Mystery Flasher

“Hi,” she said.
I looked up. She was leaning onto the information desk at the record
and book store where I worked, and she smiled the perfect smile that
beautiful women do so well. Though it was late and I was a bit tired, I
immediately slipped into “helpful employee” mode (trying not to enter
“helpful employee staring at gorgeous babe” mode, at least not yet).
Fumbling a smile, I stood up from where I’d been hunting for a pen under the
table, and tried to look helpful.
“What’s your name?” she asked in a bright voice. Not a question I’d
gotten before, and it threw me a bit.

“Jack,” I answered after a second. “What can I do for you?”
She looked down. “Oh, nothing,” she said, flashing her eyes back at me
momentarily, before pushing back off the desk, turning to look at the
bestseller display. “What’s popular this week?”
You, I’m sure, are popular with everybody, I thought. I let my gaze
wander over her slim figure. I turn into a real pervert at work. The other
guys I work with can get pretty raunchy, but I had only recently become a
real woman watcher, and this job had let me do that quite a bit. Once I
helped a girl whom I discovered wore no underwear; my coworkers and I had
fallen over each other waiting for her to bend over the racks again.
This girl, however, was a true beauty. I’m a sucker for a pretty face,
and hers had stunned me into near speechlessness: full red lips, deep green
eyes and short dark red hair. Now my gaze traveled over her figure, slim at
the waist flowing smoothly into her hips, with a high, perfect ass —
“Well?” she said, turning slightly to look at me. I almost jumped as
my eyes jerked from her cheeks to her eyes, which drew me in as she smiled
and walked back to the desk.

She leaned forward. “Were you looking at me?” she asked in a low
voice. I had a great view of her breasts but I dared not look. Think,
“Uh, yeah, I think you had something on your back. Here, turn around.”
She grinned and turned, and I brushed some imaginary fluff from her lower
back. “Some lint, or something. There, it’s gone. Let’s see, what’s
popular… Spice Girls, of course, and James Taylor, Celine Dion –”
“Those are crap,” she offered. “All that’s good now is fuck tunes.”
“Well, yeah,” I stammered, “there’s lots of good R&B stuff out now, like
Maxwell and D’Angelo –”
“That’s what I like, stuff like that.” She looked around. “Are you
all by yourself back here?”
I shrugged. “Pretty much. We’re short-staffed, and only have a few
people to watch this big place. Everybody else is working in books.”
“Hmmmmmm.” She turned back to look at the displays. It could have
been my imagination, but she seemed to stand so I would have a great view of
her incredible body. The bra she wore was slightly too small, causing her
breasts to bulge slightly in the blue t-shirt.

The plaid skirt lifted and
fell as she moved, short enough to show off her tanned legs. I was sure I
was making a puddle of drool on the desk as I stood gazing at her. Maybe
old enough to be a college freshman, maybe not. Did it matter? On the silk
sheets in the bed of my heart, age didn’t (and doesn’t) matter much to me,
and the possibility of anything happening was pretty slim.
My stupor was interrupted again as she turned back to me and strode
back to the desk. She perched in the same position as before, giving me a
teasing glimpse. “You were looking at me the other night, too, when I was
here with my friends,” she said in a conspiratorial whisper. Then I
remembered seeing her, dressed in a similarly stunning green cotton
sundress, with some other gorgeous young lasses. My buddy Rob had moaned at
his inability to run into such beauties anywhere but work as I’d covertly
gawked. Not as covertly as I’d thought, obviously. “Weren’t you?” She was
staring at me mischieviously.
She narrowed her eyes and smiled ever so slightly. “Guys stare, it’s
what guys do when they see something they like, right? Believe me, I
know…” She was looking me straight in the eye, and I felt like a bug on a
But I bit the bullet; what the hell. “Yes, I was looking. You are…”
I groped for a word as her smile widened. “…very pretty.”
Her eyes widened. “Pretty? Well, thank you, Jack. You’re not too bad
yourself.” She turned again and bent over at the waist, reaching for
something on the ground. My gaze was traveling up her legs when I caught
her looking at me and grinning.
“Yes, you’re very pretty.” I was totally losing my grip, and I started
babbling. “Yeah, I remember you and your friends… Me and my coworker were
looking at all of you, but I was mostly looking at you.”
She straightened and resumed her perch. “Uh huh. Don’t you think
it’s, like, wrong to look at women that way? We’re not objects, you know.”
Her smile was so fetching, a beauty to behold. Some women turn and hide
their grins, and some are more bold, but she took the cake. Her smile was a
tiger trap I would have gladly put my head into.
I frowned. “True, true. But sometimes you ladies seem to want us to
look, right? Like you said, you know when guys stare at you. Obviously you
like it.”

“Uh huh. I do like it. I like it a lot.” She squirmed a bit, rubbing
her legs together. “Sometimes I think I like it too much…”
Mimicking her pose on the desk, I bent forward and matched her
conspiratorial tone. “What do you mean?”
“Well…” She bit her lip. “Sometimes when I get guys to look at me,
I get really turned on…” She paused. I didn’t say a word. “Sometimes I
can’t wait to touch myself. I mean, I can’t wait until I get home…
Sometimes I find a place where I can get away with it, and go ahead and do
“…Like where?” I prodded.
“Well, like the other night when my girlfriends and I were here… This
older guy was near me in a row of books, and he was holding this book like
he was reading it, but really he was looking at me… I was squatting down
to look at the lowest shelf, and he was looking down my dress at my tits.”
My erection, noticbly pushing against the front of my pants, pulsed at
her words. I bent over further, hoping to disguise the bulge, but she
couldn’t see from where she was and continued.

“So, he’s doing this pathetic job of pretending to read, I mean really
staring, and I glance over and see his dick get hard. I mean, he was really
showing. So I stood up and made to go by him, and I ‘accidentally’ brushed
my hand against his crotch. I looked up at him really sweetly and said I
was so sorry, and he practically bolted. I mean, I got this old fart all
hot and bothered –” She squirmed again. “–and that got *me* hot and
She stood up and moved away from the desk a bit. “All he wanted, right
then, was to lift my dress…or this skirt…” She paused as she touched the
hem of her skirt. My eyes were glued to her fingers as she lifted it
slightly. “…rip off my panties…” I could see the barest hint of white
panties. “…and fuck the shit out of me.”
I bit my lip. My dick was a steel rod, poking painfully into the front
of the desk. My brain wasn’t taking any calls, and my eyes were glued to
the gorgeous woman exposing herself.
Suddenly she dropped the skirt and grinned. “I’ll be right back,” she
blurted. She turned and walked quickly towards the restrooms.
Realizing my mouth was open, I closed it and shook myself. What the
hell was going on here? Surely this couldn’t be legit. Was this some
bizarre trick by management to get me fired? Was this some weird setup by
my roommate to get a laugh?

Thinking fast, I dialed my buddy Jeff, stationed at the other
information desk across the store. When he answered I spoke fast. “Did you
see that gorgeous redhead in the blue shirt and plaid skirt?”
“No, I didn’t… Where is she?”
Wait a minute, my brain screamed. You want to share this with someone
else? What are you, an idiot? “She just left, I think. Man, you really
missed it… She was truly butterscotch.” “Butterscotch” was our term for a
seriously hot woman.
“Aw, too bad. I have a customer, I have to go. But don’t forget to
make a closing announcement in a couple of minutes.”
Crap, I thought, as I glanced at a clock and realized the time. The
store would be closing in twenty minutes. “No problem,” I said, and hung
up. Fortunately, I’d finished most of the closing procedures and had little
to do before making the closing calls. It was a few minutes early, but I
went ahead and made the 15-minute announcement. Halfway through, she
reappeared, walking towards me and smiling. As I hung up, she leaned
forward on the desk again.
“You have a beautiful voice,” she said, biting her finger.
I leaned forward again, and my nose caught the unmistakable scent of a
woman’s sex. I tried to suppress a grin and failed. She just smiled and
sucked on her index finger.
“You really like being looked at, huh? It turns you on that much?” I
asked quietly.
“Yeah, it does. Especially when cute guys are staring… The kind I
like staring at myself.” The full-bore force of her look hit me like a
baseball bat.
“Aw, give me a break… I’m not all –”
“Shhhh.” She brought her finger to my lips. It was all I could do not
to close my eyes and suck her finger into my mouth. It reeked of her
juices, and smelled divine. “Don’t get uptight about it, just accept it for
what it is. There’s lots of cute guys around, but you’re interesting. And
cute plus interesting, to me, equals sexy.” My erection pulsed again as she
stood up and twirled on one foot, her skirt flying up just a bit. “Do you
think I’m sexy? Or just pretty?”

I closed my mouth again. “Oh, I would definitely have to say you’re
sexy. Very.” She grinned and twirled again. “Very, very.”
“Well,” she said, dropping into a split on the floor, “do you like
looking at sexy girls?”
I nodded vigorously.
She ran her hands up one leg. “Do you just like to look? Or do you
like other things, too?” Her fingertips reached the hem of her skirt again,
and teasingly brushed it upwards.
“I like all kinds of things,” I stammered. “But I like everything
about you.”

Over the intercom I heard Jeff do the ten minute announcement in an
annoyed voice. “We’re closing in just a few minutes,” I said. “All good
things come to an end.”
“Do they?” she said absentmindedly, as she brushed the skirt up another
bit. “Do they have to?” She looked up at me.
“Nope, no way, uh-uh,” I blurted.
She laughed. “You don’t have girls flirt with you very often, do you?
Do you like it?”
“I like it a lot. But I’ve never had anyone flirt with me like you.
You’re incredible.”
She smiled and pulled the skirt up a bit more, bringing her leg around.
Now her panties were fully visible; I could make out her lips through the
thin material — was that moisture I saw there? For several seconds, maybe
minutes, my eyes traced the contours of those beautiful panties. But then
she stood up and leaned over to me again. “Thank you,” she said. “Now, any
old fart can look down my dress and get a thrill,” she said, touching the
front of my shirt. “But some guys I let see a little more. Some guys I let
actually do something. Maybe they can touch me…” She ran a finger over
the back of my hand; her touch was electric. “Maybe I can touch them… But
that’s maybe,” she said harshly, and she pinched my hand, hard. I
grimaced…but nodded. “Maybe, if you’re a good boy… But we’ll have to

She looked around. “Who checks the bathrooms?”
I startled, then replied, “Anybody who volunteers… I’ll do it.”
She grinned. “Okay… I’ll be the one you have to drag out, then.
I’ll see you in a few minutes.”
She leaned forward and kissed me, easing her tongue into my mouth with
a luscious swirl I lost myself in, and then she was gone, strutting towards
the restrooms.
I quickly made a five minute announcement, then walked around the back
of the store looking for stragglers. I found two, encouraged them to find
what they were looking for and buy it, and gradually made the rounds,
arriving at the other information desk.
Jeff was hunched over a magazine. “Are we clear yet?”
“Almost. There’s two over in art; I think they’re hunting for naked
“That’s always fun. I’ll go check the –”
“No, I’ll do it, I’m on my way,” I interrupted, moving to the restroom.
I checked the men’s room first and found it empty, then knocked on the
women’s room door.
“Anyone in there? It’s time to go,” I said. I heard a slight giggle,
and my curiosity (and my cock) told me to go in, so I did. Opening the
first two doors, I found them empty, but in the third stall she sat on the
toilet, one leg on the handicapped bar and one on the floor. Her fingers
were moving in and out of her bare pussy; I could hear them slurping
slightly as she did it, staring right into my eyes and smiling.
I stood there and stared as she masturbated, bringing her other hand to
rub her clitoris. Her eyes narrowed as she looked at me. “Time to go?”
she finally asked.

“Yep.” I didn’t move. She dropped her leg to the floor, and grabbed
her panties. With her legs wide open and still looking me in the eye, she
wiped her panties over her sex, even pushing part of it into her before
standing, walking to me and placing them in my hand.
“I’ll be back to see you soon,” she said. She pushed her body into
mine; I felt her breasts rub delightfully against me, and smelled her
heavenly aroma. She looked fetchingly up at me again. “But not tonight. I
have things to do tonight, okay?”
“Alright, but come back soon, okay? I’ll be good, I promise.”
“Of course you will, if you ever want any of this,” she said, moving my
hand to her crotch. It was hot and wet, and I instantly moved a finger
inside of her. She shuddered, but pushed me away.

“I’ll see you,” she said, and pushed past me and out the door. I
almost ran after her, but realized I had her panties in my hand. I quickly
shoved them in my pocket and ran after her, but she was out the front door.
Jeff approached behind me. “Damn, was that the chick you were talking
about? Man, she was fine.”
“Yeah,” I nodded stupidly. “Yeah.”