A Night with Kathy

He had just gotten off work in the computer lab. Kathy waited patiently by the door. She smiled seductively, because she knew what was about to happen. He was nervous because he had never been with such a beautiful woman before and he really wanted to impress her. Kathy was so sexy, she even walked

A day with my hot Cousin

It was 3 years ago when I moved to my cousin’s house to stay because of family working problems in China. She lived with her aunt and uncle.At first we didn’t talk much because we haven’t seen each other for over 6 years. But a few years later, something happened last year when I was

My BBW Landlady

To say that I’m a nerd would be an understatement, but here I was a 27 year old male, in a government department and still Virgo intacto. Its not that the opportunity hadn’t presented itself, it’s just that I was too stupid to recognise it. Francis was a 39 year old divorcee who was my

Motel Suck

I was a maid in a large motel chain. It help to pay my tuition at Arizona State University. I had been with the company for a couple of years, and it didn’t pay well at all. They expected that their maids would make a lot in tips, which I did. Still, it was a