Showering with sister

I’m a 21-year-old software engineer from the UK. I’m addicted to watching some reality shows ( I cannot think of anything else I could possibly get off to ), and owning all my favorite videogames. I live in a small apartment with just my little sister. Our parents have given us all the material possessions

Kinky Cathy

Cathy was a pretty nice girl. Me and my boys met her at a pool hall on a Friday night and she was all about some group action frpm the start. Cathy, 19, stands about 5’4 with long brown hair, blue eyes, killer body, nice smile, and white skin. Me and my boys are all

Miss Goody Two Shoes

As I was hanging out my washing, Mary, my elderly neighbour called me over. “Victoria, I don’t really know how to tell you this, but my son is coming to stay with us, on Wednesday.” she muttered. “That’ll be nice for you. I didn’t know that you had a son,” I replied, somewhat in shock.