My Telescope Found Love

Finsbury Park was a grubby part of North London, street upon street, of Victorian-era terrace houses, mostly, three or four floors high. Many, if not most, had been split into one or two-room flats and a lot of those were quite illegal, in-so-far-as, they failed to meet the regulations required of landlords. But people were

House Slut

Tegan awoke abruptly as she head the door to her room open and a swathe of light cut across her bed for a moment, disturbed as someone entered through the ajar door, then another click and the room was cast into darkness again. She could hear someone’s breathing other than her own, confirming if it

Escaping with my GF sister

Sweat materialized on my back, making me feel as though I’d actually done anything all day. In reality, this was the biggest heatwave our town has felt is years and I wasn’t doing anything more than sitting on my couch, frying like an egg. “Are you ready?”, I hear my girlfriend ask. As I look

Hannah being a bit of a nympho

As Hannah was sitting on the bench waiting for the #7 train to arrive, she noticed how crowed the subway looked tonight. Knowing that the train cars would be packed full she signed as the she saw the train arriving at the station. She figured that once again she would be standing cramed packed in

Wife and Buddy

The next day it appeared people were sleeping in. I got up early and went to the kitchen to make coffee. As I walked down the hallway, passing several bedrooms, I could hear the moans and groans coming from behind the bedroom doors. I thought there must be a fuck fest going on this morning.