Sex and Workout

My name is Maria and at the time of this story, I was a 36 year old married woman with two young kids. When I was younger I was in excellent shape. After I had kids I never worked to get back into top shape and really began to look rather frumpy. It all changed

Extra lessons from a woman

It was just under two and a half years before l finished my education to joined the big wide world as far as l was concerned there was nothing else anyone could teach me, but l was wrong very wrong. I was part of a small group who needed extra English lessons and as you

A fist time for Camilla

Back in the 19th Century when men were men and women wore long skirts and no knickers… It was late one afternoon when father called me into his study. “James my boy,” he said ominously, “Have you given any consideration to the matter of matrimony yet?” “No father” I admitted, “I have another year studying

A MILF and Two Young Punks

When you are eighteen years old and have a cock between your legs, you basically want to fuck everything that moves. Being young, dumb, and full of cum has a way of making you throw the normal thought process to the wind. But still, when you’re that young and have massive wet dreams every other