Please Pee in My Mouth

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Wet Dream with Lynn

When I first saw Lynn, I thought she was a walking wet dream. She had just finished college and come to work for the company. At first I felt she surely had a steady boyfriend then one day I had to talk to her about a project she was working on. During our conversation I

My Pee Fetish

On the road again. Stopped at a seafood restaurant before checking in at the hotel. I was dining alone, per usual. A few minutes after my drink was served, a woman about mid-40s was escorted into the dining room. She was seated at a table next to me. After the host left, I took a

Hot Piss

Our small reunion party had wound down quickly thereafter, my three sisters being somewhat emotionally drained, and I worn out, with my pajamas already on owing to the necessity of a clothing change and a bit of a wash. All four of us were buzzed on wine, and had had long days either traveling or