My first fetish

I don’t know exactly when this strange fetish of mine
began but it’s been a haunting of mine ever since.
It’s more then just a sneaker fetish. I have had the
urge to be with a woman who would wear my sneakers.
I haven’t found any info on the web about this so I
must be unique. So here’s the my story of my first
time ever with a woman and the end of that darn fetish.

When I was in my early teens I saw my best friend’s
older sister wearing his sneakers. I got the biggest
hard-on I’ve ever had then. I didn’t know why. I just
watched her slip them onto her delicate feet. They
were about her size only they were a man’s sneakers.
Then she went outside and got into her car and drove
off. To this day I don’t know why she did it.

Later in my life during gym class we were playing
softball. This one guy and a girl were fooling around.
He was sitting down and suddenly she pulled off one
of his sneakers. She took off her sneaker and slid
her foot into his. It was way too big for her but
she tied it and then put the other on.

She went around for the rest of gym class running
around with his sneakers on. It was ecstasy. I had
to remember to hide my boner because I was only
wearing thin shorts.

But here’s where my story starts. I was in college
at the time. I was like any other college student,
into the usual things, women, football, women,
wrestling, women, beer…etc.

The thing is that I’ve never gone all the way with
a woman. Sure I’ve had girlfriends and have done
the usual making out, hands down the pants and up
the shirt thing, but never had I gone all the way.

I guess I was too scared of the consequences. But
I had met a girl and charmed her enough for her to
come home with me one night. My parents were bowling
that night and wouldn’t be home until 11:00 or later
depending on whether or not they won.

Erin arrived at my house at about six. I watched as
her car pulled up. I couldn’t wait to see what she
was wearing tonight. I watched her from the window
as her door swung open and she planted a foot on the

“Yes!” She was wearing her white Nike’s. I loved
those. Then she stood up and started walking to the
door. She was in jeans shorts that tightly hugged her
firm ass. Her shirt was a blue V-neck that hung low
enough to see cleavage from her 34C’s. No bra either.
Bonus! With all this my dick tingled a little already.

She knocked at the door and I ran to open it. She
smiled “Hello, stud!” And kissed me.

“Hello, sug.” I called her sug, short for sugar. She
walked in and over to the couch.

“Ready for your present?” she asked. It was our two
month anniversary and I had forgot being a typical man.
She laid down on the couch and crossed her legs.

“I didn’t get you anything-”

“I’m sure you will though,” She stared at my crotch.

“Oh, I’m thick!” I felt stupid and flushed. I walked
over to her as she opened up her legs. There she was,
beaconing to me and this time I knew I could go all
the way home. I was so excited I had a boner growing

She reached up and grabbed hold of my shirt pulling me
down on top of her. My lips met hers and we kissed.
Erin started sucking my brains out. Her tongue was
whipping around inside my mouth. I loved it!

Then I felt her breasts against my chest. Her nipples
began to get hard as they pressed against me. Erin
stopped kissing me for a minute and pushed me back.

“So tell me something, stud?”

“What?” I asked. I wanted to get on with this. My
dick was throbbing now.

“What’s with you looking at my feet all the time?
You’ve got a thing for them don’t you?” She smiled
and her legs wrapped around me.

How could she know? Was I that obvious or was it just
a woman’s sixth sense? “It’s this thing I’ve had for
sneakers. I’ve always gotten hard when I think about
a woman wearing my sneakers.” I felt like and idiot.
I was so close and now this woman was going to think
I was a psycho.

She smiled again, “If that’s what you want, it’s fine
by me.” She pushed me off the couch and onto the
floor. I was still stunned at what she had said. She
pushed her foot in front of me. “Take it off for me,
will ya?”

I placed my hand on her foot and undid the laces.
I slowly slid the sneaker off her wonderful foot and
took a whiff of it. Her foot was so beautiful to me.
I did the same to the other foot. I sniffed her
sneaker and then placed it on the side for now. She
patted the couch telling me to sit down on it. Then
it was her turn to sit on the floor. She spread my
legs apart and set her chin on my crotch.

“I’ve never seen you like this before. I’ll have to
explore this fetish of yours more.”

I was wearing my own white Nikes, they were about a
size nine to her size ten (size 8 in mens) She reached
over and untied my sneaker. She pulled it off. It
looked so big in her small hands.

Erin then went over to the other one and untied it and
pulled it off. Taking the shoe she knelt Indian style
and put it on her foot. It was way too big for her but
she pulled the laces until it was secure on her foot
and tied it. She did the same with the other. Her
small delicate foot going right inside of my large

My dick must have grown another inch, literally. This
was almost as good as sex for me. She stood up and
modeled for me.

“You like?” She asked.

“Come over here and see for yourself if I like.” I
pointed to my pants. The bulge was huge. She looked
at it with a hunger. She walked over to my open legs.
Those shoes on her feet drove me nuts.

She kneeled down and unzipped my pants. She pulled
them along with my underwear right off. My cock sprung
up to flick her on the nose. My cock was usually six
inches but it must have been seven and a half now!
She was amazed herself and stared at it a few seconds.

She leaned forward and began to lick my cock with her
hot tongue. She was so sexy as she ran her lips and
tongue all over my dick. After a few strokes she took
the head of my cock between her lips and began to suck
gently, her tongue dancing over my glans.

Meanwhile I looked behind her to her feet and my
sneakers. They moved back and forth as she sucked on
me. I could imagine her hot and sweaty feet inside my
sneaks. It drove me wild.

Her face was rapt, showing such keen concentration as
she licked and sucked my cock. After each few sucking
strokes she would slide my dick out of her mouth and
bathe the head and glans with long, wet licks. Each
time she did this her head would twist back and forth
more and more violently and she would lick and suck

She was obviously getting caught up in the passion of
the blowjob, which made the whole thing so much better
for me. Her long hair had covered my thighs and as her
head bobbed up and down I could feel her locks tickling
my balls. The sensation, combined with her sucking
mouth and warm licking tongue drove me to the brink.

I could feel the cum rising from the base of my shaft
and I warmed her: “I’m going to come… swallow it if
you can…” It was my challenge to her.

Her next stroke was the deepest, taking me 3/4 of the
way down, or even a bit more, and I exploded into her
warm mouth. The first two spurts shot straight down
her throat, till she gagged slightly and withdrew
almost all the way, leaving just the head in her mouth.

Spurt after spurt of hot sperm landed on her tongue and
filled her mouth after that. She swallowed three times
before I was done.

Erin leaned back and then moved around to sit on the
couch. There she was. She took off her shirt and
tossed it on the floor. It was going to be my turn
soon. But for a minute I sat there staring at her

Later on that night we had sex, twice. She went home
that night after I had fallen asleep. When I woke up
I couldn’t find my sneakers anywhere. I found hers
still sitting beside the couch. She must have worn
mine home with her. I took one her’s and slid it onto
my foot. It was a little tight at first but it fit.

I shrugged and put the other on. My dick grew to it’s
full length again. What a night it was…

There it is. My story of my first time sexually with
a woman and the end of my crazing urge… or maybe the
beginning for that matter.

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