Peeking Sister

Driving home through the hot hazy July afternoon, raven-
haired June Wright felt a returning wave of nausea sweep over her
and was f****d to pull over to the side of the road to rest for a
moment. As she sat there alone in the peace and quiet of the
gently rolling Maryland farmlands, breathing in the familiar
scents of sun-baked fields and dry hay mixed with the heavy sweet
aroma of honeysuckle that grew wild along both sides of the narrow
winding country road, she reassured herself for the hundredth time
that day that she wasn’t pregnant.
It just wasn’t possible … even if old Mr. Chisolm, the
owner of the Chisolm Realty Company where both she and Cliff
Farrow worked, obviously thought it was. There had been a knowing
leer in the old man’s eyes when she told him she wasn’t feeling
well and asked for the rest of the day off. He’d wanted to know
when she and Cliff were going to “set the date” and had clucked
disapprovingly when she replied vaguely, “Oh sometime in the fall
There wasn’t any hurry or reason to worry, and she was acting
like a silly nincompoop, she told herself severely. After she had
decided to let Cliff sleep with her … and it had been a
deliberate decision on her part because she considered herself a
modern woman, and, after all, they were officially engaged … she
had consulted a doctor and had been on the pills for over two
weeks before she actually let IT happen. The first time, just as
an extra precaution, she had made him put on one of those rubber
things, pretending that her surrender was spontaneous and that she
wasn’t prepared. A few days later her period had come on schedule
and, from then on, she had religiously taken the pill each
morning, marking off the day with an X on the calendar. She
hadn’t missed one, of that she was absolutely certain. It wasn’t
for nothing that Mr. Chisolm praised her as being the most
efficient secretary he had ever had.
No, June decided, it must be something she had eaten or some
bug in the air. Even if for some strange reason the pills didn’t
work for her, the chances that she was pregnant were almost nil.
She had only let Cliff make love to her two more times since he
had taken her virginity, claiming that she was still too sore.
Actually, she wasn’t sore at all. It hadn’t hurt much, even the
first time …
In fact, she had hardly felt anything at all. The whole
thing seemed more like a bore and a waste of time than anything
else and she resented having to put on a big act about how
thrilled and excited she was. Cliff was hurt and angry if she
didn’t … He accused her of being cold and unresponsive and of
not enjoying his body. Well, he had a very nice strong healthy
body as she was well aware, but, up till then at least, she hadn’t
enjoyed it as much as he seemed to.
With a sigh June pulled her little Volkswagen Beetle back
onto the deserted road and continued her way home. There were
plenty of women like her, she knew, for whom sex was never a very
large factor in life, and she had accepted the fact that she was
like that ever since her first necking experienced as a senior in
high school six years before. The boys then had considered her
cold, but they had kept coming back for more because she was …
“built” … as they said.
So she was “built,” June shrugged wryly to herself. And not
bad-looking either. Her pale oval face framed by a thick mane of
glossy blue-black hair had the clean pure lines of classic, almost
Madonna-like beauty. There was Italian b***d on her mother’s side
of the family, and she had inherited its external form without the
fiery passionate temperament the Latins were so famous for.
At least, she consoled herself, her looks had brought her the
love of a handsome dynamic young man like Cliff Farrow. For Cliff
was certainly all of those things. He was by far the best
salesman at Chisolm Realty, and everyone said he had a great
future ahead of him. She was sure they would be very happy
together once she had had a baby or two and his ardor had cooled
down a little. They would settle down to a pleasant comfortable
life in this beautiful valley where she had been born and which,
as far as she was concerned, was the most wonderful place in the
world to live. Sometimes she wondered why she didn’t “set the
date” right then and there. What was she waiting for …? The
reason she gave herself was her younger sister Tiffany who was
taking a couple of subjects in summer school and would receive her
diploma in the fall. But was that really the reason?
June coasted into the driveway of her home with the motor
off, hoping not to awaken her father who she knew would be taking
his afternoon nap upstairs in the bedroom which he rarely left any
more. He had been a semi-invalid ever since her mother’s death
six years earlier, and she had had the duty of nursing him as well
as being the breadwinner of the family. Not that she minded
taking care of him, not at all, and when Tiffany graduated and got
a job, she would at last be able to shoulder her share of the
June heard the noise as soon as she had quietly unlocked the
front door and stepped into the dimly shadowed hall … A sort of
hoarse strangled panting which seemed to come from the rear of the
house on the ground floor. Her heart jumped in her throat! Her
first thought was that her father had somehow made his way
downstairs and had some kind of fit or attack. She hurried
through the dining room into the darkened little-used parlor.
What she saw through the doorway … on the floor of the screened-
in back porch … stopped her dead in her tracks as if she had run
full tilt into a stone wall. She couldn’t have been more
horrified and stupefied if she had come home and been greeted by
some fiendish monster from outer space.
On the bare wooden floor of the sun-drenched back porch her
sister Tiffany … her little baby sister Tiffany who was supposed
to be in school … and her fiance, Cliff Farrow … both stark
naked and completely oblivious of her presence … were wildly
fucking like two wild demented beasts!
There was even a pungent feral odor in the air, and the place
looked like a hurricane had struck it with pieces of clothing
flung helter-skelter everywhere.
Maybe because she couldn’t bear to focus on the spectacle in
front of her, June’s gaze lingered on Tiffany’s panties which hung
like some obscene fruit from one of the branches of the potted
rubber plant. Even from that distance she could see that the
secretion band was dripping wet. God! Her blonde baby sister,
seven years younger than she was, who, until just a few years ago,
she’d had to mother like a c***d … was lying there on the floor
making love with the wanton intensity and unbridled passion of an
experienced and totally debauched woman. It couldn’t be! Cliff
must be raping her!
Still in a state of shock and unwilling to believe her eyes,
June f****d herself to look back at the shamelessly rutting couple
on the floor. There certainly was no question of r**e! Tiffany
had her long slim legs locked around Cliff’s muscular buttocks as
she strove to pull his long thick penis deeper into her wetly
glistening cunt, and her childish heart-shaped face straining up
out of its tangled halo of silky gold hair was flushed and
contorted in the urgency of her desire. She bucked her slender
young-girl hips up faster and faster to meet the pile-driving
downstrokes of her lover’s hairy pelvis against her tender vaginal
mound and was moaning and mewling in a delirium of abandoned
pleasure. When their lewdly entwined bodies parted momentarily,
June could clearly see Cliff’s long thick rigid penis shining with
Tiffany’s cuntal juices as her young sister’s moist pink pussy
lips, lined with sparse golden pubic curls, clung hungrily to the
great shaft … could even see the huge swollen dark red head of
his cock which he drew out of her steaming furrow almost to the
end before plunging it back in with a loud grunt of satisfaction.
The slap of his sperm-bloated balls against her nakedly upturned
ass-cheeks seemed to ring out like pistol shots through the quiet
house as they galloped toward the consummation of their lewd
animal-like coupling.
“Fuck harder, Cliff! Haaarrrddderrr!” Tiffany gasped,
tangling both her hands in his curly brown hair and pulling his
sweating face down to hers to glue her wide-open mouth against
his. Both their wantonly writhing bodies were covered with a film
of perspiration, and the bare wooden boards beneath them were dark
with their secretions.
Stop them! Stop them!
The frenzied silent command rang out repeatedly in June’s
dazed brain as every deep-seated moral and religious belief she
had, everything her strict upbringing had taught her to accept as
decent and good, urged her to cry out and stop this vile
fornication … to run forward and pull Cliff off Tiffany …
scratch him … beat him with her fists if necessary! The basic
foundations of her own character, the very core of her being,
seemed somehow to be under attack, but she stood there in the
darkened parlor helplessly rooted to the spot, prey to an eerie
never-before-experienced sensation deep in her dully throbbing
vagina, watching with a growing excitement as the mindless two-
headed monster on the floor thrashed violently in the throes of
approaching orgasm.
“Stick your finger up my ass!”
Tiffany unglued her mouth from Cliff’s long enough to hiss
out this lewd order, and June saw her fiance’s outstretched middle
finger began to immediately probe up between her sister’s girlish
buttocks until it found the tiny puckered little hole and jabbed
hard through the elastic ring, disappearing up to the second
“Aaaaaarrrrgggghhh!” Tiffany groaned feverishly.
“Goooooodddd, Cliff! Fuck me up there with your fingers,
fingerfuck me up my ass. Aaaahhh yess, it huuurrtttss goooodd!
God, I wish you had another beautiful big cock like the one in my
cunt to stick up there. Uuuunnnhhh!” the seventeen year old girl
grunted in total abandon as Cliff rammed a second finger up her
rectum and began to pump his hand rhythmically in and out between
her flat-spread ass-cheeks with a circular reaming motion,
stretching wider and wider her tight nether ring which was already
well-lubricated by the steady stream of vaginal secretions flowing
down from her avidly sucking pussy.
June watched … transfixed by the twin horror of the lewd
spectacle going on there on the floor in front of her and what was
going on in her own love-starved body against her will. Her
entire pelvic region was on fire with a violently tingling
prurient sensation more powerful than any she had ever felt
before, and she had the insane urge to throw herself on the floor
right beside the wildly fucking couple and savagely masturbate
herself to orgasm along with them! In her mind’s eye she could
see herself doing it! See herself tearing off her panties and
thrashing nakedly on the floor next to them, sharing their vile
enslavement by the tyranny of flesh.
God, what was happening to her? She could feel a wet hot
slipperiness running down her inner thighs. She had never been
aroused like this before, not when she masturbated, which was
hardly ever, and especially not when Cliff had made love to her!
It was at that instant that the seed of the terrible fear which
was to torment her in the months to come was sown in her mind.
She had read about voyeurism … about people who could achieve
sexual satisfaction only by watching others make love … Was she
one of them? Was she abnormal? Did that explain the insipid
feebleness of all her previous sensations compared to the inferno
of desire raging in her loins now?
Then Cliff did something which swept all these blurred half-
formed thoughts from her mind and concentrated her attention
totally on the lascivious sight on the floor. Slowly, with a
loose sadistic grin on his congested face, Cliff drew his long
white cock all the way out of Tiffany’s frothing cunt with a wet
squelching noise while the young girl moaned out her desperate
“Oh Goddd! Don’t stop now, Cliff, you can’t stop now!” she
pleaded, arching her back and straining her hips up off the floor
after his retreating cock.
“You said you wanted two cocks,” Cliff gloated down at her.
“Well, that’s what you’re gonna get, baby doll. This’ll be
something those high school punks never did for you, I’ll bet my
bottom dollar.”
He pulled his fingers from her rectum, and, with one brawny
arm, pushed both her slim legs all the way back so that her knees
crushed her lushly ripened breasts against her chest. With his
other hand he guided the pulsing b***d-engorged head of his thick
cock down her soaked cuntal crevice to the tiny hairless anal hole
which glittered and puckered in the afternoon sunlight slanting
through the porch screens. For a moment, as he began to press
into her tightly puckered anus, neither of them seemed to move,
and, in the bright sunny yard beyond them, nothing stirred, not a
leaf or blade of grass. June, standing in the darkness of the
parlor … waiting with bated breath for the brutal lunge that
would try to force that enormous bell-shaped cock-head up her
sister’s rectum … knew that, if she lived to be a hundred, this
ghastly tableau of unspeakable lust would remain indelibly etched
in her brain. Her knees trembled. She felt weak and her breath
came in short stifled gasps as she waited with a quaking feeling
of vicarious dread deep in her bowels.
“Oooooh, noooooh, waaaiiit!” Tiffany whined as Cliff twitched
his powerful loins, and the mammoth head of his penis finally
popped through the elastically resisting ring of flesh. He paid
no attention to her pleas, and began to skewer in and out of her
forever-stretched anus, penetrating farther and farther up inside
her hot little rectum with each cruel stroke until at last his
long thick penis was embedded all the way up inside her anal
passage with his hard male pelvis locked securely against her
quivering ass-cheeks.
“How does it feel, baby doll? You like fingers up there.
Shit, you ought to love this!” Cliff said, leering triumphantly
down at the nakedly pinioned girl with the sweat dripping from his
face onto the rippling tautness of her belly. June could see his
sperm-charged balls jerking slightly as his penis throbbed
mightily inside her sister’s painfully stretched rectum.
“Oh God, it … it burns,” Tiffany moaned. “But it … I
never felt anything like it before.”
She reached down between her legs and began to feverishly rub
her inflamed clitoris as Cliff started to fuck in and out of her
little anal opening with hard twisting strokes. An expression of
vicious satisfaction appeared on his handsome face as he watched
his thick glistening cock vanishing completely up into the depths
of her bowels, then reappearing on the withdrawal stroke with the
pink flesh of the tight anal ring clinging voraciously to the
rock-hard shaft.
And June watched the same lewdly exciting sight as he, barely
aware that her skirt was hiked up around her waist and that her
hands had swarmed down into her panties with a will of their own,
one in front and one behind, as she frenziedly stroked her own
wildly tingling clitoris and dug one long slender finger down
between her buttocks desperately searching for her own anal
opening. She gasped and a shiver of erotic delight racked her
body as the finger finally wormed its way up into the moistly
heated canal of her own rectum, and the weird tingling sensation
she experienced gave her a slight inkling of what her cock-impaled
sister must be feeling. God, what was she doing, some remote part
of her lust-crazed brain asked her hopelessly, but she couldn’t
stop … couldn’t stop until the obscenely linked couple on the
floor did. She was like a marionette jerked this way and that by
the strings of their carnal lust. Her proud beautiful face was
bleary with the knowledge of her depravity, and her usually firm
determined mouth lolled open slackly as she abandoned herself
completely to her voyeuristic fingering of her own love-starved
When Cliff drew his rigidly pulsating cock out of Tiffany’s
forever-stretched anus and plunged it back into her juicy little
pussy, June’s hands flew faster as she pumped two, then three
fingers up her wetly dilated vagina, swirling them around, reeling
with the sudden unaccustomed flood of pleasure that surged through
every nerve-end in her body. God, she had never felt anything so
fantastically wonderful as this before in her life.
Her breath came in loud rasping pants as the dark-haired
older girl watched Cliff’s thick cock disappear first up her
sister’s cunt then up her anal passage as he began to alternate
his strokes in an accelerating charge toward orgasm. June had
never dreamed such pleasure – such excitement – could exist …
certainly it was a far cry from the feeble response she had felt
when Cliff was actually fucking her! “Oooohhh,” she moaned to
herself as the sharp edge of her fingernail bit into the tender
flesh of her rectum. “Oooooh, it huuurts so good!”
“Cum!” Tiffany suddenly rasped out. “Oh Cliff, cuuummm! I’m
“Where? Where should I cum?” Cliff taunted the frenetic
girl, continuing to drive alternately in and out of her tightly
clasping cunt and anus with furious strokes that jolted the naked
young blonde’s body.
“I don’t caaarrre. Theerrrree! God, I’m thheeerrree!”
Tiffany wailed, locking her arms and legs around him and grinding
her convulsing little pussy up against him to hold him buried to
the hilt in her cunt.
“Shheeee-iiiittt!” Cliff groaned, and June could see his
whole body jerk and shudder as his heated sperm pelted up out of
his swollen balls and spurted deep up inside her sister’s vagina.
She knew what it felt like, she could feel it herself … almost
feel it … almost … almost! Then the thrilling feeling was
abruptly gone, snuffed out like a light …
On the bright floor the two obscenely collapsed bodies lay
motionless, gleaming with sweat in the brilliant sunlight. June
drew her two hands like dead weights from her panties and smoothed
down her skirt. What had she almost done? What had those two
vile horrid creatures on the floor almost made her do? Oh God!
Suddenly she was overwhelmed by a violent paroxysm of hatred
and revulsion, and she strode out onto the sunny porch like an
avenging fury, tossing her heavy mane of black hair and raising
both of her clenched fists above them as if to stroke the two
lewdly entwined naked people dead on the spot.
“What are you doing!” she screamed hysterically. “Stop it!
Stop it!”
Cliff and Tiffany stared up with glazed, passion-dulled eyes,
their two spent bodies still glued together in orgiastic union.
Finally, Cliff twisted his head and looked up at June’s wrathful
“Oh oh,” he said sheepishly, slowly pushing himself off
Tiffany’s inert young body. Tiffany stared up at her sister for a
long moment with an unfathomable expression in her eyes. Was it
triumph … scorn … or merely indifference? June couldn’t tell.
“Go to your room!” she ordered the young girl imperiously.
“And you!” She wrinkled her nose in disgust, and her voice
dripped utter loathing as she faced Cliff, coldly looking his
naked body over from head to toe without missing his now
shriveled, helpless-looking penis … “Get out of here. I never
want to see you again!”
Cliff jumped up and began to hastily put on his clothes, but
Tiffany insolently took her time gathering up her panties, mini-
dress and sandals, which were apparently all she had been wearing
when the debauch began. In spite of her anger, June caught
herself scanning her sister’s body with curiosity because she
hadn’t really seen it naked for five years. The year after their
mother’s death, the two girls had slept together in the same bed
and been very close. Then one night there had been a scene. June
had awakened to find her little sister, who was then only twelve,
feverishly fingering herself up between her legs. She had
admonished the young girl severely, telling her that masturbation
was a sin. But you do it, the c***d had cried. June denied this
furiously because even though she did occasionally make herself
cum to relieve nervous tension, she had certainly never done it
where Tiffany could see her. Yes you do, the c***d had insisted
doggedly. You only pretend you’re asleep! Since then, there had
been no intimacy between the two girls and they had grown steadily
farther and farther apart. With a sinking feeling of guilt, June
realized that, until this afternoon, she hadn’t had the faintest
idea of what kind of life Tiffany led. She had innocently assumed
that her sister was still a virgin as she had been at that age. A
virgin! Not this proud young animal impudently strutting her
sexuality in front of them both.
“I said go to your room, Tiffany!” June repeated, controlling
herself with difficulty.
Tiffany ignored her. “Bye, Cliff,” she said huskily. “See
you tomorrow.”
“Oh no you won’t!” June corrected her fiercely.
“Oh yes I will. If I want to,” the slender blonde-haired
teenager replied airily as she strolled still stark naked into the
darkened parlor. Cliff was dressed by then and was heading for
the screen door of the porch. Probably the way he had sneaked in,
June thought. God, they hadn’t even been able to wait to get
upstairs to Tiffany’s room. Anybody could have come along the
shortcut behind the house and seen them.
Cliff hesitated uncertainly at the door before turning
around. “June … I …” he stammered, trying to meet her
outraged stare.
“Get out!” she interrupted him sharply. “And, if you ever
see Tiffany again, I’ll have the police on you. She’s not
eighteen, you know.”
His manner changed instantly from meekness to arrogance.
“That would make a juicy scandal, wouldn’t it?” he sneered
contemptuously. “It might upset your poor father. In fact, it
might even put him in his grave if he knew that the apple of his
eye, his darling little daughter Tiffany, has been fucking like a
mink ever since she was fourteen years old. And not only that.
She had the reputation of being the best cock-sucker in Laketon
High, and I can tell you from personal experience, baby, that she
does a beautiful job. You should watch her some time. You could
use a few lessons in the sex department, you know, June dear.
Well, see you at the office tomorrow.” He opened the door, strode
nonchalantly across the yard and disappeared through a gap in the
Of all the horrible disgusting filth he had spilled out about
her sister one word kept ringing in June’s ears … Watch … “You
should watch her some time,” he had said.
“Ju-uune …? Is that you?” a quavering voice called faintly
from upstairs. June started guiltily. She had forgotten all
about her father.
“Yes Daddy, I’m coming,” she called up. She rushed into the
kitchen and feverishly washed her hands, but, when she sniffed
them after drying them, it seemed to her she could still smell the
faint pungent odor of her rectum lingering on her left index
finger. She felt that she would never be able to hold up her head
and look decent people squarely in the eye again after the
terrible thing she had done that afternoon.

* * *

The next three months were hell for June Wright. Her sister
ran away to New York with Cliff Farrow and June had to put up
with, not only the constant querulous complaints of her father who
blamed her for Tiffany’s flight, accusing her of having always
been too strict with the younger girl, but also with the
hypocritical condolences of her friends and colleagues at Chisolm
Realty. All that was nothing, however, compared to the secret
inner torment she was going through as a result of that awful
afternoon which haunted her dreams at night and obsessed her
thoughts during the day.
In fact, when Cliff and Tiffany ran away – it was about two
weeks after she had caught them on the porch – June felt more
relieved than anything else.
At least, she told herself, she wouldn’t have to silently
suffer Cliff’s knowing smirks at the office any longer, or
Tiffany’s haughty impudence at home. Because, of course, Cliff
had been right when he said they would go on seeing each other.
She couldn’t run the risk of making a scandal which sooner or
later would reach her father’s ears. With his delicate heart
condition, it might very well k**l him, as Cliff had said.
So in the morning she found the deliberately cruel and brief
little note saying she’d gone to New York to look for a job,
June’s first reaction was to thank God, and when she learned later
in the day that Cliff had gone with her sister, she sighed good
riddance to bad rubbish. With both of them out of the way she
hoped that she would at last be able to forget what they had done
and what she had done on that sunny July afternoon when she had so
innocently come home from work.
But that wasn’t the way it was to be. It wasn’t her father’s
incessant peevish bickering which she had long since learned to
bear with patience, it was the relentless nagging in the pit of
her stomach … in her genital area … that was driving her to
distraction. She seemed to be in such a constantly aroused
condition that she – June Corbin Wright formerly so self-
controlled in matters of sex – found herself obliged to masturbate
in the toilet like an adolescent two or three times a day just to
dampen the fires of lust raging inside her passion-crazed vagina
long enough to enable her to do her job.
And at home in the long evenings after her father had turned
off his light in the bedroom across the hall, she began to
experiment with different ways of making herself cum – with
candles, with a pestle she found in the kitchen drawer, even with
the rounded head of one of her father’s long unused canes which
she rammed up her wildly puckering anus one night in a humiliating
orgy of self-debasement. That moment she remembered with clarity
for she had felt in her shattered brain that she was committing
both sodomy and incest at the same time, her flesh crawling with
delicious horror as she squatted lower and lower, driving the
bulbous cock-like head of the cane farther and farther up her
lacerated rectum while she hysterically drubbed the swollen bud of
her clitoris so hard that, when she finally came with great
gasping sobs, it was too sore to touch again that night …
Underneath all her feelings of guilt and self-loathing
because of her enslavement to her body’s insatiable demands was
the undeniable knowledge that none of the sensations which she
artificially provoked in herself came anywhere near in intensity
to the one she had experienced that afternoon … just from
watching. No matter what she did to herself, she couldn’t
recapture the soul-quaking voluptuous thrill that had electrified
her being as she watched Cliff Farrow’s long thick cock pistoning
in and out of her sister’s hot little pussy.
Was she really a voyeur? Was that to be her lonely unhappy
fate? She started taking books on abnormal psychology out of the
library to peruse late at night in her bed … Freud, Stekel,
Reik. The case histories excited her, and, more often than not,
the forgotten book slipped unnoticed off the bed as she thrashed
around in her tangled sheets, her proud beautiful face twisted
grotesquely in her vain efforts to make the breakthrough into that
unknown world of total sensuality which she had glimpsed so
She felt that each bitter failure was bringing her closer and
closer to the brink of madness until that day the telegram arrived

Tiffany in terrible trouble
Need your help desperately
Wire arrival 72 West 8th


June didn’t hesitate a minute. She hired a nurse to look
after her father, packed a bag and left for New York on the next
train. She didn’t know why, really … only knew that she was
driven … or relentlessly drawn … toward the source of her
intolerable misery.

Chapter 2

One gray fall afternoon several days before this telegram was
sent, in an exclusive club high above the dismal windswept streets
of lower Manhattan, two expensively dressed gentlemen had just
finished discussing the effects of the latest peace initiative on
the stock market and were turning their thoughts to lighter
subjects. Their relationship was broker-client, but over the
years they had become close friends despite the enormous
differences in their characters and backgrounds.
Axel Borman, the broker, was a massive bear-like gray-haired
man approaching fifty who gave an impression almost of a
ponderousness which, as his opponents on the handball courts of
the club found out to their regret, was totally misleading. He
kept his muscular, heavy-framed body in excellent condition and
could still move faster than many men half his age. As for the
quality of his mind, it was generally referred to as being of the
steel-trap variety. The son of a poor Wisconsin farmer, he had
put himself through college, won a scholarship to the Harvard
Business School and gone on to become the top executive and
driving force in one of Wall Street’s most prestigious brokerage
His client, Breckenridge Richmond III, known to his close
friends as “Jock,” was cast from a completely different mold.
Scion of an illustrious old American family and heir to a
considerable fortune, which, incidentally, he had more than
doubled by having the good sense to take Axel Borman’s advice, he
was a trim slender man, about five feet eight, blond, blue-eyed,
with a lazy indolent manner of moving and speaking which gave to
strangers the impression that he was just one more of the
brainless rich who had inherited their wealth and couldn’t get a
job as a messenger boy if he had to do it on his own. Only his
closest friends knew that he had graduated from Princeton at the
top of his class and had been one of the most decorated fighter
pilots of the Korean war. Blessed with perfect coordination, wiry
strength and apparently limitless endurance, he was one of the few
members of the club who could trounce Axel at handball. This was
a fact which often entered obliquely into their less serious
“I was just wondering, Jock,” Axel was saying as he studied
the long fine ash on the tip of his cigar, “what kind of shape
you’re in these days; for example, do you think you can still run
fast enough to snatch a lady’s handbag on a crowded city street
and get away with it?”
“You should know what kind of shape I’m in,” Jock reminded
his friend pleasantly. “What was the score the last time we
played?” He knew better than to ask the reason for this odd
question, which had come completely out of the blue. Axel enjoyed
taking people by surprise. “Anyway,” he added, “if it’s this city
you’re talking about, that’s not much of a test. Nobody would
bother to chase me.”
“I would,” Borman replied firmly.
“Oh well, if it was only you …” Jock let his voice trail
off, waiting for Axel to come to the point. The older man opened
his dispatch case, pulled out a manila envelope and handed it
across the table.
“What do these say to you?” he asked, a faint smile of
anticipation creasing his square-jawed, usually expressionless
Jock opened the envelope and gave a low whistle of
astonishment. Inside there were three glossy photographs, close-
ups of a young girl sucking a very hefty cock indeed. In the
first shot only the tip of the swollen head was inside her ovalled
mouth, and her eyes were wide open, registering shock or fear.
From the way the photograph was cut it looked like her disembodied
head had been stuck on the end of the mighty shaft the way warring
South American tribes used to plant the heads of their victims on
the ends of their spears.
In the second photo the girl’s expression had changed
completely, and her eyes were crinkled with pleasure as half of
the thick tubular rod had disappeared into her mouth. In the
third there was no more cock to be seen, just the girl’s nose
buried in a thick growth of pubic hair and her chin nestled
against two gigantic balls. Her expression was both dreamily
blissful and wistful at the same time.
“She looks like she could use more of the same.” Jock
commented dryly. “And damned if I wouldn’t like to give it to
“Recognize her?” Borman asked.
“No …” Jock hesitated, studying the delicate heart-shaped
face in the first photo carefully. “Say, this isn’t the girl in
that cruddy fuck movie you showed us last week, is it?”
“Right.” Borman nodded emphatically. “And the reason you
didn’t recognize her at first is because she’s such a lousy
actress. With a cock in her mouth, she’s Sarah
Bernhardt. Unfortunately, even in those dumb movies you have to
walk into a room sometimes or say hello and this k*d is so stiff
she’s painful to watch. She takes your mind off sex, for
Chrissake. I’m getting awfully tired of lousy fuck movies made by
amateur actors and actresses,” he finished irascibly.
“Sure, who needs ’em,” Jock agreed. “Anybody in our group
can do what they do better.” They both belonged to an informal
group of wealthy married couples who entertained at each others’
homes on convenient weekends … Not a swap club really. The
only requirements were an uninhibited attitude toward sex and a
healthy understanding between husband and wife that at these get-
togethers each was free to do as he or she pleased. Jock had
fucked Nina, Axel’s attractive young wife, many times, and he had
it from no less authority than his own wife, Stella, that Axel was
still one of the best lays she’d ever had.
“So I’m going to make my own goddamn movie,” Axel said, still
pursuing his train of thought.
“What?” Jock looked at the older man in surprise.
“Don’t get me wrong, Jock,” Borman chuckled. “I know my
limitations. I’m not going to hold the camera or try to direct
the actors. All I’m going to do is create a dramatic situation.
Bring some people together in a situation loaded with potential
dynamite and let a professional cameraman photograph whatever they
“You mean it won’t be rehearsed,” Jock expanded the idea.
“Like one of those happenings painters and artists are always
putting on.”
“Exactly,” Borman nodded. “Except this will have its roots
in real life. You see, when I showed that film last week …” He
pointed to the manila envelope, “I thought I recognized that girl.
And, as the man who made the film is one of my clients, it wasn’t
hard to check out. She comes from a small town not far from a
farm I bought in Maryland last summer. In fact, her older sister
works for the real estate agent who sold me the farm, and I
happened to meet them together in his office one afternoon.
They’re both beautiful girls, but in such completely different
ways you never would believe they’re sisters. That’s one reason I
guess their faces stuck in my mind. So, when I recognized the
younger one, naturally I was intrigued. I mean, when I saw her
last summer she seemed to be a typical normal healthy small-town
American girl. Now, what could have happened in a few months time
to transform a girl like that into the star – if you pardon the
expression – of a trashy sex movie …?”
Borman paused, signaled the waiter for two more drinks and
went on. “Well, it so happens that my client keeps pretty close
tabs on his stable of actors, and that includes reading any of
their mail he can get his hands on. It helps to keep them in line
if he knows where they’re from. Most of them wouldn’t want the
folks back home to know what they’re up to in the big city.
Anyway, he knew all about this girl – her name is Tiffany – and
was even able to give me a letter written to her by her sister.”
He reached inside his jacket and pulled out a soiled rumpled
envelope which he handed to Jock. Sipping contentedly on his
fresh drink, Axel leaned back in the comfortable old leather
armchair and studied his young friend’s face to detect his
reaction to the brief missive that June had written to her sister
Tiffany two months before.

Dear Sister,

Daddy and I were glad to hear that you are well and have
found a good job. Naturally, Daddy misses you a great deal as you
have always been his favorite, but I don’t suppose that will make
any difference to you.
You are absolutely wrong in saying that I will never forgive
you for doing what you did with Cliff Farrow. I have already
forgiven you for that and am only thankful that I found out what
kind of man he is before making the awful mistake of marrying him.
What I can’t forgive is your saying that you did it for my
sake to protect me from him. That is a horrible lie and you know
it. Some day maybe when you are grown up, you will learn to be
honest with yourself. Until then, I can only pray for you.

Your sister

P.S. You couldn’t possibly have known that I was coming home
early that afternoon.

“Wow! Some loving affectionate letter!” Jock exclaimed
softly. “Just exactly what did little Tiffany do with Cliff
Farrow to deserve it? I mean, I can guess, but give me the juicy
“Sorry. We don’t have the details, Jock.” Borman smiled.
“Whatever happened, little Tiffany ran away to the big city. As
she had acted in a couple of high school productions and had
always dreamed of becoming a Hollywood star, she answered an ad in
the paper for girls with acting experience. Result so far – three
films like the one you saw at my house last week. My client – his
name is Dippy Gallagher, by the way, and it fits him perfectly –
says she is one of his most cooperative stars. Apparently he is
obliged to use booze, drugs, blackmail and sometimes even force on
some of the other actresses to get them to play their roles
“Sordid bastard,” Jock interposed with a chuckle.
“He is,” Borman agreed. “But, apparently, Tiffany doesn’t
need any artificial stimulants. She’s sure she’s on the road to
Hollywood and is happy as a lark, except for one little item.
Cliff Farrow is bugging her to death. He found out what she is
doing, and it’s tearing him apart. He follows her everywhere like
a dog, begging her to marry him and come back home. He is out of
a job, running out of money and drinking himself to death. A very
sad state of affairs.”
“I think I get it,” Jock said with a gleam in his eye.
“You’re going to bring the three of them together, June, Tiffany
and Cliff, and see what happens, right? But suppose nothing
“That’s where you and I come in.” Borman winked broadly at
his friend. “That’s why I asked you if you could run fast enough
to snatch a lady’s pocketbook and get away with it. We’ve got to
make damned sure something does happen.” Then he quickly outlined
to the younger man the plan that had been gradually taking shape
in his mind ever since he had recognized Tiffany in the movie the
week before. When he had finished, Jock whistled again, this time
in admiration.
“By God, Axel,” he drawled. “It’s a good thing you can’t
manipulate stocks the way you can people.”
“What makes you think I can’t?” Borman grunted derisively.
“Anyway, Jock, do you think Stella will mind you … uh … taking
a part in this little drama? It goes without saying the film will
never leave our hands, of course.”
“Are you kidding!” Jock exclaimed. “It’ll turn Stella on.
Now, let’s go over it again. There are a few bugs to work out.
First, you get in touch with Gallagher to start the ball rolling,
right. And then …”
So the two men ordered another drink and settled back to plan
the scenario of the events which were to take place about a week

Chapter 3

The following Monday, after a lengthy conversation with
Borman, Dippy Gallagher sent for Tiffany. He was on the phone
when she went into his office, a tiny leprechaun of a man,
completely bald, intensely nervous, perpetually scowling, almost
hidden by a huge desk cluttered with stacks of glossy photos
portraying both male and female nudes in various provocative poses
and obscene acts, most of them covered with a fine film of dust
and cigar ashes.
“What!” he was screaming into the phone in a high-pitched
anguished voice. “She shaved what …! Her pussy! So she gets a
merkin – a pussy wig! Whaddaya mean they don’t make pussy wigs?
Shit yes, they do, oh hell! Then get another broad. Throw the
dumb cunt out on the street.”
He slammed down the receiver and stared ferociously at
Tiffany. “In the year of our Lord nineteen seventy-three,” he
intoned dramatically, “the decade of Hair! She goes and shaves
her pussy. Who does she think she is, Dolly Dimple? I swear to
God if my mother wasn’t Jewish I wouldn’t be alive today. Show
biz! Do me a favor. Go tell it to the East River. Siddown,
He popped a pill into his shark-like mouth, washed it down
with a swig from a bottle of vodka he kept stashed in his desk,
and leaned back with his hands clasped behind his head to survey
Tiffany with his beady little eyes.
Tiffany avoided his gaze. The office with its shabby dingy
walls, plastered with more obscene photographs, and its odor of
stale cigar smoke and … she sometimes imagined … stale cum …
depressed her beyond words.
To begin with it hadn’t been so bad. In fact, the first time
she went there in answer to the ad for girls with acting
experience the atmosphere of corruption and decadence, even evil,
which pervaded the office and the enormous loft upstairs where
most of the films were shot had perversely excited her. She had
had it up to here with the neat orderly life at home in Maryland,
her constantly complaining father and her sister June’s prudish
domineering ways, so she plunged enthusiastically into her new
life as an actress in blue movies. She was getting paid pretty
good money for doing what she had loved to do since she was
fourteen – fucking and sucking … and as a whole the actors she
performed with were handsome virile studs with big potent cocks,
even though a lot of them were strung out on drugs, mostly
amphetamines, because needle marks were hard to hide even with the
best of make-up creams. Then there was always the hope of
Hollywood shimmering in the future, the hope cleverly planted and
nourished by Dippy Gallagher that any day a talent scout would see
one of their films and sign her up for the Big Time.
But Tiffany was getting discouraged. Already three movies in
two months and not the slightest nibble. The glamour in the
business, what little she had ever thought there was, had faded
and that afternoon she was feeling particularly down. She had
just finished a scene where she was anally raped by a satyr,
complete with plastic horns and hooves, against a backdrop of an
idyllic glen deep in the ferny woods of ancient Greece, painted by
a bombed-out character from Houston, Texas, by way of the East
Village. Anyway, the horsehair or whatever they made the satyr’s
costume out of had rubbed her tender ass-cheeks and inner thighs
raw and she couldn’t wait to get home and hop into a hot bath.
Gallagher saw the sulky pouting expression on Tiffany’s
rather wan heart-shaped face and decided he knew exactly what she
needed … A little jolt in the tookus.
“Let’s see your tits, k*d,” he snarled. “C’mere.”
“God, haven’t you seen them enough,” Tiffany protested
sullenly, getting up nevertheless and going around the desk toward
him. She knew she had to … anyway Dippy had never been known to
screw around with any of the members of his “Troupe.” One rumor
had it that he was completely impotent, another that he had a two-
hundred pound wife ensconced in a mansion on a big estate on Long
Island somewhere. Nobody knew anything for sure about Dippy
except that after work he disappeared into the canyons of New York
like a rabbit up a magician’s sleeve … and was never known to
screw around with his actresses. Tiffany obediently unbuttoned
her dress and pulled it down so that her girlish but shapely
breasts swung free, rising in comely succulent arcs from her
smooth-skinned torso.
“Ice ’em!” Dippy snapped.
“Wh – at? Wha’d you say?” Tiffany stammered, taken
completely off guard. She stared down at her breasts as if she
had never seen them before.
“Put ice on ’em,” Dippy spat at her. “They’re sagging
already. Get some ice packs. Freeze ’em the first thing in the
morning and the last thing at night. You wanna stay away from
silicone, right, k*d? Nobody knows the long run effects. But the
show’s gotta go on, and the tits gotta be firm. So … ice packs!
And another thing!” he yammered before Tiffany could get her wits
together. “Humpty-Dumpty’s gotta go!”
Tiffany’s heart sank. Humpty-Dumpty was Gallagher’s derisive
nickname for Cliff Farrow. “He – he didn’t come back here, did
he?” she faltered. “He promised me he never would again.”
“Humpty-Dumpty,” Dippy recited, “took a great fall. He’s
downstairs right now, puking in the hall.”
“Oh goddd,” Tiffany groaned. Ever since Cliff had found out
what she was really doing he had been impossible. Impossible!
Following her around all the time, making terrible drunken scenes
in public places. “Listen, Mr. Gallagher,” she put as much
persuasion as she could into her voice. “He’ll never come back
again, I swear he won’t. I’ll tell him I’ll never see him again.”
“Nix, baby, you already tried that,” Dippy reminded her
irritably. “And it didn’t work. We don’t want sloppy drunks
hanging around our Stage Door Entrance. It gives the studio a bad
name. Uh-uh! The next time he shows, you’re out! And that would
be a shame. Because you got talent, k*d. You got what it takes.
You still wanna go west, don’cha?”
“You know I do, Mr. Gallagher,” Tiffany wailed as
pathetically as she could. “I enjoy working for you and all that
but …”
“Yeah, yeah,” he muttered gruffly. “Spare the act. I bring
’em up from Nowheresville, give ’em exposure, and overnight
they’re million dollar stars. Out in Hollywood. Rome. Paris.
The whole world over. But they don’t forget old Dippy, k*d,” he
added milkily. “You know why? Because old Dippy don’t forget
what he knows about them. Which brings me to June.”
“Huh …?” Tiffany was caught off balance again.
“Yeah, June!” Dippy yapped at her. “Not April, May or
September. June! Big sister June. Humpty-Dumpty’s ex-fee-ann-
say. The one who caught Humpty humping you that afternoon last
summer back in Laketon.”
“How did you know that?” Tiffany gasped. She had been super-
careful never to breathe a word about where she came from to
anybody in the troupe. Of course, there was that letter from June
she thought might have been missing from her purse; she couldn’t
be sure she hadn’t thrown it away after showing it to Cliff. But,
anyway, there had just been the letter, no envelope or address.
So how did he know where she came from? Actually her home was
four miles from Laketon but he was too close for comfort.
Gallagher was enjoying her consternation. “Oh, I got ways,
k*d, I got ways,” he jeered knowingly at her. “Anyway, June’s the
answer to your problem. Get her up here, get her in the sack with
Humpty again, and five gets you ten he goes back to Nowheresville
with her.”
“Oh no, you’re wrong, Mr. Gallagher,” Tiffany objected quite
positively. “Cliff adores me, and anyhow, June wouldn’t have
anything to do with him after … after what happened …”
“I got other information,” Dippy grunted, continuing to
follow out Borman’s instructions. “Let me worry about the
details, will ya, k*d? Just do what I say. First get Humpty to
send June a telegram saying you’re in bad trouble and he needs her
help des-purr-ately. Send it yourself and sign his name. She’ll
come, won’t she?”
“Ye-es,” Tiffany had to grudgingly admit. Even after all
that had happened, June with her goddamn Puritanical sense of
responsibility would probably be on the first train out of
“Tell her to wire arrival time at this address,” Dippy went
on, shoving a piece of paper at her. “Second, tell Humpty that
you want out of this business and that the only way you can get
out is to bring in a new broad. Sister June! And that he’s got
to break her in.”
“But that’s impossible!” Tiffany wailed in despair. “I mean
it doesn’t even make sense. You don’t know my sister. It won’t
“That’s our worry, k*d. What’s it gonna be? Hollywood or
back to Nowheresville? See ya tomorrow.” He clamped the slimy
butt of a half-smoked cigar in his mouth and shuffled some
glossies around on his desk by way of dismissal. Personally he
didn’t think the scheme would work either, and sometimes he
wondered why he was letting a crazy sex-mad nut like this Axel
Borman handle his money for him. But his stocks kept going up and
up and up, so who’s to complain …?

* * *

Tiffany was sitting naked on the big bed in her room in the
grimy but fairly respectable hotel not far from where she worked.
She was buffing her nails while Cliff Farrow strode back and
forth, ranting and raving, clutching his head and occasionally
drinking from a pint bottle of gin he carried in the coat pocket
of his rumpled suit. In three short months the once handsome,
dynamic and dapperly dressed star salesman of the Chisolm Realty
Company had become a shambling, bleary-eyed wreck of a man, an
obvious candidate for Skid Row.
Finally Tiffany interrupted his rambling drunken tirade.
“Listen,” she said sharply. “If you really love me and want me to
get out of this business, then you’ve got to fuck June while
Gallagher films the scene. He seems to think she’ll do it.
Personally, I don’t care if you have to r**e her.”
“But if you really want to get out, why can’t you just quit?”
Cliff plaintively wanted to know.
“What! And have Gallagher send Daddy a batch of those shots
of me sucking cocks and fucking gorillas! It would k**l him.”
Tiffany exclaimed indignantly. This was the brilliant idea she
had come up with on the way home and it seemed to be working.
“But if Gallagher threatened to do that, it’s blackmail. We
could go to the police,” Cliff pursued doggedly.
“Ha – after they saw some of those shots they’d just laugh.”
Tiffany shrugged. “I wasn’t f****d you know. I signed a contract
that protects Gallagher.” She changed her tone to one of
appealing persuasion. “Listen, Cliff, I made a terrible mistake
and I admit it. But now I just can’t take it any longer, and I’ve
got to get out of this cruddy business. I want us to go away
somewhere and have a happy life together. And the only way is for
you to fuck June on camera. Don’t ask me why because I don’t
know. It’s just one of Dippy Gallagher’s brainstorms.”
Cliff sighed and gazed forlornly at her with a sheepish
hangdog took. “But you know I can’t get it up any more,” he
reminded her pitifully.
“Brother, do I ever know it!” the young girl exclaimed
“Well, it’s your fault!” Cliff flared back at her, knocking
down a big slug of gin from his bottle. “Every time I think of
what you’re doing every day with those other men … it’s killing
“It didn’t used to bother you that I fucked other guys in
school. Remember? You were the big shot then. The big frog in
the little puddle,” she mocked him mercilessly. Then changing
tone again, she said more kindly, “It’s the booze, Cliff. You’ve
got to stop drinking. You should see yourself. Honest, I was
ashamed to bring you in here tonight.”
“Well, I’ll try,” the haggard man sighed despondently. “But
I still don’t see why it has to be me.”
“Maybe Gallagher thinks you have hidden talents,” Tiffany
suggested sarcastically.
“I used to be as good as those guys you work with, didn’t I?”
Cliff asked in a pathetic tone of voice, stung by her allusion to
his impotence.
“Oh, better, Cliff, much better,” she reassured him. “But
that’s not much help right now.”
“I can still suck,” he said eagerly. “Can I just suck your
sweet little cunt some, Tiff. Maybe my cock’ll get hard.” He
looked longingly at the fluffy golden vee nestling up between her
slender girlish thighs.
“No,” she refused after just the briefest hesitation. It
would be fun to just lean back on the pillows and watch him slave
away down there on her pussy, the roles reversed for a change, but
the dark stubble of beard on his jaw deterred her. The tender
skin between her thighs had been scratched enough for one day by
that goddamned satyr costume … and she always had the vibrator
one of the girls in the troupe had turned her on to. In a lot of
ways it was better than a tongue. “No,” she repeated firmly. “No
pussy until you get me off the hook. Call me tomorrow and I’ll
let you know what’s going on. Now, good-night, Cliff. They’re
shooting a big sandwich scene tomorrow, and I want to look my
After another long forlorn dejected look at the beautiful
young body he had once possessed so completely, but which was now
forbidden him, Cliff silently left the room. As soon as Tiffany
had heard his footsteps plod away down the hall outside she called
up Room Service to send up a bucket of ice and began to unwrap the
two ice packs she had bought on the way home. That goddamn
Gallagher was a sonuvabitch liar, she decided as she carefully
studied her slim but curvaceous form in the bathroom mirror. Her
breasts weren’t sagging at all, but maybe the ice would do them
some good anyway. Why take chances …?

Chapter 4

Nina Borman was wondering what the hell her crazy wild man of
a husband was up to now as she walked beside him with her hand
linked under his arm along the crowded street off lower Fifth
Avenue. Because he certainly was up to something, there was no
doubt about that. The lithe long-legged young brunette in the
cheap, poorly-cut navy blue suit they were following – at least
Nina assumed they were following her, Axel refused to answer her
questions – turned up the steps of another shabby brownstone house
and, after scanning the names listed by the door, hesitantly rang
the bottom bell. It was the sixth building she had tried and each
time she came out looking more dejected and discouraged. The pure
classic beauty of her profile was visible for an instant, then the
door clicked and she went inside.
As usual Axel had stopped as soon as the girl turned up the
steps and was pretending to examine the wares displayed in the
window of a basement “head” shop. Some private eye he’d make,
Nina snorted to herself. With his elegant Malacca walking cane
and his perfectly tailored grey business suit he stood out like a
sore thumb in the motley crowd of long-haired hippie boys and
girls who were thronging the sidewalk.
It was growing dark and there was a chill nip in the autumn
air that bit right through the white Angora wool coat she was
wearing over her black chiffon cocktail dress. When Axel had
phoned her unexpectedly that afternoon to meet him at the corner
of Fifth and Eighth, she had expected to be taken to the opening
of a new art show or a party, not shadowing some poor girl up and
down the streets of Greenwich Village.
“Damn you, Borman!” she snapped, using his last name to
indicate her exasperation, although she could hardly keep from
laughing at the picture he made … the distinguished Wall Street
broker staring earnestly down at the beads and sandals and other
assorted junk in the window. “Damn you!” she repeated when he
didn’t even bother to look at her. “If you don’t tell me why
we’re following that poor girl, I’m going home right now.”
“How’d you like to suck her pussy?” he shot back at her in a
low voice gangster-style out of the side of his mouth.
“Oh, is that what I’m gonna do?” Nina retorted sarcastically,
feeling nevertheless a little apple of excitement in her tummy.
“Well, what are we waiting for? Why don’t we just take her home
with us so I can get down to business?”
“Shhhhh,” Borman warned her. The brunette was coming out of
the door of the brownstone and behind her an enormously fat woman
with her peroxided hair up in curlers and her face beet-red with
fury was screaming.
“Whore! Harlot! You’re all whores and harlots. Out! Out
of my house before God strikes you down as he surely will. Out!
Out! Out!”
The young brunette half-ran, half-stumbled, down the steps
with tears streaming down her frightened face and hurried off with
Nina and Borman in pursuit.
“Did you set that up, you bastard?” Nina asked when they had
slowed down again. The brunette had stopped and was fumbling in
the large rectangular leather pocketbook which she was carrying
suspended from her shoulder by a strap. She drew out a
handkerchief and began dabbing at her eyes.
“Nope,” Borman replied. “But it won’t hurt. Soften her up a
little more …”
Just then Nina felt someone jostle past her and caught just a
glimpse of a long-haired, beetle-browed man who darted between the
intervening passersby, ripped the purse from the brunette’s
shoulder and took off at a dead run down the crowded block.
“Stop, thief! Stop, thief!” Shouting loudly and brandishing
his cane like a character in an old-fashioned melodrama, Borman
surged after the running figure and a second later both of them
disappeared around a corner. A few people turned to stare
curiously in the direction of the brunette who was standing there
with an expression of bewildered consternation on her face, but no
one went up to her to comfort her, just as no one had raised a
finger to stop the thief.
About par for Fun City, Nina thought angrily to herself. She
suspected at once that her husband was behind the purse-snatching
episode and was sure that it was just a gambit in whatever crazy
scheme he had cooked up, but the indifference of all the other
people to the robbery in broad daylight really got to her.
Impulsively … and knowing at the same time that it was probably
exactly what Axel would want her to do … she went up to the
distraught girl and put her arm around her.
“Don’t worry, honey,” she said sympathetically. “My husband
will get your purse back for you.”
“It – it had everything in it,” the brunette sobbed brokenly.
“All my money, my driving license …” She caught hold of herself
and looked gratefully at the slim elegant blonde stranger who had
taken pity on her. “God, it even had the key to the locker where
I checked my suitcase in it!” she suddenly remembered. “I won’t
be able to get my suitcase out.”
“Don’t worry,” Nina comforted her again. “Here comes Axel
now … my husband. Oh … oh! I’m afraid he doesn’t have your
pocketbook though.” She nodded toward Axel who was barging toward
them through the crowd. He was panting like a winded bull, and
his heavy square-jawed face was all ruddy with his exertions.
“Lost him, damn it all!” he growled thumping the tip of his
cane on the sidewalk. “Think anybody would try to stop him? They
just got in my way, that’s all. Stupid bastards!” Then suddenly
his grim expression vanished and his face split in a charming
smile. “Well, I’ll be damned,” he said to the distressed
brunette. “Aren’t you Miss Wright from the realtor’s office in
Laketon, Maryland? I’m Axel Borman. Bought a farm there from Mr.
Chisolm last summer. Remember?”
What a god-awful ham you are, Axel, Nina thought
affectionately as she watched this minor miracle unfold right in
front of her eyes on the sordid streets of Greenwich Village.
Recognition dawned in June Wright’s eyes and soon her hand was
tucked under Axel’s other arm as he towed both the women along
Fifth Avenue toward Washington Square Park.
“We live just down the street,” he was saying to June. “I’m
afraid your purse is gone for good, but I’m sure I can get your
bag out of the locker without any trouble. You just come up to
the apartment and rest for a few minutes while I make a couple of
phone calls …”

* * *

Wow, those few minutes had really stretched, June was
thinking a little woozily to herself about four hours later as she
sat cozily curled up in one corner of an enormous couch, warming
her second large snifter of after-dinner Brandy-and-Benedictine in
the palm of her hand. She was sitting in what was beyond doubt
the most lavish and tastefully decorated living room she had ever
seen. It was like something right out of the movies, only much
better. In fact, the whole evening had seemed enchanted and
unreal, right from the minute Mr. Borman had recognized her and
brought her here. Why, she was almost glad her pocketbook had
been stolen, even if there was over sixty dollars in it, just to
get a glimpse of the way Mr. Borman and his charming wife Nina
lived. The meal they had eaten, prepared by the Borman’s personal
French chef, was probably worth sixty dollars all by itself, she
figured. She had never tasted such delicious food, and every time
she looked out of the dining room window she felt as if she had
the whole city of New York at her feet.
The Bormans lived in a duplex penthouse on top of one of the
few high-rise buildings in that area. Standing on the terrace
before dinner she had been able to look way down at the long rows
of shabby brownstone houses and dingy brick tenements like the
ones she had been looking for Tiffany in. After two cocktails she
had broken down and told Nina and Axel … it was hard for her to
call him Axel, he was so imposing, but he had insisted … anyway,
she had told them about Tiffany’s running away with Cliff. She’d
covered up the real story by saying they had eloped together …
And about the telegram and how when Cliff didn’t meet her at the
train as she had expected he would, she had gone to the address he
had given. God, she certainly would never forget that place. She
thought she had done a pretty good job of describing to Nina and
Axel how sinister and awful it had been with all these freaky
filthy people lying around in the most awful mess she’d ever seen.
Empty yogurt cups and rotting fruit and vegetables in all the
She was certain everyone there was on drugs, and the only one
who had seemed to be in a halfway normal state had just laughed
when she asked about Tiffany. Nobody has a name here, baby, he
had said, and when she showed him the picture of her sister she
had brought along, he explained that the place was just what they
called a “crash pad.” People came and went every day and he’d
only been there a week himself.
Then there was the policeman she had asked where the Missing
Persons Bureau was. He had snarled at her that Western Union was
always making mistakes and that she should check numbers 62 and 52
and 27 and so on before she bothered the Bureau. Why not 18th
street, too and 108th street, why not every building in the whole
city of ten million or whatever it was …?
Axel had told her that he knew exactly how callous and
indifferent the police appeared to be. It was really because they
were overworked, he assured her, but he knew someone in City Hall
who would see that her sister’s case received the proper
attention. Meanwhile, since it had been too late to contact the
man he knew who could help about her suitcase, it had been decided
that she spend the night with them. After the hostility … the
downright inhumanity … of the city it had really been wonderful
to meet such warm hospitable people, and June’s protest that she
didn’t want to impose on them was pretty feeble.
“Oh, pooh,” Nina laughed. “You’re not imposing at all. I’m
not as … uh … busty as you are but maybe you can squeeze into
one of my nighties. How about a little nightcap before we turn
in?” She leaned forward to take the decanter from the coffee
table and poured some more of the amber liquid into June’s glass
in spite of her protests.
“I’m really not used to drinking so much,” she giggled a
little foolishly. “Cocktails before dinner, wine with dinner and
three liqueurs after dinner. Goodness, what would the people in
Laketon say?”
“What the hell do people in Laketon drink, for chrissake?”
Axel growled suddenly in a surly overbearing voice from the deep
easy chair he was lying back in, puffing on an enormous cigar.
June was really shocked and didn’t know what to reply. He
had been so charming and affable right up until that moment. What
had she done to offend him?
“Ho-hum, I guess it’s time for beddy-bye. It’s been a long
day,” Nina said, rising to her feet with a meaningful glance at
June. “Bring your glass along, honey, and we’ll finish up our
nightcaps while I’m showing you your room and where everything
is.” She led the way from the living room with that supple
graceful walk that June had noticed earlier and admired so much.
Everything that Nina did was stylish and elegant, and next to her
June felt like a hulking country clod, although god knows the
slender blonde woman was the essence of warmth and friendliness
itself and certainly not in the least bit condescending.
As she rose rather unsteadily, June said goodnight to Axel
who merely grumbled something curt and unintelligible and
continued to glower at the wall like a huge cross old bear.
Goodness, he certainly was a moody man … She didn’t envy
Nina having to put up with such sudden outbreaks of bad humor if
they occurred often. It probably had something to do with the
difference in their ages because Nina couldn’t be more than thirty
while Borman must be close to fifty … her father’s age.
To her mortification the voluptuous brunette found that she
was actually weaving as she followed her hostess down the hallway
to the guest bedroom. Such a thing had never happened to her in
her whole life before. It must be the wine, she decided. They
had drunk both white Bordeaux and red Burgundy, all imported from
France, and it had gone so well with the different courses that
she had drunk a great deal without realizing it.
“I think you’ll be comfortable here,” Nina said, patting a
large double bed covered with a lovely satiny aquamarine
comforter. “Over there is your bath …” She pointed to a door
across the room. “And if you’ll just wait a second, I’ll see if I
can find a nightie that will fit you. You certainly have a
magnificent figure,” she smiled, looking June over with frank
admiration in her eyes.
“Oh,” June protested, blushing at the compliment. “Don’t
bother. I can just sleep in my slip.” Then she blushed even
harder when she thought of how the last couple of months she had
been sleeping in the raw so that she could more quickly satisfy
her ever-demanding body. God, for the past four hours she hadn’t
even thought of … that … and now she could already feel the
b***d beginning to race through her veins in anticipation of the
moment she would be alone in that wonderful big bed. No, dammit!
She wouldn’t touch herself tonight, she resolved. It would break
the spell of the whole day.
Nina had been quietly watching the crimsoning face of her
beautiful raven-haired guest and speculating as to what thoughts
were passing through her mind to make her blush so furiously. The
excited tingling in the pit of her own tummy told her that she
would find out before too long. Axel had finally explained to her
the first part of his plan and intuitively she knew that he was
right. Her husband, as she had learned many years before, had an
unerring instinct about women like June Wright; he claimed she was
the type of woman who by nature is overwhelmingly sensual but who
for one reason or another has not yet been awakened to the full
hidden depths of her sexuality. Nina shivered with inward delight
at the thought of the role she had been assigned to play in June’s
awakening. Moments like these were the spice of life to her.
“It’s no trouble at all,” Nina said, placing her snifter of
B-and-B on the bedside table as she left the room. “I’ll be right
June was wandering around the spacious room admiring the
paintings on the walls … they were all abstract but in soothing
subdued colors that went perfectly with the rest of the decor …
when she heard Axel’s voice raised in a loud angry roar and the
sound of shattering glass followed by a heavy smack of flesh
against flesh. Seconds later Nina came running breathlessly into
the room, slammed the door behind her and locked it. One entire
side of her delicately featured face was blotchy red where Axel
had obviously slapped her with all his might.
“That rotten bastard!” she gasped, panting like a hunted
animal as June instinctively ran to her and enfolded her slim
pliant figure comfortingly in her arms. She could feel the older
woman’s heart pounding rapidly against her breast and a tremor
rack her trembling body.
“God, I’m so ashamed!” Nina choked out finally when she had
gotten herself under control. “I never dreamed he would do that
with a perfect stranger in the apartment. Not that you’re a
stranger,” she added quickly with a grateful glance at June. “I
feel as if I’ve known you all my life.”
“Oh, Nina, come over here and sit down,” June begged almost
tearfully, leading her hostess over to the bed and still hugging
her tightly to her breast as though she were a frightened c***d.
“Why on earth did he strike you? Does he do it often?”
“Oh no, only when he drinks too much sometimes,” Nina said
mournfully. “And when he’s been around some woman he knows he
can’t take to bed. He’s very much attracted to you, you know,
“What!” The idea that a man as old as her father could
desire her physically shocked June to the roots of her being. “I
just can’t believe it.”
“Well, it’s true,” Nina smiled ruefully. “I know all the
signs, believe me … June, I hate to ask you this on such short
acquaintance, but would you mind if I slept in here with you
tonight?” She slyly eyed her guest to see if there was any sign
of reluctance but there was none, so she went swiftly on. “By
tomorrow morning Axel will have slept it off, but if I go out
there now he might really work me over. I’ll be safe in here with
you. Come to think of it, you’ll be safer too if I’m in here with
“Wh – what …?” June faltered, uncertain that she
understood. “You don’t really mean he would …?”
“Break down the door and r**e you?” Nina finished the
unspoken thought for her. “He might. He just might. He’s never
done anything like that up till now, but he seems to get crazier
and hornier each year instead of calming down like most men do
when they grow older. That bastard had a hard on for you as big
as a telephone pole all during dinner. I’m amazed you didn’t
notice it.”
“Wh – what …!” June stammered again, hardly able to believe
her ears that the elegant sophisticated Mrs. Nina Borman would use
a coarse expression like “hard on”. She hadn’t heard that since
the girls used to whisper it in high school.
“Oh, I’m sorry if I shocked you, honey,” Nina said
understandingly, placing her slender petite hand on June’s larger
one. “It’s just that when Axel hits me, it makes me feel degraded
like a … like a whore. And then for some reason I want to
degrade myself even more and talk like a whore. Say things like –
cock, fuck, ass, cunt … Damn him anyway!” She grabbed up her
snifter and downed what was left in the glass in one gulp.
“Sometimes I wonder why I stay with him.”
June gazed at the abused wife with her heart full of
compassion. She very clearly understood Nina’s compulsive need
for self-degradation … self-debasement. God, who could
understand it better than she could? She had been involuntarily
debased by the vile spectacle she had witnessed on the porch that
afternoon, and for months afterward had continued to defile
herself, plunging headlong into an apparently bottomless pit of
lonely self-debauch. She picked up her own glass and slowly
drained it. She felt completely sober. The fright she had
experienced seemed to have cleared her head.
“Fuck! Shit! Piss! Cunt! Cock! Cocksucker!” Nina spat
out the lewd words again, balling up her little hands into fists
and jabbing out at an imaginary target. “That’s all I am, a
cocksucker. My husband’s private little cocksucker. Rub my back
for me, will you, honey,” she begged plaintively, stretching out
suddenly on the bed. “It’s the only thing in the whole world that
calms me down. My nerves feet like they’re going to jump right
out of my skin!”
Aghast at the stream of filth spouting from the married
woman’s lovely mouth, June dazedly began to stroke her back
through the sheer silk material of her cocktail dress. Nina’s
head was resting in the crook of her arm so that her exquisitely
sculptured face was turned toward June in semi-profile. Was it
possible, June wondered, that those delicate cherry red lips which
looked so innocent and pure had actually been f****d to close
around the loathsome penis of that hulking brute out there in the
living room? Probably … She was beginning to believe that Axel
was capable of anything. She knew from her readings in abnormal
psychology that people did indulge in such disgusting practices,
and hadn’t Cliff said that her own sister …
June suppressed a sudden urge to retch but oddly enough she
felt no repulsion for Nina, only sadness that the older woman had
the misfortune to be married to a sadistic animal like Axel
Borman. Her hand slowed in its smooth stroking and she gently
massaged the nape of her hostess’ neck, feeling the soft warm
flesh through the curling tendrils of short blonde hair there.
“Oh, that feels good, your hand on my skin,” Nina purred
contentedly. “Let me take off my dress.” She jumped quickly off
the bed, unzipped her dress and let it puddle to the floor, then
unhooked her brassiere and tossed it carelessly on top of the
dress. June modestly turned away her eyes but not before she had
a glimpse of Nina’s small but beautifully shaped breasts which
stood out in pearl-white perfection against the tan remaining on
the rest of her body. They were capped by little red berrylike
nipples that jutted out so enticingly.
June blushed and guiltily swallowed the saliva which
automatically filled her mouth at the sight of those dainty
nipples. God, she wasn’t going to turn out to have lesbian
tendencies too, was she, in addition to being a voyeur? She shook
her heavy black mane of hair impatiently to reject the absurd
notion, but something dim and shadowy was stirring deep inside
her, something vaguely threatening to her already much diminished
Clad now only in the wispiest of panties, Nina climbed back
onto the bed and stretched out luxuriously like a contented kitten
for June to continue to rub her back. She felt the nervousness in
the first touches of the timid girl’s hands on her naked back and
smiled secretly to herself. She hadn’t missed the look of
confusion on June’s face and that second vivid blush when she
dropped her brassiere. This was going to be easier than she had
expected. She wouldn’t even have to use the series of Climax
Illustrated pictures that she had hidden in the dresser before
dinner just in case. The pictures showed two ravishing
Scandinavian girls fondling and sucking each other’s breasts, then
tonguing each other’s clitorises in the sixty-nine position.
No, Nina was sure it wouldn’t be necessary to bring them out.
This was going to be a straight seduction scene with no artificial
props, and she intended to enjoy it to the hilt. Of course,
nothing could replace a man’s long thick hard cock which she loved
in any part of her body but if anything could, it was a beautiful,
almost virginal and potentially passionate young woman like June.
A little sixty-nine just between girls would be a nice prelude to
whatever Axel had planned for later on. He hadn’t taken her that
far into his confidence, but the slap he’d given her to set the
stage for this scene had been too goddamn realistic. The horny
bastard didn’t know his own strength.
“Hmmmmmmmmm, that feels so-oooooo good,” she purred as June’s
hands resumed their gentle stroking. “You have wonderful hands.
I can feel the electricity coming out of them … the vibrations
or whatever it is. You could be a healer.” She lay there quietly
until the massage had turned into a series of long languorous
caresses which set a liquid warmth filtering sweetly through her
relaxed body. Then she began to almost imperceptibly undulate her
hips against the comforter, pressing her warmly throbbing vaginal
mound down on the bed when June’s hands traveled up her back to
her shoulders, then raising her softened, slightly splayed
buttocks to meet them when they descended again. She could
definitely feel a tingling current of mounting desire flowing
through those feathery fingertips which were dallying now near the
base of her spine and expected them any minute to float down
between her thighs into the wetly waiting valley of her cunt and
finally home in on her pulsing clitoris which was emitting signals
of anguished yearning at the rate of about ten thousand per second
… But when she accentuated the rotating movement of her hips
and spread her legs farther apart in frank invitation, the hands
were abruptly withdrawn.
Nina rolled over on her side and looked up at June with
intensely glittering dark blue eyes. “God, June, you’re magic!”
she exclaimed. You almost made me cum just by rubbing my back.
Why did you stop?”
“Wh – what …?” June faltered bewilderedly, biting her lower
lip and fighting to hold back tears of chagrin. The prolonged
soothing contact of her hands with the soft silken skin of Nina’s
back had started butterflies of dreamy forbidden delight
fluttering in her stomach, and the aroused young brunette had
caught herself hungering to touch the rounded moons of the blonde
woman’s buttocks which were so provocatively revealed by her
flimsy panties. But had her elegant and distinguished hostess
really said that about cumming? Had she really expected June to
touch her … there … when she parted her legs. It just
couldn’t be, June remonstrated feebly with herself, she must be
imagining things. All the alcohol she had drunk was clouding her
judgment, and her reeling brain could no longer distinguish
between the real world outside and the murky nocturnal imaginary
region of sensuality which she seemed to inhabit more and more
these days. “What … what did you say,” she replied.
“I said you’re pure magic!” Nina repeated brazenly without
the slightest hesitation. “You almost made me cum without even
touching my cunt.”
June stared speechlessly down at the blonde woman’s passion-
lit face. Such a lack of restraint between two virtual strangers
was inadmissible, and she groped vainly for some phrase that would
bring their relationship back to normal. At the same time it
seemed to her that in some weird way she and Nina were linked
telepathically, almost turning into one person. She knew that the
other woman’s clitoris was clamoring for her caresses because her
own was swollen in throbbing sympathetic response, and she could
feel the warm moistness increasing up between her tightly clenched
thighs. In spite of her will, her wetly dilating vagina was
opening like a flower unfolding its petals in response to Nina’s
unspoken pleas. It was like being in a dream or trance.
“God, I can’t stand it!” Nina moaned feverishly. “All I can
think about is cumming, I’m so hot.” With one swift motion she
doubled back her slim shapely legs and peeled off her panties,
flinging them halfway across the room in her haste. “Touch me,
June,” she begged, impetuously grabbing the younger woman’s limp
hand and pulling it toward her belly where the moist pink flesh of
her vaginal lips glistened invitingly through a diaphanous veil of
sparse golden curls.
June jerked her hand back as if it had been scorched by fire,
still more flabbergasted by this flagrant flaunting of lewd
unnatural desire … But she was unable to tear her eyes from
Nina’s soft pubic “vee” with its succulent pink flesh.
“Oh God, I hate having to do it to myself; it’s always so
much better when someone else does it,” Nina wailed. “But I’m
going crazy!” She reached down between her out-splayed legs which
were slightly bent to allow her hand better access to her hair-
lined cuntal slit and began to feverishly stroke and tease her
erect little clitoris which glittered like a jewel in its moistly
steaming furrow. The slick flesh grew inflamed with excitement,
and her breath came faster and faster as she shamelessly finger-
fucked herself in front of the startled young girl. Her elegant
blonde head strained against June’s skirt-clad thigh and a low
groan burst through her clenched teeth.
“Stop it!” June cried out, horrified to find herself watching
this licentious spectacle with the same fascination and prurient
tingling in her loins that she had experienced the afternoon she
stood transfixed in the parlor, watching Cliff and Tiffany make
love for what seemed an eternity. Watching, she thought
despairingly to herself … It was true! Watching sex brought
her to pitches of excitement she never experienced while actually
having it. She was doomed … sick, twisted, perverted. “Stop
it!” she hoarsely blurted out again, barely able to restrain
herself from plunging her hand down into the seething caldron
between her own legs. “It’s wrong!”
“Wrong!” Nina snorted, without stopping her self-
ministrations. “What’s wrong about satisfying a normal need.
God, after these scenes with Axel I have to have some kind of
release. Sometimes I lie in here half the night playing with
myself … dreaming about great big beautiful cocks all shapes and
colors and sizes … making myself cum three or four times. And I
jam things up my cunt, anything I can lay my hands on, candles,
hairbrushes. God, June, don’t you ever do it to yourself? Are
you lucky enough to have someone who keeps you content and
sexually satisfied all the time?”
June was too distraught to utter the lie which she
instinctively knew was her last chance to put an end to these
unhealthy confidences and turn back the dark tide of lesbianic
sensuality that was engulfing them both. What Nina had said
evoked too many echoes and resonances in her own mind … And
then there were the words she had unthinkingly used. Stop it!
It’s wrong! The very same words she had used the night so long
ago when she had awakened to see her little sister masturbating
frantically right in the bed beside her. But suppose the
wrongness came from her own mental state, her sick morbid desire
to watch? Even that first time with her sister? How long had she
watched before she stopped the little girl?
“Damn you, you’re not being honest with yourself!” Nina
struck out suddenly, sensing victory in her young companion’s
hesitancy and doleful expression. Withdrawing her hand from
between her legs, she sat up beside June with feigned anger. “You
should see yourself. You want it as badly as I do but you won’t
admit it. Look at your nipples, they’re hard as rocks!” Her two
hands streaked out and pinched the swollen nubs through the thin
blouse and slip with built-in brassiere that June was wearing.
The brunette gasped sharply at the unexpected jolt of pleasure-
pain which flashed instantly through every nerve-end in her
quivering young body and fell helplessly back on the bed when Nina
pushed her. Her mind was so confused with alcohol and nagging
self-doubt that she was unable to protest when the other woman
began to gently fondle and caress her firmly ripened breasts,
leaving perfumed traces of her cuntal juices on the crisp white
cloth that covered them. Gloating to herself at how easy it had
been, Nina slowly unbuttoned the innocent dark-haired girl’s
“Sit up, June!” she whispered urgently, and June sat up
automatically as if in a hypnotic trance, watching unresistingly
with glazed eyes while Nina slipped off her blouse, then pulled
down the shoulder straps of her slip so that her proudly quivering
breasts sprang free with their ruby red nipples jutting temptingly
from large pinkish coronas.
“God, your tits are so beautiful!” Nina murmured with sincere
admiration, pushing June gently down on the bed and lowering her
lips to kiss first one soft warm mound of tasty flesh, then the
other, before beginning to hungrily suck the left one over its
thudding heart. Almost at once she felt June’s hands rise and
tangle themselves in her hair, pulling her mouth down harder
against the softly resilient mound. Axel had been right again,
the hedonistic woman mused to herself. Brother, had he ever been
right! He’d discovered a real prize this time. Ever so lightly
she let her fingers drift down over June’s flat belly toward the
dark “vee” of lustrous black curls up between her rounded thighs,
just grazing the satiny skin with the tips of her sharp lacquered
June shuddered and almost wept with the tensions that were
tearing her mind apart as she fought vainly to stem the dreamy
blissful flow of voluptuous sensation that the suction of Nina’s
soft mouth and swirling tongue were drawing up from the well of
her desire. Everything was so mixed up! Her sense of time was
blurring. In her mind’s eye she again saw her slim elegant blonde
hostess panting hoarsely with her legs obscenely splayed and bent
as she feverishly manipulated her own clitoris … Then Nina
seemed to turn into Tiffany … twelve year old Tiffany doing
exactly the same thing in exactly the same position. This image
was replaced by the other of Tiffany pinioned under Cliff’s
nakedly sweating body in the bright sunlight on the back porch.
As if in another world she felt Nina’s slender hand insinuate
itself between her tightly clenched thighs and begin to worm its
way up toward her passionately throbbing vaginal slit. Now she
saw Cliff’s thick rigid penis pressing against the tiny hairless
ring of Tiffany’s anus.
God, why hadn’t she been born blind! She wouldn’t be in this
impossible situation if she hadn’t seen all those filthy things
which her treacherous memory kept flashing onto the screen of her
imagination just when she needed all her strength to resist lewd
temptation that was rapidly undermining her will. Already her
traitorous flesh was beginning to respond with tiny jerks and
spasms as Nina’s hand worked its way closer and closer to her
wildly pulsing clitoris. What difference does it make if it’s my
finger or someone else’s who caresses me down there, an insidious
voice seemed to be whispering in her ear. If masturbation was a
sin as she had been brought up to believe, then wasn’t it better
to at least share the guilt? Wasn’t it better to do it with
someone warm and kind like Nina rather than all by herself in a
lonely bed with all sorts of cold alien objects like candles, even
her father’s cane? She shuddered with horror at the memory of
that awful night of self-humiliation, and immediately the shudder
was transformed into a racking tremor of delight as Nina’s
searching middle finger slid under the elastic leg band of her
passion-soaked panties and probed unerringly between her wetly
quivering pussy lips toward the erect little organ which alone
held the power of release from this torment of excruciating
“Ooooohhhhhhh …” June gave a little moan of surrender,
relaxing her thighs and voluntarily spreading her legs when the
longed-for contact was finally made. Nina began to subtly tease
the bursting little bud, seeming to sense in advance every gust
and flurry of sensation fanning out from the magic source and
skillfully varying the tempo of her fingerings to extract the
utmost pleasure from each pulsing instant. Raising her head from
June’s heaving breast, she gazed down with luridly sparkling eyes
at the brunette’s lovely young face now flushed and contorted with
unsatiated passion.
“You like that, don’t you, June?” she hissed triumphantly.
“You like me fingering your hot little clit. You like my hand in
your sweet juicy cunt, don’t you? It’s better than doing it by
yourself, isn’t it?”
“Y – esssssss. Oh God … yes!” June whimpered helplessly.
“But it’s wrong. We’re two women …”
“Pleasure isn’t wrong!” Nina retorted thickly. “And only a
woman can give this kind of pleasure because only a woman can know
exactly what you’re feeling. I’ll bet no man has ever done this
to you as good as I’m doing it now. Has he?”
“No,” June admitted weakly, remembering Cliff’s crude
blundering attempt to arouse her there before she let him make
love to her.
“Let me take off your skirt and panties,” Nina urged
wickedly. “So we’ll both be naked.” When, after a moment’s
hesitation, June docilely raised her buttocks from the bed, the
older woman quickly pulled off the obstructing panties and rumpled
skirt, feasting her eyes greedily on the voluptuous naked body
beneath her. With a gluttonous little smack of her lips she sank
her lissome body down on top of June, the small white cones of her
breasts pressing nipple to nipple into the larger fuller ones of
the young girl. She f****d her left hand down between their
entangled golden and jet-black pussy hairs so that with her thumb
she could titillate her own clitoris while her agile fingers
swarmed into June’s wetly heated cunt … exploring … teasing
… suddenly dipping into the spastically contracting vaginal
canal. With her right hand she pulled the brunette’s heavy-maned
head toward her and began passionately kissing the smooth satiny
skin of her neck and cheeks.
June gasped and gave a low moan when she felt Nina’s
knowledgeable fingers penetrate her vagina, then pull out with a
lewd sucking sound, and pump back in again with blissful
flickering pressures against the sensitive membranes of her inner
cunt. Her responsive hips writhed with slavish abandonment and
squirmed upward to capture more of the miraculously fucking hand.
God, big as his penis was, nothing Cliff had done to her had ever
felt like this. Her hands flew down to dig into the soft warm
moons of Nina’s ass-cheeks and pull them apart. Her right hand
crept down the crevice between them, delayed at the tiny puckered
hole of the anus by the memory of Tiffany’s obscene command to
Cliff … Stick your finger up my ass … before traveling on to
the moist hair-lined lips of the seductive woman’s hot little cunt
where their fingers briefly met, seeking each other’s pleasure.
They were joined in a perfect circle of eroticism.
When Nina suddenly kissed her full on the mouth, probing with
her tongue between her desire-softened lips for entry into the
sweet cavern, June found the strength to resist again momentarily,
feeling somehow that the French kiss would seal some kind of weird
unnatural love pact between them that went beyond the ecstatic
sucking of her breasts and fondling of her genitals … but again
she surrendered, feeling a new surge of delight as Nina’s supple
tongue slipped into her mouth and swirled around her own. She
began to hungrily suck the darting wet organ, eagerly swallowing
her partner’s sweet saliva as their two bodies fused together in a
long mind-darkening soul kiss. God, she had never enjoyed a kiss
so much, and every square inch of the surface of her naked young
body was vibrantly aware of the lithe pleasure-giving creature on
top of her.
After long minutes Nina finally raised her head and looked
with passion-clouded eyes down at June’s lovely face. “Sometimes
I wish I had a cock,” she murmured intensely. “A big hard cock to
fuck way up inside your sweet little pussy, June honey … but I’m
going to do the next best thing. I’m going to make you cum like
you’ve never cum before!”
“Oh yes … yes,” June painted, gazing with trusting wonder
up at the delicate oval of her companion’s face. “I want you to,
Nina, I want you to … make me cum!” The shamelessness of her
own frank demand sent the b***d racing through her eager body, and
her head spun with a sense of new found freedom. God, at last she
was going to cum with somebody else, with a sweet warm-blooded
loving woman. It was so wonderful! Time had stopped for her with
that long rapturous soul kiss and nothing mattered now except the
fingers so skillfully drawing surge after surge of magic will-o-
the-wisp fire up from the depth of her love-starved loins. She
closed her eyes and abandoned herself completely.
“I’m going to suck your sweet little clit!” Nina whispered
lewdly in her ear, tenderly nipping its fleshy lobe and spiraling
her pointed tongue into the narrow canal.
June’s eyes flew open. “Oh no, please!” she pleaded,
twisting her head away from the new weird feeling of the wet
tongue revolving in her ear. “Just with your fingers, Nina.
Please just do it to me with your fingers.” The whole idea of
mouth-to-genitals sex had profoundly disgusted her when she had
read about it, and when Cliff had hinted about doing it she had
let him know in no uncertain terms that there would never be any
of that sort of thing between them … But now she had already
let Nina go so far and her whole body felt like it was on fire,
her breasts, her mouth, her vagina. She didn’t know whether she
would have the will to resist. “Please …” she begged again
“Well, you can do it to me with your fingers if you’re that
selfish,” Nina retorted. “But I want to feel your little clit
throbbing like a heart in my mouth when I suck it, June honey, and
taste your beautiful cunt juices when you cum!” With one supple
motion she swung off June’s body and reversed her position on the
bed so that her face was hovering directly over June’s wetly
quivering pussy and her own burning cunt was pressed against the
reluctant girl’s shoulder. She began to plant hot lingering
kisses on the naked flesh of June’s tummy and hips and thighs
which were squeezed together again in a last effort of denial. It
shouldn’t take long to open them, Nina mused to herself, as with
the pink tip of her tongue she traced a wet trail around the
warmly perfumed flesh beneath her, tantalizingly skirting the rich
black triangle of pubic curls which shadowed the lust-swollen
upper cunt lips. Intuitively she had guessed that June was almost
completely inexperienced sexually … Maybe she had never been
brought to orgasm by another person before. God, that would
almost be like having a virgin!
The thought excited Nina so much she could no longer prolong
her teasing foreplay. With a little moan of passion she sank the
fingers of both hands into the soft black “vee” of curls and
pulled apart the moistly throbbing cuntal lips, exposing the moist
pink flesh at the top of June’s pussy.
Immediately she began to lick it with strong lusty strokes,
burrowing her quivering wet tongue down the steaming slit until
she reached the pulsing little clitoral bud. An answering moan of
yearning broke from deep in June’s throat, and her legs jerked
spastically apart, opening the whole wide valley of her succulent
young cunt to Nina’s voraciously sucking mouth and darting tongue.
The blonde woman passed her hands under June’s smooth rounded
buttocks and gradually tugged her onto her side so that they were
pressed breast to tummy against each other. Then she plunged her
golden head into the dark exhilarating wilderness of the innocent
young brunette’s genitals, closing her eyes and giving herself up
completely to the delightful task of stimulus and gratification.
Alternately she sucked the swollen little clitoris, then swirled
her tongue up into the slick velvety entrance of the eagerly
dilating vagina. She could sense the storm brewing up there in
the other woman’s secret spaces, the gathering flood of misty
juices and the titanic upheaval soon to come. Feeling June’s
heated, uneven breath on her pubic mound, she raised her leg and
waited with a delicious longing for the first timid closing of
hungry lips around her clitoris. She was sure she wouldn’t have
long to wait.
When Nina raised her leg and exposed her moistly glistening
vaginal flesh in all its blushing splendor less than six inches
from her face, June felt a momentary wave of revulsion wash over
her, but also a strong undertow of morbid fascination. Ever since
she could remember she had always considered sexual organs to be
ugly … a necessary evil. In the past couple of months she had
studied her own in mirrors, and in the bitter remorseful
aftermaths of her lonely orgies had found them downright
repulsive. But now the more closely she examined the intricate
pink petal lips and slickly gleaming coral flesh of Nina’s cuntal
slit – with its erectile pulsating clitoris and the sweet little
mouth of the vagina which seemed almost to be gasping for breath,
its contractions were so rapid – the more beautiful it seemed, and
the more she felt an urgent impulse to bury her head there and
smear her face with the rich juices whose heady aroma was making
her mind reel … But God … oh God she couldn’t! She just
couldn’t let herself be drawn into that sinful act!
Dazedly, as she sank deeper and deeper into the whirlpool of
sensual abandon created by Nina’s relentlessly sucking mouth, June
raised her head and looked down at the other woman’s face
obscenely buried between her legs and the mass of golden hair that
fanned out over her thigh and tangled in with her black pubic
hairs. The sheer lewd wantonness of the sight sent a jolt of re-
doubled desire through her anguished nerve-ends, and she watched
the nuzzling blonde head as if bewitched in a lecherous spell,
feeling herself sucked deeper and deeper into the spinning vortex
of forbidden pleasure with each new pressure of Nina’s velvet wet
mouth and tongue. Finally she could stand it no longer. With a
low animal-like moan she lay back down, and pulled Nina’s hotly
trembling pussy down against her face, mouthing the juicy fuming
furrow almost savagely in her final surrender. God, it tasted so
“Ooooohhhhh!” Nina cried in a muffled voice. “Oh God, June,
it feels so wonderful. Oooohhhhhh – that’s it! Lick me. There!
Oh yes … oh … oh … faster! Faster!”
June locked her arms around her female ravisher’s hips and
sucked ardently, teasing the older woman’s quaking little clitoris
just as Nina was doing to her own, drinking in her pungent cuntal
juices with a desperate thirst acquired over the long lonely
years. God, she was actually doing it! She was almost smothering
in that valley of squirming pink flesh as she strove to spear her
eager tongue farther up into Nina’s honeyed vagina, swabbing it
around the smooth elastic walls … Almost smothering and loving
it, glorying in it! She was down at the very pit bottom of the
vortex now, spinning with such dizzying speed her mind darkened
and the walls of the room seemed to fly away. All sense of space
vanished, and the dark deliciously churning crevice of Nina’s
pussy was all that was left. And then … miraculously … she
felt herself cumming …
Desperately she seized Nina’s engorged clitoris in her mouth
and teeth, nipping it and flipping it wildly with her tongue in
her efforts to bring the blonde woman to the same blinding climax
that was boiling up inside her own shamelessly aroused body. Nina
responded with a savage mewl and ground her lathered pussy
fiercely down against June’s bruised lips in frantic pursuit of
the longed-for release. The two women thrashed together in mad
unison on the shaking bed for what was the longest moment in
June’s life.
“Aaaaiiiieeee, I’m cumming. I … I … I’m cummmmiiinnggg!”
A barbaric wail broke from her throat and she was gone …
tumbled head over heels in the turbulent sea of her orgasm,
buffeted violently this way and that by the deep convulsive
currents of rapture that flooded her body and mind.
“Ooooohhhhhhh, so … wonder … ful!” Seconds later she
gasped in gratitude as she heard Nina’s agonized groan above her
and felt her friend’s orgasm explode against her face. Nina’s
pelvis began a wild grinding down against her mouth and abruptly
there came a heated flood of cum which she hungrily swallowed,
continuing to lick and lave the other woman’s wetly convulsing
cunt just as Nina was doing to her until the last spasmodic little
twitch dwindled into luxurious post-climactic calm. They lay
there limp and satisfied, their faces cradled between each other’s
sheltering thighs, feeling a sweet lassitude of satisfaction …
“What the hell’s going on in there!” Axel Borman’s angry
voice bawled at them through the locked door. He rattled the knob
furiously and began to thump loudly on the upper panel. “Open up!
Open up, goddamnit!” he bellowed.
Nina and June jackknifed to sitting positions, clutching each
other in terror. “Shhhhh,” Nina whispered. “Maybe he’ll go away.
But for godsake if he breaks in, don’t resist him. I’ll try to
keep him away from you, June honey, just don’t leave me alone with
him when he’s like this …”

Chapter 5

When he heard Nina slam the door of the guest bedroom and
lock it after he slapped her, Axel poured himself a hefty shot of
bourbon neat in a highball glass and selected a fresh cigar.
There was a sardonic glint in his flinty grey eyes under their
grizzled brows and the barest shadow of a cruel smile on his hard
sensual mouth. In a way this was the moment he savored most. He
had just given the wheel of fate a random spin … and now to see
what would happen.
One thing he was ready to stake his last dollar on – Nina was
going to enjoy herself breaking in this big timid black-haired
broad from Maryland – and he certainly didn’t begrudge her that.
It turned him on to see her make it with another woman from time
to time, and the act only made her all the more itchy for him.
Unfortunately the scenario didn’t call for him to watch them
sucking each other’s hot little pussies this time but what the
hell, he shrugged philosophically, you can’t have everything.
As he lit his cigar, he made himself a mental bet that he
would hear a symphony of lewdly unmistakable moans and wails from
the guest bedroom before he had smoked it to the end. Then he
picked up the phone and called his friend Jock Richmond who lived
in an elegant renovated townhouse on a quiet tree-lined street in
the East Seventies.
“How’d it go?” he asked when Jock came on the line against a
background of party chatter and clinking glasses.
“No sweat,” Jock drawled casually. “In fact, it was a gas.
If I ever go broke, I think I can make a good living snatching
“You won’t go broke,” Axel grunted. “What was in the bag?”
“Nothing important,” Jock replied. “Sixty odd dollars,
driver’s license, the telegram, locker key, lipstick, hairpins -”
“What did the telegram say?” Axel asked.
“Tiffany in terrible trouble. Need your help desperately.
And the address.” Jock answered promptly. “Just what you told
Gallagher. Signed Cliff, of course.”
“Good,” Axel said adding drily. “We can call them Cliff and
Tiff. A cute couple.”
“Yeah,” Jock agreed. “And I picked up the suitcase at the
station. This girl certainly doesn’t go in for wild lace panties
or anything like that. Stella said she had never seen such a prim
and proper assortment of clothes. Not to say downright drab. You
sure we got the right bird, Axel? There weren’t even any
cosmetics in the suitcase, except a deodorant.”
“Vaginal?” Axel inquired blandly.
“No, not vaginal, dammit,” Jock snorted. “What are you, a
dirty old man or something?”
Axel ignored his friend’s gibe. “We’ve got the right bird,
all right, Jock,” he assured him. “I’ll lay you five to one.
She’s been well-wined and dined and she’s in the guest bedroom
right now with Nina.”
“No bet,” Jock declined hastily. “Not if Nina’s working on
her. By the way, how’d I look in that wig this afternoon?”
“You should wear it always,” Axel grinned into the phone
sarcastically. “Now about tomorrow … You straight on what to
“Yeah. First I show up with her suitcase around ten in the
morning. I’ll be dressed like sort of a seedy messenger boy.
Once I’m in the apartment, I show her the horrible dirty pictures
of her little sister being f****d to do those horrible dirty
things. Then I explain to her what she has to do to get her
sister out of this awful mess she’s in. Then, as my personal
reward for this service, I get to fuck her up the ass. Right?”
“Right,” Axel confirmed. “Then you drive her to the studio.
Make it realistic. Have her lie down on the floor in the back of
the car and cover her up with a blanket. She’s not supposed to
know where you’re taking her.”
“Roger,” Jock chuckled. “There’s just one question. Suppose
she wants to suck me off instead of getting fucked up the ass?”
“Weeeeelll …” Axel reflected aloud. “I don’t think she
will … but fuck her up the ass anyhow. That’s important.”
“Okay, Director. You’re the boss,” Jock laughed. “See you
“Goodnight.” Axel put down the receiver with an amused grin.
Jock was a good man, he mused, swirling the rest of his bourbon in
the bottom of his glass before downing it. He looked at his cigar
– it was about a third of the way down – and cocked an ear toward
the guest bedroom. Nothing yet. Patience, he told himself as he
poured out another shot of whiskey, the night is young. Then he
bent down to unlace his shoes and leisurely undressed. He
believed in being prepared. As he slipped off his underpants, his
thick heavy cock lurched up off the huge sac of his balls in a
ponderous arc, already half-erect in anticipation of what was to
come. Patience …

* * *

“What the hell’s going on in there!” Axel loudly rattled the
knob of the locked door, grinning malevolently to himself and
trying to picture the scene inside the bedroom … His blonde
wife and the innocent young brunette all nakedly tangled up
together on the bed, gasping for breath, their faces all wet with
each other’s cum juices … He had been standing outside for a
good five minutes listening to the mounting chorus of sighs and
mewls of pleasure which finally culminated in June’s long drawn-
out banshee-like howl of ecstasy and Nina’s heart-felt moan of
release. Christ, they sounded like a couple of wild animals in
there, and his pounding lust-gorged cock which swung out in front
of his heavily muscled body like the boom of a ship was bobbing
impatiently up and down, semaphoring anguished messages of protest
at the delay up to his brain.
“Open up! Open up, goddammit!” Axel bellowed in a last
warning. When there was no answer as he had known there wouldn’t
be, he drew back a pace and poised himself for a lunge at the
door. There was going to be one hell of a carpenter’s bill for
the night’s work but, shit, the added dramatic effect was worth
it, he told himself. He hurled his body forward and there was a
loud splintering crash as his boulder-like shoulder struck the
solid door panel, tearing the lock from the stanchion. The door
banged open against the wall, and he stood there stark naked with
his mammoth cock in wrathful erection, looking with his grizzled
hair and bushy brows like a vengeful god from Greek Mythology,
ready to hurl a thunderbolt at the objects of his displeasure.
Nina and June, both stark ass naked, sitting up in the middle of
the bed and clutching each other in their arms, were frozen in a
tableau of pure terror.
“Ah ha!” Axel roared, pointing an accusing finger at June.
“So that’s how it is! Innocent fun and games! I bring you into
my house and try to help you, and you thank me by seducing my
wife! You fucking lesbian! You don’t like men, eh? Well, we’ll
see about that! We’ll see how you like having this big fellow
rammed up your tight little lady-loving cunt!” Lewdly stroking
the thick foreskin back and forth on his massive shaft of flesh he
strode toward the bed where the two women cowered together at his
Jesus, Nina was thinking as she gripped the voluptuous naked
body of the genuinely terrified June tightly in her arms. Jesus,
Axel, you crazy ham, take it easy before I break out laughing and
ruin the whole show … “Axel!” she cried out piteously to her
towering husband. “Don’t touch her. It was my fault, really it
was. I got carried away.”
“I don’t believe it,” Axel growled, raking June’s lushly
ripened curves with rapacious b***d-flecked eyes. “Since when did
you start to like pussy better than cock?”
“But darling, I don’t. You know I don’t,” Nina protested
vehemently. “If anyone knows I don’t, you should,” she added,
disengaging herself from June and edging seductively toward her
husband. “It’s just that I had too much to drink, with dinner and
after … Come here, you great big wonderful cock. I’ll show you
what I love doing best in the world.” She stretched out her
slender arm and lovingly grasped the enormous girth of his
twitching penis in her little hand, tugging it gently in the
direction of her face. At the same time, as her back was now to
June, she gave Axel a malicious wink and formed the word HAM with
her lips before impudently sticking out the pink tip of her tongue
at him.
“Yeah …” Axel questioned in a slightly mollified voice.
“You feel like sucking on something real after that little nubbin
you’ve been nibbling at?”
“Oh, I do, baby, I really do!” Nina half-moaned. “I want to
taste that thick salty cock of yours in my mouth and feel it shoot
its hot cum down my throat! Come on, baby,” she urged, patting
the tumbled covers near the head of the bed. “Climb up here and
make yourself comfortable where I can get at you. I’ve had the
appetizers, and now I want the main course.”
“Well …” Axel, allowed, still a little grumpily. “It might
be educational for our lesbian friend here. She might even want
to try sucking a little cock herself after she sees how much you
like it. Whaddaya say, June, dear?” he added sarcastically. “I
guess I can call you dear now that you’re practically a member of
the family.” He climbed up onto the bed, positioning his bull-
like shoulders comfortably against the headboard and spreading his
sinewy thighs to give Nina easy access to his massively rigid
member. It seemed to sprout like some angrily throbbing growth
from its dense mat of iron-grey pubic hairs and the pendulous sac
of sperm-heavy balls sagging beneath it.
From the moment he had burst like a raging madman into the
room the fearful young brunette had been unable to tear her eyes
from the gleaming bulbous head of that immense penis. She was
hardly aware of the angry heavy-set man behind it or of the taunts
he was shouting at her. Her entire being was focused desperately
on that menacing dark-red protuberance as if somehow all the
lightning in the world had gathered there and would strike her
down if she made the slightest false move. As it bore down on her
across the room, she followed its course with a nightmarish sense
of helplessness. It kept coming closer and closer, but she was
powerless to move! And now it was on the bed beside her, with its
tiny little slit mouth in the end gaping wetly at her, and Nina
… dear sweet Nina … was crawling toward the monstrous thing as
if it was some kind of hideous pagan monolith to be worshipped and
God, what was Nina saying? What was she going to do? Now
she was hunched down subserviently on all fours between Axel’s
hairy legs, and one of her little hands was reaching out to
tenderly cup those horribly swollen testicles while the other was
gently stroking the taut skin up and down the huge virilely
throbbing shaft. Never in her born days had June imagined that
the male sex organ could attain such awesome proportions. Axel’s
penis couldn’t be normal!
I’ll keep him away from you … and … That’s all I am, my
husband’s private cocksucker … The phrases uttered like what
seemed light years ago flashed back into June’s mind and abruptly
she understood. Nina was sacrificing herself for her. To keep
her hateful brute of a husband away from June, she was going to do
something she loathed … something that just didn’t seem possible
anyhow … suck her husband’s thick menacing penis. June’s
stomach churned as she watched Nina’s sweet mouth approach the tip
of Axel’s mushrooming member, and she shuddered as she saw her
poor dear friend’s wet pink tongue dart out and lick away the tiny
drop of glistening semen that had welled up in the distended slit
at the end. Every instinct she had told the trembling girl to
leap off the bed and run away from this lascivious sight.
She would never be able to bear seeing the sweet blonde woman
who had so generously befriended her and given her such rapturous
pleasure only a short while before be subjected to such a vile
perversion. But Nina had begged her not to leave her alone with
Axel, she remembered. She couldn’t run away and betray her friend
like that but, Oh God … she couldn’t bear to stay and watch
June felt her skin crawl as she saw Nina’s tongue cease
licking the lust-swollen head of her husband’s long pulsating
penis and start laving a wet trail down the heavily-veined
underside of the still-burgeoning shaft right to its junction with
the almost hairless, crinkly-skinned scrotum which she was
kneading rhythmically in both her hands now. Nina gave sharp
little nips to the sperm canal as she worked her way up and down
it. God, she seemed to almost be enjoying her disgusting task,
but, of course, she had to pretend to love it or her hulking brute
of a husband would probably haul off and slap her again.
“You better suck it now, Nina,” Axel leered knowingly. “June
just can’t wait any longer to see what it’s like to suck a nice
big juicy cock. She’s drooling at the mouth already.”
June flushed deeply and her startled head flew up to find
Axel’s hard grey eyes fixed mockingly on her. She suddenly became
aware that she was breathing in short shallow pants and that she
was unconsciously kneading the soft flesh between her thighs in
time with the ministrations of Nina’s hands to Axel’s balls. A
tingling flush of embarrassment and humiliation spread over her
sensually tingling body as she stopped the movement of her hands
and turned her eyes away from Axel’s sardonic gaze. She tried to
concentrate on something else. Anything except the lewd rite
being performed almost under her nose.
“Yeah,” Axel pursued shrewdly. “I think the prim and proper
Miss June Wright of Laketon, Maryland, is enjoying watching this.”
God, he’s guessed! June thought wildly when she heard the
knowing words. But it wasn’t possible. It was just a coincidence
… and she wasn’t enjoying watching it. It was loathsome, vile,
revolting! Just the idea that she was sitting naked on the same
bed with this sadistic ogre was enough to make her die of
mortification. In spite of herself a loud slurping sound drew her
eyes back to the mobile tangle of flesh and hair between Axel’s
legs just in time to see Nina’s wetly ovalled lips slip off the
saliva-streaked cock-head and the rapid gulping movements of her
slender throat.
God, June wondered bewilderedly to herself, had she already
done it? Had she already made Axel cum and now she was swallowing
his semen?
But no, she saw at once that wasn’t the case. Nina took a
deep breath and pushed her tautly rounded lips back down on the
bulbous cock-head until her stretched upper lip slipped over the
bulging mushroomed tip that rose from the rock-hard shaft, and a
second later, the whole enormous cone was buried in her mouth.
The same honey-sweet butter-soft mouth that she herself had so
eagerly explored with her thrusting tongue just a little while
ago. How was it possible?
As if bewitched, June watched the delicate mouth withdraw
again with the same obscene sucking slurp, then plunge down over
the head, this time swallowing up part of the thick white rod of
flesh. Over and over the movement was repeated and each time a
little more of the lust-thickened penis disappeared up inside
Nina’s gluttonous mouth until the tip of her daintily molded nose
was dipping into the twisted tufts of grey pubic hairs. Still she
showed no sign of letting up.
“Uuuuuuuuhhh. That’s it, baby. Suck it! Suck it!” Axel
groaned hoarsely, and June saw that beads of sweat were forming on
his forehead and that his eyes were screwed tightly shut in a
grimace of desire. Thank God, he wasn’t staring at her any more
with those flinty piercing eyes, she thought, watching the way his
powerful buttocks were beginning a slow grinding upward motion to
drive his thick rigid length of hard cock farther down Nina’s
throat. His hands had tangled themselves in her golden hair to
regulate the accelerating rhythm of her pumping mouth. Nina’s
eyes were closed too, June realized, watching the older woman’s
lips peel obscenely back along the impossible length of Axel’s
mighty shaft … They were gone, those two, lost in a billowing
cloud of wanton enjoyment. There was no one to see her!
Suddenly it was too much for her, and the dammed-up flood of
her desire torrentially swollen by the lascivious spectacle she
was watching swept away the last barriers of her resistance. Her
hands flew down to her feverishly throbbing vagina like homing
doves and urgently began their familiar tasks of pinching and
rubbing and teasing and skewering. A tiny moan escaped her lips
and completely out of control she squirmed around to prop herself
against the headboard beside Axel where she could more easily
watch Nina plunging her head down on his thick straining cock and
at the same time have freer play with her own hopelessly aroused
pussy. She was soon so far gone in her delirium of self-fucking
that when her nakedly perspiring body jerked against the hardness
of Axel’s brawny arm, she did not pull away. Did not pull away
even when she felt his hard hand slide under hers, tangling in her
pussy hairs, and his thick strong fingers replace her own in her
volcanically steaming pussy. With a gasp of delight she gave
herself up for the second time that evening to the magic of a
strange hand doing for her what she had had to do alone for so
long. Only this time a faint voice far back in her mind told her
that it would be completely different … that when she came to
her senses she would be desperately ashamed. But it was too late!
In spite of all his mature self-control gained over the
years, when Axel felt the eager response of June’s gracefully
flaring hips to his hard finger probing up into the moist velvety
depths of her tight young cunt and the way her erect little
clitoris pulsated as it slid back and forth under his thumb, he
almost came right then and there in his wife’s mouth. His earlier
groans of tormented pleasure hadn’t been feigned. Nina was a past
master at sucking his cock just the way he liked it and tonight,
obviously aroused to a fever pitch by her preliminary sixty-nining
with June, she was going at it like a wild woman. It never ceased
to give him a lewd added thrill to see his dainty elegant young
wife go crazy slaving over his cock and balls … and the way her
eyes sparkled, then went all smoky with satiated hunger when he
shot his hot cum spurt after spurt into her greedily gulping mouth
was about one of the most soul-satisfying experiences he’d ever
had. But not tonight, he reminded himself. Tonight he was
reserving the first big load for this hot little pussy squirming
so passionately under his pumping hand. Christ, by its tight feel
and the way it was snugging around his outstretched middle finger
when he speared up into her wetly quivering vagina it must be damn
near virgin. One thing was for sure … it hadn’t been used by a
real cock for a long time because the way it was jerking and
twitching it ought to be wide open by now.
He glanced over at June’s face and saw that the black-haired
girl was still staring as though hypnotized through half-closed
eyes at Nina so eagerly sucking his cock. She looked so goddamn
fascinated he was tempted to let her have a few nibbles before he
fucked her, but instinct told him the time wasn’t ripe yet. She
had to be brought along slowly if his plan for her future was
going to succeed. He reached over and pulled her head toward his,
clamping his hard lips against her soft swollen ones and thrusting
his tongue deep into the recesses of her mouth before she could
close it, at the same time accelerating the rhythm of his finger-
fucking in and out of her rippling little cunt. After a momentary
stiffening of resistance, he felt her loins begin to writhe under
his hand again, then the suction of her mouth around his probing
tongue. So far so good.
With his other hand he gently tugged at Nina’s hair and
pulled his bursting cock all the way out of her warmly sucking
mouth. And not a goddamn second too soon, he realized as the last
tantalizing swipe of her tongue on the very tip-end caused his
long thick penis to begin jiggling and bouncing in anguished
frustration on the flat of his hairy belly. When he felt Nina
obediently slide away from him, he turned on his side toward June,
and with his right hand clasped on the small of her back pulled
her lust-filled young body against his, feeling the full resilient
mounds of her breasts mold themselves against his burly chest and
the creamy soft flesh of her belly pressed against the underside
of his madly pounding cock. Then he rolled back on his back with
her voluptuous body glued on top of his by the twin probings of
his tongue in her mouth and his fingers embedded deeply in her
All this was done so quickly and efficiently that June found
herself lying on top of Axel’s rugged frame with the throbbing
length of his rock-hard penis burning like a branding iron against
the sensitive flesh of her abdomen before she knew what was
happening. What was he going to do to her, and where was Nina,
she wondered foggily before letting herself sink back into the
swirling pool of liquid fire that Axel’s stroking fingers had re-
ignited in her loins. Nina must have made him cum in her mouth,
but then why was he still so monstrously big and hard? It didn’t
matter, she told herself vaguely. All that mattered now was
cumming herself, and she was so very near! With a supplicant
little moan she screwed her pelvis down harder and faster on the
tirelessly fucking fingers in her cunt, aware that somehow they
had multiplied and were roaming farther up her moistened crack
toward the tiny puckered ring of her anus. But that wasn’t
Then she felt the slenderness of the lightly caressing
fingers on the tender insides of her buttock cheeks and realized
with a profound sense of shock that they must be Nina’s. She
winced and gasped deep into Axel’s mouth when one of the older
woman’s nails accidentally dug into the tight elastic sphincter
ring, sending a jolt of stinging pain along her spine to her
scalp. Then the finger popped through, spearing upward into the
warm depths of her anal canal and starting that familiar niggling
burning sensation.
God! She felt that Nina had betrayed her, doing that to her
when Axel was in bed with them. She stopped all motion in her
hopelessly aroused body for a moment, refusing any reaction to the
double skewering of her tight little cunt and anus. They
certainly knew what they were doing, she thought. They worked
like a practiced team together the way they swirled their fingers
skillfully in and out of her most private recesses, building up a
charge of erotic tension that she knew would soon have her jerking
like a puppet on a string again. At that moment a germ of
suspicion was born in her mind … suspicion that somehow the two
of them had planned this all along … had just taken advantage of
her plight when her pocketbook was snatched and offered to help
her in order to get her up to their apartment and seduce her. But
no! Her mind immediately rejected the disloyal thought. There
had been that nasty blow. Axel had really struck Nina … and she
couldn’t believe the sweet blonde woman’s affection for her had
been feigned. But then why was she helping her brute of a husband
in his subjugation of her now, June wondered numbly, because
helping him she certainly was as she sawed her finger in and out
of June’s defensively puckering anus with a circular reaming
motion, adding at first tricklets, then steady streams of
tantalizing sensation to join the already torrential outpourings
of voluptuous delight from her clitoris and vagina. Suddenly the
dam of June’s will power broke, and her wildly excited body began
to thrash between their cadenced fingers as a flood of pure
masochistic joy flushed through every vein and artery in her body.
She was their plaything, their sex toy, but she didn’t care
because she was going to cum again, she could feel it cumming so
close … so close!
“She’s ready now, Axel,” Nina’s calm clinical voice stated
matter-of-factly. Immediately all the fingers were withdrawn,
leaving June a quivering jelly-like mass of frustrated desire.
“Oh Goddddd!” she moaned. “Ohhhhhh, Godddddd.” It was so
cruel. They were inhuman sadists to leave her suspended on the
edge of ecstasy like that. They must be experts to know exactly
how to gauge her body’s functions so closely. Nina had sounded
like a nurse or something, telling the surgeon it was time to
operate. Her baffled feeling of let-down deepened almost at once
into near panic. What were they going to do to her next?
“Sit up!” Axel ordered her harshly. She felt his hard hands
pushing her away, then twin lightning bolts of pain as his blunt
fingers pinched the erect pebble-hard nipples of her ripely
throbbing breasts.
“Oooooooooh!” she whimpered pitifully, cringing back away
from his hands to a crouching position astride his loins so that
his immense log-like penis which jutted up in the air from his
hairy stomach seemed to protrude from her own wetly matted crotch.
She tried to scuttle sideways away from the thick pole of male
flesh but his two hands shot out and grabbed her hips like steel
claws, then raised her effortlessly about a foot above his groin.
“Reach down and put it in,” he ordered her gruffly, his
fingers digging into the soft-skinned moons of her buttocks.
“Noooooo …” she wailed defiantly, staring petrified down at
the enormous girth of his penis. “I won’t do it! You can’t make
me!” God, she could never take that inhuman organ inside her.
Even if she ever got out of the clutches of this evil couple, she
would never again be normal.
“Well, I’ll do it for you then, honey,” Nina said sweetly.
“You’ll love it when you get used to it. I admit,” she added
cheerfully, “that does take some getting used to!”
She reached down between June’s wide-splayed thighs and
raised Axel’s thick pulsating cock to a perpendicular position so
that it was aimed straight at the raven-haired girl’s tender
vaginal entrance. Then Axel slowly lowered June down until the
great bulbous cock-head made contact with the already well-
lubricated, hair-lined lips of her pussy.
“You’d make it a lot easier on yourself if you’d spread that
juicy cunt of yours a little, June dear,” Axel instructed her
coarsely, giving a slight upthrust of his powerful loins.
June winced at the first pressure of the rock-hard tip of his
penis against her delicate petal-like lips and hastily did as he
told her, reaching down with both hands to spread apart the moist
pink flanges guarding her almost virginal cunt hole. There was no
help for her now, she realized, but if she ever got through this
ordeal alive … what could she do? She couldn’t claim she had
been brought up to this horrid man’s apartment against her will
… Or that she had been f****d to swig down all that alcohol …
Or that Nina, little Nina, had physically overpowered her … No,
she understood in a flash of searing clarity, she was being
punished for her fatal weakness … voyeurism!
God, even now she was staring fascinatedly down at the thick
stem of flesh rising toward her fear-contracted cunt, feeling
little eddies of sinful anticipation flurrying through her loins,
in spite of the fact that she knew with certainty that she was
going to be subjected to the most painful experience of her life.
Yes, some unknown part of her wanted that great thick cock to bore
up into her wetly waiting vagina, to rend her and fill her
completely. Tentatively she wiggled down on his hotly pulsing
penis, feeling it begin to drag at the ragged tender skin of her
outer cunt. God, she had to get it over with! With a little
agonized grunt of fear mixed with unadmitted desire she squatted
down heavily and …
God, it was in!
Bending her head forward so that her heavy mane of hair
cascaded over her billowing breasts she saw that what she could
feel but couldn’t quite believe was really true. Her tight little
vagina had miraculously flowered open and swallowed the huge cock-
head. The sight of the thick white shaft extruding from her wide-
stretched cunt gave her a never-before-experienced sense of power.
She was softer and weaker than this hulking brute of a man beneath
her, but she was sitting astride him, and she was going to take
all his immense rod of flesh up inside her belly, and make it
disappear! With a kind of manic exultation she began to haunch
back and forth, driving her tightly clasping pussy lower and lower
each time in spite of the increasing pain as the great shaft
penetrated deeper and deeper up into her wet cuntal passage.
Axel watched her ride his painfully throbbing cock back and
forth, squeezing it little by little up into her constricted
vaginal channel, and the flushed frantic expression of triumph on
her face told him exactly what was going on in her mind. With a
sure instinct born from his vast knowledge of women over the years
he knew that she was teetering on the edge of becoming what he
called in his private terminology, “a ballcutter.” “Ballcutters”
were women who used sex to get the upper hand over their men, and,
of course, that ruined it for both the woman and the man and any
other men the woman might fuck later on. It wasn’t just stupid,
it was downright uneconomical … A pure waste because, as far as
he was concerned, there never would be enough good lays in the
world. He reminded himself of the old saying – A woman in the
saddle is a dangerous thing – and decided it was time to cut her
down to size. Without warning he grabbed her waist in his two
meaty hands and slammed her brutally all the way down onto his
gigantic cock.

* * *

“Aaaaarrrrggghhhhh!” June screamed. “Nooooo! You’re killing
me! Stooooppppp!” She struggled wildly to pull herself up and
alleviate the unbearable pain but Axel held her in his vise-like
grip as easily as he would a c***d. There was no escape, June
realized. Tears welled into her large brown eyes and she bit her
lower lip so as not to cry out again. She wouldn’t give them that
satisfaction! She could sense Nina avidly watching her torment
and wondered how she could ever have been stupid enough to believe
that she was anything more than a plaything for the elegant blonde
woman. What a fool she had been! In her anger she became less
aware of the excruciating jabs of pain in her lacerated vagina.
Gradually they were replaced by a dull burning numbness which was
easier to bear, and she relaxed a little.
Immediately Axel lifted her up until just the head of his
cock was still encased in her cunt and cruelly slammed her down
again. This time it hurt a lot less, and she knew now that she
would be able to endure whatever the two of them did to her before
they threw her out on the street. She would be ruined forever,
morally and physically, but at least she would be alive.
“Honey, you took him all!” Nina exclaimed enthusiastically,
as if she was genuinely proud of her latest victim. Then before
June’s unbelieving eyes she scrambled around and squatted down
astride her husband’s shaggy head, lowering her still-dripping
pussy down to his savagely grinning mouth. Even after her moist
pink cuntal lips had closed lasciviously around the lower part of
his face, June could still see the thick pink tip of his tongue
curling up through her smeared golden pubic hairs to lap around
and around her hard-swollen little clitoris. “Now, we’ve got him
where we want him, honey!” Nina went on, her brilliant blue eyes
sparkling mischievously. “Let’s make him work a little for a
change. What you’ve got is better than what I’ve got, but after
all you are the guest!” Then the shameless blonde woman screwed
her naked genitals down harder on her husband’s face and began to
rock from side to side with an expression of mindless bliss on her
delicate face as Axel’s slashing tongue left her clitoris and
speared far up into her dilating vagina.
June watched this lewd exhibition of unbridled lust
completely dumbfounded. God, there was no limit to what they
would do! They had no sense of decency at all. She could see
Axel’s Adam’s apple moving up and down as he swallowed his wife’s
flowing cuntal juices, and she was sure there was still a sardonic
grin on his face as he did so. He was a monster! She felt his
cock flex mightily way up inside her … farther than she had ever
been penetrated before … and in spite of her numbness she felt a
quaking response deep in her entrails. God, he was so big! And
so vital and alive! He began a smooth circular flexing of his
loins so that even though her cuntal crevice remained glued to his
pelvis she was swayed from side to side. Moments later, she
couldn’t keep herself from matching his rhythm with little
involuntary movements of her own. Before she knew it she was
lifting herself slightly, then settling down again – as if she
were riding a horse. She could feel the ridged rock-hard base of
his heatedly throbbing penis sliding in and out of her tightly
clasping cunt lips and its spongy pliant head pushing against the
slick walls far up inside her vagina. An unwanted fire started
smoldering deep in her womb and ecstatic flames of pleasure licked
out relentlessly to every part of her sensually aroused body.
Before she knew it she was yo-yoing up and down on the mammoth
lust-greased cock as fast as she could! Flying … she felt as if
she were really flying, soaring far off the surface of the earth
toward a dark unknown destination, borne by new-sprung wings of
desire. She had never experienced anything like this before!
Never felt such total submersion in carnal delight. This wasn’t
just in her loins and mind, her whole sensuous young body was
being swept this way and that by powerful fiery winds that blew
straight through her to the core of her being. It was like a
mystic drowning in ecstasy, and all at once she completely
understood Nina, forgave her and thanked her from the bottom of
her heart. Nina who must have experienced this skyrocketing
flight into blissful oblivion time and time again. No wonder the
beautiful blonde was the way she was, completely shameless and
given over to a life of the senses. There was no other way to
“Ooooooohhhh!” June moaned as she felt her orgasm spiraling
up from her ecstatically quaking womb, the first climax she had
ever had with a man’s virilely hardened penis actually inside her
… “Oh …! Oh …! Oh …!” she chanted in primitive
subjugation to the massive instrument of pleasure she was riding
up and down, mashing her insanely palpitating vagina more and more
frantically against Axel’s thrusting pelvis. Nina’s exquisite
face and nakedly jiggling breasts swam in front of her passion-
glazed eyes, and just as June was on the verge of cumming she
deliberately bent forward without breaking the rhythm of her
frenzied fucking and seized one of the blonde woman’s berry-like
nipples between her teeth, nipping and sucking it savagely.
“Aaaaaggghhh, I’m cuuuummmiiinnngg!” Nina screamed, suddenly
toppled over into her own boiling orgasm by this unexpected added
stimulus, and she dug her fingers hard into June’s shoulders,
pushing her down even harder on Axel’s thick pile-driving cock
just as he began spewing his seething jets of heated sperm deep up
inside her belly. That triggered the raven-haired girl’s own
climax and abruptly she was convulsing in the throes of a never-
before experienced rapture.
“Aaaaaaaahhhh!” June wailed as the soul-shattering release
exploded deep inside her and stormed like gushing torrents through
unknown channels in her body into a sea of total ecstasy where she
floated away into a deep mindless stupor …
Axel, who had been counting on at least one more round with
June, stared perplexedly down at the limp form of the ravishing
brunette who had suddenly slumped off his softening cock and
apparently passed out cold.
“She just isn’t used to it, Axel,” Nina answered his unspoken
question. “I think you should let her rest up for tomorrow. I’m
still here, you know.”
“Yeah, I guess you’re right,” Axel concurred reluctantly.
Then he winked at his svelte blonde wife and added, “Maybe I
should rest up for tomorrow too.”
“You bastard,” she grinned back at him. “You couldn’t if you
wanted to.”
“Maybe not,” he admitted. “But I’m sure glad I happened to
buy that farm down near where she lives.”
“You think you’ll be able to keep her down on the farm now?”
Nina asked as she straightened the bed clothes and tenderly
covered June up. “I wonder …” And then she said solemnly, “I
doubt it …”

Chapter 6

The following morning June was awakened by what she thought
was the ringing of her old alarm clock at home. God, she felt
awful! Her head ached, her mouth was dry and her body felt
feverish all over. She must have come down with the flu. She
would have to call in sick to the office, and old Mr. Chisolm
wouldn’t like that one bit. He hadn’t been at all pleased when
she told him she had to go to New York for a few days …
New York! All the events of the preceding day and night
flashed through June’s mind, and she sat up so suddenly that the
wave of nausea which washed over her made her feel faint. New
York! The Bormans! It was all true, she realized, gazing numbly
down at the somewhat wrinkled aquamarine comforter which covered
her, then around at the spacious room dimly lit by sunlight
filtering through the heavy velour curtains. All too true. She
had come to the big city, gotten drunk and been seduced by two
perfect strangers on the very first day. That must be some kind
of an all-time record!
Someone had straightened up the bed covers, she saw.
Comforter, blankets, and sheets had all been tangled together the
last she remembered them, tangled up like she and Nina and Axel
were. God, what had gotten into her? She pressed her wrists into
her stinging eyes as if to blackout the debasing images, but to no
avail. When finally she opened them again, she noticed a note on
the bedside table.

Gone to hairdresser. Back at noon.
They should deliver your suitcase
sometime this morning. Love –


Love! June sniffed self-pityingly to herself. They had the
nerve to call that love … that debauch … that orgy they had
tricked her into! She had to get out of there before Nina came
back. She peered groggily at her wristwatch – the only thing she
hadn’t taken off last night – and saw that it was already past
ten. She never slept that late. They must have d*****d her as
well as getting her drunk!
Finally June realized that the persistent ringing in her ears
wasn’t a side product of her awful hangover but a real bell
somewhere. Maybe they had brought her suitcase! Then she could
get out of the apartment before Nina came back. Quickly, in spite
of the agonizing jolts lancing through her head, she jumped out of
bed and put on her skirt and blouse which Nina had neatly folded
over a chair. At least she hoped it was Nina who had straightened
up the room and not some maid. Oh what difference did it make!
she scolded herself angrily as she hurried toward the sound of the
bell. One stranger or another … Anyway, there must not be
anyone else in the apartment or they would have answered the bell.
It wasn’t the front door, she saw, so there must be a service
entrance somewhere. Swiftly in her bare feet she padded through
the dining room, a pantry, then a really sumptuous kitchen with
every possible labor-saving device in it, and a whole battery of
beautifully polished copper pots and pans.
“Who is it?” she called out hesitantly at the back door.
Unfortunately there wasn’t any peephole to look out through.
“Suitcase for Miss June Wright,” replied a high-pitched tenor
voice that reminded her vaguely of the bellboy in the old Phillip
Morris ad. “Suitcase for Miss June Wright,” it repeated on the
same note.
“Just leave it there, please,” June said. She had read so
many stories about what could happen in New York that she was
really afraid to open the door … Even though she didn’t see how
anything worse could possibly happen to her than already had.
“Sorry, Miss, I need a receipt,” the nasal voice insisted.
Reluctantly June opened the door and saw a seedy-looking
youth in a shabby grey pinstripe suit much too large for him
standing there with her suitcase. There was no mistaking that
battered old relic from her summer-camp days. Relieved, she
opened the door wider, and he pushed brassily past her into the
kitchen, pursing his lips in a silent whistle.
“Some set-up ya got here, Miss Wright,” he said, looking her
insolently up and down from her bare feet to her still disheveled
long black hair. “Looks like I got ya out’a bed, huh?”
“That’s perfectly all right,” June said in a voice that
quavered slightly. He wasn’t so young after all, she saw now,
noticing the lines around his eyes and mouth, and he certainly was
a disreputable-looking character. She had taken him for an
adolescent at first because he had positively the worst case of
acne she had ever seen in her born days. Big pimples … Uhg!
“Just give me the receipt and I’ll sign it,” she added, doing her
best to keep the disgust out of her voice.
“The bag wasn’t locked so ya gotta verify the contents
first,” the man said with a half-witted leer. “I might’a stole a
bra or a pair of panties or somethin’. Mind if I get myself a
Thinking he meant a drink of water, June told him to go ahead
and bent down to open her suitcase. The sound of a refrigerator
door slamming jerked her head up, and she saw that he was holding
a lemon and a can of tomato juice in his hands.
“Put that back!” she snapped at him sharply but he just
ignored her and strolled into the pantry.
“Ta-ta-ti-ta,” he hummed. “Now don’t get your bowels in an
uproar, babe. You look like you could do with a little hair of
the dog yourself. Have a little party last night?” He rummaged
around in the pantry a minute, opening and slamming placard doors,
and came out with a bottle of vodka. “A couple of Bloody Mary’s
are just what we both need to pick us up.”
June decided that the best policy would be to say nothing to
provoke him and get rid of him as soon as he had his drink, so she
kneeled down again and opened her suitcase. The first thing she
saw was a brown manila envelope that certainly didn’t belong to
“What’s this?” she questioned irritably, holding up the
envelope. “It’s not mine.”
“Beats me, babe. I’m new on the job,” Pimple Face replied,
busying himself with mixing vodka, tomato juice, lemon and Tabasco
sauce into two tall glasses. “Maybe some forms you gotta fill
June opened the flap of the envelope and saw that there were
several large glossy photographs in it. Some deep intuition made
her draw them out and look at them … They fell from her
stricken hands.
June’s eyes blurred with sudden tears, and she sank back on
the floor, fighting desperately for self-control. She felt really
ill … as if she were about to vomit. The picture she had
glanced at showed a completely naked Tiffany hunched down on her
knees and elbows being taken from the rear by some weird creature
half-man, half-goat, and the expression on her childish face was
one of anguished pleasure. Suddenly all the half-formed
suspicions lurking in the back of June’s mind crystallized with
stark clarity. She had fallen into some kind of hideous
diabolical trap set by the Bormans. Everything had been carefully
planned from the moment her purse had been snatched … No, even
before that. The telegram must have been a fake to lure her to
New York. For a moment she teetered on the brink of hysteria,
then abruptly she felt icily calm. She would show them she wasn’t
to be so easily defeated. She was going to get to the bottom of
this, and before she was through they would all be in jail – the
Bormans and everybody else involved, no matter how much money and
influence they might have.
“Hey, that’s pretty hot stuff, June baby.” Pimple Face had
drifted over with the two Bloody Marys and was staring down at the
top photograph on the floor. With a scuffed toe of a very down-
at-the-heel shoe he pushed it aside so that the second shot was
visible. This one showed the same scene from a different angle,
and June saw that the penis of whatever it was – a man dressed up
– as a satyr, she supposed – was entering Tiffany’s rectum instead
of her vagina as she had thought at first. Well, that was nothing
she hadn’t seen already.
She looked up at Pimple Face who held out a Bloody Mary to
her. Her first impulse was to take the drink and throw it right
in his disgusting face, but she decided on the spot to start her
investigation with him. He didn’t look too bright, and it was
obvious the Bormans had hired him to bring the suitcase. She put
her glass on the floor beside her and accused him without warning,
“You stole my purse yesterday, didn’t you?”
“No, but I know the guy who did,” Pimple Face grinned down at
her unabashedly. “I was standing right there when he did it.
Then I followed you here. Then I went and got your pocketbook
from the guy who snatched it. Minus the money, natcherly. That’s
all he was innerested in, but I figure, somebody lives in a swanky
dump like this, maybe there’s something else in there worth some
dough. I didn’t know I was gonna find a gold mine. Little sister
Tiffany sure likes her cock, don’t she?” he added, pushing another
photo into view. This one showed Tiffany sucking an enormous
penis with an ecstatic expression on her blissful young face.
June wasn’t in the least bit fazed. “I suppose you don’t
know the Bormans,” she said sarcastically.
“Never heard of ’em,” Pimple Face assured her nonchalantly.
“Then how did you know which apartment I was in?” June was
unable to keep a note of triumph out of her voice.
“The doorman told me.” Pimple Face shrugged. “As soon as he
saw the suitcase, he asked if it was for Miss June Wright, and I
said yes and he told me which apartment. He also told me to use
the service elevator, the snotty bastard.”
June’s spirits sank. It made sense. Of course, Nina would
have told the doorman that if someone came with a suitcase to send
him up to her apartment. She picked up her drink with a hand that
trembled slightly and took a sip. Immediately a warm glow
radiated through her body. At least one thing Pimple Face had
said was true, a Bloody Mary really did pick you up. She took
another, longer swallow.
“Your sister may look like she’s having a good time in those
photos, but she’s in bad trouble, babe!” Pimple Face snarled at
her suddenly. “It’s gonna cost you plenty to get her out of it.”
“I – I don’t have any money,” June faltered. “I don’t live
“I know you don’t live here,” Pimple Face snapped at her. “I
read the telegram in your pocketbook. But if you got friends who
live in classy dumps like this …”
“They aren’t friends, they just know me from where I work. I
– I’m a secretary.” June stammered confusedly. “How do you know
all this about my sister anyway? Where did you get those
“Shit, I’ve seen that chick fucking for applause on the stage
a dozen times!” Pimple Face snorted. “I recognized her soon as I
saw that snapshot in your pocketbook. One gang runs all the sex
shows in this town, babe, and I got plenty connexions, so finding
out what the story is was easy. I brought those photos to show
I’m on the level. You sure you ain’t got any money?” he asked
suspiciously, eyeing her over. “Maybe – you really don’t. That
ain’t exactly no Christian Dee-or outfit you got on.”
“Sex shows …?” June quavered weakly. “You mean my sister
“Yeah, she acts in ’em, babe,” Pimple Face sneered. “She has
to, you better believe it. These guys don’t fool around. She
don’t do right, she ends up in a concrete wedding gown on the
bottom of the river. If you got money, you can buy ’em off, but
if you don’t, there’s only one way to get her out’a this mess …”
He paused sadistically, enjoying the miserable expression on
June’s face. “Only one way,” he repeated. “You take her place!”
“What!” June clutched her glass and took a long swallow of
the potent mixture.
“And for my part in the deal,” Pimple Face went on, “I guess
I’ll just have to take it out in trade. Where do ya want me to
fuck ya, babe? Up the ass or in the mouth?”
June was so stunned by the news of the predicament Tiffany
had gotten herself into that she didn’t really take in the last
thing the repulsive creature said. It was hard to believe such
things could occur in a civilized country in the twentieth
century, but she had read that there were still gangs of men who
controlled prostitutes and the awful things they did to the girls
if they didn’t cooperate, so why not with the poor people in these
sex shows. God, what had Tiffany gotten into and how was she
going to get her out of it?
Abruptly all the resentment and ill feeling she had harbored
against her sister ever since she had caught her with Cliff on the
porch that afternoon vanished from her heart, and all she felt was
pity and loyalty and, of course, responsibility. She had to get
Tiffany out of this mess but she couldn’t take her place. It just
wasn’t possible!
Why not? another part of her mind nagged her. You’re older
and stronger and smarter than your little sister. You might be
able to figure a way out of the situation that she never could …
In a flash June saw the solution. Her heart raced and she
drained her drink in one long gulp to hide her exultation. She
knew what she would do! When she felt sufficiently calm, she
looked up at Pimple Face and said in a deliberately subdued and
weepy voice, “All right, I’ll do it. I’ll take her place.”
“Okay, babe. Now what about me?” The implacable man
fingered his already bulging crotch suggestively. “I don’t put
you in contact with your sister until I get my commission. So
which way do ya want it, k*d?” He nodded toward the photographs.
The queasy feeling in June’s stomach was so strong she almost
gagged, but her mind was made up. She was going to save her baby
sister, and nothing was going to stop her … not even THAT! And
it certainly wasn’t hard to make a choice. With a little quaking
tremor deep in her bowels as she remembered how her father’s cane
had felt up her rectum, she pointed to the picture of Tiffany and
the satyr. At least that way she wouldn’t have to see the man’s
horrible pimply face. She just hoped he didn’t have some awful
disease. She started to leave the kitchen, but he grabbed her
around the waist, and she saw that he was already yanking at his
“We don’t have to go nowhere, babe. The kitchen floor will
do just fine. Just kneel down there and stick that hot little ass
up in the air where Big Daddy can get at it.” He leered evilly at
her, and June noticed with relief that at least he had nice
healthy white teeth. In fact if it wasn’t for those horrible
pimples all over his face he would be quite good-looking. His
hand swarmed suddenly up under her skirt to cup one of her
buttocks and she could feel his fingers sliding down her anal
crack toward her pussy where he teased her pubic hairs which were
still caked and crusted with her dried cum juices from last night.
She blushed crimson at the memory of the unwanted but
extraordinary climax Axel had brought her to. She’d been trying
to block it from her mind ever since she woke up, but now it
flooded back over her. In spite of herself her breath began to
come faster as Pimple Face pushed his hand farther along her
cuntal furrow until he found her hot, hardening little clitoris.
“No panties, eh babe?” he whispered in her ear. “I’m sorry
ya hadda wait, k*d. It feels like there was some action down
there last night, but I guess you’re ready for more, huh? Try
this on for size.” She heard the sound of a zipper, then her hand
was guided to his hotly throbbing penis which had popped fully
erect into the air. When she felt its surprising girth with her
long supple fingers, she couldn’t help but look down at it, even
though she had resolved not to. God, it was long! Maybe not
quite as big around as Axel’s but probably even longer although
this man was nowhere as tall as Borman. Height must not have
anything to do with it, she thought distractedly, gazing in morbid
fascination down at the bulging purplish head with its rim which
flared out from the long hard shaft like the head of an aroused
cobra. God, it was going to hurt! It was at least three times as
thick as her father’s cane which she had carefully vaselined
beforehand … and much, much longer than the paltry three or four
inches of cane she had managed to ram up herself before the pain
stopped her. It didn’t seem humanly possible to take that much
hard flesh up inside her rectum. She didn’t believe he could even
get it in!
“Let’s get it over with,” she muttered thickly, dropping her
skirt on the floor. Pimple Face’s finger tweaking her clitoris
had already started flickers of pleasure in the insatiable little
bud, and all she wanted to feel was pain in her martyrdom for her
sister. But even as she knelt down on her skirt to save her knees
from the hard kitchen tiles and leaned forward on her elbows, she
felt a flutter of excitement at the idea of being sodomized in
this humiliating position like some scullery maid in times of old.
She heard Pimple Face kick off his shoes and pull down his pants.
Then he was kneeling behind her.
As Jock – because Pimple Face was Jock, of course, in what he
considered one of his better disguises – gazed down at the
beautiful white moons of June’s unblemished ass-cheeks and at the
virginal little anus offered so provocatively up to him, he
hoisted a mental toast to Axel’s good taste and judgment. His
friend had told him that morning over the phone about the events
of the night before, but Jock had thought he might be exaggerating
June’s beauty and the passionateness of her responses. Not so, he
now realized. He hadn’t missed the undeniable quivers of
excitement that shot through her ripe young body when he touched
her erect little clitoris nor the speed with which it had doubled
in size. No, hell, no, Axel hadn’t exaggerated. If anything, his
description of the curvaceous raven-haired girl was an
Just as a sculptor might contemplate a block of virgin marble
before attacking it with hammer and chisel, Jock allowed himself
another moment of purely esthetic appreciation of June’s
voluptuous symmetry before he slipped back into the role of Pimple
Face, the sadistic delivery man.
“Let’s see those tits down there!” he snarled, reaching
around June’s nakedly offered buttocks to rip her blouse open,
sending the buttons flying every which way. Then he began to maul
the luscious mounds of resilient flesh like a madman, tweaking and
pinching the ruby-red nipples between his fingers until June had
to bite her lower lip to keep from whimpering. Not that what he
was doing hurt so much, there were little jolts of pleasure too,
but it made her feel so helpless to be manhandled that way while
she was crouched down in such a passive slavish position. She
cambered her back so that her ass-cheeks were tilted up even
higher in the air in the hope that it would tempt him to start his
nasty business. Sure enough, his hands left her breasts and flew
down to her ripely rounded buttocks where one began to knead and
mangle the soft flesh around her anus while the other worked its
way up between her thighs and parted her sparse pussy hairs until
it found the now rapidly moistening entrance to her vagina. His
outstretched middle finger was inserted there, then drawn up her
sweating anal crevice to swab and lubricate the puckered sphincter
ring guarding her rectum. This process was repeated several
times, sending little tingles of apprehension scurrying out from
the tiny sensitive hole each time. God, if he would only get on
with it! She gulped and bucked slightly when she felt the finger
finally slip through the tight elastic ring and push up into her
fearfully cringing rectal canal where it began to widen the hot
spongy flesh sheathing it. It hurt, of course, but not any more
than the cane had … and feeling it move up there … just the
idea that someone else was doing it to her … telegraphed a
message of weird unnatural pleasure to her protesting brain.
There was no help for it! Something in the kneeling dark-haired
girl enjoyed being debased, whether by herself or someone else –
even this repulsive man. More by this repulsive man, she
realized, as the reaming motion of his finger in her most secret
parts gradually increased the radius of the irritating but
tantalizing stimulus she was feeling. She looked back between her
ripely swinging breasts and saw his long pulsating penis pointing
up toward her tummy with a drop of semen glistening in the slit at
the end and his large pendulous balls jiggling beneath it.
She wished she could see him doing it to her!
The obscene grotesque thought flashed through her mind before
she could blot it out, and the next thing she knew she was avidly
studying the photograph of Tiffany and the satyr which had fallen
on the floor not far from her. The detail was so clear she could
even see the swollen curve of the sperm canal on the underside of
the part of the thick sodomizing penis which was still visible.
She wished she could see Pimple Face’s expression as he fucked in
and out of her tightly puckered anus. Was it one of sadistic
goatish delight like the one in the photo?
If only there was a mirror in this place so she could watch
herself getting fucked up the ass!
God, she was even beginning to think like a whore. She had
never once in her life allowed herself to even think that word,
much less speak it. It was buried deep in her mind under a lot of
other expressions like make love, sleep together, go to bed
together … Fuck, fuck, fuck! In her burning anger at herself
she screwed her ass-cheeks savagely back on Pimple Face’s finger
to let him know she was ready any time he was. Goddamn, fuck,
piss, cunt, cock! The words blinked like bright neon lights in
the darkness of her degradation.
“Reach back and tickle my balls, babe,” Jock ordered roughly,
sensing the sudden change in her.
“No! I won’t!” she yelled back between her legs in a last-
ditch attempt to salvage some of her self-respect. “You can’t
make me!”
“Oh no?” Jock retorted with a vicious grin. He yanked his
finger out of her tight little hole with a loud squelching sound
and slapped her naked buttocks as hard as he could. The red
prints of his fingers showed up clearly visible on her firm snow-
white flesh. He raised his arm to strike again, but she gave a
little moan of surrender as if she knew it was useless to resist,
and he felt her trembling hand fumbling back toward his cum-filled
balls. “And handle them with care, you bitch!” he threatened her
grimly. “Or by god, you’ll never know what hit you!” Axel had
warned him she might show a tendency to get out of hand and take
over the show … but not with old Jock, he chuckled to himself.
She was going to get a little more than she had bargained for this
time! When he got through with her she’d know somebody had paid a
visit to her sweet little asshole. Already her long supple
fingers were obediently kneading and massaging his balls as if
they’d never done anything else, building up a charge of aching
desire in his groin. It was time to take the plunge …
Holding her hip fast with his left hand, he guided the lust-
swollen head of his impatiently throbbing cock to her now slightly
distended little nether hole and leaned into her, steadily
increasing his pressure. God, she was tight! Straining as hard
as he could, he could only get about half an inch of the tip of
his cockhead into the tiny rubbery opening. His iron-hard rod of
flesh felt as if it were going to snap in two. Shit, he cursed
under his breath, he’d never run into one this tight before.
Still maintaining his pressure, he grabbed her other hip with his
right hand and jerked her nakedly kneeling backwards, lunging
forward simultaneously. With a lewd squirting sound the
tormented sphincter muscle suddenly gave way and the huge head of
his painfully throbbing cock popped in.
“Aaaaarrrrrrgggggghhhhhh! Noooooooo! Stop!” June screamed,
flailing and tossing in his talon-like hands while every nerve-end
in her body was scorched by the waves of blazing pain that
radiated out from her brutally impaled anus. Behind her, Jock
grinned sadistically down at her ineffectual efforts to free
herself from his thick skewering cock and began to grind slowly
forward, pushing the warm elastic walls of her virginal rectum
ahead of his lust-swollen cock as it forged relentlessly inward on
its ass-splitting voyage. That would teach her to get ideas about
who was running this show, he mused to himself, flexing his loins
and drilling deeper and deeper up into her futilely clenching anal
“Oh god, stop! Stop! Please. I – I’ll do the other!” June
gasped piteously, her will to resist completely undermined by the
searing spasms of excruciating pain that continued to rack her
helpless body each additional fraction of an inch he bored into
her. She really was ready to take his loathsome penis in her
mouth. The idea was unbelievably disgusting, but at least it
couldn’t be the hellish t*****e this was. Anything to put an end
to this!
“Whaddaya mean, you’ll do the other, babe?” Jock taunted her
sarcastically. “What other? Tell Daddy what’s on your mind,
“I – I’ll … suck your cock,” June panted desperately,
knowing quite well that he would continue to bait her until she
spoke the vile words.
“With the greatest of pleasure, honey,” Jock sniggered. “As
soon as we’re finished what we’re doing now.”
He gave one last bone-crushing lunge, and June felt the wiry
pubic hairs at the base of his buried cock prickle against the
widespread cheeks of her behind. God, he had done it! He had
stuck every inch of his long hard cock up her defenseless little
rectum and still there was no slackening of the bodily pain which
was heightened now by a sense of anguished humiliation. She felt
that her will had been broken and the last shred of decency
stripped from her when she offered to suck the awful man’s cock
… She was drowning in a seething sea of mental and physical
agony. All the sexual acts she had committed since that afternoon
when she had stood in the parlor and watched … instead of
immediately separating Cliff and Tiffany … passed in a blur
through her mind. All the lonely masturbation in the office and
at home culminating in her cynical seduction by Nina and Axel last
night … and now this, the final ignominy … to be sodomized on
a kitchen floor by a miserably pimply-faced delivery man.
It was almost more than her mind could bear, and only the
thought that she was doing it for her sister Tiffany gave her the
strength to go on.
When she felt the long hard penis being slowly withdrawn from
her back passage, she braced herself for the new assault she knew
was sure to come and bit her lip until she tasted her own warm
salty b***d, determined not to show any further signs of weakness.
“Uuuuunnnnnhhhhh …!” The breath was driven from her lungs
by the force of the next pile-driving lunge of the heatedly
pulsating cock up her helpless rectum and the impact of Jock’s
pelvis against her flattened ass-cheeks, but she shook her heavy
mane of black hair and held her ground like a stubborn horse. He
began to fuck rhythmically in and out of her with slow labored
strokes at first, then more and more rapidly as her forever-
stretched nether channel gradually opened up. Soon he was
pistoning smoothly in and out like a well-oiled machine, spearing
far up into her bowels with each in-thrust and withdrawing his
thick rigid cock until only the head was still embedded beyond the
snugly clinging sphincter ring.
Then, miracle of miracles, June gradually felt the searing
pain in her anal channel begin to diminish and the first feeble
flickers of a strange novel sensation … Not pleasure exactly
… It couldn’t be pleasure! But it was. A weird shameful
masochistic kind of pleasure still mixed with bodily pain and the
humiliation of having her body used in this obscene filthy
fashion. Yes, god, she was enjoying it! With that admission the
last of her self-control vanished and she began to hump her
brutally impaled ass-cheeks back on the skewering cock as if her
life depended on getting every last bit of it inside her.
“Fuck harder, Cliff. Haaaaarrrrdddderrrrr!” The words …
the same ones she had heard Tiffany use on the porch … spewed
unbidden from her lips as she gave herself up completely to this
new perverted joy of being abused and defiled like the lowest of
whores. God, she wanted it to go on forever, but already she
sensed the explosive charge building in the heavy sperm-bloated
balls that were swinging wildly between her thighs as Jock plowed
urgently in and out of her forever-stretched anus. It wouldn’t be
long for him, she could tell and, surprisingly, she felt her own
mounting response. She screwed her eyes tight shut and squirmed
madly back on the long plunging cock, milking it insatiably with a
tight clenching of her buttock muscles on each out-stroke. She
felt as if she was lost in a kind of incandescent haze which
emanated from her own pleasure-crazed body … alone in a primeval
void with nothing but that great wonderful demon cock rampaging
into her entrails and ravishing her very soul.
“Keeeee-riiiiissssstttttt …!” Jock groaned and June felt
the first pelting jets of his heated sperm spatter far up in her
voracious belly, then she was spiraling deliriously in her own
nebulous haze of ecstatic release, soaring into a new, never-
before-experienced dimension of pleasure away from the hard
kitchen floor where her voluptuously curved body tossed and
thrashed like some wild animal caught in a net.
“I’m cumming,” she crooned, “I’m cumming.” Then her voice
was a low banshee wail, “I’m cummmming!”
Delicious tremors continued to rack her body long after Jock
pumped the last of his spurting hot cum into her churning rectum
and for the second time since her arrival in New York, the
overwhelming potency of her mind-blowing orgasm drifted her off
into dreamless sleep.
When June came to, Pimple Face was prodding her buttocks with
the much-darned toe of a gaudy orange sock.
“Wake up!” he ordered excitedly. “We ain’t got no time to
lose if you wanna suck my cock before we go where they’re holding
your sister at.”
June stared dully up at him. He was standing there with the
tails of his rather soiled shirt hanging down on either side of
his limp dangling cock which was still red and glistening from its
recent r**e of her anus. She realized he hadn’t even bothered to
take off his necktie, and for some reason that made what he had
done to her seem all the worse. “Do I have to?” she asked
apathetically, certain, of course, that he would say yes. She
wondered if he would at least wash the revolting thing before she
had to take it into her mouth … Strangely enough he surprised
her by saying no.
“There really ain’t enough time, k*d. We’ll take a rain
check on it, okay? I know ya can’t wait to blow me, but there’ll
be other days. Now get a move on. Put on something clean -” He
nodded toward her suitcase.
“Can I take a shower?” June asked forlornly, knowing that
never in her whole life would she be able to wash away the
knowledge of how she had responded to his sadistic sodomizing. It
seemed that apparently there was nothing she wasn’t capable of …
“No time to shower!” Pimple Face snapped, starting to pull on
his pants. “When these people say be there at twelve noon, you
get there at twelve noon. You better believe it, baby,” he added
“How do I know they’ll really let my sister go?” June asked
“You don’t!” he answered curtly. “You’ll just have to trust
“Trust them!” June echoed bitterly.
“Well, you ain’t got no choice, babe,” Pimple Face pointed
out, bending down to pull on his scruffy shoes.

Chapter 7

Dippy Gallagher was in his element. He loved breaking new
broads into show biz, particularly when there was no risk
involved, and Borman had assured him that with this big gorgeous
brunette, June Wright, there would be no risk whatsoever. Also,
the kind of people who were filling up the theater he had
improvised in the loft upstairs were a double guarantee. They
were strictly class, well-heeled and top-drawer, old chap …
Friends of Borman and the society guy Jock Richmond. No sweat
about them being discrete. He’d given everybody in the troupe the
day off except Mike, the cameraman, who was going to film whatever
happened for closed-circuit TV, and, of course, Tiffany. She was
sitting on a chair in his office, looking pale and discouraged.
Dippy puffed on his cigar and spun around a couple of times
in his swivel chair, letting her sweat a little before he followed
through with the rest of Borman’s instructions. He was beginning
to get the drift of what the crafty stock-broker was trying to
bring off and he had to admit that for an amateur the big bastard
was pretty sharp.
“How’s Humpty?” he barked out suddenly. “Is he sober. Can
he get it up?”
“I don’t know,” Tiffany answered dejectedly. “I mean, he’s
pretty sober, but I don’t know if he can get it up or not.
Anyway, June won’t let him near her.”
“I tole ya to let me worry about the details, k*d,” Dippy
snarled. “June’s not only gonna let him get near her, she’s gonna
suck his cock.”
“You’re crazy!” Tiffany blurted out before she could catch
herself. “Excuse me, Mr. Gallagher, but she wouldn’t do that in a
million years.”
“She’s gonna do it for you, k*d.” Gallagher gummed a cynical
grin at her. “She thinks you’re the prisoner of some gangsters
who put on live sex shows and the only way she can buy your
freedom is to take your place.”
“Wh-at …? You told her that?” Tiffany stammered weakly.
“Not me, but the guy who’s running this show,” Dippy grunted
scornfully. “And she believed it. At least,” he added
ambiguously, “she pretended to believe it.”
“Ooooohh, poor June …” Tiffany wailed tearfully. “She’s
really going to … do that for me? I can’t let her, I just
“That’s show biz, k*d,” Dippy shrugged, darting a sharp
appraising glance at the young girl. “And maybe she won’t mind as
much as you think. Maybe you’re all wrong about big sister June,
k*d. I happen to know that she made it with a married couple last
night, and got buggered by a delivery man in the kitchen of their
apartment this morning. Also …” He paused, waiting for all
that to sink in before he planted the last seed of suspicion in
the bewildered adolescent’s mind. “Also, there’s gonna be a
coupl’a big Hollywood agents in the audience tonight.”
“Oh …” Tiffany laughed uncertainly. “It’s all so hard to
believe. I mean, about June doing those things.” She frowned
theatrically, remembering how when she had been a little girl she
had been awakened night after night by June’s hot breath panting
in her face as the older girl feverishly masturbated with her eyes
tightly shut and her full sensual lips bared back over her teeth,
pretending hypocritically to be asleep. Maybe she had been
completely wrong about June, Tiffany mused. Cliff claimed she was
cold as a fish, but maybe he’d been lying. Maybe he just didn’t
measure up to June’s idea of what a lover should be … Maybe
she’d just made that scene on the back porch for an excuse to
break off the engagement.
“What did you say about an audience … and the Hollywood
agents?” she asked, trying to make sense of all this new
information in her confused mind.
“June thinks you’re doing live sex shows, k*d, so I knocked
together a little theater in the loft upstairs and this fella
who’s innerested in her … he’s a big banker … backs a lot of
Broadway shows … he’s bringing some friends in to be the
audience. At least two of ’em are Hollywood agents on the lookout
for new talent. I ain’t allowed to divulge their names, get it,
but it sure would be a shame if your sister upstaged you at the
last minute after all the work you’ve put in. Right?”
“Damn!” Tiffany exclaimed petulantly, clenching her pouting
lower lip with small even white teeth. “And she has the juicy
role … Sacrificing herself for me!”
“Yeah, but you got the technique, k*d. You’re an actress!”
Dippy breezily pointed out. “You could turn the tables on her
just like that!” He snapped his stubby tobacco-stained fingers.
“All you got to do is say, ‘No, no, dear sister, I can’t let you
do such a horrible thing for me …’ You’re both prisoners, in
this little skit, see, and the idea is one of you seduces the
guard – that’s Cliff – while the other escapes, get it? You can
ad-lib it good, and she won’t know what to do. So you steal the
show, k*d. She has to sneak off-stage and there you are!”
Tiffany’s eyes were sparkling with enthusiasm now and the
color had returned to her youthful heart-shaped face. “Oh, Mr.
Gallagher!” she bubbled happily. “That’s a wonderful idea! How
can I ever thank you enough?”
“Oh, just send me a postcard from time to time, k*d,” Dippy
said blandly, slipping down from his chair on his runty legs and
starting toward the door. From Nowheresville, you dumb cunt, he
added to himself. “Be upstairs backstage in ten minutes. Mike’ll
show you what to do.”

* * *

When the horrid bald little man with the beady eyes and cruel
thin-lipped mouth finally came in, June had no idea how long she
had been cooped up in the tiny room Pimple Face had brought her
to. When they left the Bormans’ apartment shortly after eleven
o’clock, he had made her put on what looked like a pair of
ordinary dark glasses but, in fact, the lenses were completely
opaque. She couldn’t see a thing except out the sides, and when
they had driven off a ways he had stopped the car and stuffed
cotton between the frames and her cheeks, so that she was
completely blinded … It was awful, being deprived of your sight.
She didn’t see how blind people stood it.
When she protested, Pimple Face just told her to shut up.
“Anybody gets curious, babe, you just had an eye operation,” he
told her curtly.
So she hadn’t the slightest idea of where she was either.
They had driven around for what seemed like a long time before
they had left the car and come to this place, with him steering
her by the arm. It was up four flights of stairs and smelled
musty, that’s all she knew for sure. Boards had resounded under
their feet, and she had had a feeling of space around her, as if
she might be on the stage of a theater, just before she was put
into this windowless little cubicle. She took it to be an actor’s
dressing room, although it certainly wasn’t what you would call
glamorous … just a table with a mirror and a few pots of makeup
on it, a rickety chair, a wash basin and a cot with a plastic
chamber pot under it.
There was no lock on the door, but before he left her alone
Pimple Face warned her there was a guard on the only exit, so not
to get any bright ideas about running away. She hadn’t intended
to anyhow, or she wouldn’t have accompanied him in the first
place. She was certain she had figured out a way to get both
Tiffany and herself out of the jam they were in.
About an hour later Pimple Face had returned with a Coke and
hamburger for her and had gone over with her the few pitiful lines
she was supposed to speak in her grand debut as an actress. It
was just a one-act curtain raiser, he said, a very simple
situation based on the real-life one she was actually in, so all
she had to do was be herself. The main part obviously was making
love to the guard. June had protested when she heard that Tiffany
was to play with her, but Pimple Face had sworn it would be her
last performance. It certainly would be, June mused to herself,
if her plan worked. And it would be the last time for quite a
while that Pimple Face would be pushing people around. Of course,
she hadn’t bothered to memorize her lines. She had no intention
whatsoever of speaking them.
When Pimple Face left the second time, she had dozed off on
the cot, completely exhausted by all the incredible things that
had happened to her since her arrival in the city. When she woke
up, her watch had stopped, and she had no way of knowing how long
she had slept. Her stomach told her it must be late though. She
was hungry again and had to urinate terribly. She was just trying
to get up the courage to use the chamber pot when the offensive
little man barged in without even knocking and started barking
orders at her.
“Stand up and strip!”
As she began to slowly undress, he sat down on the chair,
making unpleasant sucking noises with his tongue against his teeth
and continuously raking her body over with those piercing little
gimlet eyes. She had expected this, of course … to be treated
like an animal at the market place … but the vicious
satisfaction the evil little creature obviously derived from her
embarrassment made her b***d boil.
“Whaddaya standing like that for?” he rasped at her when
finally she stood voluptuously naked in front of him.
“I have to go to the bathroom,” she answered primly.
“Piss in that pot,” he sneered, indicating the chamber pot
under the cot. “It’s not really all that big a deal, k*d,” he
added when she hesitated, “compared to what you’re gonna be doing
in a little while. Did the guy tell ya what ya have to do?”
“He said … seduce the guard,” June answered. Finally the
urgency of her need to urinate overcame her modesty and she
squatted down on the pot sidewise to him. Somehow his hearing the
loud frothing sound of her water gushing into the plastic
container was even more humiliating than his watching her. He
would pay for this, she vowed grimly to herself. The sadistic
little wretch!
“The script calls for you to suck his cock!” Dippy snapped.
“You ever suck a cock?”
“N-no-o …” June faltered, but then in fear that he would
make her practice on him she quickly added, “But I know how. I
saw it done once.”
“You saw it!” Dippy exclaimed, simulating shock with a sly
grin. “Whadda ya, a voyeur or somepin?” His eyes sparkled
maliciously when he saw her blush bright red from head to toe.
Borman was right! She was too much, this broad was, with a cock-
stiffening body like that and all these hang-ups. Something hadda
break. “C’mere!” he ordered peremptorily. “Spread those pussy
lips. Come on, goddamnit!” he yelled furiously when she hesitated
again. “I gotta make sure you’re healthy, k*d. I got my other
actors to think about to, for chrissake!”
She approached him and, with hands trembling from both shame
and rage, parted the sparsely haired outer flanges of her cunt,
exposing to his lewd gaze the slick pink flesh of the moist furrow
and the shrinking little bud of her clitoris.
He whipped the cigar from his mouth and leaned forward,
sniffing loudly. “Pretty funky,” he commented dryly. “Wha’d ya
take on last night? A goddamn bull …? Wash it up, for godsake.
Curtain call in five minutes.” With that he clamped the cigar
back into his cruel little mouth and strutted out, leaving the
dark-haired girl’s face flaming and her body trembling in outrage.
“Just you wait,” she muttered. “Just wait!”

* * *

When Gallagher pushed her out onto the stage, instead of
falling to the floor sobbing and then running to Tiffany as she
had been instructed to do, June strode firmly across the rough
planks toward the footlights and stood there commandingly in her
proud naked beauty with arms upraised. There was a prolonged
burst of applause mixed with whistles and wolf calls, but she
stood there unflinchingly until the noise subsided. Half-blinded
by the spot projectors above and the row of lights below, she
could only see the faces in the audience as vague blurs, but she
was sure that out there somewhere there must be at least one
person who had a spark of humanity left in him, sick as he must be
to come to a show like this. When the theater was completely
silent, she began the brief speech that she had rehearsed to
herself that afternoon.
“Please help us!” she cried out in a vibrant compelling
voice. “My sister and I are prisoners here. We’re not doing this
of our own free will. We’re treated like slaves. You must help
us! Get up and leave. Then call the police. That’s all you have
to do!”
There was a moment of puzzled silence, then somewhere someone
snickered, someone else began to frankly laugh and in a second the
whole hall was roaring with laughter. People were clapping and
drumming their feet on the floor. There were even a couple of
God, they thought it was part of the act, June realized. Her
beautiful face flamed with anger and despair. She stretched out
her hands pleadingly and screamed in a powerful voice that cut
like a knife through the din. “It’s true! I’m telling you the
truth. We’re prisoners of a gang. You’ve got to help us!”
The applause turned to jeering hoots and catcalls. “Cut the
crap, sister!” someone yelled at her and another voice called out,
“Quit talking and start sucking!”
“Yeah, suck! Suck! Suck!” They all took up the chant and
June realized that there were women in the audience too. She had
thought it would be exclusively made up of men, but no, there were
women out there too … women so depraved and perverted they
wouldn’t even help one of their own sex. Tears welled into her
magnificent brown eyes and she turned her back on the audience
just in time to see Tiffany, also stark naked, advancing toward
her with exaggeratedly mincing little steps.
“Poor dear sister!” the young blonde exclaimed in an
artificial flute-like voice when the noise died down again. “You
don’t have to worry. I shall seduce the guard, and while he’s
busy soiling me with his filthy sperm, you can slip out of this
horrible dungeon and alert the police.”
“They’re paid off!” someone in the audience yelled and the
crowd broke into laughter again.
Unabashed, Tiffany went on with her stilted dialogue, stagily
encircling June’s supple waist with her slender arm and leading
her toward a spot behind the bed where she would be practically
invisible to the audience. “Now you lie down here, darling
sister,” she cooed to June soothingly, “and pretend that you’ve
fainted. I shall call the evil guard and whilst I am seducing him
on the bed, you can sneak out the door.”
“She’d rather stick around and watch!” somebody heckled from
the rear of the hall to another chorus of guffaws and titters.
June stopped in mid-stride and stared bewilderedly at her
sister, “What do you mean … while you seduce him?” She realized
confusedly that Tiffany was carrying on with the skit and supposed
that under the circumstances it was the only thing to do. But
surely both Pimple Face and that horrid little man had both said
very clearly that it was June who was to do the seducing. The
failure of her appeal to the audience had left her in a state of
semi-shock, and she gazed dazedly around her, vaguely aware that
the stage set crudely depicted a sort of medieval dungeon with
various instruments of t*****e hanging from the walls.
“Yes, darling,” Tiffany went on in her artificially pitched
voice. “I shall do it for your sake because I know you are still
as pure as the driven snow whereas I have lived, my dear. God,
have I ever lived!” She raised her arm melodramatically to her
“Bring on the guard!” the heckler yelled, then another deeper
voice shouted, “Let the brunette do it!” and others took up the
chant, “The brunette! The brunette! The brunette!” That deeper
voice sounded like Borman’s June realized, and suddenly she was
certain that not only were Nina and Axel in the audience, but that
they had engineered the whole treacherous plot. Her first hunch
had been right!
Just then the rickety dungeon door with bars painted on it
banged open and in lurched Cliff Farrow, clean shaven and in a
freshly pressed dark blue suit, but very definitely drunk. He
staggered across the stage to the two girls, clutching his pint of
gin and growled. “Where’s my goddamn clue? Huh? Where’s my
clue? I mean cue. Shut up!” he yelled at the audience which was
good-naturedly booing him.
“What are you doing here?” June flared angrily at him. “Are
you in on this too?”
“I’m the guard, baby, and you’re gonna suck my cock!” Cliff
leered lopsidedly at her as he began to rip off his clothes. “And
it’s about time, too, goddamnit!”
“No …” Tiffany said firmly, stepping between them. “You
leave my poor sister alone, you brute. I am going to suck your
“Out’a my way, you little ball-breaker!” Cliff snarled at
her. “I can’t get it up for you, remember? But for June I can.
Brother, can I ever!” He ripped off his jockey shorts and his
long thick cock arched upward, swiveling toward June like a radar-
guided anti-aircraft gun. With squinting bloodshot eyes he took
in all her nakedly luscious curves and the dark shadowed “vee” up
between her legs. Even though he had courted her for a year and
made love to her three times, it was the first time he had ever
seen her completely naked. “You’re gonna pay for all the times
you held out on me, you cold-hearted bitch!” he growled at her,
stroking his thick foreskin lewdly back and forth over the swollen
angry-red bulbous head of his ever-burgeoning cock. “I’m gonna
ram this baby so far down your throat and pump you so full of cum,
it’ll come squishing out your ears!”
“Cliff …!” Tiffany hissed venomously at her ex-lover. “I’m
going to do it! There are talent scouts – Hollywood agents – out
there, you fool. Get out of here!” she snapped viciously at June.
“Get off the stage!”
Of the two of them June was the least dumbfounded and the
first to recover. The way Tiffany had been preening herself on
the stage had made her suspicious. “What!” she cried out in a
dramatic outraged voice. “You mean you’re not really the prisoner
of some gang! It’s all a joke? You like acting in these plays?”
“You double-crossing little cunt!” Cliff swore when the
meaning of what Tiffany had said finally penetrated the fumes of
alcohol in his reeling brain. “We were gonna go off and live
happy ever after, huh! I’ll teach you, by God!” With surprising
agility for a man in his drunken state he sprang over to the wall,
seized a heavy rawhide bullwhip which was hanging there and
advanced menacingly toward the now thoroughly frightened blonde
Obviously he had handled such a whip before because with a
flick of his wrist and forearm he made the long plaited lash snake
out and pop like a pistol shot in the air. “I’ll count to three!”
he roared, cracking the lash dangerously close to the unprotected
golden “vee” between her slender legs. “One …! Two …!”
With a little moan of fear and frustration Tiffany ran
awkwardly off the stage into the wings where she watched, her
pretty young face contorted by jealousy and hatred, as Cliff
positioned himself on the bed in the middle of the scene and
ordered June to suck his cock.
“We’ve already had the Wright brothers,” he sneered, making
the long lash zing out so that it coiled like a python around
June’s slender waist. “Now we’ve got the Wright sisters! The
nympho and the prude. A great act! C’mere, you bitch, and start
sucking.” Dropping the butt of the whip on the floor, he pulled
her nakedly struggling body toward the bed by the lash, hand over
June let herself be drawn to the bed and hunched down on all
fours between his hairy out-sprawled legs without the slightest
feeling of apprehension or disgust. During all the preceding
excitement her eyes had hardly ever left the b***d-engorged head
of the thick erect shaft of his penis … and she had experienced
something like a moment of truth. She realized that not only did
she want that big hard cock in her mouth, but also she wanted all
those people out there in the audience to see her sucking it!
A lurid thrill chased down her spine as she reached out and
gently cupped the tightened sac of sperm-heavy balls in one hand
while with the other she pulled the creamy foreskin up so that it
almost covered the glistening cone-like glans of his penis, then
pulled it all the way down until her fingers were buried in his
thick brown pubic hairs and the naked member throbbed agonizingly
under its taut silky-pink skin. It didn’t matter that it was
Cliff’s cock … or that he was drunk and reeked of cheap gin …
all that mattered was that the penis was big and hard, and she was
going to put on a performance for all the people out there beyond
the footlights like they had never seen before. She felt nothing
but sympathy for them now. Who was she to be critical? Didn’t
she share their perversion … loving to watch? And now she was
finding an even more shameless and perverted zone of pleasure …
being watched!
With her breath coming in short hot gasps between her parted
lips, June slowly lowered her beautiful face toward the thick
straining penis that was pulsating like a heart in the palm of her
hand. Her nostrils flared with anticipation as, for the first
time, she smelled the heady pungent aroma of male genitals, There
was already a drop of semen glistening in the tiny hole at the
end, so she deftly licked it away with the tip of her tongue as
she had seen Nina do to Axel, savoring its exotic salty taste
before she circled the tip of his throbbing cock with the warm
softness of her wetly parted lips.
Cliff groaned as a great wave of satisfied longing washed
over him with the first magical contact of June’s moistened mouth
ringing his long-deprived cock. He raised his head off the bed
and stared incredulously down at the pure clean-lined face framed
by glossy black hair that was bobbing servilely over his groin.
God, it was really June down there sucking his cock! Even in his
wildest dreams he had never expected to see her doing it. And
with such gusto! He groaned again as he felt her wetly heated
tongue swirl around the sensitive underside of his penis while all
the time she kept up her skillful kneading and massaging of his
aching balls with one supple-fingered hand. Involuntarily he
ground his loins upward and the whole huge bulging head and part
of the blue-veined shaft slid smoothly into her butter-soft,
eagerly sucking mouth. Christ, it was too much! If he didn’t
watch out he’d uncork his load before he was ready, and he wanted
to make this last … Every second she was down there slaving
away over his balls was making up for all the dry runs she’d put
him through in the past year … all the times she’d just kissed
him goodnight and sent him home with a hard-on so tight he thought
he’d go off his skull. At least until Tiffany started sneaking
out and taking up where June had left off. But Tiffany, Christ,
she wasn’t the woman June was. She’d never sucked him off like
this, for godsake! She was strictly out to lunch compared to
He tangled his hands tightly in her thick silky-black hair to
slow the rhythm of her bobbing head and clenched his buttock
muscles in a vain effort to control the dizzily mounting spasms
surging through his groin. It was no use. He let his head flop
back on the bed and closed his eyes, abandoning himself completely
to the subtle ministrations of her ecstatically sucking mouth. He
was going to cum any minute now, he could feel it! Vaguely he
became aware of noise and movement around him … a trudging
grating sound on the rough plank floor like furniture or something
being moved … and with a great effort of will detached himself
from the blissful fire flowing out from his loins through every
vein in his body and f****d his eyes open.
Christ, he was surrounded on three sides by mirrors.
Somebody had pushed three large mirrors on rollers up to the bed,
one at the side and one at each end. In the one at the foot of
the bed he could see June’s luscious ass-cheeks weaving lewdly in
the air as she plunged her honey-sweet mouth farther and farther
down the wetly glistening shaft of his cock. The moons of her
buttocks flared out enticingly, revealing the tiny hairless hole
in her anal crevice and beyond that the parted hair-lined lips of
her tight young cunt with its furrow of moist pink flesh.
In the side mirror he could see her flushed, lust-contorted
face in clear profile as she sucked hungrily at his rock-hard
penis taking almost all of it in her tightly ovalled mouth now
until only a small section of it showed white and glistening,
protruding from her soft warm mouth.
The sight intoxicated and infuriated him. With an animal-
like grunt he pushed her head down with both hands and gave a
mighty thrust upwards, watching with cruel satisfaction as the
last bit of white cock disappeared into her wide-stretched young
mouth and her nose was buried deep in his pubic hairs. He felt
the spongy resilient head of his cock slide way beyond her palate
and down into the softness of her sheathing throat. Slowly he
raised her head again, watching in fascination as the pliant flesh
of her lips was pulled out grotesquely along the saliva-slick
length of his rod, clinging stubbornly to it as if she couldn’t
bear to have it go. At the end she gave it a nerve-tingling swipe
with her tongue, then again plunged her warm wet mouth down to the
very base of his cock, this time with no help from him. Faster
and faster she went, milking him up and down with her hungrily
sucking mouth, and he could see her big lush breasts dancing
wildly as she bent to her task with more and more zestful abandon.
A pale sheen of glistening sweat was beginning to form all over
her sensually ripened body and the seductive piquant odor of her
warmly scented cunt was wafted to him by her movements. God, she
was enjoying it as much as he was! The thought toppled him over
the brink, and he felt the scalding charge which had been building
deep in his balls start bubbling and foaming along the length of
his straining cock.
“Suck it, baby! Don’t stop sucking! I’m cumming!” he
gritted before letting his head drop back on the bed. The muscles
of his neck stood out like cords, and his lips were bared over his
teeth in an anguished grimace as with one last wild convulsive
thrust of his loins he flooded June’s eagerly gulping mouth with
jet after jet of boiling sperm, holding her fast on his madly
jerking cock with both hands until he had emptied himself
completely. When she had swallowed all he had to give and went on
sucking as if she wanted more, his legs twitched and flopped on
the bed like a dying dancer’s. Finally he had to push her away
with a groan.
“Is that all?” she said, with the shadow of a smile on her
face and a triumphant glint in her eyes. She circled her lips
with the pink tip of her tongue to make sure she had not missed a
drop of his cum.
“God, June baby, that was too much!” Cliff gazed up at her
with adoring eyes. “Honey you’re worth a thousand Tiffanys. I
was just crazy, I guess. Listen, we’ll go home. I’ll get my job
back with old man Chisolm, and we’ll get married just like we
always planned. Right?”
“I think that’s an excellent idea,” June agreed. “Except for
one little detail …” She slid with a newly acquired feline
litheness off the bed and picked the bullwhip up off the floor
where it had fallen from Cliff’s limp hand. Turning toward the
wings of the stage, she called in a loud compelling contralto,
“Tiffany! Come here!”
There was no denying the power behind that command. The
young blonde girl timidly advanced onto the stage as if against
her will, her eyes fixed fearfully on the whip which June held in
her hands. When she had reached the bed, June continued, “You’re
both going home all right. Cliff will get his job with Chisolm
Realty back. Tiffany will finish up high school and then get a
job of her own. But before that …” she paused significantly to
let her words sink in. “Before that, you’re going to get married.
Right in New York City. And when you get home, you’ll live in
Daddy’s house and take care of him for the rest of his days. Is
that clear!” she yelled with sudden dramatic intensity at the
dumbfounded couple. “From now on you take care of him. I’m
staying here. This is where I belong!”
With that she turned her back on them as if they had ceased
to exist and faced the audience with the whip held high over her
head and the fire of victory flashing in her eyes. Her lustrous
black mane of hair flowed over her satiny snow-white shoulders,
half-concealing her proudly jutting breasts. In that pose she
looked like an Amazon queen, a vision of striking barbaric beauty.
“Bravo!” someone shouted. Then the applause began, building
to a thunderous torrent that made the old loft shake and vibrate
like a ship riding out a heavy storm.
“Encore! Encore!” The shout was taken up on all sides and
became a rhythmic chant until June regally raised her shapely arms
in a signal for silence.
“All right,” she said in a calm quiet voice that carried
effortlessly to every corner of the hall. “We’ll have an encore
…” She smiled mysteriously to herself, then called out in a
challenging voice. “Borman, you sneaky bastard, come up here! I
know you’re out there somewhere. And bring that pimply-faced
friend of yours along. I’ve got a little something for both of
There was laughter in the audience and some more scattered
applause, then Jock Richmond minus his pimples entered from the
wings. He was dressed immaculately as a butler … except that he
wore no pants … and was carrying a silver tray with a bottle of
champagne, three glasses and some tiny sandwiches on it.
“Madame called?” he queried, bowing respectfully. Behind him
waddled an enormous shaggy brown bear.

Chapter 8

Sitting comfortably on the bed between Jock and the bear,
sipping champagne and nibbling at the tasty little sandwiches of
caviar and smoked salmon, June asked Jock what had happened to his
“Madame cured them this morning with her beautiful ass-hole,”
Jock replied imperturbably. “Madame has great gifts, if one may
be permitted to say so.”
“Of course,” June graciously smiled. “And what is this cute
little bear’s name?”
“Buster, I believe. What’s your name, cute little bear?”
Jock inquired blandly.
“Get me out of this goddamn suit!” Axel Borman’s muffled
voice roared out of the bear’s head. He raised a front paw with
sharp curved black claws and lightly stroked June’s rounded
tapering thigh, leaving a trail of faint white scratch marks on
her creamy white skin.
“Oh, the poor thing’s trying to tell us something,” June
exclaimed compassionately. “Whatever do you suppose it is?”
“He probably just wants to fuck,” Jock surmised. “He has a
one-track mind.”
“Really …?” June drawled with a twinkle in her eye. “Do
bears fuck the same way we do?”
“I’ve never actually seen them in the act, Madame, but I
believe they do it dog-fashion, if Madame will excuse the
expression,” Jock answered, taking her glass from her and setting
it on the floor. “Bears really don’t have much imagination,
love,” he murmured in her ear as he pushed her down on the bed and
speared his pointed tongue between her parted willing lips.
Before she closed her eyes with a sigh of contentment she caught a
glimpse of his virilely throbbing penis jutting up out in front of
his waistcoat. It was a ridiculous sight but she didn’t feel like
laughing … Sucking Cliff’s cock had made her so hotly aroused
that she felt she could take on ten men, one after another …
first Jock, then Axel, then whoever else wanted a run for their
money. She was free from all her old fears and inhibitions now.
She had found her true element in her sexual prowess and knew that
never again would she spend a miserable night alone in bed without
the ardent caresses of a lover to drift her off to sleep … At
least, she amended, not for a long, long time …
Gently she ran the tips of her fingernails down Jock’s lean
muscular flank and across his sinewy buttocks, marveling at how
hard they were, inhaling his good clean male scent. She should
have guessed that morning that those pimples were just make-up …
a man with a superbly conditioned body like Jock’s wouldn’t have
pimples like that … but she had been so groggy and confused.
Even so, pimples and all, he had opened a gate to a whole unknown
area of pleasure for her. She sucked his stiffened tongue
hungrily deeper into the wet cavern of her mouth and her hand
closed around the warm, rock-hard girth of his cock, guiding the
sticky spongy head between the soft swelling folds of her eagerly
pulsating pussy to her moist vaginal opening. God, she couldn’t
wait to have that great virile rod of hard flesh all the way up
her cunt! She opened her legs wide and pumped her cock-hungry
pelvis powerfully up against him, gasping with delight as she felt
his pulsing hardness sink into her wetly waiting pussy up to the
hilt on the first fierce thrust … She held him there for a long
moment, feeling the slick heated walls of her vagina instinctively
closing around his captured shaft like a snug rubber glove and the
answering throb of his cock-head.
“Oooooohhhhhhh …” June sighed as he began a regular in-and-
out fucking pattern, sweeping into her with long hard deep strokes
which nearly knocked the breath out of her body, then pulling out
with a tantalizing rotary movement that left her twisting sideways
on the bed and thrusting her pelvis upward to alleviate the sudden
feeling of emptiness. For awhile she was aware of Borman cursing
and grunting on the bed beside her and also of the fact that she
was being fucked on a stage with God knows how many people looking
on … Then gradually Axel, the audience, the stage, all faded
beyond the horizon of her consciousness and she was alone on the
vast heaving sea of her erotic pleasure with the wonderful
tireless cock that forged into her like a sturdy indomitable ship,
flinging back magnetic waves of erotic excitement from its
plunging bow and a long milky lane of frothing contentment
churning in its wake …
Her blissful journey into oblivion was abruptly shattered by
a loud thump as something – the bear head no doubt – was hurled
onto the floor near the bed and Borman growled in an irritable, no
longer muffled voice:
“Tough titty, the fucking zipper’s stuck. I guess I’ll just
have to keep the goddamn suit on, roll ‘er over on her side,
She felt Jock shift his weight and slide off her, pulling her
with him so that the head of his hard erect penis remained lodged
teasingly just inside her eagerly quivering vaginal entrance.
Then Axel’s sharp-clawed bear paws were pulling the nakedly
rounded cheeks of her ass apart, and she felt the dry coarse fur
of the costume pressing scratchily against the tender skin of her
back and buttocks.
What on earth was he going to do?
For a split second a wave of wild unreasoning panic submerged
June as if she really had been seized from behind by a savage
animal. It was Axel Borman back there, of course, but suppose he
lost control … he had frightened her so terribly the night
before, and she wasn’t at all sure it had all been an act. He had
that streak of mad violence in him that came to the surface when
he had been drinking, and she could smell the alcohol on his
breath now. Then she heard his familiar grim derisive chuckle.
“Reach back and aim my cock up your ass-hole, June dear,” he
grated in her ear. “Unless you want me to do it with these
goddamn bear claws.”
June gasped and her heart raced when she understood what he
intended to do … take her anally at the same time Jock took her
from the front. God, she had thought of taking on ten men, one
after the other … but two at once? Was it physically possible?
And she was already so sore back there from Jock’s r**e of her
rectum that morning.
“Get going!” warned Borman’s menacing voice and she felt one
huge paw with its leathery pads close hard around one of her
sensitively throbbing breasts. God, with those razor-sharp claws
he could rip it off with one swipe if he got carried away.
Gingerly she reached around behind her, grasping the granite-hard
shaft of his hotly throbbing penis which stuck like a wagon tongue
out through a special hole in the shaggy itchy fur, and guided it
to the tiny puckered ring of her much abused anus.
“You want me to tickle your balls, too, Buster Bear?” she
couldn’t resist taunting him.
Her reply was a searing sheet of flame that engulfed her body
as if she had been flung into a blast furnace when without
preparation Axel’s mammoth cock speared up her back passage like a
branding iron.
“Oh God, wait! Please stop!” she pleaded, trying to writhe
away from him only to rebound from a thrust of Jock’s pelvis.
“That’ll teach you to crack wise with Buster Bear,” Axel
sniggered cruelly, ramming another good three inches of his long
thick cock up her tight nether channel at one jolt. Jock had done
a good job of reaming her out, he mused. He could already feel
her softening and expanding up there to make room for him. With
blunt massive strokes he began to buffet her toward Jock who
banged her back to him with a flex of his muscular loins as if she
was a ball on a handball court. Back and forth, back and forth
… And then the ball was bouncing of its own volition, shouting
lewd encouragement, wanting to be fucked “harder … deeper!”
June was far out on her interminable sea of pleasure again,
only now there was no horizon, just darkness and the constant
buffeting of enormous waves that pitched her higher and higher
from one miraculous crest of ecstasy to another until she thought
she would go out of her mind with the sheer intensity of it.
There had never been sensation like this before, never, never,
never! And it was only the beginning …
“Waaaaagggggghhhhh, I’m cumming. I’m CUMMING!”
Her scream of rapture overflowed the makeshift theater and
echoed resonantly back from the remotest corners of the immense
High up on some scaffolding where he was manning the
spotlights, Dippy Gallagher nodded his head in heartfelt approval.
The little man’s eyes were moist.
His fondest dream had finally come true.
He had witnessed the birth of a great star!