It was a black tie black affair New Years Eve

It had been literally years since we’d gone out like
this together. Between work, the kids, cub scouts, girl
scouts, mowing the lawn and every other activity that
consumed almost every waking moment, there was little
time for just us. We finally moved this past summer
slightly closer to home. A few weeks before the
millennium Carol’s parents called and said they’d be
coming down for New Years Eve. They even volunteered to
watch the kids if we wanted to go out.

At first we hemmed and hawed and procrastinated about
what we would do when my company offered up free
tickets to a black tie affair down town at the Embassy
Suites Hotel. The only catch was that we had to pay for
our own room for the night. It seemed like a pretty
good deal from my perspective.

Carol and I went down and checked in that after noon.

“This is going to be fun,” she said as we walked
through the hotel not encumbered by little arms asking
when can we go to the pool, can we have some candy,
he’s bothering me.

Our room was a two-room suite with a king bed, a couch
and a little living room. It was pretty damn nice. I
took a shower while Carol got dressed. I was getting
anxious so she told me to wait for her down at the bar.
I ran into some of the guys from my office and we had a
few drinks while I waited for my wife.

Scott and Lee were both going stag to the night.
Scott’s wife couldn’t come and Lee was recently
divorced. We sat together critiquing the women as they
came in. “Nice, nice. Average, average, yuck, owww…
Average… very nice.” That was in response to the nice
looking blond that was walking right towards me.

“Very, very nice,” I said to my self as I recognized my
wife of 12 years. She had on a sparkling, long black
halter dress that showed her shoulders and had a slit
up to her mid thigh.

The string of pearls I’d given her the day I proposed
were draped around her neck. Her blond hair was tied in
a tight bun on her head with small pearl studs in her
ears. Strappy heeled black shoes covered her feet and a
small gold chain was draped around one ankle. The back
of the dress was open almost to her tight little ass. I
had to admit it was making me hard just looking at her.
I was very impressed, and I think my two co-workers
were too.

“Hello handsome,” she said. “Buy me a drink.”

I was smiling from ear to ear. “You look fantastic,” I
told her

“Why thank you. I thought you might like it.”

That was an under statement.

She sipped her drink and continued, “Its been so long
since we’ve been away for the weekend.” I offered her
my arm and we walked off to the ballroom. I was pretty
sure that more than one guy caught a second glimpse as
she walked by.

There were hundreds of people in the huge room. We had
a table with some other couples and joined them for
dinner. Dinner was filled with the idle chat that
people who know each other but really don’t know each
other engaged in social intercourse. The band was
pretty good. It ought to be, considering what the
company had paid for the tickets.

Carol and I danced like a couple of college kids. I was
having a blast. They switched to a slower song and she
hung her head on my shoulder and I could smell the
faint hint of her perfume. My hands rested on her hips
and I slowly slid them down to her rear. I could feel
the silky fabric slide over her ass and looked down at
her. She had a slight smirk on her face.

“No panties,” she whispered as I felt myself getting
hard again. She kissed me gently on the lips and said,
“I love you.”

“I love you too,” I replied.

We sat back down and I noticed that a bit of the crowd
had slipped away. Carol said, “Who is that waving at
you?” It was Lee sitting by himself about two tables

“He’s one of the guys I work with. You know, the one
whose wife left him last year. He goes to the gym with

Lee waved again. Carol added, “That’s too bad. He looks
lonely tonight.”

“Go dance with him,” I said.

“What? It’s not my night to take care of charity

“Oh go ahead. He doesn’t bite.”

“No way, besides I couldn’t just walk over there and
ask him to dance. What kind of woman would he think I

“Jeesses,” I muttered. I looked over at Lee and waved
to him to come join us. At first he gave a friendly no
thanks wave but I waved again. He picked up his drink
and walked over to our table.

“Carol, this is Lee. Lee, Carol, my wife.”

Lee sat down and we started talking. I goaded him about
being there alone and that seemed to bother Carol.

“Leave him alone you big lout,” she said.

“Its ok” Lee said in my defense. “It comes with the

The band started up again and Carol looked at me with
that lets dance look. “I’m tired I moaned. You are
wearing me out. Maybe Lee wants to dance.”

“No, that’s ok,” he said.

“No really, its alright,” I told him, “go ahead.”

He looked at her and asked, “Would you like to dance?”

There was a short hesitation. I’d forgotten to mention
that Lee was black, very black. He sort of looked like
Wesley Snipes. Carol glanced over at me one more time
and then.

“I’d be delighted,” she said and stood up and followed
him to the floor. I had to admit that he moved pretty
well on his feet. He was actually a very good dancer.
They danced several quick numbers and then the band
switched to a slow one. I was waiting for them to come
back when he held out his hand.

She hesitated for a second then took it. He put his
large black hand on the small of her naked white back
and held her other hand with his. I could almost sense
her slightly trembling. I also couldn’t help but think
that he couldn’t help but feel every bit of her body
through the thinness of the dress she was wearing.

Hell, it only took me a minute to realize that she had
no panties. I was wondering if he’d get hard at the
thought of her naked whit body like I was now looking
at them. Could she feel him if he did? Of course she
could. The dance finished and they hesitated for a
second, a second too long, before they broke and headed
back for the table.

There was a bulge in his trousers. Can’t say that I’ve
checked out many other guys’ packages before but I
really couldn’t tell in the dim light by the table.
Carol sat back down and took a big sip of her drink.

“I’ve got to go freshen up,” she said and excused

“You are a lucky guy,” Lee said as he poured himself
another drink and offered me some.

“I am indeed,” I replied.

He excused himself to go get another bottle. Carol came
back and sat back down.

“Well, he’s quite a dancer,” I said.

“He’s ok,” she said. She wasn’t looking at me. Then she
looked up and smiled, “Ok, he’s a very good dancer.”

“So dance again if you want. We have no place to go.”

Lee came back and asked her if she could handle one
more. This time she didn’t hesitate at all and off they
went. They danced for another thirty minutes, fast
songs, slow songs, moving together like they’d been
doing it for years. People looked and grinned as they
walked by, the sophisticated blonde dancing with the
distinguished black gentleman.

Finally it was getting really late. Lee said his
goodbyes, thanked Carol for making it a most enjoyable
evening and went off to the bar with one of the other
left over stragglers. She came over and sat on my lap
and bent down and gave me one hell of a kiss. “Are you
ready to call it a night?”

“Indeed I am. Lets go.”

I took her hand and we went to the lobby. The elevator
took forever and she put her arms around me and nuzzled
my neck. The doors opened and we slipped inside. We
were the only ones in the elevator and had few floors
to ride. I spun her around and pined her against the
wall as I kissed her. My hand slid up the slit in her
dress, past the top of the black thigh high stockings
she had on. She let out a stifled moan as my hand
cupped her ass cheek. I quickly slid a finger around to
her front and slid it between her legs.

She moaned a little louder this time as I slid my
finger ever so gently along the slit between her legs
and parted her lips. She was incredibly wet and there
was no resistance at all. She was practically humping
my fingers. The door opened and I jerked my hand away
like some k*d caught in the candy jar, or some k*d
caught looking at his dad’s playboy. She gave a little
whimper as if she was very disappointed.

I took her hand and led her down the hall to our room.
I was fumbling with the damn plastic key card as she
ran her hands all over my back.

“Hurry up or I’ll have to do you in the hall” she
jokingly snapped. “I need to feel you in me.”

“Damn card.”

“Someone’s had too much to drink.” It was Lee; he’d
just got off the elevator and was walking past us to
his room.

Fuck you I thought to myself. I’m going to get what you
can only dream about. There, the card was in. The door
was opening. I grabbed her hand and pulled her inside.
Carol grabbed the doorframe and I stopped dead. She
pulled me back to the door and stuck her head out and

“Lee, come here a minute.”

My heart leapt and my mouth suddenly was very dry. What
the hell was she doing? Lee came back to the door and I
felt this pit in my stomach. She grabbed his hand and
pulled him inside.

“Come in,” and she closed the door.

Lee looked at me like, “What the fuck?”

I looked back as if to say, “Don’t ask me.”

She pulled off my jacket and led me over to the couch.
“Sit down, and don’t move.”

I sat.

She led Lee over to the king bed and told him, “Don’t
move.” Then she reached up and pulled the pins from her
hair and let her shoulder length locks fall free. Lee
looked at me again but I could offer no help. Carol
continued, “This has always been my husband’s fantasy;
I think he deserves to have it.”

Lee still looked totally lost. She reached up behind
her neck and unsnapped the halter-top of the dress. I
watched the top fall forward, her small breasts free,
her nipples very hard. She slid the sheath over her
hips and the wisp of material we had called a dress lay
at her feet. She was standing in front of him wearing
her thigh high stockings, heels, and the pearls. I’m
not sure I could have stood up if I wanted to.

She slowly dropped to her knees in front of him. My
heart was racing. If I’d been a few years older I’d
probably have had a heart attack. Her hands went to his
belt and tugged at the leather strap releasing it. I
could see the reflection of the ten-year anniversary
band on her finger as she unzipped his pants.

Lee obviously knew what was coming next as he stood
there with his eyes transfixed on my pretty white wife
kneeling in front of him. His pants slid down to his
ankles and his cock sprung free. He wasn’t hung like a
horse or anything, but he was obviously, very, very
aroused. I don’t think he could have gotten any harder
and I could see the veins sticking out from where I was
sitting. It was very black and the head was round like
a small plum.

Carol looked over her shoulder at me, flipped her hair
off to the side so I could see her face and turned back
to the side. Her tongue slid out and began to slowly
lick him. Lee let out a low guttural moan as she teased
him and played with him. I wondered how long it had
been since he’d had any. She kissed him straight on the
head and pulled back slowly, a thin line of precum
spinning a thread between them. His hand went back
behind her head and entwined in her hair.

She put his hand back on his hips and told him, “Leave
them where they are or I’m done.”

You wouldn’t have had to tell me twice. She opened her
mouth and I slowly watched him disappeared between her
lips. Her head slid back and forth in his lap and I
knew he was really enjoying it. What I’d never expected
was how much I was enjoying it. I could feel myself
leaking on the inside of my pants as I watched my wife
give the best blowjob of her life to someone else. A
black someone else.

Suddenly Lee stuttered, “S-shit!” And Carol jerked her
head back. A much thicker strand of white linked her
tongue to his cock. The thread broke and lay on her
chin. She licked the gob off the end of his cock, then
her finger scooped up the remnants on her chin and
licked her fingers clean.

“You almost lost it all there,” she said as she stood
up. “I have other plans.” She slid her hand across his
chest and slid his jacket down and let it fall to the
floor. His tie followed and his shirt was right behind.
Well, I thought to my self. This isn’t going to end
with a simple blowjob.

Lee was now naked in front of Carol. He was hanging at

“It may be his fantasy but there is no reason we can’t
enjoy it,” she said as she pushed him back on the bed.
Now he was starting to stiffen back up as he realized
what was next. I swallowed hard as she kicked off her
shoes and slid up him with one thigh on each side of
his waist. From my angle I could see the tip of his
cock inches from her opening, the hair around her just
ever so slightly visible.

“Do I need a condom?” Lee asked.

Shit, my heart leapt again. I’d been fixed after our
third k*d. We didn’t have to use birth control. As she
rotated her head slowly in a circle she just barely
whispered. “No, it should be ok.”

“SHOULD BE OK! I thought to my self “SHOULD BE…”

Then it was too late. Slowly she parted her legs wider
and wider, sliding herself lower and lower, the tip of
him coming closer and closer until her head shot back
like she’d been shocked when his black head slid
between her soaking lips and disappeared, inside her.
She stopped for a moment, then she slid her ass slowly
forward and back running the head of his cock back and
forth against her opening.

Then without warning she pushed her thighs as wide
apart as she could get them and he slid all the way
down his cock. The room was deathly silent for a
minute. You could probably hear my heart beating. I
could hear Carol’s short deep breaths as she adjusted
to the first cock other than mine in many, many years.

Lee’s hands slid around to hold her ass as she began to
ride faster and faster. On each thrust she would raise
herself up so that just the tip stayed inside and then
she’d ride it back down. His hands alternated between
her breasts and her ass. I was entranced by the
contrast of their skin. His strong black hands against
her smooth white skin. I was being made a cuckold and I
was enjoying it. No, I did love it.

She threw one leg over him and flipped herself over so
that she was on the bed on all fours facing me, her
hair hanging down over her face. Her ass raised and her
legs spread open.

“I want to feel you from behind,” she begged.

Lee rolled over and used one hand to guide his cock
back into her warm receptive insides. The other played
with her hair as he began to fuck her harder and
harder. She looked up at me, her face turning red,
perspiration giving a damp sheen to her body. I knew
she was close. She looked at me again and smiled as she
began to cum.

Her back arched, then sank, her hands gripped the bed
cover as tight as she could. “Oh, yeah,” escaped her
lips as she twitched again and again.

Lee didn’t let up and she gasped for breath. He stopped
and flipped her around back on to her back, her head at
the top of the bed. He kneeled between her legs, his
balls hanging down between his legs as he lowered
himself once more into her. She moaned as she had never
moaned for me as he slid deep inside her. She raised
her nylon covered thighs up to her chest, taking him as
deep as she could.

His black cock disappeared in her over and over. Each
time it withdrew I could see it slathered in her
juices. She was wiggling her ass under him, grinding
her clit against him. I knew she was enjoying having
his balls pounding against the crack of her ass. Her
back arched and she began to come again, reaching up
and grabbing his head, pulling their lips together,
kissing deeply as she came on his cock.

Lee broke the kiss and pulled her hands above her head,
their fingers intertwined, black in white, as if to
keep her from getting away. I don’t believe she wanted
to be anywhere else. He had to be close. His back began
to tense and his face became very intense. His balls
tightened close to his body and every muscle in his
lean muscular black body tensed for a brief second
before they suddenly relaxed.

I knew he was shooting his cum deep into my wife and if
it was anything like when I’ve held back so long, it
was shooting hard. Carol quietly moaned as he pulsed
again and again. I could see white fluid oozing out
around him as he filled her more than she could hold. I
certainly did hope she was right about her time of the
month because if she was wrong there were billions of
little guys swimming inside her now. I imaged his
fertile black sperm triumphantly moving up her tubes
seeking to make my cuckoldry complete.

They rested in each other’s arms; each breathing hard
as they slowly recovered their energy. Lee finally
rolled off and sat on the edge of the bed. Carol’s
heels were nestled up next to her ass and her thighs
lay open. It was quite a sight. His cum was slowly
draining down the crack of her ass and making a
sizeable puddle on the bed. Her pubic hair was matted
and wet. Her chest slowly raising and lowering with
each breathe.

Lee looked at me then quickly slid on his pants,
grabbed his jacket and shoes and quietly left. Carol
sat up supporting herself on her elbows as she looked
over at me. I stood up hoping she wouldn’t see the
stain on my own pants where I’d come at least twice
just sitting there on the couch. I moved to the foot of
the bed between her legs and gently kissed her knees.
Then I began to kiss the inside of her thighs.

“Please don’t do that, I’m a mess,” she pleaded.

“It’s my fantasy, you said so at the beginning.” With
that I lowered myself down between her legs. I could
smell their coupling only inches from my face. I don’t
think I’ll ever forget that scent. She continued to
ooze him from deep inside her. My tongue traced the
edge of her thigh and when I made contact with her
lips, she whimpered a small moan. I traced my tongue
down to the bottom of her opening and tasted their

He tasted a little different than I expected. I’d
tasted myself down there before, but this was
different. His cum was muskier, thicker, but then
again, he hadn’t been fixed, his cum was alive.

I began to lick her faster and harder. Her hands slid
down and held her lips open wider. She spread her legs
open. She began to tense once more. As he exploded her
muscles squeezed even more of him out on to my tongue.
I swallowed and licked. She collapsed back on the bed,
exhausted, spent.

I kneeled up and wiped the residue on my sleeve, kicked
off my clothes and slid in where someone else had been
only minutes before. She held softly as I slid inside.
She felt wet, and very loose. I couldn’t last more than
a few strokes as I filled her with what I had left. She
leaned over, kissed me, and put her head on my chest.
She was asleep in a matter of seconds.

As I lay there contemplating the whole night I realized
that I was indeed the luckiest guy in the world.

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