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If I had been a dedicated trail hiker before, now I was there every chance I got. My pussy would cream at the idea of being opened up with my watcher’s 9 inch cock. On the trail, when I found a private place to let my flow go, I would now strip completly naked, it

A Shameful Obsession

Walking through the woods, I could feel the urge. I should have used the toilet at the trail-head, but no, I was too busy looking at all the gorgeous scenery, and now, I could feel my bladder start to make demands. I looked around, the trail was deserted, so I left the trail, went past

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After eight and a half hours of dealing with her company’s intranet crashes and her own caffine overload, Amanda was grateful to let herself collapse on her bed face first. She was a good-looking blonde about 5’6″, in her late 40s, and just shy of 200 pounds. She had raised her right foot above her

Please Pee in My Mouth

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Averti’s Water

“I’ve been thinking,” Barb said, sipping a Margarita. “Thinking and dreaming…” “About me, perhaps?” Toby asked mischievously. Barb looked across the table at her tall, cool friend. For the millionth time Barb asked herself exactly what it was about Toby… true enough, she was striking to look at, with her cascading auburn hair, sparkling dark