Kari Gets A Job

Kari Wuhrer walked into the office of the producers at Fox Studios. It turns
out, they were looking for a new regular female star.

The current producer David Peckinpah said that tv mega-babe Sarah Michelle
Gellar was already in the runnning. Kari admitted she’d do anything for the

She proceeded to drop down on her knees and remove the cock from the man’s
pants. She poekd her tongue out and licked the end. The top of her tongue slowly
rotated around the tip of his penis, then moved her tongue slowly down the vein.

The producer groaned
in pleasure at watching her do this. She then proceeded to
move her tongue back up the other side of the dick.

Once she reached the tip again, she lowered both of her lips over the end of
penis, with her hands she grabbed his balls, and the other end of cock. She then
began to slowly work her lips down the executive producer’s large penis.

“Oh, Ms Wuhrer..” He moaned, but Kari wasn’t finished yet. Inside her mouth, she
teased him with tongue, while on the outside she moved her lips up and down his
penis until it was fully erect.

Finally, the moment she had been waiting for arrived, as a simple drop of precum
appeared on the end of his cock. She pulled off with a pop, and licked the
precum off with her tongue. She placed his cock against her cheek as she spoke.

“Now Mr Producer, wouldn’t you prefer it to fuck my face?” she asked. David
looked confused. “Okay, here’s what you do.” She explained. “The next time I
start to suck your cock, place your hands on the side of my head, and treat it
like a tight, wet, slutty pussy, because I want to you to shoot your hot salty
cum all the way down my slutty throat.”

All the dirty talk was driving him wild and as she started to suck him again, he
grabbed her and slowly started to move her head back and forth on his cock.

“Mr Produfer!!!” she moaned through a mouth full of dick. He started to move her
head faster and faster.

He was amazed at how well the actress gave head, he’d never felt anything like
it before.

By now he was practically beating her head against his waist, he could could
feel the pressure building up in his cock. Ms Gellar was going to havve a hard
time topping this.

“HERE IT CUMS!!!” he called out and send a volley of cum shooting into her
mouth, without skipping a beat, she swallowed everything that came out, only
leaving a dribble out of her mouth, down her chin.

“Thank you, Mr Peckinpah.” He said, after removing his cock from her mouth.
“But, I don’t quite think I’ve won the role.” She said as she removed top to
reveal her large breasts suspended in a black lace bra. “Don’t you want to fuck
my nice big, large titties? C’mon, I wanna feel you shoot cum all over my melons
and face.”

She removed her bra and grasp hold of the producer’s cock, and placed it in the
gap between her breasts. She moved in and out of the gap as if it were her third
hole. One it was erect again, she moved her tits around the pole and rubbed them
together, she moved up and down on it, titty-fucking it like mad woman, she
brought it out from the gap and rubbed it against each of her nipples.

Suddenly cum exploded from the cock, and Kari made sure it went all over her
tits and face. After all the cum had been emptied on her face and breasts, she
let go, and licked up what she could off her boobs, and around her mouth.

“So, Mr Peckinpah, do I have the job?” She asked, grinning, his cum dripping off
her face and tits.

“You sure do!!!” Kari smiled again, then looked at the cock which was still
hanging there.

“Hmmm, all this cum on my body has really turned me on again, so, how would the
big producer like to fuck my nice, warm, tight, pussy?”

She said, and, as if he had already said yes, she started pull off her black
mini-skirt over her black heels.

“Why don’t you make yourself comfortable on that couch?” she said. The Producer
quickly stripped down, and layed down on the nice leather couch he’d brought for
his office.

Kari slowly walked over, her cum covered tits bouncing around as she walked.

Kari stood over the man, her black heels still on, and slowly kneeled down,
lowering her pussy on to his erect cock.

“Oh Mr Producer, your cock is so big!!!”

The producer moaned as his cock entered her unbelievably tight pussy.

“Oh god…” He moaned, Kari smiled and started to move up and down on his dick.
Kari moved her hips down until she met his then moved them back up again,
getting faster and faster with each movement.

“Oh yes, ugh, argh, uggh!!! Mr Peck!!!!” She said as she bounced up and down on
his penis.

“Oh Kari!!!!” He gasped.

By this point Kari had become a cum-hungry maniac and bounding up and down on
his dick like a pogo stick, she throw her entire body into each thrust.

“FUCK YES!!!” She cried out, “FUCK YES!!! OH I LOVE YOUR CUM!!! OH, OH, OH, AH,

She grabbed her own breasts and began to twist and turn them, she grabbed them
and pinched them. She lowered them down and jiggled them in front of his, she
brought up one to her mouth and began sucking on it. While doing this, muffled
moans still broke through.

“OH MR PECKINPAH, FUCK ME!!!!” She begged. David wasn’t sure how much more of
this he could take. He cunt was tight, and pressure was building up around his
dick. He grabbed her hips and helped her along her way by moving her hips up and
down on his cock.


“HERE IT COMES!!!!” The producer called out.


“OH FUCK YES!!!!” He hollered as cum started to pour out of his penis into the
woman’s tight pussy. The excitement caused her to cum like a banshee.

FUCKING BRAINS OUT!!!!” She screamed. Orgasm after orgasm swept over her.

Her cursed words soon became nothing but incoherent screams and moans. Finally,
she fell down and started kissing his chest and face all over.

“Oh Kari,” He breathed. “You’ve most defiantely got the role.” He told her.
After recovering, and not bothering to wipe the cum from her face, or the cum
dribbling down her leg. She pulled on her clothes and left the producer’s