Mystery Flasher

“Hi,” she said. I looked up. She was leaning onto the information desk at the record and book store where I worked, and she smiled the perfect smile that beautiful women do so well. Though it was late and I was a bit tired, I immediately slipped into “helpful employee” mode (trying not to enter

Bridge Jack Off

Joey and I were sitting in the front seat of his van, the bridge was up, and we were stuck in traffic. As I looked around I saw we were stopped next to an eighteen wheeler and the driver was looking very intently down at my body. I like to tease old perverts so I

Crowded Club

The show was sold out and the club was packed to the rafters. At least 800 people were stuffed into a room that could barely hold 600. There was no room to move at all. I was standing next to a woman I’d never met. I couldn’t see her face at all, but her body

Making The Team

First thing you need to know is, I come from a small town. Not a farm town specifically but small enough to be straitjacketed in many ways. But we enjoyed life. High school was fun. In a mildly risque sort of way. My body was in great shape. When I was young I started in

Rose Bowl Sunday Fucking

Sheri knew what they were doing was wrong, but she loved Michael so much; she really wanted to please him. Pirouetting before the camera, she could hear Michael’s appreciative sighs. She had stripped naked, and was posing for him in the sportscaster’s booth high above the playing field at the Rose Bowl. What they were