A Boss Like A Father

Well, my thinking that first night wasn’t all that clear with all the shots we had been taking. We were both pretty toasted, thousands of miles away from home on a business trip. We work for a large corporation. I’m a regional manager for our business, and she’s a direct report. We work very closely

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Alicea stood behind her husband, hand on his back, as he spoke to the clerk behind the desk. The folks scattered around offered their congratulations as they passed by the newly married couple. Alicea had insisted on remaining in their wedding clothes the entire night. That is, the entire night up until now. Once they

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I doubt very much if I’m the perfect husband. I have a stressful job and I know I sometimes come home a little grumpy. Maybe I’m not the best provider, I’m certainly no millionaire, but we do alright. We have a nice home, two luxury cars, my wife has a closet full of beautiful clothes