Let the piss flow baby

If I had been a dedicated trail hiker before, now I was there every chance I got. My pussy would cream at the idea of being opened up with my watcher’s 9 inch cock. On the trail, when I found a private place to let my flow go, I would now strip completly naked, it just made me hotter than ever. Squatting down, letting my golden piss gush, listening to it splatter against the ground, I would masturbate wildly, stroking my throbbing pussy to the idea of being spilt open with that hard, thick shaft, and my horny pussy would explode with a pleasure so intense, it was almost painful.

Days went on, days when I longed to see him again, and I was starting to lose hope as the days became weeks. Maybe he had just been toying with me, letting me think he’d come back and fuck my cherry away, and I was annoyed. Stripping down and pissing, I’d masturbate hard until my thobbing cunt would explode, getting angry that he seemed to have just been playing with me.

This day was warm, and the thick clouds that started to cover the sun were welcome. I rounded the bend, and the footbidge that crossed the river loomed ahead. Standing on the span, smiling at me, there he was!

My god, any anger I felt evaporated like ice in the middle of July. I f****d myself not to run at him, and instead met him in the middle of the bridge. He smiled at me, I could see his cock pressing out the front of his shorts, and I could feel my pussy tingle.

“Sorry it took so long to see you again, my work kept me extremely busy, but now that I’m here, would you like to make up for lost time?”

My mouth was dry, heart pounding, and all I could do was nod. He smiled, took my hand, and led me over to the far side of the bridge. We stepped to the side, and walked down towards the river bank, and under the span of the bridge.

I virtually tore off my clothes, and gasped “let me see it, let me see that big fucker!”

He smiled, in a moment he was naked, and I could see that hard, stiff cock, 9 inches of solid male meat, ready to fuck me open. I was so hot I actually mewled with need, wanting that, needing that. He reached into his backpack, took out a blanket, and unrolled it.

“Let the piss flow baby, then I’m gonna give you the fucking of a lifetime!”

My pussy was going crazy as I squatted down, releasing, feeling the yellow torrent bursting fouth, watching him as his cock seemed to get even harder and longer as he watched my piss gushing out of me, making my pussy a horny, churning volcano of lust. I held back on masturbating, I wanted that cock to have the honors. As the last drops of piss hit the ground, he pulled me to my feet, and our lips mashed together. His tongue quickly pried my lips apart, and I growled with need as I felt his tongue probing my mouth. He picked me up, and laid me down on the blanket. He smiled down at me as I saw him take his place between my wide open thighs. This was it, I was gonna be a virgin no longer.

I felt him nudge gently against my opening, and the head of his cock slid into my well lubed opening. I growled, the feeling was different, but wonderful, I could feel my virgin walls starting to part slowly around his cock, as he continued his entry. I could feel a stretch, more than I was used to, but I figured, what the hell, if it’s gonna hurt, it’s gonna hurt. I grabbed his ass cheeks, and pulled on them, wanting him to fill me up completely. He got the message, my hymen tore apart as he pushed in hard, and he gave a hard thrust that completed my deflowering, his cock surging past my torn hymen, I let out a pained cry, mixed pain and pleasure merging as his prick buried itself right to the balls. He pulled back and pushed back in again, and I felt the pleasure start to grow.

“Oh fuck, baby, you’re so tight, damn, you got a super tight pussy!”

“That’s because I was a virgin, you just plucked my cherry!”

He looked at me, I could see the lust in his eyes, and he started to really ride me. The knowledge that he had burst open my virgin passage turned him into a virtual fucking machine, I was getting the fucking of a lifetime, hands grasping my ass cheeks, lifting my hips in time to the plunges of his cock, driving into me over and over. His stamina seemed endless, and I was almost delirious with pleasure, I was getting my brains fucked out. I felt it, reaching for it, my orgasm was skittering, then it came together, and I felt a wave of pleasure rushing at me.


I felt the explosion of pleasure, my cunt churning crazily, I could feel the spasms start racing up and down my tunnel, clamping tighly at his prick. I howled again, the pleasure was driving me crazy. His cock was steel hard, at full extension, I could feel him wedging open my cervix, he couldn’t hold it any longer and he came, squirting wildly deep inside me. We were surrounded by our own cries of climactic completion as his cock throbbed and pulsed, pumping his juices into me, filling me up as my pussy clenched and milked at him, eager for every drop of that thick load of cum. He slowly, deeply thrust into me until he was finished.

We tumbled down, exhausted for the moment. We lay back, resting, and he looked over at me, and took my hand, helping me up. He led me down to the river bank, and told me to kneel. I did so, expecting to get my first taste of sucking cock.

“Close your eyes baby.”

As I did so, I suddenly felt my body being hit with a stream of hot liquid. I realized immediately what it was, he was pissing on me. I felt hot streams splattering against my lips, his cock pointed lower, and I felt the golden showers spraying down my tits, all over my belly, and a couple of streams hit just above my pussy. The feel of his hot piss spraying me down was like nothing I’d ever felt before. The last few squirts hit me, I opened my eyes, and he smiled, helped me up, and we entered the river. It was brisk, refreshing and not too deep, and I swam and bobbed around a bit, washing my body clean.

We left the river, and back on the blanket, he gave me a large bottle of water, and shook two caffeine pills into my hand. Her urged me on to drink as much water as I could handle, and the caffeine pills and the water started that familiar feeling. He led me down to the river bank, he stretched out on his back, smiling up at me. I didn’t need to be told what to do next, I squatted over him, felt that squeezing urge to pee, and I let go. My golden piss gushed out in a shower, I looked down, saw my yellow streams pouring out of me, splattering against his skin. His face wore an expression of pure bliss, and I directed my pissing as best I could, spraying it over of much as his body as I could, my cunt was starting to boil again, once the pissing was down, I was gonna stroke myself like crazy.

As I started to reach down, he grabbed my hips, he positioned me a bit lower, and I felt his newly hard cock press against me. He pulled down on my hips, and I felt the penetration as he impaled me completely on his 9 inch log. I let out a shriek of joy as I wonderfully stuffed again, and I started to hump my hips up and down, eager to ride his cock to another rattling orgasm.

“Fuck yeah, ride me baby, ride my cock, fuck yeah, love the tightness of your hot box baby!” he growled.

“Ummm, fuck, yeah, oh yeah, so big, so hard, I feel so full, I need it, I need another load of your cum, give it to me!” I growled huskily.

Eager to give him a ride he wouldn’t forget, I tightened down on the muscles of my inner pussy, giving his cock the tightest grip he’d ever had. Just a few minutes of that tightness, and I could feel his cock swelling with a massive urgency, pressing against my cervix, then wedging me open. That started my orgasm racing at me.

“Yeah, yeah, fuck, oh fuck, fuck, yeah, yeah, YEAH!” he growled.

I could feel my orgasm hit me hard, I screamed, “OH MY GOD, FUCKKKKK!!!”

My inner pussy became a gripping vice, quivering crazily, and I felt the heat as his cock erupted, his load gushing hotly into me, thick streams filling me up, our voices grunting and crying out our orgasmic pleasure, our bodies shaking and shuddering wildly.

After he had rinsed off in the river, the sun was dropping, and the day was starting to cool off, so we got dressed, and he walked me to the trail head, to see that I got to my car safely.

At my car, he pulled me against his hunky body, and gave me a kiss that sent tingles of pleasure racing through my body.

“Next time, come to my house, I have a big old farm place out in the woods, where you can piss outside to your heart’s content. And, if you’d like, I know a few more people who love to see your sexy squatting, and the rush of your yellow gold splashing the ground. Like more of an audience watching you baby?”

I nodded, my heart pounding, my clit twitching, eager for my next time.