This is a true account of some of my later experiences with my dog

I’ve been into the lifestyle for twelve years now. I was recently diagnosed with both HPV and cervical cancer. Although the cancer is under control now and I’m doing fine, I had to find a new outlet for my frustrations. This story is true, and one of my last experiences. I don’t know what bestiality

Fucking film indrusty

Gloria was a C-level actress who was struggling to make a mark in the film industry. She was popular enough to get a few modest acting jobs and to be recognized off-set, but she was still trying mightily to convince producers and directors that she belonged in their movies and that she could handle more

Give me your cum

I see you sitting there. You seem shy. You seem… new. Like you’ve never even been to a place like this before. Like you’ve never been with a guy before. Like it’s making you nervous, and maybe a bit scared. I take another sip of my drink and decide I need something tastier. I decide

In Bed With Rachel

Nate Grey recovered a lot quicker than I would have suspected. Whilst we had been busy… entertaining his “sister”, his incredible psionic powers were working on repairing the damage the psionic resonance had inflicted on his mind – now he had full access to his intelligence again, but I suspected that his “openness” to commands

A Routine Sunday

In which a routine marriage is revived by the vagrancies of the weather and the attentions of a good neighbour. That fateful Sunday started off with the same old routine. We’d been married for just three years, Michelle and I, but that was enough for us to settle into that comfortable routine. Work was routine,