Keri’s First Time With A Stranger

This is not one of those stories of a wife fucks some
guy with a huge cock and stuff like that. This is how
my wife Keri and I explored the world of her just being
a Hot Wife.

I had just turned 40 and my wife Keri was 31. Keri’s a
petite blonde, 5’2″, 34a-22-34. Her breasts are small a
cup, but no sag and if you did not look at her face,
you would swear she is in her late teens by her body’s
appearance. She has a floral tattoo on her lower back
that shows with low rider jeans and a rose tattoo on
her lower stomach right at her panty line. Here is how
it started.

I came in from work one night and Keri called me into
the computer room. I gave her a kiss and asked her what
was up?

“Is this what you like doing on the net?” she asked.

I looked over and saw that she had found my hidden web
sites that I like to visit. It was cuckold sites,
watching wife sites and story sites. I was speechless.

“Well, what do you have to say? she went on, “Is this
what turns you on, thinking of other guys screwing your

I knew I was busted, “Well, as a matter of fact, I have
fantasized of watching you screw someone else in front
of me.”

“Why?” She asked.

I then began to explain how I found it arousing, I
showed her the sites that talked about it. How it is a
very common sex theme for married men and men in a long
term relationship with someone. She read one site and
then another. She began to realize that it was not that
I wanted an affair with someone else, but that I
desperately wanted to see her with another man. For her
to be sexually liberated and to sleep with whom ever
she wanted to.

“I guess you have thought about this for a while?” She

“Yes, for over a year now, to tell you the truth, I
even fantasize about it when we are making love and
that I am watching you having sex with someone else.” I

“Do you think you can handle this, I mean watching me
“do it” with someone else?” she went on.

“I guess I cannot honestly answer that till I actually
see you and him together, but yes, I can handle that.”

“Tell me some of your fantasies?” she asked.

I told her that it might sound corny in daylight to
talk about them. I admitted to her that I had written
several stories about a girl built like her, with a
different name, having sex with different men with her
husband’s approval. I showed her the web site and let
her read several stories. They were from a single
encounter, to a three way to a gang bang.

“Do you read your own stories?” she asked.

“Yes, I do.”

“Do you masturbate and see me in those stories,” she
went on.

“Yea, quite a lot.”

“Big question, after you come, does your wants or
desires change or do you still want me to act out these
stories” she asked.

“My desire does not change, even after I come.”

We talked some more, I told her what she might gain
from a hot wife lifestyle. She asked me what I would
get out of it. I told her that my desires were similar
to the information she had already read… that is was
a show off thing, kind of personal porno thing. After
reading my stories, she asked me what was it that
really turned me on. I told her that it was to watch
her having sex, for her to enjoy it, not because I
wanted her to do it, but for her to want to.

“What about birth control, these info sites tell that
the wives must be on the pill and use condoms” she

“I know, but you cannot take the pill and I hate

“I noticed in your stories, that what seems to be a big
issue is the female lets the male partners not only
come in her, but the husband goes down on her
afterwards… isn’t that kind of gay? Do you really
want to do that?” she stated.

“I know it sounds gay, but I have not desire to suck a
guy off or have him fuck me… but the desire to see
someone come inside of you and for me to actually see
his come in you is overwhelming for me.”

“That I don’t understand why you need to see his come
in me, but I am not ready to risk getting a STD with a
stranger.” She added.

“I understand your need to use a condom, I don’t want
you to catch or give me a STD,” I replied.

“So, how do we go about it?” she asked.

“Not really sure, I think it should be a stranger.”

“I do also, you are sure you can handle this and this
is not just some weird plan so you can start screwing
other women.” Keri inquired.

“I promise, that is not what I want, but we need to set
some rules so we don’t mess up,” I added.

We discussed that it should be a stranger, and we could
you the same guy more than once… but once either of
them begin to have feelings for each other, we would
break it off.

“I am not so sure that I can just go out and pick up
some guy and sleep with them” Kerri went on,” I am not
all that HOT looking, my boobs are small and not
exactly a super model.”

“Keri, you have had one night stands before we met, you
even told me that you have been with over a dozen
guys… so what’s the difference now?” I asked, “did
anyone complain about your body before you met me?”

“Well for one, I am married and I am suppose to only
sleep with my husband, not sleep around like some
slut.” Keri replied, “and I am now over 30.”

“Trust me, you will have no problem finding men for
sex, you have a super hot body and you are just
enjoying sex for the sake of sex, not strings attached,
you even have your husbands approval,” I responded.

“I just don’t think I could screw someone new with you
sitting there watching me” Keri stated, “could we let
me get started solo at least the first time.”

“I guess we could, if it would make you feel more

We agreed to go to a town that is about a hour and half
away. It is the state capitol, so I suggested we go to
the Sheraton first, since it has a nice lounge and the
chances of finding a married guy (her choice) would be
better and the chances of attachment lesser.

I bought her a slender dark red sun dress that showed
off her body. It had a slit up one side. She likes to
keep her body tan. The sun dress is cut low in the
front, even though she has very small breasts, I told
her that men love boobs of all shapes and sizes.

We checked into the hotel room and had a nice meal. We
discussed how we would go about it. I would enter first
and find a corner spot. She would enter next and have a
seat at the bar and look for a possible partner. If she
got in trouble, she would signal. I wanted to get a
spare room for us to use, but she was still undecided
if she could go thru with it.

I was not in the bar long when Keri entered the bar.
The bar was about 1/2 full, mostly men and I felt that
she would not be alone long. She ordered a drink and
took out a cigarette and lit it. In less than a 1/2
hour, she had a man vying for her attention. She danced
with him and finally a slow dance was played. He danced
really close and felt her butt as they did.

I went and got another room and when he left to go to
the john, I went over to Keri.

“How is it going?”

“Fine” she said, lighting up a fresh cigarette.

“Do you like him?”

“Do you mean is he the one for the night,” taking a
long drag.

“Yea, I guess,” I answered, and gave her the room key.

“So this is where I am to take him?”

“Yes, if you are sure you are ready,” I replied.

“But are you ready for this….even if we stop after
this guy, you know it will be different,” Keri went on,
“I mean are you really good with me sleeping with him

“Yea, I am good with it… did you bring your condoms?”

“Yes, I grabbed a pack and put them in my purse.”

“When are you going up to the room?” I asked.

“Not sure,” staring into my eyes, “are you really

I looked back, “Yes I am, I want you to enjoy it too.”

“I hope I will.”

I left and sat back down at my table. He returned and
they had another drink. After they were done, they left
the bar and went up to the room I gave them. I waited
for a call for the next hour. Finally the cell phone

“He’s gone.”

“Are you ok?” I asked.

“Yes, would you like to come up, do you have a spare

“I’ll be right up.”

The ride in the elevator was a long one. I wondered
what would happen now. How would I react to her after
this, or how would she react to me after this. I walked
into the room, Keri was laying on the bed, partially
covered with a sheet. She was smoking a cigarette and
said hello.

“How was it, I mean was it ok, any problems?” I asked.

“It was fine, kind of awkward. I forgot how awkward it
was with a new person.” She went on, “Not sure what
someone likes, uncoordinated movements.”

“Do you want me to tell you what happened?” She asked.

I sat on the bed and touched her leg, “Sure, what

She told me that is was awkward at first once they got
to the room. Finally he started to unzip her dress.
Once it was off, she was down to her thong and heels.
He sucked on her nipples and made them really hard
(Keri has very long nipples). As he kissed her neck, he
began to rub his finger around her crotch and finally
onto her opening.

She said, “At that point, I began to undo his belt and
unzip his trousers.” Keri went on, “I took out his cock
and began to stroke it.”

She told me that she sat down on the bed and began to
suck on his cock. After a while, he pushed her on the
bed and began to take off her tongs. She told him that
she had condoms in her purse. She got up and took them
out of her purse and opened one of them. She put it on
his cock and rolled it up on him. She then scooted back
on the bed. He got between her legs and entered her.

“What was it like, having someone new?” I asked.

“Different, kind of supercharges you, the unknown of a
new lover.”

“Did he make you come?” I asked.

“No, but I still liked it.” she replied.

“Will you do it again?”

“Do you want me to?”

“Yes, I do… can I pull the sheet back?” I asked.

She nodded and I pulled the sheet back. I could tell
she had fucked him. I asked her if I could go down on

“Yes, the condom is in the trash can over there if you
want to see it.”

I nodded a no, and began to lick her pussy. It tasted
like a rubber and smelled like her smell and a rubber.
I began to eat her and got Keri to a moaning orgasm. I
then fucked her and all I could think about was her
fucking that stranger.

After I had came, I rolled off of her and she got up to
go to the bathroom. I watched her naked walk across the
room. I was still aroused and wondered what it would be
like to see her actually fuck someone. I got up and did
find a used condom in the trash, filled with cum.

Chapter 2 Keri does it in front of me.

We did not bring up the subject again for a 2 weeks or
so. I brought up the idea of going to the Sheraton
again this next weekend. Keri was ok with the idea. I
was trying to keep her moving and getting more
comfortable with it.

“I want to watch you this time, not participate, just

“I am not sure some guy I pick up would be willing to
be watched, especially by the husband of the woman he
is screwing.” Keri added.

“Don’t bring it up to the very end, by then he will be
so worked up that he won’t care if he screws you on the
dance floor,” I responded.

“Have you thought about going fur her?” I asked.

“Like what, I am already screwing total strangers.”

“You know.” I went on. “I am not going to let some
strange guy fuck me with no rubber on?”

“Well, what if you get to know one, would you consider
it then?” I continued.

“What if I got pregnant?”

“You could get a diaphragm, that would keep you safe.”

“I just don’t know….let’s take it slow for now, I am
enjoying it and so are you… lets don’t mess it up,”
she concluded.

In two days, we were back in the bar. I told Keri that
we would use our room this time and I got a suite. That
way we could turn the light on in the room by the bed
and I could watch from the sink area in the dark. I
even brought a low watt bulb so it would help.

Keri wore a black halter top with a short red skirt.
The skirt rode low enough to show her tattoo at times,
making her even more sexy.

Again it did not take long for her to find a man,
actually she was a bit more picky than the last. The
second guy to talk to her, turned her down if I was to
watch. When she went to the bathroom, I spoke to her
and told her to wait till they were to leave for the
room and then mention it.

She spent the next few hours finding the right man and
when the time was right, go up to the room. Finally she
gave me a signal I got up to the room before them and
set up my spot near the sink and bathroom area. I heard
the key go in the door and they walked in.

I walked over to him and told him I would not get in
the way and would never even know I was here. Keri
walked over to the bed side table and put her cigarette
down. She put on a CD on the boom box we brought with
us. He and Keri was nervous. Keri took the lead and I
sat in the chair and tried to be as quiet as I could.
Keri began by kissing his neck and un buttoning his

He began to feel her up through her clothes and it got
kind of hot and heavy with a lot of grinding going on.
Keri broke away and untied her halter top and took it
off and threw it on the bed. He stared at her very
small but nicely shaped breasts. Her nipples were very
hard and erect. She took his hand and put it on her
nipple. She responded by reaching out and grabbing his
crotch area through his pants.

They began to kiss again and he began to search for and
find her back zipper to her skirt. He unzipped it and
it fell to the floor. She stood there in heels and her
black thong. I was watching my wife with a total
stranger for the first time. Some how, Keri had blocked
out my presence there and was actually enjoying it. She
sat back on the bed and undid his pants, pulled them
down some and pulled out his now very stiff cock. No it
is not the massive cunt splitting cock in stories, but
a stranger cock non the less.

Keri took her time and really worked on his cock, I
could tell by the expression on his face he was
enjoying it. I was watching my wife suck a cock, that
was not mine. I could tell that he was about to cum so
my wife stopped and got up. She walked over to her
cigarette and took a puff. He took the queue and took
the rest of his clothes off. Keri then stripped off her
thongs and took a last drag off the cigarette and
turned down the covers.

“Are you going to return the favor?” she said while
rubbing her clit.

He got on the bed and went down on her as she stoked
his cock. It was not a great job on her, but she was
probably already so soaked that he figured that much
more was not needed.

“I have some condoms on the night stand,” Keri offered.

“Are you on the pill?” he asked her.

“No, I am not.”

“Well, I was fixed 3 years ago, do you mind bareback?
he further probed.

I could not believe my luck, Keri might consider this
time to go bare back. Keri was not on birth control and
to trust a total stranger, I know she had her doubts.

“I am not sure, hold on a minute,” Keri said getting

Keri picked up her cigarette and walked on over to me
in the darkened corner, “what do you think?”

“Its up to you, you know what I have a fantasy about,”
I replied.

“I know, to have men actually cum in me, but this is
real life.” Keri responded, “I am not on the pill, I
just had my period last week, but he could be lying and
what about STD’s.”

I said, “He was married so he should be safe.”

“If I go through with this, you got to do the whole
fantasy thing” She went on.

“What do you mean?” my throat was tight.

“You have to go down on me right afterwards, deal!”

Oh shit, my bluff is being called.

“Come on, give me an answer… he may just give up and

“Ok, I will, Promise,” I was finally able to get it

Keri put out the cigarette and got back on the bed. The
delay of game meant that she had to go down on him
again. It did not take long and he was up for action.

Keri laid on the bed and he got on top of her. He
spread her legs and moved between them.

“Are you sure you both are ok with this?” he asked.

Keri looked over at me and then back at him, “Yes, just
the no condom bit threw us… I have not been with
anyone that I have not used one.”

I could tell he was entering her, she arched her back
and let him enter her. She pulled her knees to her
chest and he began to screw her. My stomach was in
knots. He continue to slid in and out of her, Keri
finally loosed up and began to enjoy it. The kept that
position for a while, and he asked her to roll over on
all fours. Keri has such a fantastic butt and the
tattoo really sets it off. He got behind her and slid
his cock back into her.

Keri likes that position and begged him to go deeper.
He grabbed her by the waist and began to pull her
toward his strokes. He was really pounding her hard.
Keri had her head in a pillow and she was really
starting to moan. His strokes became erratic and I
could tell he was cumming in my wife.

I only hoped he was really shooting blanks. Finally he
was done, he just stayed attached to her, getting his
breath. He pulled out and she rolled over on her side.
He staggered to his feet and began to put on his
clothes. Keri reached over and grabbed her cigarettes
and lit one.

“Baby, can you get me a mountain dew?”

I got up and brought her a soda out of the
refrigerator. By then he was kind of dressed and he
mumbled a good by and thanks before he left.

I looked down at Keri laying on her side in the bed.
She was naked, smoking a cigarette. She looked so
trashy, so sexy, so slutty, so beautiful.

“Well, was it what you thought it would be like?” She

“Actually better, much better. I would guess you came
this time,” I responded.

“Yes I did, it was better with out a condom on, I could
actual feel him in me”, Keri went on, “Now it is your
turn to finish it up.”

With that, she rolled on her back and spread her legs.
Her pussy to her ass hole was caked in juices, hers and

“Let me know what it taste like” she giggled.

I went down on her sperm filled pussy, and it was both
bitter and salty. I could taste Keri and his juices. It
felt indiscernible as to the texture, smell and taste.
As I continued licking her, she began to really get
into it. She grabbed my head and shook in a violent

I could not wait and got between her legs and I slid my
cock into her. I could still see him fucking her as I
made love to her. But it did not really make a
difference. Both she and I were good with it. I guess
it was no going back after this… and I did not want