Me, Mom, and Lots of My Friends

This story involving my Mom is true having begun many
months ago. I’m writing only because I have no one else
to share it with. All the names are real, although I’ve
made up some dialog to enhance the story only because I
don’t remember exactly every word that was said in each
situation. As bizarre as this sounds, if it wasn’t for my
friends, I would never have fucked my Mom. Let me

At the time, I was an eighteen year-old college male, in-
between my freshman and sophomore years. I go away to
school although it’s only twenty miles from my house. I
come home on weekends and one weekend after last fall
semester, my Dad angrily told me that he and Mom were
getting divorced. She confirmed it and, of course, both
blamed the other.

The only hint that I got as to why was when Mom said that
the love they had was gone, and that the reason my Dad
was angry was because he was going to have to pay
alimony, and he refused to move out of “his” house. My
Mom didn’t fight it though, and when I went back to
school she had her things moved to a nice apartment that
she found about ten minutes away. What I didn’t know at
the time was that she asked my friends to move her out.

I had several close friends at the time, and two of them,
Rick and Ron, moved my Mom. She had already asked Ron to
help because he drives a truck. Not having a job, she
moved midweek, while my Dad was at work and so not to
bother me on the weekends. Unlike me, my friends go to a
local community college and could lend an afternoon.

What I later learned was that Mom got turned on watching
my friends lifting and lugging and working their muscles
for her, and since she hadn’t had sex literally in
months, she thought of rewarding them. She told them she
could pay them that evening after she went to the bank if
they didn’t have classes. They said okay and that evening
my friends went over to Mom’s new apartment where she
offered money and a bonus: pussy.

My Mom’s an attractive, well-built blond, and at forty-
three, she is still something to look at. Both Rick and
Ron fucked my Mom for over two hours that night, and she
never had it so good as I soon learned why. Afterwards
she made them an offer: she didn’t want to remarry
anytime soon, and she felt that dating would be difficult
with a still angry ex-husband, and she didn’t want to
make me uncomfortable.

So Mom and my friends worked out times for them to come
over during the week, when they weren’t in school and
when I wasn’t around. (I still live at home with my Dad
but on weekends drop by Mom’s as well.) Once a week, at
night, my friends would go over to my Mom’s place for a
few hours and fuck her silly, and she loved it.

It was around spring break that I started to notice
changes in her. She had already gotten a part time job to
supplement the alimony so she could enjoy life a little
more; she cut her hair shorter but it was quite sexy; and
she also started wearing more provocative clothes that
showed off her fine body, such as skirts, which she never
wore. The most leg I ever saw from her was a skirt an
inch above the knee.

One Sunday I went over to her apartment when she was
getting ready to go out shopping and she was wearing a
skirt halfway up her creamy white thighs. She said I
could stay at her place while she went out and I was
floored by her attire.

At first I felt strange looking her over but quickly
realized she was hot. My Dad knew nothing of the change
in Mom, and since most of her friends were really my
Dad’s friends’ wives, they didn’t know what was going on
either. My Mom has only one close friend: Carol, an old
college friend who lives five hundred miles away.

The moment of truth took place a couple of weeks later
before finals, during that lull in the school year when
it’s almost over but not quite. It was a Friday night and
I had nothing better to do. I drove home instead of my
usual Saturday morning. At home I called both Rick and
Ron but their Moms said they weren’t home. I tried
another friend, Dave, and he was out, too. I then decided
to drive to my Mom’s to say hi.

When I parked out front of her building I noticed Rick’s
car. “What the hell?” I thought. I rang Mom’s doorbell
but no one answered. She had already made the mistake of
giving me a key so I let myself in. Closing the door I
heard noises coming from Mom’s bedroom. As I got closer I
could hear grunts and groans that were not of pain but
pleasure. I also heard some guy say “Oh, fuck yeah!” I
realized that sex was taking place in Mom’s room and I
thought I knew with whom.

When I poked my head around the corner to take a peek my
eyes bulged and my mouth dropped. There was Rick alright,
and Ron, and Dave and all three were fucking my Mom at
the same time! She was on all fours on her bed with
Dave’s cock fucking her mouth, Ron beneath her with his
cock buried in her cunt, and Rick behind her pounding his
cock up her ass. I heard Mom’s muffled moans and cries as
she had her head buried in Dave’s crotch while he stood
over her fucking her face with his long cock.

I couldn’t really make out Ron beneath her, although I
knew it was him, sliding his thick dick into her pussy.
Speaking of thick, Rick had the biggest and thickest dick
of the three of them and I was amazed that Mom could take
that thing, as it split her asshole wide open, all the
while he grunted and groaned as he pound his cock into

I then slowly backed away and left the apartment. I
didn’t want to get caught watching them all go at it. By
the time I got home I was in a daze. I also noticed I had
my own huge erection. I quickly went to my bathroom to
jerk off. Instead of incensed I was jealous, and realized
what I guess I’d always known but my Mom never revealed:
that she was a hot, sexy woman that could turn on any
guy, including three eighteen year-olds. If my Dad knew
what was going on just a few miles away he would have had
a heart attack.

I avoided my friends that weekend, and they didn’t go out
of their way to find me either. I nervously went to see
Mom a couple of days later and she could tell I wasn’t
all there. She kept asking me what was wrong. It took
awhile but I eventually asked, “How long have you been
fucking my friends?” Her mouth fell, her eyes bulged, and
she turned as white as a ghost.

“How did you know about that?” she managed to ask. I told
her I’d dropped by Friday night. She was silent so I
again asked how long she’d been fucking my friends. Since
they were my friends, and she was my own mother, I felt I
had a right to know. She grew angry. “I don’t have to
explain my sex life to you,” she said.

She then managed to tell me about my parents not too good
marriage; that my Dad had an affair years ago with a
client and Mom found out; that the love hadn’t been in
their marriage in years and that she was waiting for me
to go off to college before divorcing him.

“But why are you fucking my friends?” I defiantly asked

That’s when Mom told me about asking them to help her
move out while I was away at school. She swore she never
intended for sex to happen but got turned on by them that
day and decided to go for it. She said she hadn’t had sex
in months and really needed it.

“But that was months ago,” I said.

She then paused and said “Yes, I know.” She then took a
deep breath and told me what made her tick; not as a Mom
but as a woman. It turned out that my friends had what
she needed: stamina and bigger cocks and that my Dad had
always been too small. She needed young lovers to keep up
with her needs; that she loved being “filled with cock,”
from two guys at a time; that she had been fucking both
Rick and Ron regularly, and it was Ron’s idea to invite
Dave in so they could give her a triple penetration. My
Mom said she loved that most of all.

I was getting rather upset hearing it all and then she
shocked me by saying “Look I can fuck anyone I want. This
is my house. If I want your friends to come over I’m
going to invite them.”

There was some silence between us and then she turned to
me and said “Are you jealous?” I was shocked at first by
the question but I knew the answer and so did she. Mom
continued prodding.

“Does it turn you on knowing that I fucked all your
friends? I know that young men often have mom-fantasies.
Do you?” She then looked down at my crotch and said “My
God, you’re hard!” With that a mischievous look came to
her face. Mom then unbuttoned my pants and unzipped my
fly, but when she got hold of my cock, I shot my load.

“Oh, God,” Mom laughed. I was so embarrassed. Then she
took her hand off of my cock, brought it to her mouth and
began licking off my cum.

“Mommy’s boy tastes good,” she said licking my jism off
her fingers. I quickly got hard again and Mom took off my
pants to inspect my cock. She licked her lips and said
“You’ll do.”

She then knelt down and took my cock into her warm mouth.
I sat back on the couch with a shit-eating grin as Mom
bobbed her head up and down, coating my prick with her
saliva and my left over sperm. Then Mom stood up to
remove her clothes and asked me if I liked what I saw.
She played with her nipples which were really hard and
then her wet pussy. She then turned around to show me her
asscheeks. To complete the picture, while flashing her
buttcheeks to me, she said “You know what your friends
like about me the most?” She then put her hands on her
cheeks and spread them real wide giving me my first ever
glimpse of her puckered asshole.

“What do you think?” she asked looking back at me. “Do
you know how many times I’ve let your friends fuck me in
the ass? They love it!”

I was breathing heavily and my fist was flying up and
down my rock-hard prick, as my eyes were totally fixed on
her asshole just two feet away.

“I took all three up my ass on Friday night,” she said as
if to torture me. “They fucked my ass three times! How do
you like the fact that your own Mom took three different
cocks up her ass? Do you think I’m a slut? How many mom’s
would do that?”

Then she bent over farther and spread her asscheeks as
wide as they could go, allowing her asshole to open up
for my bulging eyes and bulging prick.

“Your Mom’s a slut!” she said wiggling her ass in my
face. “Do you like this?” she asked. “I’m a whore! Do you
want to fuck me like your friends did? Do you want to
fuck my ass, too?”

I’d finally had enough. I got up, grabbed her, and threw
her on the couch. I then got on top of her and shoved my
cock up into her steaming cunt. As I banged away Mom was
moaning and urging me to fuck her good. She started
crying out and I fucked her even harder knowing I was
making her cum. After a few more hard thrusts I let
loose, shooting my load up into her cunt. When I pulled
out of her I was still hard and slick with our combined
juices. Seeing this, Mom looked up at me and whispered
“Wanna fuck my ass?”

She quickly got on all fours on the couch and I got
behind her to ease my slick cock up her back hole. I went
in pretty easily and was soon fucking her ass good and

“Yes! Yes!” she cried. “Fuck Mommy’s ass! Cum in my ass!”

I fucked harder and faster, my balls slapping against
her. All the while, Mom squealed, encouraging me on. She
wasn’t kidding me earlier. Mom really loved anal. After
several dozen strokes I announced that I was cumming and
Mom cried out for me to fill her ass with my cum. I then
shot my third load of the day, this one deep up her
bowels. When I pulled out of her I collapsed on the couch
and let my soiled, sagging cock fall on my thigh. Mom
caught her breath and laid down next to me.

“That was nice,” she said, stroking my thigh.

“I’ll say,” I replied. After a few minutes Mom spoke up.

“Is this okay with you?” she asked. “Having had sex with
your Mom? Do you feel awkward?”

“No, this is great,” I replied. “Can we do it again?”

“On weekends, when you’re home” she replied. That was
fine with me.

However, before leaving her apartment that afternoon, Mom
told me the facts of life.

“You know, your friends still come over when I want them
to.” There was a pause. I didn’t know what to say.
Apparently fucking me wasn’t going to be good enough.

“Look, honey, I have my needs. I want you to be with me
but everything I told you earlier was true. Even if they
weren’t your friends, if I want them to come over I’m
going to invite them.”

I knew I couldn’t tell her what to do with her life and
simply said “I know.”

“Maybe I’ll reward you someday,” she said with a sly
little smile.

“How?” I asked.

“I’ll think of something,” she replied. She then kissed
me goodnight.

Preparing for finals was hard since my mind was not on my
schoolwork. All I could do was think about my hot Mom and
the fact that she was also fucking my friends. It made me
feel, jealous, resentful, and turned on all at the same
time. It’s been weird ever since. When I got home for the
summer, I saw less of my friends as it was too difficult.

They had no idea about me and Mom either, and I can’t
stop them because Mom won’t allow it. She’s going to keep
fucking them no matter what I do. I certainly don’t love
her any less. Instead I spent more time with my new
girlfriend, who likes the fact that I want to be with her
more than my friends. If she only knew why, or about me
and Mom.

The whole summer I went driving by Mom’s apartment almost
every night trying to catch a glimpse of whose car might
be out front. Part of me was jealous but the other part
was turned on at what my Mom was doing in there. Since my
parents divorce, Mom has discovered a side of her that
has long been suppressed; that of the hot, horny woman
who finally enjoys sex.

One Sunday in July I was over at her place and while she
was taking a shower I went looking through some of her
clothes and things and found a nearly empty tube of anal
lube that had been brand new when I was there the weekend
before. It turned me on knowing that Mom was getting
fucked in her ass that much. I usually fucked her ass at
least once when we get together, but depending on how
many of my friends are over, Mom will usually get fucked
at least three times when they fuck her.

Seeing how empty the tub was, it seemed either my friends
were doing double duty on Mom’s asshole, or she let a
whole group of guys fuck her up the ass. Knowing Mom,
that’s always possible! When we fuck, Mom acts slutty and
she really does put out, but I’m sure she puts out more
for my friends. It’s probably because their cocks are
bigger than mine and big dicks really make her go off
like a rocket. That plus the fact that she’s really into
several cocks at once. She loves having all her holes
plugged at the same time. It makes her feel like a total

About a month later it got rather explosive because that
was the weekend her friend Carol flew in for a visit.
Carol is an attractive brunette in her early forties,
married with three kids of her own. When Mom told me that
Carol was arriving the next weekend I got excited because
I thought she was going to join us but Mom said no, that
we had to take the weekend off. She said that Carol had
no idea about our incestuous relationship.

“You didn’t tell her about Rick, Ron, and Dave, did you?”
I asked.

“Yes,” my Mom replied. “That’s why she’s flying in; to
pay me a visit and I’ve already worked it out with your
friends to come over Saturday night.”

Mom said that when they were talking on the phone a
couple of months before, Carol asked if Mom was dating

“Better!” she replied, and proceeded to tell her friend
of her new found sex life. Carol was stunned that Mom was
fucking “kids” as she called my friends, but when Mom
gave details and measurements of those kids, Carol got
turned on. That’s when Mom invited her to join in if she
ever paid a visit.

“Carol’s never cheated before, either,” Mom said. “This
will be a real coming out for her.”

“What about me?” I asked. Mom said that the next time
Carol pays a visit she’ll try to work out something.

“Look, I can’t tell her I’m fucking my own son, ” she
said. “Your friends were hard enough for her to handle.”

“Well, obviously she’s handling it okay,” I said
reminding her of Carol’s impending arrival.

“That’s because she’s horny as hell,” Mom replied. “Her
sex life stinks. Paul (her husband) would never suspect
anything because Carol’s told him I’m alone and lonely.
He doesn’t know what’s going on with me. He’d never think
Carol capable of what she’s going to do on Saturday.”

I was annoyed at being left out but had to accept it. So
that weekend I had to stay away and my Mom made me swear
I would not use my key to spy on her. I swore, sort of.
My Mom picked Carol up at the airport late that morning
with the fun to begin around eight in the evening.

I had a date but told my girlfriend I would be over after
nine; after I paid my Mom a visit. I didn’t spy exactly
but rather snooped. At nine I drove by and sure enough
Rick’s car was out front. I went up to the apartment but
only to listen by the door. I heard nothing from the
living room. I assumed that they had already retired to
the bedroom. I then went to my girlfriend’s.

I called Mom Sunday night after Carol had already flown
back home.

“Can I come over?” I asked.

“No. I’m tired,” Mom said, “I just got home a little
while ago.”

I asked if Carol’s “coming out” was a success.

“Very successful!” Mom triumphed. “She got it good.”

“Was she nervous?” I asked.

“Very,” Mom replied. “She was nervous all day and
especially when the doorbell rang with your friends.”

“Ex-friends,” I replied.

My Mom let out a sigh and said “Honey, that’s your
problem. You know the rules. Anyway, yes, Carol got what
she needed.”

“What did she wear?” I asked.

“She didn’t know what to wear. She really doesn’t have
anything too provocative at home since she and Paul don’t
go out that much and my clothes are too small for her.
She only had her overnight bag so all she could think of
bringing was a tight tee shirt and a pair of cutoffs. Her
shorts were short but only mid-thigh. I know what your
friends like, and before putting them on I cut them up
even higher.”

“How high up?” I asked, starting to get turned on.

“All the way up to her cheeks. Up to the back pockets.”

“Damn, she must have looked good,” I said.

“She did. She didn’t think she had the legs for it but
Carol’s still pretty hot,” Mom said.

Although tired, Mom told me enough of the details of
Carol’s coming out party. Actually she watched my Mom do
all the work at first, teasing the guys, stripping for
them, and getting them out of their clothes, while Carol
just sat on a chair, eyes bulging, watching their cocks
get hard.

Mom walked to the couch where the guys all sat and
dropped to her knees to alternate sucking their cocks.
Then she stopped and told them to go over to Carol and
offer her their cocks. I could just picture them all
crowding around her, thrusting their cocks in her face.
Carol laughed nervously as she took them in hand, one at
a time, and started sucking. Mom said that Carol was
really tentative at first but was soon moaning around
each different cock in her mouth.

“Sounds like she really needed it bad,” I said. Mom said

Then they undressed her, picked her up, placed her on the
couch and alternated sucking her nipples and pussy,
getting her ready for what was to come. Then they all
retired to the bedroom where one-by-one they fucked her.

“Did she take them all at the same time?” I asked.

“Yes, I made sure of that,” Mom replied.

“Who fucked her where,” I asked, by now stroking my cock.

“I don’t remember,” Mom said. “They each took turns
fucking her cunt, and in-between while one of them was
fucking her, I would suck one while the other fucked me.
Then they all did her at the same time. Later on they all
took turns fucking her in the ass. They alternated about
a minute per guy so they must have fucked her ass for
twenty minutes before cumming.”

“Did she like getting it in the ass?” I asked.

“Yes, more than she was willing to admit because I know
she was cumming when they were fucking her, so she’s
pretty sensitive to anal just like me. But she was sure
sore today! She’d never had so much anal sex before and
with cocks that big. When they finally finished with her,
Carol’s asshole just sat there wide open with cum oozing
out of it. The hole wouldn’t close! It looked like she’d
had a cucumber shoved up her butt for a half-hour. The
guys examined it, too. They loved it. Carol just laid
face down, enjoying the sensation before her asshole
closed. She then curled up in a ball exhausted. That was
the end of it.”

Mom said she had a present for me the next time I came
over and I finally begged her to tell me what it was:
Carol’s panties, which Mom confiscated from her, and some
pictures she took of Carol in her tight tee shirt and
skimpy cutoffs. Carol wouldn’t allow anything sexual to
be photographed. I’ve been jerking off to the photos ever
since. As to the next time Carol will be in town, I don’t

My Mom got her to admit her darkest fantasies, though.
Carol confessed that while she enjoyed fucking with
“those boys,” as she called them, she always gets turned
on whenever she fantasizes about getting gangbanged by a
bunch of well hung black guys. My Mom encouraged her to
go for it but Carol wouldn’t know where to begin. Mom
told her that maybe on a future visit they could work out
something. Mom then said she would like to try out a
group of black guys herself.

As for my ever fucking Carol, I don’t know, and I don’t
like being left out, but for now I have to be content
with just fucking my girlfriend and my Mom. That’s worth
it I promise you. Well, that’s what’s going on. I’m even
hard right now from typing this. I’ll have to jerk off to
Carol’s pictures again which is a pleasure.

My Mom has no idea that I’m writing this, and I don’t
know what the future holds in store, but I sure love the
present. My Dad knows nothing about all that’s going on
with me, Mom and my ex-friends. When I go over to her
place, he thinks I’m just being a good son.

He just doesn’t know how good!