My cousin Ashley

Amazing how some things happen so overwhelmingly fast
yet you can’t really forget a second of that brief
moment, to this day, I haven’t had a thought that can
override that of the first time me and my cousin Ash
(Ashley) got to know just how much fun can two cousins
have on a stormy Florida day.

Well, it all started one morning of autumn, it was a
Sunday, I recall; My cousin’s Teri, Ash and Alec were to
visit us and stay until dinner time; Ash was sprung 18,
same as me, and we never really talked about anything
besides the usual words like “hey cuz!”

Anyhow, that Sunday, our cousin bond got much closer
than I’d ever dream; They all walked in from the pouring
rain and greeting as they normally would, Teri was 28
and little Alec was only 4; My mom and dad told them the
news that they’d have to be staying over due to a severe
thunderstorm expected to hit for hours, if not
overnight, this all cousin sleepover thing I wasn’t used
to, sank in when I walked into my very own bathroom to
catch Ash cleaning up her face.

She was wearing a white shirt, and even though she had a
jacket on, she was still soaked, her nipples clearly
showing through, making me feel slightly attracted,
enough to flirt around with her.

I said, “You must be freezing, Ash! You dry yourself off
and I’ll go get you a shirt, maybe one of mom’s or

She smiled and said, “Why? am I not cool enough to wear
any of your cool rock band shirts?”

I chuckled and handed her one of my black Nirvana shirts
without hesitating.

All of us were now in the living room, talking and
watching the about a movie that was on TV, Teri had Alec
fall asleep in her arms, and decided to take him into my
mom’s room, mom and dad fixed dinner and as usual, we
all ate and gossiped about anything and everything;
outside, a severe storm was taking place. We decided
upon Alec and Teri sleeping in the queen bed on my room,
and mom and dad in theirs…

Ash and I ended up on separate sofas, facing each other;
she was still wearing my shirt and a pair of shorts, I
had my boxers, we didn’t talk much and I fell asleep
pretty quickly. But an hour or two later I woke up
shivering, I had never slept in the living room before,
and I never thought it could get so cold. I got up and
not able to see much headed to my room. I remembered
Teri and Alec were there, and well, I wasn’t about to go
and wake them up… so fuck it, I headed back to my

I covered myself and tried to sleep despite it being so
cold; however, Ash woke up all the same, and with a
sleepy voice she said, “Man! it’s freezing!”

I replied, “Yeah, I know, I can’t go to sleep…”

Then she said, “Wanna watch TV? maybe there’s a good
flick on HBO.”

I looked for the remote and handed it to her. she surfed
around and came to a stop when she saw some type of low
budget soap opera-type of program, that, to my surprise
was full of nudity and sex-related talk… “I bet you
watch this stuff every night, you perv.”

Smiling, she answered, “No, not really, only when…
well… whenever I’m up at this time of night.” We
watched it and talked crap, until she saw the girl from
the show playing with her cunt, then the question came
up, she looked me right in the eye and asked, “Mmmm, do
you like masturbating?”

I was shocked at first, but not enough to remain silent.
I replied almost instantly, “Of course, everyday.”

She said, “Just as I thought… all guys like wacking
off and watching porn!”

I assured her that I wasn’t the porn-type and that I
enjoyed making up elaborated fantasies in my head while
I jerked off.

She asked, “What do you usually fantasize about cuz?”

That’s when I took my chance and said, “A lot of things,
like when I happen to get a glimpse of a girl’s panties,
I will build something around that while I jack off,
making it my own little nasty story about her.”

She laughed, and replied, “Well, that’s nice!”

Then I told her, “You know earlier? How you were soaked
and your nipples were showing through your t-shirt? Well
that’s probably going to be the beginning of the
nastiest story I’ve ever jacked off to…”

Amazingly, she snickered and replied, “Well… um…
woah, cuz… thanks, I didn’t know I meant that much to

Then our conversation went to as far as to what would I
do to her in my fantasy. Midway during me recital of my
story I noticed that she had closed her eyes and a quite
noticeable movement from under the covers. She was
obviously rubbing that little pink gem between her legs.

I got an immediate hard-on at merely picturing her wet
cunt being fucked by her fingers… I jumped off the
sofa, and yanked the cover back. She seemed unconcerned
because she was still fingering her hole. But now she
was breathing heavily. She looked up at me with hooded
eyes and said, “I hope this doesn’t freak you out.”
Noticing my prominent hard-on she added, “Um… I think
it doesn’t.”

I let my cock out of my boxers, and began jacking off in
front of her matching her movements with my own. It was
such a turn on, her watching me with eyes that seemed to
want to devour it.

I stood there jerking myself as she took her shirt and
shorts off. I kept up the pace even when she got down on
her knees and took over for me. She was jacking me off
at full strength and I was too dumbfounded to react. She
was still finger-fucking herself with her other hand at
the same time.

“Ash… please let me inside of you… please,” my words
apparently hit the right spot, because she began to cum.
She moaned, “Oh god… oh god… ummm I’m…” Then I
couldn’t believe my ears, “Yes, please, please, cum on
me… I’ve been wanting to taste cum forever, please
cuz… I want it bad!”

Those words will stay with me for the rest of my life. I
burst! I shot my cum onto her chin, splatting onto her
bra and tits…then right in her mouth. Though she
didn’t swallow, she got a taste of it.

Afterwards, she seemed exhausted yet happy and glad that
she had found her orgasmic counterpart. Someone who’d
provide and fulfill her deepest fetish, that of
swallowing cum.

Since that day, we’d take advantage of every chance we
got, she’d kneel and finger herself while stroking me
until I shot my cum.

We’re both 19 now, and we both drive drink and party
together. Our family knows not of our sex lives (Not
that they would want to know!) and best of all, I’ve
lost my virginity to the cutest, horniest, and sweetest
girl ever… my cousin Ashley.

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