My aunt and my fantasy

It was another summer, just like any other, usually boring, and miserable. Every summer I went up to New York to visit my dad because he and my mom got divorced. It just so happend that this summer I was turning 16 and my whole family was getting together to celebrate, it was sure to be a good time, plus i got a tip from my cousin that my aunt had something really special planned, but he didnt know what it was. After hearing this i got really excited i couldnt wait to know what the surprise was. I went home that night watched a little tv, and began to think about all the great things the surprise could have been, it didnt take much thinking because pretty soon i had fallen asleep. I woke up and immediatly was wide awake, because like every year i realized it was my birthday. I got up, walked into the kitchen and was surprised to see my dad, sister, brother, and two friends sitting at the kitchen table, there was a few gifts sitting on the table waiting to be opened. “Good Morning,” i said, and strolled over to the table. I took my spot two seats to the left of my father. “these are for you” he said, and passed over the two gifts laying on the table, one was the new thrash and crash surf video i asked for, i loved to surf and this was a great gift. After opening the first i opened the second and out of the box fell an envelope i opened it up and out fell 150 dollars. Needless to say i was in awe. That was a great way to start out the day. I said my thank yous to the people sitting around the table and made my way to my bedroom. Later that day we all packed into the chevy and took off to my aunt susans house where the party was being held, there were already a lot of people there, all the family and some friends. The party went on through the day lasting about 4 hours, at what i thought was the end of the party, i asked if i could stay at my aunts house to hang out with my cousin Tim, and because it was my b-day my dad said yes. That night me and tim played some video games, ate some pizza, drank some soda, finally got ready for bed. I heard timmy start to snore so i knew i was the only one awake. I got up to use the bathroom, after standing at the porcelain stool i drained my bladder and headed for the door, as i opened it there stood my aunt, in a rather revealing, see-through, red gown, with a lace black bra and thong underneath.(damn sexy) She asked me where i was headed and i said back to bed, she looked and me and asked if i had forgotten about my surprise, which i had at the time and said so. “Do you want it?” she asked. I said yes and she took me by the hand and led me into her room, my uncle was gone for the week on vacation in San Diego. My aunt susan stood about 5’8″, had an unbelievable body for someone of 42, 32 CC tits, long vivacious legs, blonde hair, blue eyes, and and ass so big and tight, she could probably crack walnuts with it. She led me into the room and sat me down on the bed, i was a little confused at what she was doing but it came to me pretty soon. Within about a minute, she had peeled off her see-through gown, unclasped her bra, and taken off her thong. There she stood completely, stark naked, my jaw dropped. She reached foward and grabbed my boxer shorts, which was all i had on expecting to go to bed, she tugged them down to my ankles, and then off my feet, my 9 inch dick sprung out and almost hit her in the face. “ooh! nice package” she said. She pushed my sholders back down on to the bed and climbed on top of me. “this is your surprise, and i want that big cock in me!” she lulled in a low voice. She slowly lowered herself on top of me and moaned as the head of my cock pushed passed her cunt lips. I grabbed her hips and she began to ride me a bit faster and harder, started coming up to meet her downward thrusts. “oh god! oh god! mmmmmmmmmm! oh! oh!” she whined and whimpered. for someone who had 4 kids she was tight as hell. I felt my balls tighten and I unleashed the biggest load of my life into her hot cunt at the same time she rode down on me and her orgasm rushed over meand flooded my legs and abs. I thought I would be spent after my first time but i was still ready and raring to go, and obviously so was she, because she lifted her self off me and began to lick her cum up off of my dick and balls. “that was amazing!” i said, and she nodded in agreement. She opened her mouth and let the head of my rod slip into her mouth, and licked my knob ever so gently. Slowly she let a little bit of my cock creep into her mouth at a time. First she let the whole nine inches slide into her mouth, and to the back of her throat, where she harshly swallowed and sent me spiraling into exctasy. After a couple good swallows she pulled back a bit and gripped my dick at the base, she slowly began to rub it gently back and forth, while slurping with her mouth at the same time, it felt awesome. I was just about to cum, when she let go of my cock let slide back down to the base of her throat, and as i grabbed the back of her head, she hummed low and strong. feeling the vibrations run through my member was completely unrealistic, i exploded into the back of her mouth, she quickly pulled her head back, because she could not handle it, it splattered all over her face, there was so much it looked like 5 or 6 guys had just givin her a facial. She reached for a towel to wipe of her face but i told her to leave it there so she had something to remember me by. she stopped and stared at me, i thought i had just ruined the best night of my life, but instead she just grinned and licked the cum off of her fingers. ” turn around you little slut, and get on all fours!” I commanded, and she did. ” What are you gonna do?” she questioned. ” take your sweet little ass!” i said. She looked at me over her shoulder and said, “please dont, ive never been fucked in the ass before!” I told her that it was too bad. I spat in my hand and lubricated my dick a bit. I slowly crawled foward and heard her tearing up a little and saying not to do it, but i did it anyway. I grabbed her hips with my big hands and jammed the tip of my love pole into her ass. I pushed it in farther and farhter until i was up to the hilt. She screamed so loud i thought she was gonna wake up the world! I smacked her ass and told her to shut up. i kept ramming my penis into her tight virgin ass! pretty soon the whining turned into moaning as she groaned “oh my god push it in farther! oh oh oh! faster! faster! faster!” Pretty soon she yelled again and cum flowed out of her already wet pussy! all over her bed! I was still pumping away when all of a sudden she moaned a little, my cock expanded and i pulled out just in time to splatter her ass with my hot sticky man juice! She got up and i asked her where she was going. “to the shower to wash up.” she said. I asked her not to so she came over and laid on the bed covered in come from her face to her ass and knees, she laid down on the bed and i gave her a nice massage while she started to dose off, pretty soon she was asleep, i still wasnt totally spent so i slipped my dick into her pussy gently and started rocking back and forth, i must have started going faster because she woke up after about a minute, she smiled and raised her back end into the air so i could finish the job, i cummed deep into her hot pink pussy, moaning in great pleasure as i did. She rolled over and i started to suck on her breasts. she started to moan and i slowly eased back and worked up to her neck. I started sucking on her neck and worked my way up to her mouth where i slowly and deeply kissed her, and to my surprise she stuck her tongue way into the back of my mouth, we kissed passionately like this for another couple minutes. She started dose off when we were done and so did i, but i got up and went into the bathroom to wash my self off, i went into the beroom and grabbed a camera, and then i took photographs of my aunt susan and i took that roll of film and stuck it in my pocket, to let her lay there asleep covered in her and my cum. All i could say was happy birthday to me! and went back to bed.