Please Pee in My Mouth

– – apeegirl@fetish wrote: – – – – – – I’LL BE YOUR PERSONAL TOILET SLUT! – – – – – – Call me now at 1-800-838-0226 – – – – – – I’M FOR REAL!!!!! – – – – – – Hi, my name is Lisa, I’m 23, 5’5″, blonde – – – shoulder

Averti’s Water

“I’ve been thinking,” Barb said, sipping a Margarita. “Thinking and dreaming…” “About me, perhaps?” Toby asked mischievously. Barb looked across the table at her tall, cool friend. For the millionth time Barb asked herself exactly what it was about Toby… true enough, she was striking to look at, with her cascading auburn hair, sparkling dark

Wet Dream with Lynn

When I first saw Lynn, I thought she was a walking wet dream. She had just finished college and come to work for the company. At first I felt she surely had a steady boyfriend then one day I had to talk to her about a project she was working on. During our conversation I

The Bar Slut

You finished work at the bar and are walking home just after midnight, your favourite music playing through your ear buds not really thinking of anything just in auto pilot on the familiar route home. You don’t hear a thing, suddenly everything goes black as a sack is pulled over your head and down your

Pissing in the Wild 2.

If I had been a dedicated trail hiker before, now I was there every chance I got. My pussy would cream at the idea of being opened up with my watcher’s 9 inch cock. On the trail, when I found a private place to let my flow go, I would now strip completly naked, it