The Safe Sex

I took the little white packet from him. I set it in my open palm and stared at it long and hard. It seemed so small, so trivial. It was funny how such a little thing could relieve so much frustration. When I started going with Billy, I had to fight him every step of

A Skater’s Fantasy

Katerina Bronislow was a picture of beauty and grace. The young champion figure skater glided to an abrupt stop, sparklets of ice showering from her silver blades as they bit into the hard surface. A moment of silence, then the music came back to life in a burst of joy, and the young woman flexed

Erotic Fantasy

My fantasy begins with me walking up to where you are sitting at one of the tables, nervously looking around and occasionally checking your watch. You’re wearing a black, almost billowy, button-down shirt, black belt with an understated and simple silver buckle, black trousers, black socks, and expensive black Italian leather shoes. You look so