My cousin Ashley

Amazing how some things happen so overwhelmingly fast yet you can’t really forget a second of that brief moment, to this day, I haven’t had a thought that can override that of the first time me and my cousin Ash (Ashley) got to know just how much fun can two cousins have on a stormy

A woman and her man seduce her widowed mother

Shafts of moonlight pierce the louvered shutters of the room like silver arrows. The songs of exotic birds erupt from the verdant bush outside the hotel room, along with the rush of water over rocks in the garden. There are random voices, people walking on the path beneath the balcony. My senses, dulled by sexual

Big Sister

Jamie checked the mailbox, pulling the small bundle of letters, magazines, and a couple large envelopes from the box. He heard his sister yell from the upstairs window, “Hey, squirt, get in here!” Jamie sighed. His big sister, Suzie, had always been a bit of a bully, but ever since his mother died last year,