Megan the Nanny

“Great, she’s asleep, maybe I can make some dinner now” I think to myself as I rock my baby daughter in my arms. Just then, I hear the doorbell. “Now what?” I mutter to myself. I glance at the security camera and see a teenage girl at the front door with some papers. Against my

Fat, flat and wet

I was on business travel and drove to a favorite theater after an early dinner. This place only had 6 rows of seats, about ten in each row. The back wall was open and accessible of course. I settled in a middle row, middle seat and waited for the after dinner/late comments crowd. Two other

Classroom Lessons

Mr. Livshitz had a routine that he followed nightly when he got home from school, where he taught 12th graders Science. When he was in class, as a way to ensure that he improved his practice, he would always record his lessons. But when he would arrive home, pull out his laptop, and take off

A Threesome

Michelle graduated from high school and we were making plans for our wedding for the following summer. We were both still living at home and longed for the freedom to have sex when and where we wanted. We talked about our night in the hotel after her prom often and how nice it was to