My hot neighbor Peg

I was the oldest in a family situation that was unique to families of the
WWII era. There were four of us but I was seven years older than my
next youngest brother. My three younger brothers were born after the
war and I happened earlier before my father left for military service in
the war. I was a toddler when he left and a big k*d when he returned,
we never did connect as father and son.

I can’t say that my parents didn’t love me for they always were there to
give me a word of encouragement when I needed it and they certainly
were there to put me on the straight and narrow when I needed
discipline. The younger boys were all close in age and used up most of
mom and dad’s energy sorting out their disputes. They were a little
offhand when it came to me. I was mostly left to my own devices and
grew up a loner.

I was eight when new neighbors moved in next door. In our small town
anything out of the ordinary was an event and mom offered her help
with the moving as a way to introduce herself and be a good neighbor.
She even made sandwiches for their lunch and invited them to our
house for dinner.

The husband was several years older than his wife who was barely
nineteen. He had met and married her after returning from the war. I
never paid him much attention but his wife was interesting. Her name
was Peggy and everyone called her Peg. She was a tiny woman, barely
five feet two, and had beautiful chestnut colored hair that tumbled
down her back.

As the weeks went by our new neighbors settled in to their new home.
Peg and mom became friendly having morning coffee together or just
gossiping across the fence between our backyards. Peg always had a
kind word and a warm smile for me.

Peg’s husband had a job that required him to travel and he was often
gone for several days at a time; occasionally for as much as a week or
two. She filled her time with gardening among other things and I loved
to watch her work in her yard. I would climb over the fence and spend
hours watching her work and listen as she explained what she was
doing. It wasn’t long until Peg and I became fast friends.

Mom was pregnant again and miserable in the summer heat. When
she found that Peg welcomed my visits she more or less approved out
of relief. I began to spend more time at Peggy’s house during the days
than I did at my own. The summer progressed, mom progressed, and I
had a second baby brother.

When school started I would visit Peg after school. We would talk
about what I had studied that day and what ever other subject came to
mind. Sometimes she would help me with my homework. This was
before TV became a common appliance in the home and keeping
company with your neighbors was just another form of entertainment.
I continued to visit Peg throughout the school year.

After the Christmas break I came home from school and decided to
visit Peg. When I went inside I found her crying as she sat at the
kitchen table. I had never seen her unhappy before and for a moment I
was at a loss for something to do. Hugs always felt good so I went to
her and put my arms around her and gave her a hug. She hugged me
back so tight it scared me and broke out into big sobs as she rested her
head on my shoulder. I stood beside her this way for a long time; the
little boy comforting the adult woman.

When her crying subsided she took me on her lap and held me close.
After a while she told me the awful news the doctor had given her. She
was unable to have c******n. She poured out her misery to me and not
knowing anything else to do I sat still and listened until she ran out of
things to say.

When the silence stretched too long I searched my mind for something
to say to her. The only thing I could think to say was that I could be
her little boy. When she realized what I had said she gave me another
of her ferocious hugs and began to cry all over again. When she got her
emotions under control she hugged me close and kissed me all over my
face. An eight year old going on nine doesn’t like to be kissed much but
this time it seemed right and I returned her kisses with enthusiasm.

Peg told me that she would love to have me as her little boy but it
would have to remain our little secret. I wouldn’t want to hurt my
parent’s feelings would I? I agreed and we exchanged kisses to seal the

From that day our relationship became more physical. Peg would hug
and kiss me when we were alone and not getting a lot of physical
affection at home I responded in kind. My relationship with my
parents became more distant but caught up in their busy lives with
two young brats to look after they never noticed.

Peg’s husband began to spend more time away from home and their
marriage seemed to have drifted to a marriage of convenience. Peg
showered her affection on me as a result. I knew she wasn’t my mom
but she was the person I was closest to emotionally and physically.

The summer I was nine was memorable for the advent of TV. We had
all been accustomed to listening to the radio but now we could get
pictures in our living rooms. Within weeks it seemed that everyone
had a TV set in their house. I couldn’t enjoy TV with my noisy family
so I would go to Peg’s and watch with her if her husband was out of
town. One night we fell asleep on the sofa in front of the TV and didn’t
wake up until midnight. I went quietly home and went to bed. The
next morning I explained my late night return and every one got a
laugh. TV had changed us, it was acceptable for a boy of nine to return
home at midnight if he had been watching TV!

Peg and I would sit on the sofa beside each other and watch TV
together. Most of the time she would put her arm around me and hug
me close to her side. If I became tired she would lay my head in her lap
and let me doze off. It was an intimate routine that we both enjoyed. I
was secretly her “Little Boy” and I loved her closeness and warmth.

One night I dozed off in her lap and when I woke up one of her breasts
had escaped from her robe. She was sleeping quietly with her head
laying on the back of the sofa. Her nipple was almost close enough to
brush my face. I lay there staring at her pretty soft breast with the
puckered pink nipple and wondered what it would be like to suck it
like a baby. There was nothing sexual about my thoughts then, I just
wanted to take her nipple in my mouth and suck it.

After a few minutes I could resist temptation no longer and moved my
head until I had her warm breast against my face. She made no
movement so I took her nipple in my mouth and began to gently suck
it. Peggy cradled my head in her arms and held me close. She wasn’t
awake yet and this was just a reflex but later when she did wake up
she smiled down at me and told me how good I made her feel. I
continued until my mouth became tired and then stopped. Peg put her
breast back inside her robe and we continued to watch TV as if nothing
had happened.

This became a ritual on the nights we would watch TV together. I
would put one breast in my mouth and fondle the other with my hand.
After a while I would change off so that both got equal attention. About
this time our kisses became a lot more intimate. Peg taught me to kiss
with my mouth open and how to use my tongue when we kissed. Our
intimacy stayed at this point for a long time. Some nights we would
indulge in our little game and others we would just watch TV and be
together. I knew which evenings were which for on the intimate nights
she wore her bathrobe.

My little penis would get very hard as I worked away at her breasts
and there was little I could do for it except play with it when I was
alone in bed or the bathroom. I was still too young to have an orgasm
but still it felt good. I had a pretty good idea of how the mechanics of
sex worked from talk in the school yard but I hadn’t connected what
Peg and I were doing with sex quite yet.

One evening I was kissing and fondling her breasts when she noticed
the bump in my jeans. She put her hand on my thigh and moved
upward until she cupped the bump my erection made in her hand. I
could feel the warmth of her hand through my jeans and shorts and it
drove me wild. She just laughed and started to massage me through
my jeans.

After that evening with my nine year old understanding I knew where
this had to lead. My only questions were how soon and how far would
she go. It would be a while until I would be able to find out for her
husband came back from a business trip and spent a couple of weeks at
home. I only got to talk with her a couple of times over the back fence
and she never mentioned our last evening together. We just talked
about inconsequential things as we usually did in public. I rarely
visited her when her husband was home and now I was on pins and
needles waiting for him to leave again.

In the privacy of my room I examined my little member and wondered
how I could satisfy a grown woman with it. I had seen how big my
father’s was and knew that I had a lot of growing to do before I was
that large. My concept of sex was climb on top, put it in, and pump
away. I didn’t know how much I had to learn and how long before I
would be able to learn it all.

Finally one day I came home from school and her husband’s car was
gone from the driveway. If he didn’t return by five-thirty I knew he
was probably out of town. I rushed into my house and up to my room. I
worked furiously on my homework hoping to have it done early. Peg
was a stickler about homework. She would send me home if I hadn’t
finished all of it before I came over to visit and I didn’t dare lie to her
for she even asked my mom about my grades. Lately I had quite an
incentive to do homework and get good grades.

I could see her driveway from my window and when five-thirty came
and went I was ecstatic, her driveway was empty. I managed to finish
all the assignments by dinner and hurried downstairs to join the
family. Dinner seemed to take forever but I suffered through it and
managed to excuse myself without causing a problem. I hurried next
door to see Peg.

When she answered the door I was crestfallen, she wasn’t wearing a
robe. After closing the door behind me she gave me a big hug and kiss.
She invited me to the kitchen where we had a hot chocolate and talked
away two weeks of separation. I was happy just to be in her presence

She surprised me and asked me if I would like to go to the movies with
her. I agreed and she called my mother and asked for her permission.
Peg told mom that sometimes people bothered her when she went
alone and my presence would keep them away. Mom gave her an OK
and we set out for the theater.

After the movie we walked home in the darkness and Peg began to talk
about our last evening together. She asked me if I ever told my family
what we did at her house. I reminded her that I was her secret little
boy and never told anything we did. I only told my parents that we
watched TV or just talked. Peg asked me what I thought about our
intimate evenings together and I told her that I enjoyed being with her
and whatever we did together.

We walked in silence for a block or two before she said anything more
and when she did it wasn’t what I wanted to hear. She said we would
have to stop some of the things we had been doing, that they could only
lead to trouble. Reluctantly I agreed with her and she heard the
disappointment in my voice. She gave me a quick hug and we
continued on home. As we parted in front of our houses she asked me if
I would be over to see her after dinner the next day and I told her I

When I went into my house my dad teased me about dating married
women and my mom said she thought it was nice for me to go with Peg
to the movies. Dad said he wished he could be nine again and get to
spend evenings with a pretty young wife alone. Mom laughed at dad
and reminded him that Peg couldn’t have c******n. Peg was using me
as a surrogate; whatever that meant. Dad had to agree that I was well
behaved and stayed out of trouble. I went to bed and left them in front
of the TV.

The next day was Friday and when I got home from school I finished
my weekend homework long before dinner. I went out back and found
Peg working in her backyard getting her garden ready for winter. I
went over and helped as much as I could until dinnertime. After dinner
I went over for a visit and we sat and watched TV.

We sat on the sofa side by side as we always did and after a while I lay
my head in her lap and watched the show sideways. After about thirty
minutes Peg asked me if I could keep a secret. I said I could, hadn’t I
kept our secret since that afternoon I found her crying? She explained
to me that what we had been doing could get us in a lot of trouble if
anyone found out and I must not ever tell anyone. All I wanted was to
continue with our private games and I figured if I promised her to keep
silent we could start again. I gave her my promise and she gave me a
big kiss without a tongue.

We watched TV a while longer until it was time for me to go home. I
was disappointed at how the evening turned out but still happy to be
with Peg. That night I dreamed of breasts and nipples.

Family activities took up most of the weekend until Sunday afternoon
when I was able to get away. We spent the afternoon talking and
watching TV while sitting on the sofa as usual. I got a little sleepy and
she put my head in her lap and let me take a nap. When I woke up she
was watching me and not the TV. She smiled, said something that
sounded like why the hell not, and bent over and gave me a big open
mouthed kiss with lots of tongue. When she came up for air she told
me that she had missed our little games as much as I had and if I
could keep quiet we could continue. She unbuttoned her blouse and
unfastened her bra. I needed no encouragement for what I was to do.

I felt her hand working at the zipper in my fly and in a few seconds my
little penis was free and standing tall. I almost forgot to continue my
end of the bargain as she played with my little soldier as she called it.
We were just getting to the good part when the phone rang and put a
stop to our fun. It was my mom calling me to dinner. Peg gave me a
kiss and a hug as I left.

After dinner the house got noisy and I asked if I could go over to Peg’s
house and watch TV. I think I got a nod from dad and I beat a hasty
retreat. When I walked in Peg’s door I got the first shock of the
evening. She was in her robe and it wasn’t fastened. When she reached
out to hug me it fell open and I got my first sight of a naked woman. I
stood rooted to the spot with my mouth open unable to say a word.

She stepped back to give me a good look and asked me if I liked what I
saw. I think my expression said it all. She undressed me and so began
my education. She dropped her robe and we stood in the middle of the
living room in an embrace that I wanted to last forever. I had never
been skin to skin with anyone and her warm silky softness was like
nothing I had ever felt before. My little soldier was soon standing up
and pressed against her hairy triangle. I could feel the coarse wiry hair
rub against his sensitive head. Peg pressed even tighter against me
when she felt my throbbing little member press against her.

She led me to the sofa and after we sat down she took my hand and
introduced my fingers to that mysterious patch of hair between her
legs. I began to explore the warm, moist slipperiness I found there.
When I found the opening to her sex I pushed my fingers inside as
deep as they would go and explored some more. This was exciting and
my little soldier stood at a rigid attention. After a few minutes Peg
took my hand and showed me how to massage the little bump at the
top of her slit. After a few false starts she taught me how to do it right
and soon she was moving her hips back and forth in rhythm with my
hand movements. She began to make little animal noises and groans
and move her hips violently back and forth, not knowing what else to
do I continued to massage her now very wet sex with my fingers. After
a particularly savage series of hip thrusts Peg fell limp on the sofa and
just lay still.

After a moment she grabbed me and hugged me close and told me how
good I had made her feel. As we lay on the sofa I wondered when I
would get to do my part. If the school yard gossip was correct I was
supposed to put my little soldier inside her sex. Getting bolder I rolled
on top of Peg’s reclining body and pressed my little erection against her
warm moist vagina. Peg laughed and apologized for leaving me out of
the fun.

She had me lay on the floor on my back and kneeled astride me. She
took my little soldier in her hand and guided him as she slid down on
all three inches. The sensations I felt were indescribably wonderful. I
was enveloped in a warm slippery sheath that gripped my little soldier
with occasional little spasms. He would throb with my heartbeat and
Peg would respond with a contraction around him. She just sat there
for a minute or two letting me enjoy all the new sensations. This was
heaven and I didn’t think things could get better but I was in for a

After a little while Peg began to rock back and forth grinding her
vagina against me. My penis slid in and out of his warm prison with
each stroke of her grinding hips. Her movements grew faster in tempo
and after a while I began to feel a tickling sensation in the head of my
penis. The tickling grew in intensity until the whole universe was
centered around my tiny member buried in Peg’s warm soft body. I
thought I couldn’t stand any more and began to involuntarily make
noises just like Peg had done earlier. Suddenly the whole sensation
subsided and I felt release and contentment like nothing I had ever
experienced in my short life. I could feel strong contractions inside
Peg’s sex and with a little moan she collapsed on top of me.

We lay locked together trying to come back from a far place. Peg
showered kisses all over my face and at my tender age I learned why
adults liked to kiss so much. With my little soldier inside Peg’s nether
parts it was like completing an electrical circuit when we kissed and
explored with our tongues. We lay this way for many minutes just
enjoying the afterglow until a particularly strong contraction spit my
little soldier out in the cold. Peg slid off top of me and when I looked at
my limp penis it was wet with a shiny coat of moisture from inside
Peg’s heavenly body.

Peg noticed the time and we had to hurry or I would be late getting
home. She took me to the bathroom and wiped all the traces of our
lovemaking from my body. When she finished wiping my little soldier
she kissed him on the head and pulled him in her mouth. I was
surprised but didn’t want her to stop, that felt good. That preview was
all I was to get. She stood up and hustled me back to the living room
where I hurriedly dressed and then rushed home.

That night in bed I relived the evening over and over until I fell asleep.
The next morning I hurried off to school and it seemed like ages until
the final bell. I hurried home and did my homework in record time.
Minutes seemed like hours as I waited on dinner. When finally I had
eaten and excused myself I hurried over to Peg’s. She let me in and led
me upstairs to the guest room. She said that lovemaking should be in
bed and not on the floor of the living room. Later I would agree with
her completely.

We removed out clothes and climbed in bed together. The soft cool
sheets against my skin was almost as erotic as her warm soft skin. We
held each other and kissed and explored. I found her breasts and took
a nipple in my mouth while my hand strayed to that warm place
between her legs. I stroked her little bump as she had taught me the
night before but before I could bring her to orgasm she stopped me.
She reversed her position in bed and took my little soldier in her
mouth and began to do delicious things to it with her mouth and
tongue. Directly over my face was her vagina gaped open from the
position of her legs. In the dim light I began to explore it with my
fingers and pulled the lips apart to look inside. There were soft folds of
pink flesh and I could see the little bump at the top of her cleft. It
looked like a tiny penis with a fold of pink on either side.

Peg told me to kiss it like she was kissing me. I was hesitant at first
for this didn’t look like a place to put your mouth but what the heck
did I know. This was all new to me. I extended my tongue and touched
her little bump with the tip and was rewarded with an immediate
reaction from Peg. I grew bolder and explored every part of her vagina
I could reach with my tongue and found that I liked what I was doing.
After a few moments the raw marine taste became pleasant and
enjoyable. Finally I concentrated on her little bump and found I could
suck it between my lips and massage it with my tongue. Peg went
absolutely over the edge when I did this and I thought she was going to
suck my penis out by the roots. I learned that I could telegraph what I
enjoyed to Peg with what I did to her and she could do the same for
me. When she reached orgasm she almost smothered me with warm,
moist, delicious flesh.

Afterward she climbed atop me and repeated our lovemaking of the
night before. I knew what to expect this time and enjoyed it all the
more. When she orgasmed again we rolled over with me on top. After a
few minutes of soaking in that wonderful wet place I began to pump in
and out and continued until I grew tired of the exercise. She laughed
at me and told me it would be a few years before I would be ready for
the “Missionary Position”. I could wait, I had my whole life in front of