My Pee Fetish

On the road again. Stopped at a seafood restaurant before checking in at the hotel. I was dining alone, per usual. A few minutes after my drink was served, a woman about mid-40s was escorted into the dining room. She was seated at a table next to me. After the host left, I took a chance and said to the woman, “Excuse me, but it appears you are dining alone as am I. Would you care to join me?” She responded with a, “Oh, thank you, but I don’t want to be a bother.” “No bother, or I wouldn’t have asked!” She then said, “Yes, thank you!”

I helped her with her chair and guided her to my table. I noticed the host had brought a young couple into the dining room. After seating them, she stopped at “our” table and said, “Will you be dining together?” We both nodded at the same time, and the host smiled & walked away.

I introduced myself to my dining companion, and she did the same for me. She said her name was “Honey.” I asked if that was a nickname. Honey replied, “No, that’s my name. My dad was a beekeper. When I was born, it was a natural for him to name me Honey!” That started us on conversations about family, names, and small talk in general.

We had a nice meal together, and got to know each other between bites of food. When our server brought the check, I reached for it. She placed her hand on mine and said, “No, this is mine. You were kind enough to invite me to share your table. It’s the least I can do!” After some slight protesting, I thanked her and relented. Honey got the check.

“Well, it’s getting a bit late, and I haven’t checked in at the hotel yet. What are your plans for the rest of the night.” Honey commented, “I need to check in at my hotel, too.” When asking her where she was staying, she said “the Ramada.” Zounds! I laughed, as I also had reserved a room at the Ramada. When I told her that, she laughed, then said, “Do you know where it is?” I informed her that I stayed there so much the Front Desk staff greeted me with a “Welcome Home” when I walked in the front doors. “Can I follow you to the hotel, please?”
Naturally, I encouraged her to do so.

We arrived at the hotel together, and I helped her with her bags. We went to the Front Desk, and the staff at the Front Desk gave me my usual greeting. As such, I checked in first. After getting my keys, I leaned over the desk and asked if my “friend” could be put in a room next to mine. The Front Desk staff smiled and said, “Sure!” I told Honey I’d love to see her later, if she wasn’t too tired. She smiled and said, “Sure, you can buy me a drink!”

I went to my room. Not only was I going to be in a room next to Honey, the rooms were adjoining. I put my things away, smiling as I did so. It took only a moment to get my room in order. As I finished, I heard commotion in the room next door. Honey apparently was in her room, doing her organizing thing.

I gave her a few minutes, then knocked on the adjoining door. After a bit, Honey opened her door. She laughed and asked, “O.K., how did you pull THIS off?” I protested strongly (NOT) and said, “What are you talking about?” She replied with a, “Don’t give me that stuff – I saw how the Front Desk woman gushed over you! You can probably get anything you want around here!” “O.K., I’m busted. I DID ask for your room to be next to mine – just in case you had need of assistance.” “B.S., but thanks for the nice lie!”

We laughed a bit, and I said, “Now, about that drink!” She and I then went down to the bar in the lobby. After a couple of libations, I asked how she felt about hot tubs. She said, “I love them, but forgot my bathing suit!” I offered to loan her something to wear, if she’d like to join me. She asked what I had in mind. “Oh, a pair of my boxers and a t-shirt!” She was most appreciative, and off we went to our rooms.

On arrival at our rooms (the adjoining doors were still open), I haded her a v-neck t-shirt (white) and a pair of navy patterned boxers. She took them, ducked into her bathroom, and came out in a minute. She looked really good pushing out the fabric of my t-shirt, and with her legs projecting downward from my boxers. I had put on my trunks while she changed. We took the elevator to the pool.

The jets weren’t working, so I turned on the timer. Immediately, the water began to flow. This particular hot tub has strong jets, but they don’t agitate the water like others do. I entered the hot tub, turned, reached out my hand, and helped her into the water. She gave a quick “Oooooh – HOT!” I knew that, having stayed there so much. The water was kept at 104 degrees. “A bit of advice – don’t stand there wimpy – just sit down and you’ll get used to it.”

Honey plunged down to the bench of the hot tub, and came back up just as fast. I figured she would. The only reason I told her to sit was to ensure my t-shirt would become semi-transparent and clingy to her tits. It Worked! When she came back up on her feet, there was nothing left to the imagination.

“You did that on purpose, didn’t you!?!” “O.K., busted again!” She laughed and asked, “Do you always take advantage of poor, helpless women?” My response was swift: “I don’t believe you have a ‘poor, helpless’ bone in your body!” Now, she said, “O.K., busted!” We laughed.

After about 10 minutes in the hot tub, with the booze in our bodies and our innermost parts cooked by the water, we went back up to our rooms. She was altered enough by the water and the booze to strip off my boxers and t-shirt without closing the door. I was a bit of a cad, watched her, and whistled. She turned her head and exclaimed “Shit!” In spite of this reaction, she didn’t make a move to cover herself. I figured turn-about is fair play, so I dropped my trunks onto the floor – my dick hanging out in the breeze. She looked, smiled, but said nothing.

It was apparent we were going to have sex, and we did. There was no game-playing at all. We simply fell into each other’s arms and began to kiss and fondle. Our stroking and groping was pretty intense right away – it was great! We fell onto my bed and continued. It didn’t take long for me to slither my way down to her pussy. Neatly trimmed around the lips, she kept a nice patch from the center of her mons and across her lips. Very nice to look at. As I began to eat her cunt, I could detect a great conflict of aroma and taste: chlorine and pussy juice. Quite a combination! Eating her snatch led to her sucking my cock. We 69’d for awhile, then decided penetration was the order of the day.

Honey guided me into her cunt. While stroking, I noticed she was kind of into it, but not extremely so. I tried to adjust my position, as well as changing my fondling, nibbling, etc. To no avail, unfortunately. I stopped and asked, “Are you O.K.? Should we stop?” “No, it’s just me. I don’t get excited by the ‘usual’ things. What you’re doing is nice, but there’s something that really gets me going. How adventurous are you?” I told her the only thing I was NOT into was pain – giving or receiving. “No, nothing like that. Come with me!” With that, she led me by the hand into my bathroom. She said, “I’m going into the tub and lie on my back. I want you to straddle me and piss on me! Will you do that for me, please?”

Wow – this was very new to me. I’ve tried watersports on myself, after cumming. It was pleasant, but I’d done nothing like this. After a moment, I said, “Whatever you’d like!” After Honey was settled into the tub, I stepped in after her, placed a foot on either side of her waist, and asked her to let me know when she was ready. She begain to play with her cunt, then stopped, withdrew her fingers, and said, “O.K. – let me have it! I want it from my face to my pussy!” With all this, I started to get hard again.

I took my cock into my right hand – thumb and first two fingers – and began to pee. As she asked I gave her a good dose in the face – pinched off – then sprayed her neck. Pinching off again, I blasted her tits, continued down her belly, and ended up at her cunt. When I sprayed her cunt, she drew up her knees and spread them. I took the signal, knelt down, got close, and emptied my bladder all over her cunt. It was a great, though strange experience. She began to breathe rapidly, then said, “I wanna fuck now!”

I helped her out of the tub and offered her a towel. “No, I want it all!” Wow! Very kinky, to say the least. I pushed her on the bed, watched her spread her legs and her pussy lips, and climbed on top of her. As I began to enter her cunt, she said, “Fuck me good!” I gave her what I had, and within minutes, she began to orgasm. She bucked and bounced and moaned as she orgasmed. I never even got close to climax before she was done. I confess that I was only slightly disappointed.

She was old enough, mature enough, to know she needed to play fair. After she calmed down, she shifted positions and proceeded to give me a combination hand job/blow job. She is very skilled at this, and – before long – I was ready to climax. She stayed on my cock with her mouth as she pumped and stroked the base of my unit. I soon blew my load into her mouth. As I did, she broke free of my hard-on and let a couple of jets hit her face. As my spasms subsided, there was quite a bit of cum. What she’d caught she let flow from her mouth and onto my belly. It was an incredible ride!

After collapsing, I asked about her fetish. She described how a guy had pissed on her once, and she was hooked. She liked it so much, it was the only way she could truly orgasm. I applauded her for being so open and honest – and willing to take a risk with me. Honey said, “I could tell from our conversations you were mature and likely willing to take chances!”

She offered to get me a towel, and I said, “Hell, no! Now it’s MY turn for a golden shower!” She said, “Are you sure?” I simply said, “Hey, you got me messy – now clean me up!” She giggled a bit and – again – led me to the bathtub. This time I laid down in the tub, face up. She straddled me while standing. I said, “No, I want you to squat like you were in the woods.” She did so, and proceeded to place a finger on her cunt. As she sprayed, she aimed. She was VERY experience and very well practiced. She hit my face and my chest. I stopped her and said, “Don’t forget my cock!” She shifted, and finished pissing by aiming a stream on my cock – now hard again from the “shower.”

After we were done, we showered together legitimately – you know, water, soap, etc. We scrubbed each other very clean – particularly tits, assess, genitals. We toweled each other’s bodies, and she went to her room. Putting on a nightie, she watched as I put on a pair of loungers. We sat up for a bit, but acknowledged we both had early morning business commitments. We said good night, then closed our respective connecting doors.

What an experience! Honey was/is amazing. Hopefully, she’s not checking out tomorrow!

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