Office Whore

On a rainy day I was outside at work trying to smoke under a awning to stay dry. When the side door opened and out walked the sexy MILF office chick. Long black hair, glasses, purple blouse, black pants holding an umbrella. She walked away and had a phone call and just when I was


Moria liked sex and she knew she was good in bed. So why did her boyfriend cheat on her with the slut assistant from work? How could the bastard do that to her!? It was a drizzly night. But for Moria it was exciting. She had never done anything like this before, but it was

Hubby gets his wish

I went down to our basement where my hubby mark and his best friend Steve were watching a movie. I walked straight over to Steve and straddled his lap, I leaned over and asked him if he wanted to give me a hand. He had a very confused look on his face. I asked Mark

Ass to mouth

She stripped naked. Becky turned the shower on and looked in the mirror at her nude curves before stepping in the shower. Tonight was the big game for her beloved Cougars. Where she slept was decked out in school colors: red and white. She left the shower curtain open. She was kind of in a

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Sweat materialized on my back, making me feel as though I’d actually done anything all day. In reality, this was the biggest heatwave our town has felt is years and I wasn’t doing anything more than sitting on my couch, frying like an egg. “Are you ready?”, I hear my girlfriend ask. As I look