Marsha gets seduced, while her husband sleeps

After being married a year, Bob and Marsha Williams
were finally going on a delayed honeymoon. It was the
day after Christmas, and they were flying up to
Detroit, then driving a rental car to Boyne Mountain
Ski Resort. Being novice skiers, they were excited at
the prospect of spending a week in the snow of Northern
Michigan. Their many friends in Houston thought they
were crazy as Hell, and would probably break every bone
in their bodies.

“It’s a good four hour drive, but, you should get there
before dark.” They were being told by the car rental
agent. “You’re not exactly dressed for this weather,
and it’s colder where you’re going. Maybe, you should
do some shopping for appropriate clothes before you
leave Detroit.”

“We’ll be okay in a warm car,” Bob explained. “Besides,
buying heavy winter clothing is a waste of money, to
wear a week and throw away. Once we get to the resort,
we can rent ski suits.”

“Heading north, you should have emergency weather
supplies.” The agent replied.

About two hours from Detroit, it began snowing and Bob
had to slow to a crawl. “If this keeps up, we’ll never
make it before dark,” he observed.

It had been dark over an hour when they reached
Gaylord. Here they left I-75 for a county road going
over to M-131. Bob had used his windshield wipers and
most of the washer fluid, from being splashed with the
salty, dirty slush while on the express-way. Having
over a half tank of gasoline, they never stopped in
Gaylord. Just a few miles on the darkest road he had
ever seen, the snow turned to a freezing rain.

The defroster couldn’t keep the windshields clear
without help from the fluid. The fluid ran out and he
was trying to drive totally blind. By bending over, he
could barely see through a small area just above the
defroster. Spotting a driveway, he pulled off the road
and stopped.

“I don’t know what to do next. I can’t see to drive and
there’s no place to stop for help. I haven’t even seen
any traffic since we left Gaylord.” He said.

“This is a driveway, and there must be a house close
by. Turn off the headlights, so I can see.” Marsha
suggested. About fifty yards thru the trees, she saw
the porch light of a home. “Come on! Let’s run over
there and ask for help.”

They were only wearing sweaters, but, at least, both of
them had enough sense to be wearing long pants. Running
and stumbling in the dark, they reached the house just
as the lights were turned out. Bob fell on the slick
steps, and the noise caused the lights to come back on.
The door opened and there stood an old black man,
holding a shotgun.

“What’re you people doing on my property?” He demanded.

Shivering from the wet and cold, Bob sputtered out,
“Our car broke down and we need to get warm, then, use
your phone.”

“Ain’t got no phone, but you can get warm. You sure
ain’t from around here! Nobody would travel dressed
like you two. Get inside before you freeze to death.
Don’t need no dead people on my porch!”

Entering, Bob and Marsha saw one large room, with a
hot, pot bellied stove almost in the middle. Getting as
close as possible, one side got warm, while the other

“That’s the bad thing about a stove, you can’t get warm
all over at the same time.” The old man grinned, “Don’t
you have one of them cell phones?”

“There’s no signal,” Marsha answered.

“I don’t know what you think you can do tonight. You
could sleep here, but, I only got one bed. There’s
nothing extra to make a pallet on the floor. Floor’s
too cold anyway. You don’t get out of them wet clothes,
you’re going to catch pneumonia.”

Marsha looked at the bed and suggested, “Would it be
okay if Bob got in the middle and me in front?”

“Not in front, it ain’t! I’ve got to add more wood to
the stove. You or him might set the house on fire. You
can sleep behind, if you want. I suppose I can put up
with being next to him one night. If we’re going to
sleep together, we should know each other. My name’s
Josh. I’ll turn my back while you get undressed and
covered up. You need to use the toilet, it’s through
that door there.”

After introducing themselves, Marsha went to the toilet
first and true to his word, Josh turned away while
Marsha got into bed. Taking her clothes, Josh hung them
on the back of a chair. Doing the same for Bob, he
turned out the light before removing his pants.
Unknowing to either, Josh never wore underwear and his
huge, flaccid cock swung between his thighs.

Marsha thought she would never stop shivering. She had
never been so cold in her life. “Honey, you don’t put
out any heat and I can’t get warm. Let me in the
middle, so I’ve got something warm on both sides.”

“Are you sure?” Bob whispered. Bob had felt the huge
rod slap against his ass cheeks when Josh got into bed.

“Yes, I’m sure. What do you think is going to happen
with you laying here? Think I might seduce our host?”
Marsha whispered back.

Making the change, Marsha felt Josh roll over, so he
faced her back. She, too, felt his gigantic manhood,
but thought it was his arm or wrist, pressing her
backside. Until she got warm, there was no room for
other thoughts.

Soon, Marsha was toasty warm and comfortable. She felt
a rough, calloused hand cup her breast and knew Josh
was copping a feel. Without even thinking, or making a
sound, she removed his hand. Within seconds, it was
back in place, squeezing and tweaking her sensitive
globe of flesh. She thought, “He’s been kind to us, let
him get his thrills for a few minutes. Nothing else is
going to happen. He’s just a lonely old man.”

Having her breasts massaged was just what Marsha
needed. She no longer thought of whose hand was doing
it. She was dozing off, when she felt his fist force
itself between her legs. This was too much! Reaching
down, Marsha was prepared to pinch and scratch the
invader with her sharp nails. His hand was completely
through her thighs, because she could feel his arm
pressed against her pussy slit and pubic mound. Marsha
instantly knew, she had grabbed the largest cock in the
world! She was so shocked, she simply squeezed the huge
head. Coming to her senses, she released him, as he
slowly withdrew. The old man began dry fucking Marsha,
slowly and steadily.

At first, Marsha was livid with rage, but slowly calmed
down when she realized no harm was being done. Bob was
snoring and dead to the world. This was something she
would have to handle herself. His large muscle was
rubbing her wet slit and throbbing clitoris. Marsha
knew she was on the verge of an orgasm from his
harmless actions. It was impossible to keep her ass
from meeting his thrusts. Never, would she have ever
dreamed of doing something so deliciously wicked.

Suddenly, Josh raised her thigh, and on his next
thrust, his cock-head was attempting to enter her
vagina. Holding her thigh out of the way with his
elbow, his fingers spread her labia. Before Marsha knew
what was happening, the huge mushroom head had popped
inside her love canal.

“Aaah! It hurts! It hurts! Please, No… No… Don’t!”
Marsha groaned.

Bob turned his head and asked, “What’s wrong honey?”

“I’ve got a cramp in my leg, but it’ll be okay in a
minute. Go back to sleep, Dear,” Marsha answered.

Josh had never stopped forcing his way inside her
pussy. Now, about four inches had spread her wide, and
six more were attempting to follow. Her pussy slowly
stretched to accommodate each centimeter of his raging
tool. He had pulled her back toward him, so each and
every inch would penetrate deep inside her tight pussy.
Josh had never fucked a white woman before and he was
going to screw this young wife all night. Her husband
was in for a surprise tomorrow.

Pain had been replaced by intense pleasure. Already,
Marsha had achieved several mini- orgasms, but she knew
there was a monster climax building deep within her
stomach. Once Josh had his cock inside her body, Marsha
knew there was nothing to do, except enjoy, and pray
Bob never woke. She knew this was totally wrong and
forbidden, but it felt so good!

Having an old black man fucking her in the same bed as
her husband was exciting beyond belief. Never, ever,
would she go out and deliberately cheat on her husband.
This one time was fate and nothing could be done to
avert it. The trip, snow, windshield wipers, everything
had been planned for this moment. How could anybody
change what was fated to be?

Josh was holding tightly to this young wife’s thighs,
pulling her into his powerful thrusts. Except for those
movements, there was no reason her husband would be
disturbed. Josh was careful to keep her from touching
Bob’s snoring body. Fucking her from behind was the
safest position under these circumstances.

Marsha’s inner body was heating up, as she felt waves
of pleasure emanating from deep within her pussy. Josh
reached around her hip and tweaked her already
throbbing clitoris. Marsha grabbed a corner of the
pillow, stuffing it into her mouth to muffle the groans
escaping from her chest. The rubbing and pinching of
her sensitive love bud was driving her crazy. That, and
the huge monster thrusting in and out, was more than
Marsha could bear! She screamed into the pillow, as the
scalding tendrils of pleasure engulfed her entire body.

Josh felt his load of black man’s seed erupt from the
throbbing head of his long unused cock. Spurt, after
thick spurt, shot into her young body. He could feel
her body quivering from her own intense orgasm.

Finally, his black baby maker slowed, and then stopped
its secretions. Millions of his seed were fighting to
be the first to reach the prize. Holding his huge rod
in place, preventing the escape of a single drop, Josh
relaxed. He smiled at how easy it had been to fuck this
white woman, and knew he would repeat the act before
she left.

Taking a small towel from under his own pillow, Josh
pressed it between her legs, as he pulled his flaccid
prick from her gaping cunt. He whispered into her ear,
“Hold that in place. It’s too damned cold to get up.”

For the moment, Marsha was too tired and relaxed to
think. She was asleep, almost immediately.

Before daylight, Josh added more wood to the old stove,
wanting the room to warm up before waking his guests.
His plan for how to warm the unsuspecting wife was firm
in his mind. He had already been fondling her sleeping
body and was sporting a raging hard-on. Marsha moaned
when Josh twisted her puffy clitoris, but she didn’t
wake. He positioned himself between the splayed legs of
the sleeping wife.

Smiling to himself, he aimed his swollen rod at
Marsha’s unprotected slit. Josh loved the feeling of
rubbing his huge cock in her cunt juices. He rubbed his
pole up and down the sleeping woman’s vagina a few
times before bearing down on the spread opening. Her
pussy was still very tight, as it stretched around the
large mushroom head.

Marsha’s eyes snapped open, when she felt something
huge, hot, and hard enter her vagina. Before she
screamed for help, awareness of what was happening shot
through her. “No!” She hissed between clinched teeth.
“Not again!” Marsha squirmed and twisted, trying to get
away before it was too late. Her struggles caused
another four inches to enter her slick canal.

Afraid of waking her husband and knowing he would find
out the truth, she ceased her movements. As his stiff
iron bar slid smoothly into her tight vagina, Marsha
felt an intense sensation of pleasure. No matter the
circumstances, her husband had never brought such

Marsha’s pussy was still overly sensitive from the
earlier ravishment, and already, she felt the first
signs of am impending orgasm. When his coarse pubic
hair ground against her swollen clitoris, it triggered
a blissful wave of heat throughout her body. Not able
to control herself, she was fucking back on his short
forceful strokes, meeting each thrust with one of her
own. Marsha wrapped her legs around his hips to give
him easier access, trying to pull his manhood deeper
into her already filled pussy.

Bob was blissfully unaware of what was happening only a
few inches from his body. In his dreams, he was fucking
his sexy wife on a gently rocking sailboat. She was
moaning beneath him, as they arrived closer and closer
toward a mutual orgasm. He loved having sex with his
beautiful, young wife.

Marsha knew her pussy was being stretched beyond
repair, but the waves of pleasure consuming her body
were all that mattered. Never, had she imagined being
filled by a gigantic black dick. Neither would she have
ever believed, a penis of such proportions, could bring
such intense gratification.

Josh was fucking with long, slow strokes, but
alternating with a series of short fast strokes that
kept her guessing and was driving her crazy. Josh knew
this white wife had never experienced the joy of being
completely filled before tonight. She had gotten a
taste of giant black cock and would never be satisfied
again with anything less. Hearing her low groans
through clinched teeth, Josh knew he was going to shoot
another massive load of his potent cum any second.

Covered in perspiration, Marsha gripped the muscular
arms of this old man, as her entire body tensed in the
first throes of an explosive climax. Millions of
neuromuscular tendrils discharged their heat, as Marsha
reached a gigantic orgasm. Her pussy contracted around
the black monster responsible for this unbelievable

The contractions around Josh’s prick put him over the
edge. With force of a cannon, his mighty tool shot a
great gob of cum deep into her body. Load after load
followed, as his plum sized balls emptied their seed
once again.

Marsha wrapped her arms and legs around Josh and held
him tightly until every last drop was drained from his
balls. Already, she wanted him to fuck her again.

Twenty years earlier, Josh would have been happy to
comply. Now, he was only anxious to get guests out of
his house and off the property. So far, he had been
lucky, but luck was like money, it soon disappeared.

Later, after cleaning the ice off their windshield, the
good-byes and thank-yous were said. Josh happened to
comment, “Didn’t you say you were from Houston?”

“Yes, we are,” Bob replied.

“My youngest son works at that Space Center there.
Here’s his phone number. Would you call him up and tell
him about out visit?”

“I’d be more than happy to call him, maybe even have
lunch,” answered Marsha.

Staring into her eyes, Josh said, “He’s bigger than I

Bob thought that was a strange thing for the old man to
say, he must be getting senile.

By the time Bob and Marsha returned home, she couldn’t
seem to sit still. There was an itch deep inside her
pussy, an itch so deep, Bob didn’t come close to
scratching. Marsha knew exactly what she needed and she
had the phone number of the scratcher.


Was Marsha pregnant? Did she use the phone number in
her purse? Did Bob find out? Did he become a cuckold
for black cock? This isn’t ‘Days Of Our Lives’. Use
your imagination.

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