The Singer Assignment

Kati walked down the hall towards the editors office. He had sent word that he wanted to see her as soon as she arrived in the building.

She worried as she approached the office. Had she done something wrong? Did she miss a deadline?

Questions raced through her mind as she reached the office door. Gently, she knocked, secretly hoping the editor wouldn’t hear it. “Come in,” a voice boomed from the other side of the wooden barrier.

Mr. Geiger rose from behind his desk as Kati entered the office, a big smile on his face. “Kati,” he started,

“you look great as always, please have a seat.” She took the chair directly in front of the desk, so she could read his expressions as he spoke. She nervously fiddled with the hem of her skirt as she waited for him to begin speaking, all the questions again running through her mind.

“First”, he started, “I want to congratulate you on that first installment on the series with Franzi,” refering to the first in a series of articles she planned to do about swimming star Franziska van Almsick. Kati felt a tingle inside when she remembered that first interview and the ‘special’ friendship she and Franzi had begun. “If the rest of the series sells magazines as well as that one did, you’ll be the star reporter here within a year”.

Kati giggled as she let out a sigh of relief. At least she wasn’t in trouble. “Why Thank You Mr. Geiger,” she said. “I’m so happy that it was received so well by the readers. I’m just sorry that the series is to be delayed for several weeks due to Franzi having to travel.” A bit of the worry started to creep back into Kati’s mind.

“That’s exactly why I called you to my office. I was thinking that our readers are going to expect to see something in this months issue from you, even though you told them that the next installment would be a few issues away.” Kati watched the editor as he shuffled some papers on his desk, looking for something. “I have another assignment for you while we wait for Franzi to come home”.

Kati’s heart ached at those words. She missed Franzi so badly, longing to be near her.

Mr. Geiger continued, “I’ve arranged for you to interview someone else who our readers are also interested in reading about. When I got the call that this person was available, my first thought was that the only person for this interview was you”.

“Thank you for your confidence in me Mr. Geiger”, the worry she felt now replaced with a feeling of pride. She worked hard to do her best and it didn’t hurt that the person she was writing about (Franzi) was also her first female lover.

“Now”, Geiger said, “this interview has to be done tonight. She will only be in town one night and has set aside a few hours for us.” He reached into his jacket and pulled out an envelope. Inside was a ticket. A ticket to a concert at the Music Hall downtown. “I have arranged for you to attend the show and then accompany her to the hotel afterwards to conduct the interview”.

Kati took the envelope from Mr. Geiger and took the ticket out of it. She recognized the singers name right away because she was a big fan of hers. She was going to interview Jeanette Biedermann.

“Wow,” she exclaimed, “this should be great Mr. Geiger. I’m a big fan and she always seems to be such a nice person whenever I see her on television being interviewed”.

“I’m glad to hear that. She told our office that she was a big fan of yours also. Before you leave this afternoon, stop at the front desk. They will have your backstage pass and press pass for tonight”.

Kati waved as she left his office. She was actually looking forward to the concert tonight, to help take her mind off missing Franzi for a few hours. She spent the rest of the day doing some background research on Jeanette and writing the questions she would ask during the interview.

After picking up the passes at the desk, Kati headed home to get ready. After a shower, she went to her closet to dress. Since she was going to a concert, she didn’t need to dress in her usual conservative attire. She found a short black leather skirt, black tube top, and a sheer white blouse to wear over the tube top. A nice pair of black, high heeled strappy sandals finished the outfit. She modeled in front of the mirror and liked the way she looked.

When she arrived at the hall, she was embarrassed, yet flattered, by all the whistles and cat calls she was getting from the guys in the crowd. She smiled and blushed as she walked to the stage door and showed her press and backstage passes to the security guard. “Right this way Ms. Witt”, the guard said as he opened the door for her.

“Jeanette is expecting you. She said to ask you to go straight to her dressing room, the last door on your left”.

“Thank you:, she said as she started down the hall. She found the dressing room and knocked on the door.”Who is it”, she heard from inside. “It’s Kati Witt, I’m here to see Je…” The door opened and there stood Jeanette with a huge smile on her face. “Come in, come in please ” she said, reaching out and taking Kati’s hand and leading her into the room and closing the door.

” I’m so happy you could make it,” Jeanette said as she led Kati into her spacious dressing room. ” I hope you don’t mind if we start the interview here, before I go on stage. I only have a few minutes until I start.”

“I don’t mind at all,” Kati replied. “I’m just so happy that you’ve given me this chance to interview you.” Kati took a seat in a chair near Jeanette’s dressing table. Jeanette sat in front of the mirrored table and touched up her make-up.

The next several minutes passed as Kati asked the usual interview questions like birthdate, hometown, musical interests and so on. Kati’s last question before Jeanette had to leave to start her show was “I’m sure our readers would be interested to know if there is anyone special your seeing right now.” Just then, a knock sounded at the door ans a voice called out “We’re ready for you on stage Jeanette.” Jeanette turned to face Kati as she answered.

“This lifestyle makes it very hard to start and maintain any kind of long term relationship, so my answer, sadly, right now is No.” Jeanette stood and grabbed Kati’s hand, leaned in and whispered in a husky, sexy voice in Kati’s ear, “but the night is still young.” She then gave Kati a quick peck on the cheek and pulled her along behind her as they left the dressing room area and headed towards the stage. Kati’s mind was reeling as she followed behind, trying to make the sense of the feelings she was now experiencing. Jeanette just made a obvious pass at her and she was immediately excited at the thought of Jeanette wanting her.

A special seat, right at the edge of the stage, just behind the curtains, had been set up for Kati to watch the show. Kati watched as Jeanette skipped out on to the stage to thunderous applause and screams of thousands of adoring fans. As the music started and the show began, Kati found herself watching Jeanette. She realized, for the first time, how sexy Jeanette was dressed, in a lace and leather skin tight body suit that showed off just how beautiful Jeanette’s body really was. Kati felt herself getting warm all over the more she watched Jeanette gyrate and move her body. Beads of sweat formed on Kati’s forehead and upper lip as her body reacted to her heightened excitement.

As if in a trance, Kati barely noticed the time slipping by as she continued to Jeanette’s body as the show went on.

Suddenly, she snapped out of her trance as she heard someone telling her “I’ll be just a few more minutes, a few more waves and a thank you and we can get away from here.” Kati looked up to see Jeanette’s smiling face.

One of Jeanette’s body guards took Kati by the elbow and told her to come with him. He led her through the corridors and out a door that led to a special garage where the performers could get into a car and speed away without being over run by fans. “Jeanette will be here in a second and we will leave for the hotel” the bodyguard told her as he helped her into the waiting limo.

Kati grew more excited as she waited for Jeanette. She also felt some feeling of guilt. She loved Franzi, but she couldn’t help feeling this way. She felt her heart skip a beat as Jeanette came through the garage door and hurried towards the car. The motor started as Jeanette entered the car and the door closed. “Let us know when we are 5 minutes from the hotel”, Jeanette instructed the driver as she closed the blacked out partition that seperated them from the driver’s area.

“That was quite a sho…” Kati started to say but was unable to finish as she felt Jeanette’s lips cover hers and a tongue snake it’s way into her mouth.”Mmmm…”, Kati moaned as she melted into the kiss and brought her tongue to meet the one swirling in her mouth. She felt soft hands caressing her face and neck as the kiss became more passionette. Her body was responding, rushes of heat washing over her. She felt her nipples harden beneath her tube top as those fingers trailed down her neck. Kati’s hands reached up and cupped Jeanette’s face, pulling it to her and returning the kiss with the same degree of urgency. Their tongues danced with each other.

They broke their kiss and Kati opened her eyes to see that beautiful smile that Jeanette possesed. The smile that melted her heart the minute she saw it when Jeanette greeted her in her dressing room.

“God, I’ve been waiting to do that since the moment I found out that your publisher agreed to let you do my interview”, Jeanette said. Now it was Kati’s turn to interrupt as she leaned into Jeanette and locked her lips onto Jeanette’s lips.

Kati was now the aggressor. Jeanette slid down on the seat as Kati moved up and covered Jeanette’s body with hers.

She put her knees between Jeanette’s knees and f****d her legs to spread open, exposing Jeanette’s cat suit covered crotch. Jeanette gasped as she felt a hand cup her pussy mound, fingers pressing into it’s soft, pliable flesh. “Oohhh…”, she cooed as a finger pressed down on her clit and began slow, circular motions. Pushing her hips up to meet the pressure, Jeanette reached around and pulled Kati’s skirt up, grabbing two handfuls of that magnificent ass that belonged to Kati.

A beep from the intercom starteled them both as the driver anounced the hotel was 5 minutes away. Both girls smiled at each other. kissed once more briefly, them sat up and composed themselves, straightening their clothes and hair.

The limo arrived at the hotel and stopped. The back door opened and the two girls got out, the night air sending a chill through their sexually charged bodies. Trying not to be to obvious, they hurried into the hotel lobby as Jeanette led the way to the private elevator that went directly to her suite. The doors barely closed before the girls were all over each other once again with urgent kisses and exploring hands.

The girls never broke their embrace as the doors opened into Jeanette’s suite. Jeanette peeled the shear white blouse that Kati had worn over her black tube top and threw it to the floor. Kati reached up and grabbed the top of Jeanette’s cat suit and pulled it down, freeing her arms and exposing her breasts. Kati looked down. “My goodness, your tits are just magnificent!” Kati placed her hands on the twin globes, grasping each nipple between a thumb and fore finger and gently giving them a twist. “Ahh… yesss…” Jeanette squealled, loving the sensations that caused in her. Kati lowered her head to Jeanette’s chest and took one of her nipples between her lips. Sucking the nipple into her mouth, Kati swirled her tongue around the erect morsel and sucked it like a feeding baby. After a few seconds, she did likewise to the other nipple.”Mmm…

Jeanette uttered, throwing her head back. Kati grabbed the cat suit and started peeling it the rest of the way down Jeanette’s body, pausing to blow a whisp of breath over Jeanette’s thong, that barely covered her pussy. A shudder ran the lenght of Jeanette’s body from the feeling of that warm breath. She lifted her legs, one by one, to allow Kati to remove her ankle boots and finish taking off the cat suit. Now standing before Kati completely naked, she blushed at the look of total lust that she saw in Kati’s eyes.

“You are absolutely stunning, my god, absolutely stunning,” Kati said as she placed little kisses on Jeanette’s belly, her tongue darting in and out of her belly button. Kati felt the light tickle of the thin strip of Jeanette’s pubic hairs on her chin as her kisses traveled lower down her abdomen. Jeanette grasped the back of Kati’s head, urging her further downward, her legs parting to allow easier access to her dripping wet center. As her head traveled lower. Kati ran her hands up the inside of Jeanette’s thighs, her fingers reaching and brushing the outer lips of her pussy. Her fingers, wet from the juices that were now running down Jeanette’s inner thighs, found their mark. One finger slowly entered Jeanette’s pussy, then a second.

Jeanette arched her hips forward to meet the probing fingers, wanting them to go deeper, to stroke her inner walls of her pussy, to find and stroke her very core. “Nngg… Nngg… Oohhhh…” escaped her throat as Jeanette felt Kati’s mouth come into contact with the top of her slit and her tongue began to seek out the little hooded treasure nestled there.

Kati began to stroke her tongue upward and downward, left to right, right to left, teasing the little pearl to peek out from it’s flesh covered sanctuary. The fleshy nub grew longer and thicker and Kati sucked it between her lips and caressed it with her tongue as she had done to Jeanette’s nipples earlier. Kati continued to glide her fingers in and out of Jeanette’s pussy while tonguing her clitoris. Kati reached her free hand around behind Jeanette, cupping her ass in her hand and gently started her hips into a steady rocking, a humping type motion. This caused Jeanette’s clitoris to slide in and out of Kati’s mouth like a dick. Kati was giving Jeanette a girlie blowjob. The pleasure Jeanette was experiencing was beyond anything she had ever known. Her entire being was starting to tremble. Wave after wave of intense electric like shocks coarsed through her. Her orgasm seemingly started at the tips of her cute little toes and the top of her beautiful head at the same time, traveling from either end to meet at that point that Kati was feverishly working her fingers, mouth, and tongue. Jeanette’s hips began to buck, slowly at first, then with increasing momentum. Kati’s hand was becoming saturated with the amazing amount of juices that flowed from deep within Jeanette. “Aiieee… Aiieeee… Nnngggg… Nnngggg…” Jeanette screamed as she clutched handfuls of Kati’s hair in her hands, mashing her mouth and tongue as hard and as deep as they would go into her pussy. The shear power of her orgasm sapped all the strength from her legs and she collapsed to the floor, onto her back, still bucking wildly and with Kati never breaking her contact from her pussy, though her tongue was now lapping up the honey that had flowed from Jeanette.

Kati felt Jeanette’s body go rigid for a moment, then go limp. Kati lapped at her pussy for a few more seconds before slowly starting to kiss her way back up Jeanette’s body, feathering kisses across the tops of her thighs, from hip to hip, then working slowly back up her torso. Breathing slowly started to return to normal as Jeanette basked in the afterglow of the greatest single feeling she had ever known in her young life. “My god, how long have you been doing this”?, Jeanette asked Kati, refering to her ability to bring that kind of pleasure to another woman. Kati smiled at the compliment and told Jeanette “You are only the second woman I’ve ever made love to. And I’ve only done this a few times with my first lover. I’m new at all this. I just go with what I think would feel good if it were being done to me” she said.

Jeanette looked at Kati for a moment. She reaches her hand out and placed her palm on one of Kati’s tits, rubbing it through the material of her black tube top. “I’m sort of new to this also”, Jeanette said. “I’ve only been with 2 other girls before tonight but I’ve never pleasured another woman beyond some kissing and feeling, I’ve only recieved the pleasure. I’m so affraid that I will do it so wrong and be a terrible lover.” Kati silenced Jeanette and reached up and took a hold of the bottom of her tube top and pulled it up over her head, letting her ample breasts bounce free, nipples hard and standing straight out. Jeanette licked her lips at the sight of these two beautiful globes that were being offered to her. “Just go with what you feel ” Kati told her. Jeanette reached out again, taking Kati by the hand and leading her into her bedroom. She stopped at the foot of the bed and turned to face Kati.

Taking the lead, Jeanette reached up and took Kati’s face in her hands and drew it to hers.

Softly, Jeanette kissed Kati on the lips, then on her cheeks, then her eyes, and back to her lips. This time she gently touched her tongue to Kati’s lips and felt them part, to allow her in. She found Kati’s tongue with hers and slowly explored it, feeling every inch of it that she could reach. Jeanette brought her hand up between them and nudged Kati back, the back of her knees hitting th edge of the mattress. Kati lowered herself to a sitting position on the edge of the bed. Jeanette positioned herself between Kati’s legs, standing over Kati. Kati layed back onto the bed, signaling her willingness to be made love to.

Jeanette’s hands went to Kati’s waist and she pulled the zipper of the short black miniskirt down to loosen it. Kati lifted her hips off the bed to allow Jeanette to slide the skirt down her magnificent legs, exposing her barely there thong panties. Jeannette knelt on the floor in front of Kati and slid the skirt over her feet. She then undid the straps of Kati’s shoes, one by one, and rubbed and caressed each foot, lightly kissing her way up each sole and placing little tiny kisses on the tips of each toe. She continued attentions to Kati’s feet when she realized that she heard a little moan of pleasure escape from Kati. Jeanette took one of Kati’s toes in her mouth and gently sucked on it while moving her tongue up and down its length. She moved to her other foot and did the same to another toe. Kati was really getting hot from this. She loved having her toes and feet sucked and licked. Kati cupped her tits in her hands and squeezed the flesh, pinching her own nipples, adding to the tingle her body was feeling.

Jeanette started to kiss her way over the top of Kati’s feet to her ankles, nipping lightly with her teeth at the tender flesh as she slowly made her way upwards. Jeanette was amazed at how strong, yet delicate, the ex – atheletes body was. As she kissed her way up to her calves, her hands moved up over Kati’s thighs, kneeding the flesh with her fingers. Kati parted her thighs as she felt the exploring fingers. Jeanette pushed her hand up towards Kati’s panty covered pussy. “Ssss…”, Kati sucked air in through her teeth when Jeanette made her first contact with her pussy mound. Jeanette felt the wet panty with the tips of of her fingers. She traced the outline of Kati’s pussy lips with them, sending shudders through Kati. Jeanette moved her fingers up and down the length of Kati’s slit, finding one of the elastic leg bands of the thong. Jeanette snaked her middle finger under the leg band and made her first contact with Kati’s naked pussy. “Mmmm.”… Kati moaned as she reacted to Jeanette’s first touch.

Jeanette kept thinking about what Kati had told her when she admitted she had never gone this far with another woman. “Just go with what you feel” Kati had said to her. She also remembered her saying “I just go with what I think would feel good if it were being done to me.” Jeanette removed her finger from the legband of Kati’s panty. A bit of a grunt of disappointment came from Kati, but she soon knew why Jeanette did so. Jeannette’s hands slid up Kati’s outer thighs until they found the straps holding her thong up.

She grasped the straps in her hand and with a gentle pressure, urged them down Kati’s legs, placing Kati’s pussy in full view to her for the first time. Jeanette felt her heart pounding in her chest like a drum roll. She has seen plenty of naked women before.

All through school in the showers after physical education class. In the dressing rooms when she and her back up singers would change outfits between sets of songs. And the two girls she had fooled aroung with that she told Kati about. But the sight of another naked woman had never effected her like this. As Jeanette pulled the thong over Kati’s feet and dropped it to the floor, she pushed Kati’s legs apart, opening Kati’s pussy wider. Jeanette was shocked as she realized she was actually beginning to drool, like a hungry person seeing the finest of meals placed before them.

“Just go with what you feel ” ran through Jeanette’s mind once more. What she felt right now was that she just had to know what Kati Witt tasted like. With that, she lowered her head to the inside of Kati’s thigh and began to kiss her way towards the beautiful flower that Kati was offering to her. Jeanette noticed, for the first time, the sweet yet musky scent that was wafting into the air. Her nostrils flared as she inhaled. This scent was making her feel funny. Making a sense of desire rise up within her. As her kisses neared the apex of Kati’s thigh, Jeanette felt fingers glide through her hair on either side of her head, those fingers trembling as they stoked her hair. Jeanette felt Kati tense when her lips made their first contact with her outer pussy lips, She felt Kati open herself to her even more now. Jeanette slowly extended her tongue, seeking the souce of the scent.

Little tingles of electricity shot through out Kati as Jeanette’s tongue made it’s first dip into her dripping hot pussy hole. She felt that tongue dart in and out several times. Kati suddenly felt like she was going the jump out of her skin when she felt Jeanette’s tongue flatten against her pussy and lick up the entire length of her slit, stopping with a few flicks on her clit.

Kati’s hips hunched forward, driving her pussy hard against Jeanette’s tongue while her fingers clutched Jeanette’s hair and pulled her head in. Jeanette reacted to this signal and began working her mouth and tongue feverishly on Kati. Jeanette drove her tongue in and out of Kati’s pussy hole, lapping the juices Kati was producing while her tongue also explored the inner walls. Kati’s hips now started to move up and down, slightly thrusting forward, in a steady rolling motion. Jeanette brought one hand up and placed it on Kati’s stomach. She caressed her way down Kati’s belly. Jeanete’s fingers came into contact with the tiny patch of Kati’s pubic hair just above the top of her slit. Pushing her fingers through the hairs, Jeanette found the start of Kati’s pussy. She felt the hard, small shaft like object that stood out. It seemed to feel hot to her touch. She ran her finger up and down it’s lenght, feeling the skin, the hood that covered Kati’s clitoris. With her thumb and first finger, she drew back the hood, exposing Kati’s nub. “Ohhh yessss…”, Kati moaned as she quaked from the feel of Jeanette’s searching fingers. Kati’s entire pussy was being worked on by Jeanette. As her outer lips and hole were being attended to by mouth and tongue, fingers massaged her clit, in a way, giving her a smaller version of a hand job.

Jeanette worked her way up the length of Kati’s pussy slit, licking, nipping and sucking along the way. Kati drove her pussy hard against Jeanettes mouth and tongue. Jeanette found what she was looking for, Kati’s clitoris. She flicked her tongue across the exposed nub several times in quick, flicking motions. “Ohhh… Ahhhh Yeesssssss…” Kati moaned at this new and wonderful sensation her body was experiencing, her body going rigid for a moment, not wanting Jeanettes tongue to stop working on this most sensitive of spots. Jeanette then closed her lips around the little fleshy nub as her tongue continues it’s rapid assault. She sucked Kati’s clit into her mouth, encouraging it to grow to it’s full length. Kati was going insane with pleasure. Her whole inner being began to quake as her orgasm started.

Jeanette felt Kati starting to quiver and knew that Kati was close to cumming. This made her work harder to bring Kati off. She pushed a finger into Kati’s dripping wet center, then another, pushing them in and out as fast as she could, while never releasing Kati’s clit from her oral assault. Kati’s hips began to buck wildly, her pussy clenching Jeanette’s fingers, pulling them deeper into her body. Kati grabbed handfuls of Jeanette’s hair, pulling her face into her pussy as hard as she could. Kati spread her legs as far apart as possible. ” Ohhh… Ohh… Yyeeessssss… Jeanette… make me Cum”… “Eat Me… Suck my Clit… Make me… Make me CUMMMMMMMMMMM…”

Kati started to spasm. Her hips hunching and humping, thrusting and grinding her pussy against Jeanette’s mouth and fingers.

Jeanette’s hands and face were covered with a flood of nectar that now poured from within Kati.

“AAiieeeee…” with one last primal scream, Kati’s entire body jerked and quaked in the throes of her massive orgasm.

Jeanette worked feverishly to keep up with Kati. The excitement of making Kati cum so hard had Jeanette so turned on that she actually came again herself. She moaned into Kati’s pussy as her own orgasm hit her.

As Kati finally started to calm down from her orgasm, she cupped Jeanette’s face in her hands and pulled it from between her legs. “Come up here,” she told her. Jeanette kissed her way back up Kati’s abdomen to her chest, stopping for a moment to give each of Kati’s nipples a little lick and kiss. When the girls were face to face, Kati placed her lips on Jeanette’s lips and kissed her, lightly at first, then sliding her tongue into Jeanette’s mouth, kissing her long and deep.

After they broke their kiss, Kati looked at Jeanette and smiled. “That was incredible. For someone who was affraid they wouldn’t be very good, you were just… Incredible “!”I think that is the hardest I have ever cum in my entire life.”

“Well,” Jeanette smiled back, “I owe that all to you. I just did what you said and went with what I felt I would like “.

Kati then giggled, “I should start writing an advice column too.” Then she thought for a second. “But my next problem is going to be turning in a interview since we won’t have time to conduct a proper one.

“Just a second” Jeanette told Kati. She rolled over and got out of bed and disappeared into another room. She came right back with several sheets of paper in her hand and handed them to Kati. “What are these?” Kati asked as she looked at the papers.

“Most of my interviews all go pretty much the same. Earlier today, I wrote out about 50 answers to questions I always get asked.

You can take them and just write your own questions and insert the answers.”

“And if you think of a few questions that I don’t have answers for, after tonight, I trust you to answer them properly for me “.

Kati laughed. “You’re a sly one. You thought of everything. This is great. Thank you ‘ Schnuckelchen ‘.” Kati sat up and gave Jeanette a quick kiss.

“And I enjoyed this ‘ Interview ‘ so much,” Jeanette said, “that I’m going to request that you do another one with me real soon “.

The girls now laid back in each others arms and snuggled and kissed, stoking each others faces, visions of the next interview dancing in their heads…