A boy helps his grandmother install a new hot tub in her back yard

My grandfather died when I was teen, and my grandmother never remarried. I had always wondered why, and sometimes I wondered if she dated. She would come over, and I used to wonder what she looked like naked, if her body was still in good enough shape for a man to be interested. She wasn’t

An adult son seduces his mom

My wife Ellie and I have a good relationship. After 20 years of marriage she still takes down her panties whenever I want to fuck her. She never has a headache or tells me it’s late and she’s tired, or any of that kind of shit. When I want pussy, hers is always available. As

My Sister’s Tits

I was surprised when my sister Nora called me and asked if she could stop by. We didn’t get along, and rarely had any contact anymore, but she said she really needed to talk to me, so I agreed. Two years my senior, at 24, Nora lived just across town but we never even talked