A man wakes on an exam table to find that his mind is somehow inside a beautiful Asian female body

I’d always thought of myself as a fairly down-to-earth, open-minded, sane guy, but apparently, I was turning over a new leaf. I had woken up to find myself struggling naked against hand, ankle, waist and chest restraints. The room was a stark white, with the only furnishing being the standard exam table I was lying

A young woman is introduced to beastiality

Alan and Allison were newcomers to the small northern sea side town; they had decided to move north after selling their small business in the south. Tired of the long cold winters they had moved up the coast in search of a warm tropical climate. Travelling in a caravan, stopping at different resorts until quite

A story about my dog named Rambo and the fun we had with him

My wife and I enjoy a very active sex life. We enjoy sex in every way imaginable. We are independently wealthy and live on a large isolated tract of land away from prying eyes so we can explore indoors or out when and where we want without worrying about anyone seeing. We’ve tried a wide