Helping out a stripper girl

Chase was on a six-month project in Austin, and he was missing home. Or more to the point, he was missing his wife’s mouth and pussy back in Houston. His company had him staying in an apartment near the project site, and he was stuck there until the work was completed….in about three more months.

Cheating with my afro ex

This is my third story about Grace, my Ethiopian girlfriend (now ex-girlfriend). If you’ve read the previous two stories, you’ll know that Grace is tall, slim and absolutely beautiful with the perfect body and the most amazing round ass. This story is from Thanksgiving 2017. Grace and I had actually broken up earlier in the

My Wife and the Contractor

Joanne had just come back from doing the school run, still angry after the argument she’d had with her husband before he stormed off to work. It was a warm sunny morning and the school holidays were approaching. They had not been in the house long and they had contractors in doing some home improvements

Susan’s Pretty Pussy

Suzan had been looking forward to this day for quite a while. Her husband, George was going out of town to attend a conference for work. “Quality management” or something he had told her, not that she really cared. What she did care about was the ability to go to the beach with her friends

Office Whore

On a rainy day I was outside at work trying to smoke under a awning to stay dry. When the side door opened and out walked the sexy MILF office chick. Long black hair, glasses, purple blouse, black pants holding an umbrella. She walked away and had a phone call and just when I was