Orgy on the Horse Farm

First a little about me: I’m 22, 6’1″, very good bulky build, lightly tanned skin, forest tattoo up left bicep, long dark light brown hair (usually in a bun), light stubble, brownish-green eyes, neatly trimmed pubes, fat 8in cut cock, kiwi sized balls. My buddy owns a huge horse farm out in the country, and

Dream sexteam – pee fetish

I was late. By the time I reached the small building at the side of the playing field, the team would already be halfway through their first practice session. Not that this was a problem: I never did participate in the physical exercises anyway, and they would probably cause me to strain all my muscles

The Pee Play in the bar

The bar finally calmed as night slowly became dawn. The evening had been rowdy because the men had not received liberty in two weeks because of the holiday that had overtaken the city. Each legionary was to be given one day’s liberty over this weekend and Dismas and Gestas had a firm plan that involved

My Kinkiest Sex Experiance

My name is Wendy, I’m a 30 year old Lesbian and although I’ve had a lot of Lesbian lovers in my time, I never really been into Kinky sex. However, Iv’e got to tell you about my Kinkiest sex experiance – god my pussy gets wet just thinking about it! I’ll start by describing myself.

Please Pee in My Mouth

– – apeegirl@fetish wrote: – – – – – – I’LL BE YOUR PERSONAL TOILET SLUT! – – – – – – Call me now at 1-800-838-0226 – – – – – – I’M FOR REAL!!!!! – – – – – – Hi, my name is Lisa, I’m 23, 5’5″, blonde – – – shoulder