed body
with her blonde hair flying around as she worked as
hard as she could to bring him to orgasm. Danielle
began to tremble and shake again as she reached yet
another orgasm.

“I’m going to cum. Honey. I want you to cum in my

“Oh yeah Danielle. I like to hear you talk like that.
Tell me what you want.”

“I want you to cum inside my pussy now!”

Danielle could feel Jerome as he spurted into her
pussy. He was holding her down against his legs as
tight as he could as he unleashed his potent seed deep
into her pussy for the second time that night.

Danielle could feel Jerome’s cock head pressed against
her cervix and felt each spurt that entered her womb.
Her body began to relax above him as she finished her

Jerome laid their watching this beautiful blonde above
him breathing rapidly as she caught her breath. She was
so beautiful and the thought accord with him that he
could be falling in love with this woman.

“I have to get up. I need to get home.”

Jerome wanted Danielle to stay now. He was falling in
love with this woman and didn’t want to share her with
anyone else.

“Why do you have to go home? Hank knew this was going
to happen. Why do you want to go home to that loser?”

“Look. I like you a lot but I’m married. Maybe we
shouldn’t have done this. I should get home now.”

“I don’t get it. You still want to go home to that
loser after he stood there and watched us at the club?”

Danielle got out of the bed and stood picking up her
clothes as Jerome walked around and put his arms around

“I’m really sorry I said that about your husband. I
think I was totally out of place.”

Jerome could feel the coldness coming from Danielle.
Jerome knew he screwed things up. It really didn’t
matter because he knew she would come back to him. It
would only be a matter of time.

Hank had been pacing the floor waiting for Danielle to
return home. It had been almost two hours since she
said she would be home soon. Finally. A Car pulled into
the driveway. Hank peeked out the front window and saw
a dark car in the driveway. He looked over at his
neighbor’s house and saw that Macy’s car was already
home in the driveway. Why didn’t she come home with

Hank saw the engine running and waited. His heart was
beating fast as he wondered who was bringing his wife
home. They must be talking.

Jerome and Danielle talked for a minute before she
leaned over and gave Jerome a kiss before getting out
of the car. Danielle walked up the walk as Hank opened
the door about a second before she reached for the door
knob. Hank saw the car backing out of the driveway and
pull away as Danielle stepped into the house.

“Who brought you home?”

“It was just someone I met at the club. Macy wanted to
leave early so he drove me home.”

“It was a man?”


“Baby, do you want to have a drink before we hit the

“I think I drank enough tonight. I’m really exhausted

Danielle walked toward the bedroom and pulled the black
dress over her head and tossed it on the chair. Hank
had followed her into the bedroom and watched every
move she made. Danielle raised each leg as she slipped
off her heels and took a hold of her thong and slipped
it down her legs.

There was a huge stain on the material of the black
thong so Danielle tucked it under her dress and turned
and saw Hank starring at her. She could feel Jerome’s
cum slowly escaping from her pussy slit.

“Danielle. You look so beautiful standing there naked.”

Danielle smiled. “Honey. Thank you but I’m all sweaty
from dancing at the club tonight and want to take a

Hank began to wonder if something happened between
Jerome and Danielle. Danielle seemed like she was in
too much of a hurry to get in that shower so Hank held
out his arms to Danielle.

“I feel sticky and dirty right now. I better get in the
shower first.”

“Danielle, it’s all right. Come here for a minute and
let me hold you.”

Danielle noticed that Hank had an erection. She just
finished listening to Jerome in the car tell her that
Hank would probably want to have sex with her when she
got home.

Danielle hesitantly walked toward her husband as he
wrapped his arms around her and began kissing her neck.
Hank seemed to be smelling her for any sign that a man
had touched her.

“Honey, did any of the men you danced with tonight at
the club come onto you tonight?”

Jerome had predicted Hank would ask her that question
and than he would want to have sex to satisfy his sick
fetish. Danielle didn’t reply to Hank’s question. Hank
began kissing his way down her breasts than onto her
belly around her navel.

“Honey, I told you that I was all sticky and wanted to
take a shower first.”

Hank was kissing her mound and his nose was working
hard to smell any scent of a man on her. Before she had
a chance to pull away, Hank held her ass cheeks tight
in his hands as he licked the front of her pussy slit.
Danielle could smell the strong scent of sex herself as
she watched Hank’s tongue work on her pussy slit.

Danielle saw him taste her and knew that he must be
tasting the salty mixture of Jerome’s cum and her
juices. Hank was enraged with passion now as he worked
his tongue deeper into her slit.

“Hank Stop.”

Surly Hank could taste Jerome’s cum and he wasn’t going
to stop so she slowly back up and sat on the edge of
the bed and spread her legs for Hank.

“That’s it. Lick it.”

Danielle was getting extremely horny as Hank kept
licking her pussy slit. Danielle fell backward on the
mattress as Hank’s face pushed into her mound. She
arched her hips up giving him better access to her
pussy. She was excited too thinking another man had
just screwed her and now her husband was licking his
seed from her pussy.

Hank got up into the bed and grabbed a hold of Danielle
and lifted her up until she was straddling his face.

Danielle began a slow rocking motion above her
husband’s face and instinctively began to squeeze her
pussy muscles hoping that Jerome’s cum would drip out
into her husband’s mouth.

“Honey, do you like sucking my pussy?”

Hank was so busy working his tongue deep inside her
that all he could do was, mumble.


“That’s it Honey. Your tongue feels so good inside me.
Eat it.”

Danielle was so horny that she reached back behind her
and worked her hand inside his pajamas and grabbed
Hank’s cock. He was very hard but she noticed right
away how small in comparison he was to Jerome. She knew
he could never compare to Jerome’s huge size. She had
felt so full and satisfied with Jerome’s big cock
inside her.

Danielle’s fingers wrapped around Hank’s cock which
made him suddenly cum in her hand. She was somewhat
relieved because she knew she had been stretched by
Jerome tonight and probably wouldn’t have felt Hank
that much anyway.

Hank raised his head and looked pitifully into her eyes
with the mixture of Jerome’s cum and her pussy juice
smeared on his face.

“It’s all right. Baby, keep licking me.”

Danielle reached down and put her finger on her clit as
Hank continued to lick her. She closed her eyes and
imagined that Jerome was screwing her as she worked her
finger in circles over her clit.

Danielle finally realized how much she was turned on
having Hank lick out Jerome’s cum from her pussy. Her
body began to shake and tremble as she pushed down into
Hank’s face and had a strong orgasm as she dreamed
about having Jerome’s big cock inside her.

Hank finally stopped to catch his breath and looked up
at Danielle. “I’m sorry I came so soon. It’s just that
I was too excited.”

“It’s ok Baby. You got me really excited.”

Danielle got up and took her shower thinking about the
things that Jerome had said on the way home. Danielle
turned off the water and thought about the last thing
Jerome said to her in the car. Jerome told her that sex
with Hank would never be the same again and he was