My 65th birthday

The party my wife had for me was over and our few close friends had left when my wife led me to the bed room. She handed me a Viagra pill telling me she had a couple of gifts coming and that I would sure to need the pill.I was rather surprised when she stripped me and pushed me down on the bed and climbed on top of me. She was still partially dressed grinding herself on my cock as she took her top off . She had an evil grin on her face as she pulled a pair of hand cuffs from under the covers.

We had used restraints before in our sexual adventures ,usually she would be cuffed to the bed,I guess it was my turn now. She allowed her breasts to hang down on my face while securing both hands to the head board. She was now teasing me because normally I would fondle her breasts while sucking on her hard nipples .This time she moved back and forth from one to another as they hardened in my mouth.Her size 36 breasts sagged form age but her nipples were enjoyable to suck on ..

She was becoming more of a tease at times holding them just out of reach of my tongue. She would lay down smothering me with her chest then back up to let me suck on them again. This teasing me went on for quite a while before moving slowly down my body. She was licking and kissing taking her time stopping only to suck and nibble on my nipples asking me how that felt when biting on them.

I was waiting for her to give me one of her fantastic blow jobs but waiting was all I could do. By now I would have had my hands running through her hair as she sucked me deep down her throat.She loved sucking cock and swallowing cum and often would have others join us . Having several cocks to suck and play with was what she liked the most. But this was my night she said as she rubbed my cock back and forth on her breasts with an occasional lick.

She knew what she was doing as she sucked and licked me close to cumming then let go of my cock. After teasing me for about 20 minutes she got off the bed and stood my my head.She had her hand in her pants rubbing her self telling me how wet she was getting. She was moaning , telling me how she was going to sit on my face and make me eat her until she cums.

As she was telling me about some of the things she was going to do to me she pulled out a blind fold. Her evil grin told me I was in for some really good sex as I have seen that grin before with other guys. She slipped the blind fold over my eyes as I waited for what might be coming next. I felt her move away as her hand travel down and grasped my hard cock, squeezing it hard. She stroked me for a few more minutes telling me how she couldn’t wait to feel it in side her. Then she stopped completely and and kissed me before moving away from the bed. She told me she was going to put some thing sexy on then turned some music on and walked out of the room.

What seemed like for ever was only a few minutes when I felt my wife climb up on the bed.I felt her stockings rub against me as she moved up and squatted on my face .The silk from her teddy covered her pussy but still allowed the aroma of her juices tease me .She was rubbing her self against my face giving me a taste but hovered just far enough to get a lick.She continued to hover above my face while she became wetter and wetter while she finger fucked her self teasing me with the sound . She would often sit down on my chest between orgasms describing how her pussy ached to be filled’

I noticed a different smell and taste as she used a different lotion I thought as I waited to get between her lips. She was quiet and the only sounds she was making was her moans and deep breaths from her orgasm. When she moved back up to my face this time I heard a snap as she undid her teddy. I could hear her fingering her self above my waiting mouth and finally taste her juices when she wiped them on my lips. Each time she fucked her self her fingers would be wetter wiping her juices all around on my face.

She finally gave in to my begging to eat her and sat down firmly on my mouth I was in heaven. I loved eating my wife’s pussy tasting her sweet nectar that dripped from with in. That warm taste of her cum that I licked from with in the folds of her pussy kept my mind off off my erection. Each time she moved up from my mouth I was telling her how badly I wanted her to fuck me. Each time she would just giggle and sit back down muffling my requests. I was helpless as she would hold my head tight to her extremely wet pussy, it was wetter than she has ever been.

When she again removed her self from my face I was was hoping she was going to slide my cock into her pussy. I so needed to cum and begged her again to fuck me as I lifted my hips up from the bed. Still restrained all I could do was push my cock up hoping she would climb on but she didn’t. She was telling me how hard I looked and just how much pre-cum was dripping out ,then rubbing it around on my groin.

Finally I felt her warm mouth again on my cock as her hand stroked up and down my shaft. Slowly she sucked me deeper into her mouth as her tongue circled around on my shaft. My wife knows how to give great blow jobs but this time it seemed different.Probably because this time I was blind folded and all I could do was just feel what she was doing.I was moaning telling her just how great she was doing and how close I was getting to cum

Then it happened I was being kissed while the mouth was still sucking away on my cock “go a head and cum” the voice said .Then started kissing me deep as I unloaded the most cum I have ever had into a mouth that was eagerly swallowing it down. “Happy birthday ” the voice said telling me this was just the beginning as the warm mouth continued sucking . The Viagra was working as I was still hard as a rock”we are going to fuck your brains out” she said as she stood up.

This became the beginning of one of my best birthdays ever, I was being fucked by two women one I had no idea who she was. I was hard from the little blue pill as they took turns with me while I laid there blind folded and restrained . I now knew how my wife felt when I had her restrained and blind folded being used by a couple of hard cocks. How intense the feeling of having a cock inside her pussy and one in her mouth must have been. The mystery of not knowing who’s cock was who’s or how large it was, entering her was all she could feel. I can remember us fucking my wife relentlessly as she begged us to stop now it was her turn.

If you have never had your cock deep in a pussy while one was sitting on your face you dont know what you are missing. My tongue was getting sore from dipping deep inside the pussy on my face and the aroma of their cum was intense . It was beginning to make it difficult to know who’s pussy I was eating or which mouth was on my cock. We were having sex for hours with me staying hard through out the fun.

I could sense both women were tiring when one would rest allowing the other to have her way with me.Some times one would wipe my cum covered face down with a wet cloth before kissing me deep hearing the other begging me to cum. When they finally decided to remove my restraints and blind fold I was able to see just who the stranger was.

“Happy birthday , I am sorry I missed your party”Tammy said with a smile and snuggled down against me, ” Do you enjoy your present?” she asked rotating her pussy still impaled on my cock. “I sure am ” I said telling my wife thank you as well.

Tammy was an old friend my wife and I,we knew from back in high school .She lives out of state but always stops by when she is in town .She is always eager to have sex with me,with my wife’s approval.

This was the first time my wife ever joined us though and it was nice having both of them having sex with me. As we laid together talking about how nice it is having sex with each other my wife yawned. She slapped my cock telling Tammy I was all hers and that she was going to go to sleep in the guest room. As we watched my wife get up struggling to walk Tammy commented on how hot she looked.

“Are you spent ” I asked Tammy cupping her small breast in my hand “hell no it has been 6 months since I have had this cock”she said. “it is all yours now “I said kissing her while continuing to fondle her tiny breasts.I liked the way Tammy would run her hands along my body as we talked and kissed.I knew she was exhausted from the amount of orgasms she has had , so I was taking it slow. Even though I couldn’t wait to be looking into her beautiful blue eyes while I fucked her tight pussy.

She has always enjoyed fucking me and feeling me fill her with cum, I wanted her to be well rested before we do it again.Surprisingly my wife came back in the room and handed us some drinks and extra lotion. “I am surprised you two aren’t fucking yet ” she said with a chuckle. She kissed me and handed me the lotion “I think Tammy could use a massage,good night ” and walked out of the room.Tammy again said how lucky I was having a wife like her ,and also how lucky she was for letting her have me.

“So do you want a massage” I said holding up the bottle of coconut oil.Tammy sat up and removed her stockings being pretty obvious what her answer was. Tammy laid on her stomach as I sat between her spread legs and started rubbing oil over her back. Even at 62 Tammy had a firm body a thin waist and small butt she still was a beautiful woman. I was rubbing up and down her body paying attention to her entire body but her pretty pussy was what was getting the most attention.

I was listening to her light moans as her pussy would open and close when I rubbed oil over her tiny butt. I would move up massaging her neck and shoulders while my cock would rub between her ass cheeks causing her to moan more. I wanted to enter her but I didn’t want the pleasure to end, besides it was my turn to tease. I would move her long blonde hair to the side and kiss her neck asking her if she liked what I was doing. .Even though I could tell by the drops of cum I could see when I moved back off of her.

“Okay back is done roll over “I said watching her stretch her arms over her head exposing the front of her tight body. Her small breasts were almost non existent with her arms stretched out only her hard nipples poked up from them. She was looking into my eyes as I poured lotion down the front of her body and began rubbing . This time I was tracing my way down the length if her body showing a bit more attention to her clit .What used to be a small triangle of blonde hair above her pussy had now turned a light grey.”I am glad you didn’t shave this “I said running my fingers through her pubic hair. .She said she was going to but like before she knew I liked it with some hair down there.

I must have rubbed her down for at least 45 minutes while telling her how hot she looked. ” I think you need to fuck me now “she said moving her hand down spreading her dripping lips. I watched her eyes widen and take a deep breath when my cock slipped into her dripping hole. She wasn’t as tight this time being relaxed I was balls deep with one slow push,it felt great .

She hooked her legs around mine raking her hands up and down my back smiling as I slowly began to fucked her. I liked the way her facial expressions changed as each time she got close to cumming, How she would take a deep breath ,bit her lips and closed her eyes with each small orgasm.After each one I would pick up the pace and fuck her a little faster. This continued until we were soon fucking each other fast and furious .

The sounds of her wet pussy slamming against me as well as the bed banging against the wall was bringing me to the brink. Her eyes widened when she felt the first shot of my hot cum explode in side her . She was smiling and telling me how good it felt ,urging me to continue unloading my cum in side her. I leaned down and we kissed I could feel her pussy muscles attempting to draw out all of my cum. When finished we just laid there exhausted holding each other tight..

We didn’t say much as we laid there with her arms holding me tight .feeling our hearts beating against each other.She was waiting for my cock to soften and drop out of her,but it didn’t.”That damn Viagra “she said with a laugh”your still hard damn” when I pulled out seeing my cock covered in cum. Tammy reached her hand down cupping the cum that was running out of her.”Damn”she said “that sure was a load ” holding her hand up letting it drip on her belly with a smile.

I laid back down beside her as we kissed and snuggled she had put a leg over mine .I could feel my cum running out and down my leg. We held each other tight and drifted off to sleep ,until hours later I was woken up still hard .Tammy’s warm mouth was again working on my cock as her hand was fondling my balls. We were again fucking when my wife walked in with coffee. “Still going at it I see”she said with a laugh declining the invitation to join us . It sure was the best birthday present I have ever had

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