Nicole and her mother’s boyfriends

The phone rang…..



“Yep, Hi John.”

“Haha I thought it was you, how you been?

“Good, and you?”

“Great, is your mother there?”

“No, she went to the doctors, she should be back soon though.”

“Oh, okay, well tel her I’ll give her a call, do you need anything?”

“Haha no, she’d k**l me, but I’ll definatly tell her you called.”

“Okay honey, talk to ya later”

“You too, bye!”


Nicole hung up the phone and sighed, she was getting tired of making excuses for her mother, things had to change.

Nicole was a 16 year old girl, who considered herself a woman. She was avrage height, long black curly hair, bi-racial, green eyes, full figured, and she had a pretty face.

She had been answering phone calls like that for her mother since she was about 10. Lies came easily to her, and she blamed her mother for it. Her mom would be out with one guy, and shoppig with another man’s money. Her mother had an attraction to older [married] men, with money. It was only natural that nicole had the same taste, but she wasn’t a gold digger like her mother.

Her mother’s boyfriends had came over the house all the time, she would always be bitchy, yet polite to them. Every once in a while her mother would have them pack up and move into the house of one of the boyfriend, claiming it was love.

As Nicole grew up, so did her sexuality. She began experimenting with diffrent types of things, including girls [thats another story]. She would fantisize about the men her mother brought over, and she even starting making plans, and thats how it happened.


Nicole knew her mother was out of town for the day, shopping with the new guy. John kept calling that day, and Nicole was running out of ideas.


“Hi, Nicole, how are ya?”

“Good, my mother left me here sick….*sigh* Yay me”

“Haha, awww, I’d keep you company but I know how your mother is.”

Nicole bit her lip at the the thought of being alone with John for the next few hours.

She was very attracted to John’s voice, and he was a very good looking man. He was tall, had greying hair, dark green eyes, always tan, and had a healthy looking body, he was in his 40’s.”

“Well actually, she’s going to be gone for a while today so……I wouldn’t mind the company”

She heard him clear his throat.

“Uh….that’s not a bad idea, would you like me to bring you somthing?”

“Sure, just bring Tylenol so I have an excuse for you coming over”

He laughed

“Okay I’ll be over in about 45 minutes or so”

“Cool, see you then John”

“You too hun.”

They hung up.

Nicole was glad she had taken her shower, so all she had to do was vaccume and do her makeup, she made a mental note to wear only chapstick on her lips, she had lip locking on her mind. She put on her nicest jeans, and a red tank top with a low cut black shirt that showed alot of clevage, thanks to her large breasts.She didn’t bother with shoes, only socks, and she let her long hair hang down, and threw on a head band.

She ran the vaccume all over the living room and sprayed her cherry blossom parfume on the sides of her neck, across her chest, and on her pulse points. She quickly did one last mirror check when she saw John’s Cadilac pull into the driveway. She opened the front door and walked into the kitchen so she didn’t seem desperate standing at the screen door.

He knocked.

“C’mon in, its open”

He walked in the house with a bag in one hand and somthing behind his back. She walked out of the kitchen and raised an eyebrow. “What’s behind your back?” He rolled is eyes and showed her the small teddy bear he was hiding. “Curious aren’t we?” She flashed a smile and slowly said “More than you’ll ever know”. She walked up to him and took the bag and the teddy bear from him. She placed them on the table and put her hands on her hip’s and said “Am I allowed to have a hug?” He laughed and nervously put his arms around her waist, she reached up and wrapped hers around his neck, purposely pressing her soft chest against his. When they let go she asked him if he’d like anything to drink, she noticed he was staring right at her breasts. He quickly looked up and said “Uh-um…..Sure, water would be great.”

He sat on the couch as she closed the front door and walked to the kitchen. He grabbed the bag and pulled out Tylenol and a get well soon card. She walked out of the kitchen with two glasses of water in her hand, gave him his glass and sat on the couch. She took a sip of water and let a small amount fall onto her breasts.She giggled and wiped it off with a finger and licked it off her hand. Giving him a sexy simle she said “I should try to be more careful”. He nervously smiled and handed her the card, she opened it still smiling at him. It had a cat on it in a nurses costume, and she laughed. She opened it up making five-one hundered dollar bills fall out, she put the money on the table with out even looking at it and finished reading the card, and thanked him for it. She picked up the money and handed it back to him “It was very sweet of you, but I’m not my mother, your money doesn’t matter to me. He looked at her and smiled, then laughed. She looked at him with confusion in her eyes. “I know you don’t care about my money, I gave it to you because I wanted to. She smirked at him rolled the money up and put it in her pocket. “You know I’m not sick right?” He laughed again and said “Of course, I wouldn’t be here if you were.”

She got up from the love seat and sat next to him on the couch, she looked in his eyes which were back to her breast and she ran a finger across them, then under the lining of the fabric. “Why are you here John?” she said in a sexy voice. “Like I said, I’m keeping you company” he said, with his eyes never leaving her teasing finger. He reached up and picked up the gold chain around her neck, “Thats a nice necklace” he said and dropped it making his hand brush against her clevage. She invoulintarily bit her lip again and picked up his hand, placing it back on her chest. “Thank you, you should maybe see it up close” and they both leaned in. She looked at his lips then back up at him slowly closing her eyes. He ran his hand from her chest, to she side of her neck and pulled her in close, then kissed her. It was the most passion she’d ever felt in a kiss, making her quiver in her panties. She bit his bottom lip and sucked on it, and began sliping her tongue inside his mouth. He grabbed her waist and pulled her closer, then she climbed on him straddling his lap, he placed both of his hands on her ass, and she placed her hands on his face and let him slip his tongue inside her mouth, she began to breath deeply and let out a small moan. When she did, she felt him get hard instantly, which made her get wet. He moved his hands up under the back of her shirt and shifted the tips of his fingers across the skin of her back. She instantly got goose bumps and became more agressive, she put her hand on his stomach and played with the lining of his pants, never breaking away from the kiss. She unbuttoned his pants and caressed his dick through his boxers. He stopped kissing her and looked up “Are you sure?” She smiled, reached into his boxers and stroked what ever she could reach in her position on his lap.

He began kissing her again and they played with eachothers tongues for a while untill she stopped. He watched her as she knelt between his knees and slowly pulled his dick from his pants. She held it at the base and swirled her tongue around the tip, reciving a moan from him. She then wrapped her lips around her teeth and slid half of his completely errect dick in her mouth and started twisting her hand up and down the rest of it. Her tongue was twisting in all types of speeds and directons and she was slowly bobbing her head up and down, occasionaly sucking the tip. She would completely remove her mouth and quickly jerk the entire length of him, then go back to licking and sucking half of him while masaging the rest. She decided to remove her hand and try with no hands. She put her lips on the tip and inched down while still keeping her tongue busy. Then she pulled back up and slowly sucked the tip, then back down again but deeper and she sucked him harder. He was moaning the whole time but as soon as she got him all the way into the back of her throat and kept swallowing the tip he was almost screaming. She pulled him out of her mouth and proceeded to quickly jack him off untill she thought he’d gotten too exited so she went back to her mouth, and she put him all the way in, then sucked ad she quickly pulled away.She built up speed and bobbed her head up and down while masaging his balls he begain thrusting his hips into her mouth and she stopped.

He had a worried look on his face untill she lifted up her shirt (Bra included), he admired the softness of her body and the full round shape of her breasts. She put one in each hand and slid his standing dick between them. She pumped them up and down over his dick and he was going crazy. He loudly said “I’m going to cum” so she pulled off and sucked his dick hard while pumping the shaft into her mouth, she still had one of her tits in her hand and she was squeezing the nipple hard as she felt him tense up. He came into the back of her throat while she was still sucking and swallowing and he let out a loud groan. She softly let go and kissed the tip as she stood up. She pulled her bra and top back down and walked away to the bathroom. She brushed her teeth and went back into the living room. “I see you’ve regained your strength.” she said crossing her arms. He laughed “Ha! Hardly!” She walked over to the couch and sat next to him. He looked over at her and stood up. She watched him as he walked over and kissed her on her neck standing over her, he found her spot, and her knees were weak and she started to touch her breast through her shirt. He lifted her shirt and then pulled up her bra and teased her nipple and got her moaning as he kissed her neck. The phone rang and in unison they said “Fuck!” and jumped up to see who was calling.

It was the house phone and her mother was checking in on her. “Mom I’ve been hame alone for like 4 hours, if any thing went wrong, I would have already been dead.” he pushed her back down on the couch and started kissing her neck. She was biting her lip to keep from moaning into the phone. “Mom before I forget, don’t forget to call John he said he was going to be in town all weeeeeeeek.” he gripped her breast and her mom said “Ummmm okay? I’ll call him now, are you okay?” she smiled and ran her finders through his hair “Im cool, I almost droped my glass” she said bye to her mom and hung up with her mom and moaned when he kept kissing her then his phone rang. It was her mom. “Sasha?…Hi!” she stood up and pushed him on the couch. She started swaying her hips sexily and grabbed her tits. Then she slid on hand between her legs and rubbed herself through her jeans while making eye contact with him. He grabbed her wrist and pulled her on top of him. “No I’m definatly still in town, why where are you?………….OH! your on your way home now?” he said looking at Nicole. She was in the middle of biting his chin when she heard him. She stood up and pulled her shirt back down, and smoothed her clothes and hair. “Well, listen Sasha I’m really busy at work so can I call u later?..okay hun bye”, he closed his phone and looked at her.She frowned and said “I’ll just have to see you after your date with my mother” he kissed her on the lips and said “I’ll pick you up after, tell her your going over a friends house.”

He quickly left the house and nicole cleaned up, and put the teddy bear, Tylenol, card, and other glass away. Twenty minutes later her mom walked in the house. “I could have sworn I just saw Johns car, fucking stalker” Nicole rolled her eyes and walked into her room. She closed her door and leaned against it. “Wow” she whispered to herself, and hopped on her bed.

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